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Greece, China, Norway, India, Belgium, Namibia, Australia, the United States, Russia, Finland, Antarctica, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, France, Albania, Brazil, Tanzania, Germany, Cuba, Israel, DR Congo, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Madagascar, Nigeria, and the UK.

What is Gibbsite?

gibbiste on dark background. Image Source: Flickr | Stan Celestian
Image Source: Flickr | Stan Celestian

Gibbsite is a type of Bauxite seen in white, blue, gray, or yellow with a vitreous luster. Technically, it is an aluminum hydroxide forming prismatic, tabular, spherical, botryoidal, pisolitic, stalactitic, twinned, flattened, or crusty minerals. 

Also known as the Bauxite Mineral, it is typically found in lateritic soils after heavy rain and signifies inner healing in spirituality. 

They’re typically found in weathered ground and may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Gibbsite was first mistaken for Wavellite, but it was later renamed Gibbsite. Now, it has become a crucial ore of Aluminum. 

Fun Fact: It’s also called Aluminum Hydroxide, Hydrated Alumina, or Hydrargillite among geologists. Some other technical terms used to refer to it are b-Kliachite, Zirlite, Gibbsitogelite, and Claussenite.

Gibbsite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

The Bauxite mineral, also known as Gibbsiet, opens the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, and Solar Plexus Chakras. They will bring self-discovery, wisdom, sacred help, intuition, health, and luck. 

Other chakras Gibbsite opens are Root, Sacral, Heart, Earth Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway. They’re responsible for grounding, strength, safety, security, luck, astral travel, deep healing, divine love, karmic journey, and cosmic consciousness. 

Regarding astrology, Moon and Earth are the rulers of Gibbsite. They’re responsible for calming the nerves, transformation, intuition, stability, wisdom, empathy, and manifestation. 

Who should wear Gibbsite? Persons with Libra, Aries, Taurus, and Cancer zodiac signs are ideal candidates for wearing Gibbsite, as it will help them overcome dependency, fatigue, impatience, and narcissism.

Gibbsite is linked to Earth, Metal, and Water elements, leading to virtues like knowledge, divine love, creativity, balance, and transformation. You can keep Gibbsite in feng shui areas like Northwest, Southwest, West, or Center of a space for attaining positive benefits.

Experts also believe Gibbsite draws into the powers from Pax, the Hindu Goddess of Knowledge; Saraswati, the Norse God of Wisdom, Odin; the Chinese Dragon God, Yinglong; and the Greek Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite.

In numerology, the Bauxite mineral is linked to the vibration of the number 6, representing balance, astral travel, and the soul journey.

Gibbsite Healing Properties & Benefits

Health and Immunity 

  • Did you know Gibbsite clears toxic blockages in the body? It’s a detox stone ideal for boosting recovery, immunity, and physical strength. 
  • Keep your crystal next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours. Do it daily and drink the water for nourishment and immunity.

Empathy and Trust

  • Gibbsite opens the Throat Chakra to connect you with the rest of the universe. It fosters a deep connection with nature, flora, fauna, and people around you.
  • Lie down on a yoga mat and keep Gibbsite in the middle of your chest. Place your hands on the crystal and chant “Anahata” repeatedly with closed eyes until you can hear your intuition. 

Trauma Healing 

  • Did you know the Bauxite mineral Gibbsite heals emotional scars, traumatic memories, loss, and grief? It’s great for letting go and moving on from hurtful experiences. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your crystal in the center and elements associated with emotional healing. These may be peace signs, herbs, incense sticks, scented or colored candles, etc. Activate the grid daily by visualizing your intention. 

Joy and Growth 

  • If general anxiety hinders your growth or peace, embrace the love and light of Gibbsite to find inner joy
  • You can also place your crystal in the Western corner of your home to spread harmonious vibes by tapping into feng shui energies. Try to activate your stone by circling a lit sandalwood incense over it.


  • Did you know Gibbsite stops aging? It brings a youthful glow and health to your skin from the moment it touches it. 
  • You can create an indirect elixir of Gibbsite by keeping it next to a glass of water for a few hours and adding the infusion to your bathtub. Soak in the divine mix for up to 10 minutes daily for this.

Gibbsite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

The body of the woman is sleeping while her soul is floating and connected by a cord


  • Blue Gibbsite crystals activate psychic gifts, like intuition, clairvoyance, and psychic vision. It will help you discover your spiritual destiny. 
  • Hold your crystal near your eyes and gaze into it nonstop for a few minutes. Once your eyes feel tired, close them and concentrate on your inner voice and vision for a few minutes. 

Cosmic Consciousness

  • By connecting you with the world around you, empathy gets ingrained with Gibbsite, as does access to Akashic Records. It’s the history of the universe.
  • Sit under the open sky under the moonlit night and meditate on your intention. The moonlight energies will show you wisdom and the way. 

Divine Love

  • Whether it’s loneliness or lack of love hurting you, Gibbsite can bring divine love, care, and warmth into your life. It’s best for removing spiritual and emotional blocks.
  • Create a crystal grid with Gibbsite in the middle and 12 compatible crystals around it. Activate the grid with an amplifier Clear Quartz wand daily to manifest your intentions. 

Soul Journey

  • Did you know Gibbsite connects you with your past and future selves? It will help you rediscover yourself, find your most authentic self, and help you go forward on your soul mission.
  • Sit on your bed before sleep and hold your healing crystal near your lips. Chant this affirmation into it and place it under your pillow: Every night, I walk closer to my truest self and soul journey.

Astral Travel

  • White, indigo, and purple shades of Gibbsite are high-vibration stones that propel you to jump consciousness, realities, and dimensions.
  • Sit in a quiet space and place your crystal next to a singing bowl. Tap the sides of the bowl gently and meditate on your intention for a few minutes. Then place your crystal on your forehead and prepare for cosmic travel.

Side Effects of Gibbsite

  • Dependency: Overusing Gibbsite may make you feel dependent on people, nature, or ideas in an unhealthy way. In such a case, take a break for a few days.
  • Disturbing Dreams: If you are sensitive, keeping Gibbsite under the pillow may give you disturbing visions in your dreams. 
  • Detachment: When you walk toward your spiritual destiny, detachment from reality is possible.

Gibbsite Meaning: What does Gibbsite symbolize?

A woman is meditating on the stone

The meaning of Gibbsite is emotional calm.

The Bauxite mineral Gibbsite is sometimes called Oddball for its spherical or botryoidal appearance. Metaphysically, it is described as a stone of inner strength and balance.

It was discovered in 1820 by Chester Dewey, who initially mistook it for Wavellite, leading it to be termed Wavellite of Dewey. A year later, the stone was determined to be an Aluminum Hydroxide called Hydrargillite Hydrargyllite. 

Later, John Torrey renamed it in honor of George Gibbs; hence, it’s also called the Gibbsite of Torrey. 

Over the past few centuries, Gibbsite has transitioned from an emotional balance stone to one used for manifesting intentions, tapping into psychic gifts, cosmic consciousness, and inner happiness. 

It’s also called Gibbs Stone, Gibbsita, Gibbsyt, Gibbsitogelita, Gibbsiet, and Gibbsit. 

Types of Gibbsite

  • Common Gibbsite: Mostly seen in white or yellow colors, Gibbsite crystals are mostly used for emotional freedom and intelligence. 
  • Bayerite: This is a polymorph of Gibbsyt, seen in black, orange, white, and gray colors. It’s a good stone for peace, grounding, and soul cleansing. 
  • Doyleite: A blue, green, and bluish-green variety of the Gibbsiet, it usually shows a botryoidal structure. The stone is good for health and vitality. 
  • Nordstrandite: This is one of the rarest types of Gibbsite, ideal for finding inner peace and trauma healing. 
  • Clear Gibbsite: A yellowish variety of Gibbsite with high transparency, this is a higher chakra stone for activating psychic gifts, like intuition.
  • Electric Blue Gibbsite: This is a bright-blue type of Al-Hydroxide, often showing black or white inclusions. It’s good for cosmic connection and empathy. 
  • Yellow Gibbsite: The pale yellow variety of Hydrated Alumina forms this type and improves physical health, strength, and positivity. 
  • White Gibbsite: Also called White Buffalo Turquoise, this Gibbsite variety is a grounding stone often used to repel evil vibrations. 
  • Bisbee Turquoise Gibbsite: This variety is a mix of blue, black, and reddish brown and is ideal for opening the Throat and Third Eye Chakras.
  • Gray Gibbsite: A dull type of Aluminum Hydroxide with a mix of colors, this stone is best for clearing confusion and distractions easily. 
  • Green Chinese Gibbsite: This variety shows botryoidal texture with high transparency and is also called Chinese Gibbsite. It’s best for attracting wealth and harmony.
  • Golden Gibbsite: A translucent variety of Hydrargillite, this variety shows a bright golden yellow and is used to bring abundance into your financial, spiritual, and emotional life.
  • Bicolor Gibbsite: Seen majorly in double colors like Yellow-Green, Black-White, Orange-White, and Gray-Green, Bicolor Gibbsite is a rare crystal for chakra balance and detox. 
  • Orange Gibbsite: Opening the Sacral Chakra and leading to kundalini awakening, Orange Aluminum Hydroxide boosts self-confidence and integrity. 
  • Spotted or Mottled Gibbsite: If you notice black spots or specks on a light matrix of brown, you’ve found the spotted variety. They’re great for growth, health, and anti-aging. 
  • Stalactitic Gibbsite: When Hydroxide Alumina grows elongated, it’s excellent for emotional growth, spiritual awakening, and immunity. 
  • Oddball or Gibbsite Balls: Also called Pisolitic, Spherical Aggregate, and Spherules of Gibbsite, this is a Gibbsite variety by formation. They’re excellent for balancing your body, mind, and soul. 
  • Elestial Gibbsite: This type of Gibbsyt shows etched lines and stair-step structures with iridescent specks. It’s a good stone for angelic communication. 
  • Striped Gibbsite: If you notice criss-cross lines on Gibbsite, it’s the striped variety. Use it to find the truth and destiny in life. 
  • Flower of Gibbsite: Gibbsite sometimes forms flowers with four to six petals on the matrix. Psychics recommend using the rare stone to activate psychic gifts. 
  • Gibbsite with Chrysocolla: Boasting several colors, like indigo, green, teal, blue, white, and black, this variety may be translucent or opaque. It’s great for tranquility and trauma healing. 
  • Gibbsite with Chlorite: An all-gray variety of Gibbsite, this variety is typically found in the Czech Republic. It’s great for happiness and joy. 
  • Gibbsite with Phillipsite: Usually seen in golden yellow hues, this stone attracts prosperity and abundance. 
  • Gibbsite with Azurite: Often seen as a mix of indigo and white in Arizona, this natural crystal combination is a realization stone for divine connection and love.
  • Gibbsite with Allophane: Showing blue-green veins of Gibbsite on a matrix of black, gray, or white, this variety is a powerful stone for astral travel and lucid dreaming. 
  • Gibbsite on Goethite: Displaying hues of pale yellow, white, and black inclusions, this type of crystal formation is prized for fostering psychic protection and peace. 
  • Gibbsite with Crocoite: The most famous and attractive variety of Gibbsite is when it forms with Crocoite and displays deep orange needles on a white, yellow, and beige matrix. Use this stone for chakra alignment across the body. 
  • Gibbsite-Dundasite: This type of Hydroxide Alumina shows a dark yellow, black, and gray matrix with orange needle crystals. The stone is a powerful lower chakra balancer that brings harmony, emotional intelligence, and inner power. 
  • Gibbsite-Natrolite: The clear variety of Gibbsyt usually shows a spray of naturalite. It’s great for opening the Crown Chakra and connecting your physical body to the etheric one. 
  • Gibbsite with Malachite: Showing crusty crystals of dark green, blue, and maroon, this Gibbsite is a comfort stone that improves your virility and fertility. 
  • Gibbsite-Chalcoalumite: Featuring bluish-green to green and teal hues, this type is excellent for Heart Chakra activation, deep peace, and prosperity. 
  • Gibbsite-Limonite: In this Gibbsiet variety, you’ll notice indigo, green, orange, white, gray, black, and many more crystals. Use it for spiritual communication and empathy. 
  • Gibbsite-Cuprite: Another Bauxite variety with dark orange, beige, blue, red, maroon, and olive-green hues, this stone is great for focus, joy, and personal growth.
  • Gibbsite with Adamite: Often seen with Adamite bearing Aluminum and Copper, the stone may have intricate veins or webs of white on the matrix. They’re ideal for resolving repressed anger, hate, regrets, guilt, and revenge. 
  • Gibbsite with Calcite: Originating from Canada, this type of Bauxite mineral formation shows sky blue or beige crystals on a white or yellow Calcite matrix. Use this crystal formation to access the Akashic Records for karmic penance and cleansing. 
  • Gibbsite with Diaspore: Also called Diaspore Gibbsite Zultanite, this is a gem-quality variety showing inclusions of bright yellow, green, brown, and black. They’re great for good health and luck. 
  • Synthetic Gibbsite: Comprised of sodium impurities, this type of Aluminum Hydroxide is typically used in industrial settings. That being said, they’re great for calming confusion and anxiety in the wearer.

How to Cleanse Gibbsite?

a hand holding a pile of soil

  • Sage: Light a sage stick and circle it over Gibbsite thrice before and after every use to reset its positivity. 
  • Moonlight: Place your crystal in a room with an open window after the moonrise to soak the healing energies.
  • Soil: Place your crystal in a silky pouch or airtight box and bury it three inches under the soil for one to 14 days. Afterward, clean it with a lint-free cloth and use it in spiritual rituals


How Common is Gibbsite?

Gibbsite is the most common Aluminum Hydroxide, a rare mineral. It may show blue in cavities or yellow crystals.

Is Gibbsite Safe to Touch?

Yes, Gibbsite is safe to touch with bare hands. However, like most crystals, you should wash your hands after touching it.

Can Gibbsites Get Wet?

Yes, Gibbsite can get wet without getting damaged. You can rinse it with water if you see dust, dirt, or grime. Although, you should pat dry it quickly and don’t soak it in water like other healing crystals. 

Are Gibbsites Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Gibbsite is safe and stable in the sun. However, prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight may affect its integrity. 

How Can You Tell if Gibbsite is Real?

Real Gibbsite crystals have a white streak and give off a strong clay-like smell when breathed on.

What is the Difference Between Gibbsite and Wavellite?

The biggest difference between Gibbsite and Wavellite is the formation and shape of both crystals. Gibbsite forms platy, lamellar, and botryoidal shapes, while Wavellite makes radiating and acicular crystals with a starburst pattern.

How Do You Take Care of Gibbsite Stones?

The best way to take care of Gibbsite is by keeping it in a safe place away from sunlight, falls, and accidental collisions, especially because of its low Mohs hardness score. Their similarities include white streak and Aluminum Hydroxide composition. 

Is Gibbsite Expensive?

No, Gibbsite is not an expensive crystal and costs anywhere from 50 cents to $5 USD per gram. 

What Stones Go Well with Gibbsite?

The best stones to pair with Gibbsite are Emerald, Moonstone, Peridot, Sunstone, and Selenite. 

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