Understanding the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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Get ready because we’ve got a juicy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up in Taurus on October 28, 2023, at exactly 4:24 PM Eastern Time. Let’s dive into what this lunar event is all about!

Lunar eclipses are like Full Moons, but on steroids. They’re moments of deep transformation and revelation. Think of them as the universe’s way of shaking things up and setting us on a new path.

You’ll catch this spectacle mostly in Russia, Africa, and Asia. Sorry, America, you’re sitting most of this one out.

Taurus is all about that stable, sensual energy. We’re talking comfort food, cozy blankets, and cash money. So, when a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse collide in Taurus, expect things to get real. 

This is a time when financial matters might culminate. You could hit a jackpot or finally pay off that loan. Plus, don’t be shocked if you have some major a-ha! moments about what you truly value in life.

Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

What’s a Lunar Eclipse anyway? From a purely sciencey point of view, a lunar eclipse is an event that occurs when the Earth comes right between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon

Lunar eclipses in astrology are all about major turning points. Think of them as life’s plot twists, delivering big endings, sudden realizations, and crystal-clear moments of truth.

Lunar eclipses have a way of pulling back the curtain on your feelings. Those emotions you’ve been shoving down? Expect them to bubble up to the surface like a soda can you shook up. 

You won’t be waiting forever for these lunar eclipse events; they come around roughly twice a year. So, if you miss one, don’t sweat it. There’s another train leaving the station soon.

Taurus in Astrology

A kind young woman helping an old lady

Taurus’s vibes are all about material goods, sensual pleasures, and a comfy lifestyle. They’re the type to know the thread count of their bedsheets and have a favorite gourmet coffee spot. Financial security? Big mood for Taurus.

The Bull is Taurus’s symbol, and it’s so on point. Bulls are sturdy, strong, kind stubborn, just like a Taurus. Plus, they’re all about grazing and enjoying the good life, which is pretty much the Taurus’s M.O.

Taureans are steadfast and reliable. They love life’s finer things but don’t mistake them for being shallow. They just appreciate quality. Change isn’t their BFF, so they’ll hang onto routines and relationships like a dog with a bone.

Taurus Metaphysical Properties

Ruling Planet: Venus, the planet of love and luxury. 

Element: Earth. Grounded and practical.

Modality: Fixed. The stabilizers of the zodiac.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant. Tradition and values are their jam.

Ruling Crystal: Emerald. This stone vibes with Taurus’s love for beauty and emotional depth.

House: Second House. It’s all about material possessions and self-worth.

God: Aphrodite/Venus in Greek/Roman mythology. 

Number: 6. This number radiates harmony and balance, which Taureans are all about.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2023

If you’ve been waiting for some money moves or a shift in personal values, this is your green light. It’s time to level up in the finance and material world.

Suppressed feelings might make a dramatic entrance, and you could have some game-changing realizations. You might suddenly understand your worth or how you truly feel about that job, partner, or lifestyle.

This isn’t your regular Full Moon; it’s a transformative powerhouse. Eclipses have long-lasting effects, and since it’s in Taurus, you might feel shifts around stability, money, or values for months, even years to come.

Taurus’s energy can make us a tad resistant to change and stubborn AF, especially when money’s involved. Be cautious of digging your heels in too much during financial talks. Also, watch out for overindulgence. That extra slice of cake? It’s tempting, but maybe skip it this time.

A woman walking barefoot on grass

This eclipse is a prime time for some spiritual self-care. Here’s what you can do:

Release Outdated Values: Write down stuff you’ve outgrown, then burn that paper. Bye, old vibes!

Meditate on Abundance: Close your eyes, envision coins raining down or a lush garden, whatever abundance looks like to you.

Grounding Ceremony: Walk barefoot on grass or on the Earth. Feel that Taurus’s earthiness connects you to the planet.

Christina Aguilera, a Taurus moon, dropped her transformative album “Stripped” near an eclipse cycle. Prince Harry, another Taurus moon, made huge life changes during eclipse seasons, like stepping back from royal duties. Coincidence? I think not.

This is a time for some major self-reflection. Take a second to sip some fine wine or enjoy a hot bath. Appreciate life’s luxuries. Be open to big changes, especially when it comes to cash or material stuff.

Take it easy on social media. Eclipses can be emotionally intense, and you don’t need that extra noise. And if you’re thinking about making big purchases, maybe wait a bit. Let the eclipse energy settle first.

Rituals for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Let’s use this Taurus’s eclipse energy for some kick-butt rituals. Whether you’re into releasing, manifesting, or just vibing with the universe, there’s something here for you.

Release Ceremony

Prep: Light a white candle and sit comfortably.

Write: Jot down what you wanna let go of – old values, financial fears, whatever.

Burn: Safely burn the paper, visualizing those things dissipating.

Abundance Meditation

Settle: Find a quiet space and sit or lie down.

Visualize: Imagine abundance flowing into your life, money, love, or any form of prosperity.

Anchor: Seal this vision with a deep breath and an “Amen” or “So it is.”

Tarot Spread for Material Growth

Shuffle: Think about your material goals as you shuffle the deck.

Draw: Pick three cards. One for past influences, one for present situations, and one for future possibilities.

Interpret: Reflect on how these cards relate to your material world and values.

Manifesting Financial Change

Create: Make a vision board of your financial goals.

Affirm: Write down affirmations like, “I am financially free,” and place them on your board.

Activate: Spend a few minutes each day visualizing your financial dreams as reality.

Crystal Magic for Manifestation

Choose: Grab a Citrine or Pyrite crystal (both are great for manifesting abundance).

Cleanse: Run the crystal under cold water or smudge it with sage.

Charge: During the eclipse, place it outside or on a windowsill to soak up that potent energy.

Program: Hold the crystal and state your intention, like, “I attract financial abundance effortlessly.”

Crystals for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is all about transformation, especially in the material world. Well, crystals can serve as your magical sidekicks, amplifying your intentions and vibing with this shake-up.


bauxite on white background

Gibbsite is all about clarity and inner peace, perfect for navigating the intense energies of an eclipse.

Hold a piece during meditation or place it on your altar to help manifest mental and emotional balance.

Satin Spar

a selenite satin spar on a white background

Satin Spar, often mistaken for Selenite, is great for clearing negative energy. It’ll help you make room for new, positive vibes.

Wave a Satin Spar wand around your space to cleanse it. You can also place it near your other crystals to keep their energy pure.


A tumbled Dianite crystal on a white background. Source: Etsy | TheMerryBead
Source: Etsy | TheMerryBead

Dianite encourages spiritual growth and self-expression, aligning well with the transformative energy of this eclipse.

Wear Dianite as jewelry, or carry it in your pocket to stay connected to its energy throughout the day.

Impact of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on Each Zodiac Sign


Your wallet and self-worth are on the radar. You might have an “aha moment” that makes you rethink how you’re stacking your coins or what really gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling of security.

Pop Clear Quartz near your other crystals during a money meditation sesh. It’s like the hype-man of the crystal world, amping up everything around it.


You’re the guest of honor, Taurus! Expect some mind-blowing changes, like a personal makeover or tossing out stale beliefs that aren’t serving you anymore.

Hold onto Rose Quartz when emotions go wild. It will balance the heart and mind.


You’re diving deep. Expect to unearth buried feelings or even some juicy secrets – your own or someone else’s. It’s time to play detective with your soul.

Stick Amethyst under your pillow for trippy dreams and that extra pinch of intuition.


You might gain new friends but lose others. It’s the circle of life, or in this case, the circle of friendships.

Aquamarine helps you keep your cool in social settings. Great for that upcoming party or meetup.


Career rollercoaster ahead. You could get that promotion or maybe even decide you need a career 180.

Keep Tiger’s Eye on your work desk. It’s like a boss in crystal form, helping you own the room.


You might get the travel bug or a serious urge to hit the books. Either way, your horizons are expanding.

Lapis Lazuli guides you toward your personal truth. Meditate with it to get woke.


Get ready for a deep dive into the “we” part of relationships. From shared finances to bedroom dynamics, stuff’s about to get real.

Keep Garnet in your pocket to spice things up, and make sure the give-and-take stays balanced.


Your relationships are under the microscope. Don’t be surprised if you have to redefine some terms and conditions.

Wear Black Tourmaline to keep the emotional vampires away and protect your feelings.


Your daily grind is getting a reboot. Perfect time to revamp your life routines. If it doesn’t spark joy, out it goes!

Throw Green Aventurine in your bag or workspace. It’s the crystal equivalent of a four-leaf clover.


Your love life and creativity are buzzing. If you’ve been thinking of swiping right or picking up that paintbrush, now’s the time!

Wear Citrine and let it shine, just like you. This stone is great for turning creative dreams into reality.


Your home life’s in focus. Whether it’s a move, a reno, or a big ol’ family chat, changes are coming.

Toss Moonstone in the living room or your fave cozy corner. It’s like feng shui in a stone.


Pisces, your chat game is strong during this eclipse. It’s like you’ve suddenly got a megaphone. Use it wisely!

Hold onto Blue Calcite when you’re getting deep in a convo. It helps you not just talk but also listen.


How Does the Lunar Eclipse Affect Taurus?

The Lunar Eclipse affects Taurus through big shifts in personal values and finances. It’s a shake-up but can lead to major growth.

Is a Lunar Eclipse Good for Taurus?

Yes and no. The Lunar Eclipse is both good and bad for Taurus as it brings intense energy that can trigger big changes, sometimes uncomfortable but often transformative.

What Does It Mean When the Lunar Eclipse is in Taurus?

When there is a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, you focus on material and emotional values, urging you to review and possibly reboot your financial and personal priorities.

What is the Effect of the Moon’s Eclipse on Taurus?

The effect of the Moon’s eclipse in Taurus is big shifts in how you see worth, both your own and others.

Is the Lunar Eclipse in 2023 in Taurus?

Yes, the Lunar Eclipse in 2023 is in Taurus. Mark your calendar for October 28 at 4:24 PM Eastern Time.

What Does It Mean When the Moon is in Taurus?

When the Moon is in Taurus, people seek comfort, indulge a bit, and focus on material possessions. The Moon in Taurus is a cozy time to enjoy life’s finer things.

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