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Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, Spain, Ukraine, Mexico, China, Madagascar, and the United States.

What is Anatase?

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Anatase is a type of Titanium Oxide, known for ages as a healing crystal but unnamed until the early 19th century. It forms in granite, schist, gneiss, syenite, feldspar, mica, and igneous rocks from titanium weathering. 

Did you know Anatase is often called Tetragonal Rutile crystal or Octahedrite? That’s because it naturally occurs in tetragonal, octahedral, pyramidal, and dipyramidal shapes. 

Most Anatase crystals exhibit dark blue, green, red, gray, yellow, brown, or black colors with a metallic or adamantine luster. If you scratch it against ceramic, Anatase shows a pale-yellow or off-white streak. 

Octahedrite is mostly transparent to translucent and may show many other colors depending on its impurities. 

The spiritual community says Anatase is the best stone for manifestation and strength. 

You can also use Octahedrite to awaken dormant abilities and connect with the higher realm. Did you know this crystal was widely used in Chinese medicine for digestion and kidney issues ages ago?

Fun Fact: Anatase is one of three Titanium Dioxide gems in nature; the others are Brookite and Rutile.

Anatase Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Anatase is mainly associated with the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. These chakras bring intuition, psychic abilities, confidence, resistance, courage, health, universal connection, healing, and stability. 

Did you know colorless and brown Anatase varieties are associated with Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras? These minor chakras bring fortune, healing, knowledge, kindness, awareness, and psychic visions.

Many legends say Anatase is linked to Storm, Fire, and Earth. The element of Wind or Storm brings transformation, the Fire element lights your inner fire, and the element Earth attracts success into your life. 

Mars is the ruling planet of Anatase, signifying metaphysical benefits, like strength, passion, intelligence, focus, and growth. 

Anatase benefits come from many Gods, including the Hindu Gods, Agni, and Krishna, associated with fire, tetrahedron shape, and love. 

Anatase also draws power from Isis, the Egyptian God Mother, and the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades

The crystal draws benefits, like weight management, harmony, and manifestation, to your body, mind, and spirit from its cosmic vibration number 4.

Anatase Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus and Knowledge

  • Did you know Anatase improves mental clarity? It’s good for students and professionals looking to improve concentration, mindfulness, and intelligence. 
  • Activate this Titanium Dioxide crystal for knowledge and focus by meditating for a few minutes after waking up, preferably during sunrise. 


  • People new to Tetragonal Rutile crystals say it boosts memory, order, creativity, and critical thinking skills. You can carry it on your dominant side after charging.
  • Program your Octahedrite healing crystal for brain power by smudging it with sage or incense. 


  • Chlorite Anatase is an excellent crystal for harmony and positivity that helps you grow emotionally, professionally, and spiritually. 
  • Activate this crystal with the Seed Mantra OM by chanting it into the crystal for a few minutes then carrying it with you.

Resistance and Strength

  • Did you know Anatase is sometimes called the voice stone? It gives power to your inner voice to find willpower, sternness, authority, and physical strength.
  • Hold your Tetragonal Rutile crystal for a few seconds before a flame or fire to program the crystal for power.


  • Life breaks apart when you fail in romantic, familial, and social relationships, but this Titanium gem can help by broadening your perspective and modifying rigid belief systems for harmony. 
  • The best way to use Octahedrite for kindness, empathy, and love in relationships is by activating it with healing sounds. Keep your healing stone a few inches close to a singing bowl while playing it.

Anatase Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Spiritual Awakening

  • Have you had any epiphanies? By bonding with Anatase, you’ll experience spiritual, emotional, and physical revelations that change your life for the greater good.
  • To bond with Anatase, bury your crystals under three inches of soil on a night full of Moonlight. Then take the crystal out and meditate for a few minutes before carrying it with you for a month.

Psychic Abilities

  • Anatase is the best crystal for intuition, foresight, wisdom, and clairvoyance. Some crystal experts also recommend it for telepathy.
  • You can activate dormant psychic abilities in your spirit by staring into Anatase and visualizing your intention to program it.


  • Octahedrite will help you do complex rituals and spells with ease, focus, and clarity if you’re a beginner who wants to communicate with otherworldly beings and guardian spirits. 
  • Program Anatase for spirit contact using a crystal grid. You can set it up in the symbol of the spirit or being. Use Anatase as a center stone for channeling and transcribing spirit messages.


  • As a result of perseverance and strength, Anatase helps with letting go of toxic thoughts and moving forward in life. It’s perfect for teens, students, adults, and kids struggling with life. 
  • The best way to use Anatase for transformation is by holding it for a few minutes under the evening sun and burying it under three inches of soil for 1 to 3 days.

Dreamwork and Manifestation

  • Have you wondered about how lucid dreams? Anatase helps you connect to your subtle body to dream lucidly, manifest your intentions, and go to other dimensions.
  • Gaze into the Anatase crystal and chant positive affirmations before keeping it under your pillow for dream work. 

Anatase Side Effects

  • Disturbing visions or dreams: It’s not uncommon for beginners to find psychic visions and abilities from Anatase overwhelming. In this case, cleanse with sage and cleanse yourself by meditating with a Selenite.

Anatase Meaning: What does Anatase Symbolize?

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Anatase means resistance and strength. 

Rene Just Haüy named it after the long pyramidal faces it naturally forms. It comes from the Greek word anastasis, meaning “elongated, stretching out, or extended.” 

As this type of Titanium Dioxide was named officially in the early 19th century, it was known by other (now obsolete) names like Dauphinite and Oisanite. It traditionally stands for strength, focus, passion, perseverance, and purification. 

Showing prismatic, tabular, tetragonal, or octahedral shapes, Anatase properties are vast in the new age. Psychics recommend it for mediumship, mental acuity, power, and knowledge. 

Fun Fact: Anatase is industrially used in air purifiers.

Types of Anatase

  • Common Anatase: Anatase healing crystals are typically found in dark blue, black, brown, red, or yellow colors. They’re great for strength, confidence, and creativity. 
  • Octahedral and Tetragonal Rutile: Anatase is commonly found in the octahedral and tetragonal shape with its matrix in iconic dark blue, black, brown, and colorless hues. Use this crystal for Reiki chakra healing rituals. 
  • Black Anatase: Black is one of the colors of pure solid Anatase. It’s good for creativity, protection, and intuition. 
  • White Anatase: Found with Clear Quartz and Adularia, White Dauphinite is also in its pure solid form. It’s good for clearing negativity and embracing change.
  • Colorless Anatase: Clear Quartz formations with Anatase are often colorless, clear, or see-through. They are good for wisdom and psychic abilities. 
  • Xanthitane: Seen in yellow and orange, this is a pseudomorph of Anatase with Titanite in earthy yellow, brown, beige, and tan colors. They’re good for growth, transformation, and strength. 
  • Brown Anatase: Brown color Dauphinite forms with Quartz varieties in colorless and smoky tones. Use this crystal for grounding, awakening, and universal connection.
  • Red Anatase: Resembling the red stones of Ruby and Garnet, this Anatase variety is usually found in white and black matrices. Use them to enhance your romantic relationships.
  • Chlorite with Anatase: Also popular as Green Anatase, this variety shows specks of green in Colorless Anatase with a green or lemon-yellow tone. Use it for good luck and success.
  • Anatase in Citrine: Sparkling rainbow and black inclusions on clear Citrine variety of Quartz form this variety. This Dauphinite helps you learn how to take care of your physical health. 
  • Calcite with Anatase: Usually forming clusters with Calcite and Albite, this Anatase variety shows brown, yellow, white, black, and gray colors. Use it for mediumship and dreamwork.
  • Hematite with Anatase: Orange Dauphinite exists with Black Hematite and sometimes with Ilmenite. This natural crystal pairing is ideal for psychic protection.
  • Matskorhae or Norwegian Anatase: This is a high-vibration stone seen as black crystals on clear Anatase. It looks like a sci-fi wand and works well for programming and amplifying other crystals.
  • Triphane: A combination of Anatase, Rutile, and Brookite with Spodumene, this clear or colorless variety is extremely rare. It’s perfect for manifestation and dream work.

How To Cleanse Anatase?

A burned white sage beside a selenite wand

  • Fire: Hold your crystal before a flame at a safe distance for a minute to remove the negativity it absorbed. 
  • Selenite Wand: You can circle a Selenite wand thrice over the Octahedrite crystal to clear bad energies soaked by the crystal.
  • Smudge Stick: Light a sage or Palo Santo smudge stick and waft the smoke over your Dauphinite for a few minutes to remove negativity stuck onto it.

Questions and Answers

What type of rock is Anatase?

Anatase is the crystalline form of Titanium Dioxide, sometimes with Rutile and Brookite.

Is Anatase rare?

Yes, Anatase is the rarest among the different types of Titanium Dioxide gems.

Is Anatase the same as Rutile?

No, Anatase and Rutile are different forms of Titanium Dioxide gems.

Is Brookite a variety of Anatase?

No, Brookite is not a variety of Anatase but a subgroup of Titanium Dioxide gems on earth.

Which is better: Anatase or Rutile?

Anatase and Rutile are both powerful crystals of Titanium Dioxide with unique powers. From the spiritual point of view, Anatase manifests easily, and Rutile protects.

Is Anatase safe in the water?

Yes, Anatase is safe in the water, but avoid soaking it for prolonged hours.

Can Anatase go in the sun?

Yes, Anatase can be cleansed or charged with the sun for a few minutes. Avoid overexposure to direct sunlight. 

What is Anatase crystal good for?

Anatase crystal is good for stress, anxiety, passion, harmony, and luck because it simultaneously opens the higher and lower chakras.

Where to keep Anatase in the house?

Keep Anatase crystal in the center of your house or its northern corner to bring vitality, strength, and positivity into your home.

What crystal to pair with Anatase?

The best crystal to pair with Anatase is Black Amethyst.

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