South Sea Pearl

(sowth see perl)
Main Origins:
Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Fiji, Tahiti, China, and Myanmar.

What is South Sea Pearl

pearls together with sea shell on dark background

The Pinctada maxima oyster produces this excellent Pearl with stunning colors, textures, and patterns. South Sea Pearls’ seductive dance of white, cream, silver, and gold tones is enchanting. Pearls offer luxury to jewelry with their satiny texture. Their magical light play gives them an ethereal shimmer that sets them apart from other Pearls. 

The beauty of South Sea Pearls comes from the chemicals and minerals that make them up. The calcium carbonate crystal structure of these Pearls makes them resilient. Mother-of-Pearl nacre layers give them iridescence. Pearls’ shine and durability come from this mix, making them a symbol of eternal elegance.

South Sea Pearls has a heritage in marine exploration and culture. These South Sea, Australian, Indonesian, and Philippine Pearls have been treasured for generations. Indigenous civilizations honor them for purity and wealth. They were popular in the early 20th century when new Pearl-growing techniques made them cheaper and higher quality.

Crystal lovers and people who gather them will love South Sea Pearls. Pearl fans are interested in more than just their beauty. Collectors have a lot of choices because they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. People who like luxury will find that jewelry with Pearls makes their collection look more elegant and classy.

Did you know that, in some countries, South Sea Pearls are thought to have magical powers? These Pearls are said to bring prosperity, knowledge, and tranquility. These gifts from the Gods symbolized purity and supernatural favors in ancient times. 

South Sea Pearl Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

South Sea Pearls have many hue abilities with different meanings in their spiritual realm. Yellow-gold Pearls symbolize riches and success. White and silver South Sea Pearls are pristine and clear. People think they can calm and balance feelings, keeping partnerships tranquil.

The stone affects numerous chakras. To promote self-esteem, they connect to the Solar Plexus Chakra. Pearls boost the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional health. Third Eye Chakra alignment enhances intuition and insight, whereas Throat Chakra alignment improves communication. Finally, the Crown Chakra represents spirituality and connection.

In feng shui, South Sea Pearls are linked to the calming power of Water. This association encourages peace by making things flow and change easier. Also, having South Sea Pearls in the North sector is thought to be good for your business.

The South Sea Pearls have a lot to do with the spirit of the Moon. Because the Moon heals, these Pearls connect with feminine forces and the cycles of nature. This cosmic link makes their magical skills stronger, which helps them heal emotionally and use their instincts.

South Sea Pearls are linked to Haikili, Luli, and Tangaroa. Luli, the Polynesian Moon Goddess, strengthens the Pearls’ moon connection, while Haikili, the Hawaiian Thunder God, provides change. Tangaroa, the Maori God of the Sea, offers these Pearls ocean depths to indicate their connection to water and its secrets.

The numerology vibration of South Sea Pearls is 9. This number represents spiritual growth, enlightenment, and cycle completion. It deepens the metaphysical characteristics of these Pearls, indicating a path to higher consciousness and fulfillment.

South Sea Pearl Healing Properties & Benefits

 Love and Relationships 

  • Promoting genuine interactions and emotional understanding are South Sea Pearls’ benefits.
  • Hold the Pearl close to your heart and picture a bright, loving light surrounding you and your relationships, filling them with peace and kindness.


  • Some of South Sea Pearls’ healing properties are making you feel calm and connecting you with the relaxing energy of water.
  • Put it in a water bowl during mindfulness to boost its impact. Visualize the peaceful ripples calming you and encouraging calm.


  • South Sea Pearls are linked to fertility and are thought to boost the energy to have children.
  • To set up for fertility, put the Pearl on a Rose Quartz crystal and picture a lively, healthy energy all around you. You can do this while you are meditating or as part of a holy practice.

 Deep Peace

  • These Pearls link the Crown Chakra and the Moon’s peaceful energy, which brings about deep peace.
  • Set the Pearl under moonlight overnight to absorb the Moon’s calming energy. Carry it through the day for calm and focus.

Clarity of Communication

  • Helping you communicate by harmonizing with the Throat Chakra is South Sea Pearls’ properties.
  • Hold it to your throat and breathe deeply, imagining a clear blue light around your communication center. 

South Sea Pearl Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Hands holding together as a sign of forgiveness and trust

 Spirit Connection

  • Being in tune with the Crown Chakra and lunar forces makes South Sea Pearls great for connecting with your spirit.
  • As you meditate with the Pearl, imagine a silvery light streaming from the Crown Chakra to the universe, connecting the earthly and spiritual realms.


  • Helping you make your dreams come true by sending energy from the Moon and the Crown Chakra is one of South Sea Pearls’ metaphysical properties.
  • To set up manifestation, hold the Pearl in your hands and picture your wishes being lit up by the moonlight. This will give them the energy they need to come true.


  • South Sea Pearls connect you to the mysterious powers of the Moon, which helps you dream.
  • Before bed, put the Pearl under your pillow and ask for dream guidance. The Pearl is considered to enhance subconscious communication.

 Ancient Wisdom

  • This Pearl is thought to hold ancient knowledge because they are charged with the energy of the ocean and Moon.
  • To connect with this wisdom, make a holy place, hold it, and meditate to get help. Visualize a waterfall of old information coming into your mind.


  • Because of its connection to the Moon, South Sea Pearls are worn as good-luck charms.
  • Place it in a water bowl under a full moon to program luck. Imagine the Pearl absorbing the Moon’s luck, bringing energy and vibrating positively.

Side Effects of South Sea Pearl

  • Detachment: Detachment from reality may result from excessive use. To stay balanced, practice mindfulness and interact with nature.
  • Obsession: Overreliance can cause obsession. Diversify your spiritual practices and use other crystals to avoid fixation.
  • Dependency: Overusing its energy may cause dependency. Use the Pearl as a supplement to your spiritual path to build self-reliance.

South Sea Pearl Meaning: What Does South Sea Pearl Symbolize?

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

South Sea Pearl embodies “purity, elegance, and the essence of divine femininity.”

The South Sea Pearls’ main metaphysical benefit is that it can help people get along with each other emotionally. Like the Heart Chakra, it promotes love, kindness, and real relationships, which can help you feel calm and balanced.

This beautiful Pearl is also called “Moon Glow” and “Sea Dew,” which are literary names that show how it is connected to the Moon and the calmness of the ocean.

In the past, South Sea Pearls were seen as divine gifts and worn by royalty as signs of their wealth and purity. In modern times, they stand for classic grace and are often used in high-end jewelry because of their sophisticated beauty.

The nurturing properties get stronger when you mix South Sea Pearls with crystals like Akoya Pearl. This helps with love and mental healing. Its calming energies work well with Abalone Pearl, making a harmonious mix that promotes mental balance.

An interesting fact: People from many cultures think that South Sea Pearls can protect them and keep away bad energies, giving them even more mystery and meaning.

Types of South Sea Pearl

  • South Gold Sea Pearl: With its brilliant golden tones, it is a symbol of success and abundance. 
  • White South Sea Pearl: With its pure color, representing calmness and purity, it is a talisman for mental balance that helps people get along and think clearly.
  • Gray South Sea Pearl: Peace and tranquility are reflected in the calm seas. The gray color makes you feel calm and balanced, which is good for your mental health.
  • Yellow South Sea Pearl: It shows a nice golden color, which stands for wealth and happiness, thought to bring more money and happiness. 
  • Brown South Sea Pearl: It displays earthy tones linked to grounding forces and is thought to bring stability and a strong connection to nature.
  • Blue South Sea Pearl: It has a peaceful blue tint that stands for depth and calmness. They are thought to promote mental awareness and a sense of peace.
  • Pink South Sea Pearl: It gives off a soft pink light that represents love and kindness. They are thought to improve mental health and strengthen relationships.
  • AAA-Grade South Sea Pearl: It represents a high quality, with a beautiful shine and flawless surface, seen as a sign of classic beauty and wealth.
  • AA-Grade South Sea Pearl: It embodies high-quality shine and surface finish, adding a touch of sophistication. It is perfect for people who want to look beautiful but don’t want to spend much money.
  • A-Grade South Sea Pearl: Although less expensive, they still have a beautiful shine and surface. They are a classy choice for a classic style.
  • Round South Sea Pearl: Their symmetrical perfection and creamy overtones reflect harmony, and their round shape promotes balance and cheerfulness.
  • Oval South Sea Pearl: Their beautiful extended form and bright white color are connected with fertility and femininity. Wearing them is said to increase maternal energies and grace.
  • South Sea Button Pearl: Their beautiful extended form and bright white color are connected with fertility and femininity.
  • South Sea Potato Pearl: It is known for its natural cream color and irregular shape, symbolizing originality and creativity. 
  • Oval South Sea Pearl: Their beautiful extended form and bright white color indicate fertility and femininity. Wearing them improves nurturing energies and fosters grace, especially for people seeking a feminine connection.
  • Baroque South Sea Pearl: Their odd, irregular forms and magnificent white, silver, and gold design encourage self-acceptance and creativity by embracing faults and valuing originality.
  • Small South Sea Pearl (9mm): Their delicate elegance and gentle cream tint signify subtlety and sophistication.
  • Medium-Sized South Sea Pearl (13 mm): Their prominent presence and creamy shine convey confidence and assertive self-expression.
  • Large South Sea Pearl (20 mm): Majestic and magnificent in white and gold, they symbolize abundance and prosperity and are worn to attract success and fortune.
  • South Sea Mottled Pearl: A balanced blend of white, silver, and gold. They represent the diversity of life and are worn to provide balance and harmony to all aspects.
  • Pin Pricks South Sea Pearl: It has a tiny surface marking and a delicate cream color, indicating persistence and the capacity to conquer obstacles gracefully.
  • Pitted South Sea Pearl: With greater surface indentations and a delicate cream tint, they symbolize finding beauty in faults.
  • Grooved South Sea Pearl: It is characterized by various patterns and colors of white and gold, reflecting life’s journey and experiences.
  • South Sea Pearl with Knobs: It displays unique protrusions and a glossy mix of white and gold, symbolizing conquering hurdles, and inspires perseverance and a positive and resilient mindset for a unique and significant accessory.
  • Uneven South Sea Pearl: Their irregular forms and soft cream color represent accepting flaws and finding beauty in being different.

How to Cleanse South Sea Pearl?

moonlight reflection on water

Note: South Sea Pearls don’t need to be cleaned, but if your intuition tells you to, try one of these ways.

  • Moonlight: Leave your Pearl out in the moonlight overnight to let it soak up good energy and naturally shine again.
  • Selenite: Place it gently on a Selenite crystal to clean and recharge its energy. This will make it shine brighter and strengthen its link to purity.
  • Smudging: Run your Pearl through the smoke of sage or palo santo to eliminate any negative forces that are still there and bring back its natural brightness.

Question and Answer

What are the Benefits of Wearing South Sea Pearl?

It makes you look more elegant and feminine and helps you feel emotionally balanced and successful. Perfect for people who want timeless beauty and good vibes.

Why is the South Sea Pearl so Expensive?

South Sea Pearls are valuable because they can only be grown in a few places, take longer, and are carefully picked.

How Can I Tell if My South Sea Pearl is Real?

If you rub real Pearls against your teeth, they will feel rough. Check for shine, size, and flaws on the surface. Talk to a reputable watchmaker to get professional confirmation.

How Do You Take Care of South Sea Pearl?

Separate items to keep them from getting scratched. Keep it in a soft pouch or cloth to avoid touching other jewels. Soft, damp cloths are a gentle way to clean.

What is the Best Color of South Sea Pearl?

People love golden colors because they make people feel rich and warm. But everyone has their own opinion about what color is best. Pick one that goes with your style and tastes.

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