Welo Opal

(way - loh oh - puhl)
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What is Welo Opal?

Welo Opal on a dark background
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Imagine a stone that plays with light like a kaleidoscope, flashing colors that dance and shimmer. That’s Welo Opal for you!

This gem is primarily made of silica and water, but what sets it apart is its “hydrophane” nature. That means it can absorb water and temporarily change color. How cool is that? It’s like a mood ring, but way more sophisticated.

Hailing from the Wollo Province in Ethiopia, this Opal has a pretty young history compared to other gemstones. It was only discovered in 2008!

Opals have been considered both lucky and unlucky throughout history. In ancient times, people believed they fell from the heavens during thunderstorms, capturing the essence of the gods.

Welo Opal Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Welo Opal is Libra’s best friend. You know Libras are all about balance, beauty, and harmony, right? This gem amplifies those traits like no other. It helps you find that sweet spot between your emotional and rational sides.

This stone is a straight-up spiritual antenna linked to the Crown Chakra. Imagine it opening up a direct line to higher wisdom and universal truths. If you’re looking to elevate your spiritual game, this is your go-to crystal.

Venus is the planet of love and luxury. Welo Opal carries that lush, Venusian energy, making it perfect for attracting love, beauty, and abundance into your life. It’s like a love potion and a prosperity magnet all rolled into one.

Being ruled by the Water element, this type of Opal is all about emotional depth and intuition. It helps you navigate the ebb and flow of emotions, making you more in tune with your inner self.

In numerology, the number 9 links to wisdom, initiation, and closure. Welo Opal vibrates at this frequency, helping you complete life cycles and embrace new beginnings. It’s your reset button.

Welo Opal Healing Properties and Benefits

Dream Enhancement

  • Welo Opal can make your dreams more vivid and insightful.
  • Place it under your pillow to boost dream clarity and recall.


  • This stone’s water-element connection can heighten telepathic abilities.
  • Hold it while focusing on someone you wish to connect with telepathically.

Time Perception

  • Using Welo Opal helps you feel more present and may alter your perception of time.
  • Meditate with it when you’re feeling rushed or anxious about deadlines.

Animal Communication

  • Working with Welo Opal enhances your ability to understand and communicate with animals.
  • Carry it when you’re around animals to better tune into their energies.

Astral Projection

  • Connecting with Welo Opal facilitates out-of-body experiences.
  • Hold or place it near your body during astral projection practices.

Welo Opal Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman praying and meditating alone at sunset with ocean and mountain

Akashic Record Access

  • Using this stone helps you tap into the Akashic Records for ancestral wisdom.
  • Meditate with it while setting the intention to access the Akashic Records.

Past Life Recall

  • Working with Welo Opal assists in remembering and learning from past lives.
  • Use in meditation focused on past-life regression.


  • Using Welo Opal facilitates clearer communication with higher-dimensional beings.
  • Hold it while practicing channeling or mediumship.

Reality Shifting

  • Welo Opal helps you shift your reality to align with your highest good.
  • Use it in visualization exercises to help shift your reality.

Soul Retrieval

  • Connecting with this stone assists in recovering fragments of your soul lost through trauma.
  • Work with a shamanic practitioner and have the stone present during the soul retrieval process.

Side Effects of Welo Opal

  • Overstimulation: Because Welo Opal is so energetically diverse, it can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed or scattered. Limit your time with the stone initially and gradually increase as you get accustomed to its energy.
  • Emotional Intensity: The stone’s Water element can amplify emotions, which might not always be what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling emotionally volatile, consider pairing Welo Opal with a grounding stone like Black Tourmaline.
  • Vivid Dreams: While enhancing dreams can be a benefit, it can also lead to unsettling or overly vivid dreams for some. If this happens, remove the stone from your sleeping area and cleanse it before using it again.

Welo Opal Meaning: What does Welo Opal Symbolize?

a woman doing yoga beside the shore on a sunny day

The meaning of Welo Opal is “Unbreakable Transformation.”

Let’s get into the heart of what Welo Opal is all about: transformation and emotional clarity. This gem is your go-to for some serious soul-searching and emotional tune-ups.

Opals bring good luck and insight. Welo Opal is like the wise elder of the crystal world. Welo Opal is all about emotional intelligence and spiritual growth. It’s the stone you want when you’re navigating the ups and downs of life. Think of it as your crystal therapist.

This stone is a hydrophane, meaning it can absorb water and change its appearance. It’s like it’s telling you that change is not only inevitable but beautiful.

The Greeks believed that Opals were the tears of joy shed by Zeus after the defeat of the Titans, and they thought the stone could protect from disease.

In the Middle Ages, in Europe, Opal was thought to be the “Patronus of Thieves” due to its supposed ability to confer invisibility upon its wearer when wrapped in a fresh bay leaf.

Types of Welo Opal

  • Red Welo Opal: With fiery red hues, Red Welo Opal is great for igniting passion and courage. It is a stone that lets you fearlessly go after your ambitions.
  • Purple Welo Opal: This variety has soft purple tones and is perfect for enhancing intuition. It connects to the Crown and Third Eye and allows you to download profound spiritual insights.
  • Blue Welo Opal: Sky-blue colors in Blue Welo Opal help with communication and harmony. Think of it as your personal peace ambassador that lets you clear tensions in your interactions with others.
  • Green Welo Opal: Earthy green, this variety is good for healing and balance. It’s your go-to for grounding energy and helps you establish a profound connection with and understanding of nature.
  • Iridescent Welo Opal: A rainbow in a stone, Iridescent Welo Opal is great for creativity and inspiration. It unlocks your hidden talents and lets you show the world what you are made of.
  • White Welo Opal: Milky-white, White Welo Opal is ideal for clarity and purity. It helps you release your sins and shadows and live a life of truth and nobility.
  • Golden Welo Opal: Rich gold hues in Golden Welo Opal attract abundance and success. It is your personal pot of gold, energetically speaking.
  • Cat’s Eye Welo Opal: Chatoyant effects in Cat’s Eye Welo Opal enhance intuition and give you an aura of mystery. It is connected with feline energy.
  • Pink Welo Opal: A soft pink stone that is perfect for love and emotional healing. Think of it as a Heart Chakra booster.
  • Orange Welo Opal: Vibrant orange, this stone is good for creativity and joy. It’s like a burst of sunshine for your spirit. It gives you the vitality, enthusiasm, and confidence needed to shine.
  • Baby Blue Welo Opal: Light blue, Baby Blue Welo Opal is calming and soothing. It’s your chill pill in crystal form. Using it at nighttime is great to help you wind down.
  • Disco Welo Opal: Multi-colored flashes in this stone are great for uplifting your mood. It’s a party for your soul!
  • Dark Base Welo Opal: Deep dark colors in this stone enhance emotional depth. It’s like the wise elder of the Welo family, teaching you valuable insights of yourself and others.
  • Floating Welo Opal: With a unique floating color play, this stone is good for meditation and focus. It is great to use during energy work and spiritual practices.
  • Ribbon Pattern Welo Opal: Striped color bands in this variety help with alignment and balance.
  • Snakeskin Welo Opal: With a textured pattern, this stone is great for transformation and renewal. It’s like your rebirth stone.
  • Flashy Welo Opal: Intense color flashes in this stone boosts creativity and enthusiasm. 
  • South Welo Opal or Delante Opal: This clear variety helps with insight and wisdom. It’s like your spiritual guidebook.

How to Cleanse Welo Opal?

A wooden bowl that is full of salt on a black background

  • Water: Run it under cold water for a minute, but remember, it’s a hydrophane, so don’t soak it too long!
  • Salt: Place it on a bed of salt overnight to absorb any negative vibes.
  • Moonlight: Give it a moon bath by leaving it under the full moon to recharge its energy.

Questions and Answers

How Can You Tell If Welo Opal is Real?

To tell if Welo Opal is real, look for color play and a unique pattern. Real Welo Opals have a distinct iridescence. You can also perform a specific gravity test or consult a gemologist.

Why are Ethiopian Opals so Cheap?

Ethiopian and Welo Opals are cheap because they are relatively new to the market and more abundant, which often makes them more affordable compared to their Australian counterparts.

What are Ethiopian Welo Opals?

Welo Opals are a type of Ethiopian Opal found in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia. They’re known for their vivid color play and hydrophane properties.

Is Ethiopian Opal Rare?

While Ethiopian Opal itself isn’t super rare, high-quality pieces with intense color play can be.

Why is Ethiopian Opal Expensive?

Ethiopian Opal is not too expensive, but the price jumps for Ethiopian Opal when it has unique characteristics like intense color play, large size, or exceptional clarity.

What Happens if Ethiopian Opal Gets Wet?

Welo Opals are hydrophanes, meaning they can absorb water, and nothing bad happens when Ethiopian Opal gets wet. This can temporarily change their color but usually doesn’t harm the stone.

Does Ethiopian Opal Crack Easily?

Ethiopian Opals can crack easily as they have a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5, making them somewhat fragile. Extreme temperature changes can cause cracking.

Can I Wear My Opal Ring Everyday?

You can wear your Opal ring every day, but be cautious. Opals are softer and can scratch or crack if knocked around too much.

Interactions with Welo Opal

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