(an - awr - thahyt)
Main Origins:
Italy, Zimbabwe, Belarus, Turkey, Canada, Madagascar, Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Antarctica, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, India, Sweden, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Nigeria, Spain, Argentina, Romania, Philippines, Oman, Norway, China, Namibia, Australia, Germany, and the Moon.

What is Anorthite?

Anorthite on dark platform
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Anorthite, a captivating crystal, possesses unique qualities. It intrigues both crystal enthusiasts and collectors. The crystal has a striking appearance, with colors ranging from white to gray and a glassy texture. Its distinctive cleavage and twinning pattern make it visually captivating in crystal collections.

This crystal belongs to the Feldspar mineral group. It has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, making it durable. These scientific details add to its geological significance.

In 1823, it was discovered by Norwegian mineralogist, Morten Esmark. It gets its name from the Greek words “an” and “orthos,” meaning “not straight.” This refers to its oblique cleavage angles. Anorthite has since played a key role in studying Earth’s geological processes.

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors value Anorthite for its unique qualities. Some connect it to balance and grounding energies, while others use it for ornamental purposes. Its versatility and distinctiveness make Anorthite a sought-after gem in the crystal community.

In ancient times, people believed that Anorthite possessed mystical properties. They thought it enhanced spiritual connections and promoted clarity. This historical perspective adds mystique to Anorthite’s enduring allure.

Anorthite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Anorthite, with diverse colors, has metaphysical properties that resonate with different aspects of being. Its gray promotes calmness, symbolizing balance, while white signifies clarity and spiritual enlightenment. 

The crystal of diverse energetic influence aligns with several primary chakras. It offers a comprehensive approach to spiritual well-being. At the foundational level, Anorthite connects with the Root Chakra, instilling a sense of stability and grounding. 

Resonating with the Sacral Chakra, it fosters creativity and emotional balance. The Solar Plexus Chakra is influenced, promoting personal power and confidence. Anorthite reaches the Heart Chakra, enhancing love and compassion. 

It also touches upon the Throat Chakra, facilitating clear communication and expression. The gem harmonizes with the Third Eye Chakra, encouraging intuition and insight. 

Lastly, it reaches the Crown Chakra, promoting spiritual awareness and connection to higher realms. Anorthite’s ability to span across these primary chakras makes it a versatile crystal for holistic energy alignment and personal growth.

Connecting with the Earth element, Anorthite becomes a potent tool for grounding energies.

Positioning an Anorthite in the Center of a room makes it a potent Feng Shui tool. It grounds energies, creating stability and balance in the surroundings. 

Aligned with Mars, Anorthite harnesses the fiery energy associated with passion and determination. This connection encourages assertiveness and strength, embodying the warrior-like attributes of the planet. Stability and a fierce warrior spirit are fostered by the small yet powerful Anorthite.

The crystal draws upon the influences of revered Gods, such as Thoth, Sekhmet, Ganesha, and Tyr. Thoth brings wisdom and insight, Sekhmet empowers with courage and protection, Ganesha removes obstacles, and Tyr bestows justice and integrity. 

It vibrates with the energy of 11, a potent frequency associated with intuition and spiritual insight. This vibration enhances the crystal’s ability to improve psychic powers. It also fosters a stronger connection with higher realms. For those on a journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment, Anorthite becomes a valuable companion.

Anorthite Healing Properties & Benefits

Blood Circulation and Recovery

  • The crystal stimulates blood circulation by promoting the efficient transport of oxygen throughout the body. It aids in faster recovery.
  • Place the Anorthite in direct sunlight for a few hours to activate its blood circulation properties. Visualize the crystal absorbing sunlight and channeling its energy into your bloodstream for revitalization.


  • It induces relaxation by emitting a soothing energy that helps ease stress and tension, creating a tranquil environment.
  • Charge the crystal under the full moon’s light to enhance its relaxation properties. Imagine the moonlight infusing the crystal with a calming energy that will promote relaxation when held or placed nearby.

Strength and Power

  • Anorthite empowers individuals by amplifying their vital energy. It promotes inner strength and resilience in the face of challenges.
  • Bury it in soil for a day to ground and charge it. This unique technique enhances the crystal’s ability to instill strength and power by connecting it with the Earth’s grounding energies.

Logical Reasoning

  • The gem improves logical reasoning. It clears mental fog and promotes clarity of thought. This fosters a more analytical and rational mindset.
  • Hold the crystal and take a few deep breaths. Visualize each breath, infusing the crystal with clear and logical thinking. This simple technique activates the crystal’s power to enhance logical reasoning.

Trauma Healing

  • Anorthite assists in trauma healing. It aligns emotional resonances and helps individuals process past emotional wounds. This aids in the release of these emotional burdens.
  • Hold it over your heart and focus on synchronizing your heartbeat with the crystal. This creativity technique harmonizes the crystal’s energy with your emotions to cure trauma

Anorthite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Manifestation and woman writing a book

Divine Attunement

  • The crystal helps achieve divine attunement. By uniting your subtle energy with the celestial force, the crystal bridges the gap between our physical and spiritual worlds.
  • Meditate with it under the night sky. Visualize starlight entering the crystal and merging with your essence. 

Psychic Gifts

  • Anorthite awakens psychic gifts by stimulating the Third Eye Chakra. It enhances intuition, clairvoyance, and other psychic abilities.
  • Use it for crystal gazing by gazing into its depths and allowing visions to emerge. This simple yet effective technique activates and amplifies psychic gifts.


  • The gemstone helps make your desires a reality by aligning your energy with their frequencies. It boosts the process of bringing them into existence.
  • Hold the crystal while repeating affirmations related to your goals. Envision the Anorthite absorbing your intentions, amplifying the power of manifestation.

Angelic Contact

  • Anorthite helps in connecting with angels. It does this by creating a harmonious vibration. This vibration resonates with the frequencies of angelic beings.
  • Gently stroke the crystal with a feather while focusing on connecting with angelic energies. This delicate technique enhances the crystal’s ability to facilitate contact with the heavenly realm.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Facilitating lucid dreaming involves harmonizing your energy with the frequencies of the dream realm. This alignment makes it easier to access and control your dreams.
  • Place it under moonlight and set an intention for lucid dreaming. Visualize the moonlight infusing the crystal with dream-enhancing energy. This technique activates the crystal’s power for lucid dreaming.

Side Effects of Anorthite

  • Restlessness: Experiencing restlessness may occur as heightened energies disrupt calmness. To ease discomfort, try grounding techniques. Walk barefoot on natural surfaces to reconnect with the stability of the Earth.
  • Rage: Rage may manifest due to intensified emotions. To counteract it, practice deep breathing exercises. This helps release emotions and promotes a feeling of inner peace.
  • Sleep Disturbances: Sleep disturbances may arise from increased energy sensitivity. Enhance sleep hygiene by establishing a soothing bedtime routine. Make sure your sleep environment promotes relaxation.

Anorthite Meaning: What Does Anorthite Symbolize?

Stack of stones that are balanced near the beach

Anorthite symbolizes balance and harmony.”

It embodies the unity of opposites, creating a cohesive whole. The primary metaphysical benefit of this crystal is its ability to harmonize energy fields. It fosters equilibrium and promotes balance within the user’s spiritual and emotional self.

This crystal is also known as Labrador Spar” due to its discovery in Labrador, Canada. It is also called Moonstone Feldspar,” emphasizing its connection to the Moon.

Traditionally, Anorthite symbolizes the link between spiritual and earthly energies, emphasizing a balanced life. In modern contexts, it is a symbol of adaptability and transformation. This urges individuals to embrace change and personal growth.

Pairing Anorthite with crystals, such as Aragonite and Spodumene, boosts its metaphysical qualities. Aragonite enhances its lunar energies, and Spodumene magnifies its transformative effects.

Anorthite is found in moon rocks from the Apollo missions. Many thought it carried the Moon’s energy. It fosters a connection to celestial forces and evokes a sense of wonder and mystique.

Types of Anorthite Crystals

  • Clear Anorthite: This crystal enhances clear thinking and spiritual connection due to its transparent appearance. It is excellent for meditation and aids in mental focus.
  • Lynx Eye: This type displays a distinctive cat-eye effect with hues of green and gold. It aligns with intuition and insight, providing users with heightened perception and guidance.
  • Barium Anorthite: With a barium-infused composition, it exudes grounding energies. This fosters stability and balance in one’s spiritual and emotional journey. Its earthy color symbolizes a strong foundation for personal growth.
  • Bytownite or Albite-Anorthite: This variety features a golden hue. It aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra, enhancing confidence and promoting personal power.
  • Labradorite or Albite-Anorthite: A blend of Albite-Anorthite, exhibits vibrant flashes of color, resembling the Northern Lights. This sparks creativity, intuition, and a connection with higher realms.
  • Spectrolite: This variety is known for its shimmering color shifting between blues, greens, and purples. It enhances spiritual growth and transformation. It brings a vibrant and mystical energy.
  • Lindsayite or Altered Anorthite: This type symbolizes adaptability with a texture showcasing hues of earthy browns, mossy greens, and subtle grays. It helps people navigate life’s changes with resilience and grace.
  • Iridescent Anorthite: It has shimmering pastels, including ethereal blues, greens, and purples. It stimulates spiritual awakening and encourages a deeper understanding of one’s inner self and purpose.
  • Anorthite with Grossular: Paired with Grossular crystals, it radiates a harmonious combination of green and white hues. This Anorthite type releases energies of abundance and prosperity.
  • Red Anorthite: With hues from brass in its host rock, it symbolizes passion and vitality. It infuses users with fiery energy and motivation.
  • Orange Anorthite: Emitting warm orange tones, it sparks creativity and joy. It inspires people to express their unique talents and ideas.
  • Creamy Anorthite: With its gentle, creamy color, this type represents tranquility. It offers a calming influence for emotional well-being and relaxation.
  • Golden Anorthite: Its bright golden hue symbolizes abundance and success. This draws positive energies for prosperity and achievement.
  • Salmon Anorthite: When combined with Stilbite, it emanates a delicate blend of soft pink and peach tones. This type encourages emotional healing and love. It nurtures compassion and understanding in relationships.
  • Lunar Anorthite: Affected by the Moon’s energy, it reflects whitish hues. It connects users to lunar cycles, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Fluorescent Anorthite: Under UV light, this Anorthite emits a glow. It symbolizes clarity and enlightenment in spiritual insights and understanding.
  • Anorthite with Lava Coating: Covered in lava, this variation showcases textured blacks and charcoals. It symbolizes resilience and transformation. This makes it a great companion for personal growth.
  • Radiating Anorthite: Its outward energy flow represents the expansive nature of personal and spiritual development. Its colors, a spectrum of whites and soft grays encourage growth and evolution.
  • Anorthite-Pigeonite: This type contains Pigeonite crystals that exhibit dark and earthy tones. It boosts intuition and psychic abilities and deepens the connection to spiritual realms.
  • Anorthite-Dolomite: This variety showcases calming shades of white and gentle pinks. It fosters emotional balance and self-love when paired with Dolomite. It also promotes harmony in relationships.
  • Anorthite-Pargasite-Corundum-Vermiculite: This type features a diverse array of colors, including greens, reds, and earthy browns. It represents strength, protection, and grounding. This creates a strong shield against negative energies.
  • Anorthite-Aragonite: Mixed with Aragonite, this type embodies earthy hues of brown and tan. This represents stability and grounding and offers a sense of security and a foundation in spiritual practices.
  • Anorthite-Hessonite: With warm hues resembling honey and amber, it draws abundance and prosperity. It also boosts one’s sense of purpose and motivation.
  • Anorthite-Clinozoisite: Showcasing shades of green and earthy tones, this variation promotes healing and rejuvenation. It aligns with the body’s natural energy flow.
  • Anorthite-Albite: This type signifies balance and harmony with a palette of whites and light blues. It fosters equilibrium in both the spiritual and physical realms. 
  • Anorthite-Vesuvianite: Featuring shades of green, this type exhibits vibrant greens and blues. It stimulates creativity and manifestation and encourages the pursuit of passions and goals.
  • Anorthite-Epidote: This type boosts personal power and manifestation abilities with metallic hues. It empowers individuals to achieve their desires.
  • Anorthite-Hedenbergite: This variation enhances grounding and stability with earthy greens and browns. This provides a solid foundation for spiritual growth.
  • Anorthite-Titanite: This variety symbolizes strength and resilience with metallic hues. This helps users overcome challenges and obstacles.
  • Anorthite-Ruby: This type showcases rich reds and deep purples, drawing in abundance and prosperity. It offers practical grounding energies for effective manifestation.
  • Anorthite-Pyrrhotite: Filled with passion and vitality, it features fiery reds and oranges. It motivates the pursuit of one’s desires.
  • Anorthite-Quartz: This version, with clear and transparent Quartz, boosts clarity. It intensifies the crystal’s spiritual qualities and creates a potent blend for spiritual growth.

How to Cleanse Anorthite?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight: Put it under moonlight overnight to soak up its purifying energy. This resets its vibrations and enhances its metaphysical Anorthite properties for optimal use.
  • Smudging: Cleanse Anorthite by waving it through sacred smoke, like sage or palo santo, to remove negative energies. Picture the smoke carrying away impurities, leaving the crystal refreshed.
  • Clear Quartz: Cleanse it by placing it near Clear Quartz, a powerful purifier. The Quartz will boost Anorthite’s energy and clear any lingering energies, restoring its clarity.

Questions and Answers

How is Anorthite Formed?

Anorthite forms through the crystallization of molten rock from cooling magma and is often found in igneous rocks like basalt.

Is Anorthite the Same as Anorthosite?

No, they are not the same. Anorthite refers to a specific mineral, which is a type of plagioclase Feldspar. Anorthosite is an intrusive igneous rock, having over 90% plagioclase Feldspar, including calcium-rich Anorthite.

What Stones Go Well with Anorthite?

Crystals like Spodumene, Aragonite, and Charoite complement Anorthite, enhancing its metaphysical properties and creating harmonious energy combinations.

Can Anorthite be Cleansed with Water?

Yes, Anorthite can be cleansed with water. It is a relatively inert mineral and is not easily affected by water.

Is Anorthite Rare?

Yes, Anorthite is a very rare Feldspar that serves mostly as a collector’s item. It occurs in igneous rocks and contact with metamorphic limestone in Lake County, California, Franklin, New Jersey, Italy, and the Moon.

Interactions with Anorthite

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