(skol - uh - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, the United States, Iceland, India, Germany, Scotland, Canada, Russia, and Australia.

What is Scolecite?

A person wearing a Scolecite ring

Scolecite is a silicate crystal from the Zeolite group. It was discovered in the 19th century by a German mineralogist. He named it referencing the Greek word “skolec,” meaning worm, after its appearance.

Did you know Scolecite isn’t as widely available as other crystals, like quartz? 

While the rarest color is clear or colorless, Scolecite also exists in yellow, brown, red, orange, pink, blue, black, gray, white, and green shades. It’s a zeolite crystal responsible for finding spiritual consciousness.

How does Scolecite form? Scolecite is a unique crystal that forms in the cavities of volcanic bubbles from minerals rich in silica. Scolecite naturally occurs in sprays, massive forms, twin crystals, acicular crystals, towers, and points. 

White Heulandite or Scolecite crystals are usually translucent or transparent but may be cloudy enough to appear nearly opaque.

Scolecite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Scolecite brings divine intervention to help you fulfill your life’s spiritual purpose. 

While Scolecite varieties open all the seven primary chakras, it’s mainly associated with the Crown Chakra of Sahasrara that connects to higher consciousness.

Scolecite is directly linked to wisdom, calmness, success, enlightenment, astral travel, and healing

Scolecite is associated with the Norse God of Medicine, Eir; the Greek Sea Goddess, Leucothea; the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, Bat; the Japanese Goddess of light, Amaterasu Ōmikami; and the Hindu God of Wisdom, Murugan. Did you know it’s also ruled by the Chinese Goddess of immortality, Xiwangmu?

Many crystal experts and spiritual people recommend activating Scolecite with positive affirmations, smudging, and seed mantras because the Wind, or Air, element rules it; hence, breathwork, smell, and vapor activate the crystal. 

Scolecite is ruled by the planet of beauty, wisdom, and luck, Venus, so bonding with it brings good luck and fortune.

Scolecite Healing Properties and Benefits

Stress Relief

  • By opening the highest chakra of the Crown, Scolecite is of excellent help to calm down almost instantly in tense situations. Did you know Scolecite is worn to prevent wedding jitters on the big day?
  • Activate Scolecite to calm down using positive affirmations before carrying it in your pocket or purse. 

Personal Growth

  • Experienced crystal users recommend Scolecite to young people because it helps with introspection and hard work to overcome challenges.
  • The best way to program Scolecite for growth is by waking up and meditating with Scolecite in your palms. 

Inner Peace

  • Did you know Scolecite helps you discover answers to all your questions? Because it also stops negative self-talk, you’ll find the path to inner peace easily. 
  • Do a pendulum dowsing session with a Scolecite pendulum after charging it with fire energy. 


  • Professional life becomes a struggle without tangible success. If you feel like yours hasn’t moved much, attract successful opportunities by keeping a Scolecite on your dominant side. 
  • To charge Scolecite and attract successful opportunities into your life, activate it by soaking overnight in New Moon energies.


  • Sleeplessness causes fatigue, hazy thinking, and many more problems. You can get restful sleep because Scolecite helps to relax you. 
  • Open your Crown Chakra by placing a charged Scolecite on your forehead. If you’re new to metaphysics, learn how to charge crystals in 7 ways here.

Scolecite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Silhouette of outstretched arms of a person on a sunrise background

Psychic Abilities

  • Did you know Scolecite flowers activate dormant parts of the spirit? Also called Scolecite sprays, these are enthralling in look and effect for your soul.
  • Awaken the psychic abilities of Scolecite by charging it with the healing sounds of Tibetan bowls. You can keep Scolecite within 3 feet of the metal sound bowl while playing.

Spiritual Awakening

  • Many psychics, empaths, and spiritual people say Scolecite helped them find their spiritual path. That’s because Salmon Zeolite is a stone of enlightenment.
  • Crystal elixir is the best way to find spiritual awareness and wisdom with Scolecite. You should make Scolecite gem water with indirect infusion and consume it regularly. 


  • You can manifest dreams with Scolecite pyramid crystals because pyramids are special. They help you connect with the higher powers and speak directly to the universe. 
  • Programming Scolecite is best with the smoke of sacred herbs, like sage, Holy Wood, sandalwood, sweetgrass, mugwort, or cedar. Explore how to use sage for crystals here.

Discover Destiny

  • If anxiety about the future is troubling you, get your hands on Scolecite and use it to take a peek into your future. 
  • Scolecite is good for scrying if you also hold a Black Obsidian in your non-dominant hand. Try to visualize the Goddess Xiwangmu for finding guidance on immortality when holding both crystals.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Conscious dreaming is as easy as a switch to turn on with Scolecite under your pillow. It will help you stay grounded in your subtle body to enhance the lucid dreaming experience. 
  • The best way to activate Scolecite to help you with lucid dreaming is by activating it with the seed mantra OM. You can then place it under the pillow before sleep for lucid dreaming.

Scolecite Side Effects

  • Intense dreaming: Scolecite can sometimes lead to intense psychic visions that disturb sleep.

Scolecite Meaning: What Does Scolecite Symbolize?

A person doing yoga for spiritual growth and development

The meaning of Scolecite is spiritual consciousness. 

As Scolecite is mostly seen in white color sprays, it has always been considered sacred across religions and cultures. It’s commonly used for meditation and relaxation before engaging in spiritual rituals. 

Scolecite is hundreds of thousands of million years old. So, it may have been called by other names in different parts. 

Traditionally, Scolecite helps with negativity blocking the body, mind, and soul. It also helps you connect with your spirit, others, nature, and the cosmos. 

Scolecite translates to creativity, protection, enlightenment, psychic powers, and power in the new age.

Varieties of Scolecites

  • Common Scolecite: Usually, Scolecite is found with white needle-like radial formations. It’s recommended for wisdom, inner peace, and awareness. 
  • Pink Scolecite: Resembling the shade of cooked Salmon with a red tone, this type of Scolecite gets its color from iron impurities. It opens the Sacral and Heart chakras.
  • Peach Scolecite: Similar to Salmon Pink Scolecite, this type has more magnesium or aluminum with a yellow tone. It’s great for success, luck, and confidence.
  • Milky Scolecite: Seen in white and off-white hues, Milky Scolecite has a clouded, hazy, or milky appearance. It opens the Crown chakra and helps with wisdom and patience.
  • Olive Scolecite: Showing olive green to green-brown shades, this Scolecite variety is a prosperity and good fortune stone with iron impurities. It opens the Higher Heart or Thymus chakra.
  • Scolecite Flower: This is when white Scolecite geodes form with a dark color exterior. They’re excellent for spiritual awakening and manifestation.
  • Brown Scolecite: Often seen with Apophyllite, this type of Scolecite shows reddish brown hues with magnetism. Use it for protection and positivity. 
  • Yellow Scolecite: Often occurring with Yellow Calcite, this Scolecite variety shows pale to intense yellow colors. It’s excellent for opening the Solar Plexus chakra for creativity, power, and good fortune. 
  • Scolecite Golden Quartz: In this type of Scolecite with Quartz, there are dark to pale golden colors with clear or white colors. It’s excellent for knowledge, success, and higher powers. 
  •  Blue Scolecite: Showing intense to pale blue colors and white streaks, this Scolecite variety sometimes shimmers. It’s great for intuition, psychic awareness, self-esteem, and critical thinking skills.
  •  Red Scolecite: A rare type of Scolecite, this type looks unreal with tiny balls of bluish Chalcedony on red Scolecite needles. Use it for passion, universal connection, and fertility. 
  •  Purple Scolecite: With iron and manganese impurities, this type of Scolecite shows pink, violet, red, and purple shades with white blobs or streaks. It’s great for activating psychic abilities. 
  •  Clear Scolecite: A high-vibration stone that exists mostly transparent in sprays and clusters, this variety of Scolecite is a purifying stone. You don’t need to cleanse it
  •  Green Scolecite: This type of Scolecite is seen with Apophyllite and Stilbite crystals in clusters. Green Scolecite gets its green hue from impurities of copper, unlike chromium in Emerald, Diopside, Alexandrite, and Garnets.
  •  Spotted Scolecite: You’ll see speckled inclusions in this Scolecite. Depending on its density, the crystal may be transparent or nearly opaque. They’re great for grounding, support, and awareness.
  •  Bicolor Scolecite: This crystal is seen with brown-white, pink-peach, white-green, or white-orange color on one end and clear or colorless on the other. It’s good for mult ichakra balance.
  •  Goosecreekite-Scolecite: Goosecreekite forms with Scolecite balls with acicular crystals and a black Quartz coating. It’s a highly sought-after combination of two Zeolites that work for wisdom, creativity, and fortune.
  •  Cavansite-Scolecite: A trio combination with Stilbite or Apophyllite, Cavansite in Scolecite shows vivid blue on white matrices. Scolecite benefits in this variety are lucid dreaming, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening.
  •  Scolecite with Heulandite: Another captivating crystal mixed by nature, this Scolecite variety shows white Scolecite needles, sprays, and clusters in a black cavity lined with orange colors. It’s a calming crystal that’s quite a sight too. 
  •  Scolecite with Mesolite: Seen in brown or orange matrix with fan-like sprays of White Scolecite, this variety fuses Stilbite with Mesolite. It’s a powerful stone for calmness, support, and patience. 
  •  Scolecite with Babingtonite: Although rare, they can exist together, showing dark black or green crystals on white hues of Scolecite. If you find them, use them for astral projection and reality shifting.
  •  Scolecite with Quartz: Often found as geodes, White Scolecite sprays have Black Quartz on the exterior. They’re excellent for psychic protection and manifestation.
  •  Scolecite with Prehnite: Seen in pale green hues, Moss Prehnite occurs with Scolecite. It’s great for universal connection, good fortune, and hope.

How To Cleanse Scolecite?

Woman holding selenite crystals while bathing in the sunlight at the beach

  • Crystal: You can use the White Scolecite crystal to cleanse other crystals by circling it thrice over them. 
  • Smudging: If you think your Scolecite has absorbed much energy, light a smudge stick and waft the smoke around your crystal. 
  • Sunlight: The sun’s natural light is excellent for removing any stubborn negativity absorbed by the crystal. Hold it for five minutes in the early morning sun to cleanse and charge Scolecite crystals.

Questions and Answers

Is Scolecite the same as Selenite?

No, Scolecite is a calcium silicate, while Selenite is a calcium sulfate. That said, some types of Satin Spar Selenite resemble Scolecite masses.

What type of rock is Scolecite?

Scolecite is a tectosilicate that falls under the group of zeolites. Other popular Zeolites are Natrolite, Mordenite, and Heulandite, to name a few.

Is Scolecite safe in the water?

No, Scolecite is not safe in the water. While it won’t dissolve in water, you should never let it come in contact with water.

Can Scolecite go in the sun?

Yes, Scolecite can go for short periods in the sun. But avoid leaving it out in the sun for over 15 minutes.

What is the streak of Scolecite?

Scolecite has a white streak.

Is Scolecite fragile?

Yes, Scolecite is as fragile as it looks. Make sure to handle it carefully.

How can you tell if a Scolecite is real?

You can determine if a crystal is real Scolecite by looking for its distinct prism-like appearance with six sides. They may be silky or vitreous in appearance.

What works well with Scolecite?

The best crystal to pair with Scolecite is Moldavite.

How to take care of Scolecite?

You should take good care of Scolecite by packing and placing it in safe places without collisions. Also, remember cleansing Scolecite with a soft bristle brush is better than dusting or cleaning it with water.

Is Scolecite expensive?

Costing a few dollars per carat when in small sizes, large, aesthetic, colored, or clusters of Scolecite may fetch hundreds of USD.

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