Abalone Pearl

(ab - uh - loh - nee purl)
Main Origins:
Canada, Japan, the United States, Australia, Chile, Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, South Korea, Alaska, Taiwan, Spain, India, and Argentina.

What is Abalone Pearl?

An Abalone pearl on the shell

Glistening with an ethereal beauty, the Abalone Pearl captures the imagination with its mesmerizing hues. Its exquisite marine green, iridescent blue, and relaxing lavender tones replicate the ocean’s serene depths. When held up to the light, these Pearls reveal a symphony of shimmering shades that evoke a sense of calm and wonder.

Delving into its composition, the Abalone Pearl is a product of nature’s artistry. Mollusks in the water carefully construct this glowing Diamond from nacre or calcium carbonate. Each layer shows the mollusk’s care and artistry, creating a unique and beautiful Pearl.

A brief journey through history unveils the Abalone Pearl’s deep-rooted connection to coastal cultures. Indigenous coastal tribes have adored these bright Pearls as symbols of protection and prosperity for millennia. They were prized for their beauty and belief that they possessed marine wisdom, providing guidance and insight.

The Abalone Pearl holds a special place in the world of crystal enthusiasts and collectors. Revered for its soothing energy, it is often associated with balance and harmony. 

Many find its connection to the ocean calming and therapeutic, making it a popular meditation and self-reflection partner. Its vibrant colors are thought to resonate with different chakras, promoting a sense of well-being and positive energy.

Did you know that, according to an ancient coastal myth, Abalone Pearls were believed to be tears of mermaids? Legend has it that these mythical sea creatures shed tears of joy during moments of pure harmony in the ocean.

Abalone Pearl Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Abalone Pearl reflects the deep indigo night sky and the delicate pink sunrise with its beautiful color energies. Indigo infuses a sense of wisdom and intuitive knowing, while pink embodies the soothing embrace of love and compassion. These colors intertwine to create a harmonious energy that connects us with the profound realms of intuition and emotion.

The Third Eye Chakra is Abalone Pearl’s spiritual partner, where it cultivates intuition and understanding. The soft tendrils of its energy also dance with the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional healing and harmony. This fusion of energies assists us in aligning our thoughts and feelings, fostering a serene equilibrium within.

Infused with Water and Ether, Abalone Pearl represents the pliable nature of emotions and the boundless nature of the world. In feng shui, the North represents communication and opportunity, and Abalone Pearl resonates with it.

The relaxing Moon energy of Abalone Pearl enhances our connection with ourselves and the flow of life. The Abalone Pearl feeds our emotions, helping us traverse change with grace and tranquility, like the Moon.

Yemaya and Mami Wata, Goddesses of Care and Transformation, give Abalone Pearl protection, intuition, and regeneration. Mami Wata stands for intuition and sexuality, while Yemaya, the sea mother deity, provides protection. In their embrace, we find solace and empowerment.

The mystical vibration of 7 in Abalone Pearl invites reflection and self-knowledge. This divine number calls us to self-discovery and a greater connection with the cosmos.

Abalone Pearl Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Enhance your sense of harmony with the gentle energy of Abalone Pearl. The Sacral Chakra unites Abalone Pearl’s iridescent beauty with its ability to calm emotions and promote inner serenity. 
  • Hold it in your palm during meditation, allowing its tranquil vibrations to wash over you. 


  • This intriguing gem inspires imagination by tapping into the subconscious. Aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, Abalone Pearl’s kaleidoscopic shades stimulate intuition and artistic inspiration. 
  • Create an “imagination corner” in your sacred space, adorning it with this gem and other dream-inducing crystals. 


  • Gold connects with the Solar Plexus Chakra, boosting self-confidence and power. The sun gives Abalone Pearl vitality and confidence, allowing you to shine brightly and be yourself.
  • Wear Abalone Pearl as a pendant, allowing it to rest near your Solar Plexus. 

Inner Power

  • This bright gem aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra and fuels your power and resilience with Fire. Mars, the planet of vigor and persistence, helps this Pearl assist you in overcoming challenges and tapping into your warrior spirit.
  • Place it over your Solar Plexus during meditation, visualizing its fiery energy igniting a fierce determination within you. 

Wisdom and Intuitive Knowing

  • Aligned with the element of Fire, this luminescent gem resonates with the transformative energies of the universe. The Pearl’s connection to divine goddess energies enhances your intuition and deepens your connection to ancient wisdom.
  • Hold it in your receptive hand during meditation, allowing its fiery vibrations to awaken your inner sage.

Abalone Pearl Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman raising her hands while holding papers in front of her laptop


  • Abalone Pearl, with its gentle yet potent energies, bridges your intentions and the universe’s abundance. It invokes Neptune, its ruling planet, and the Water element by aligning with the Crown Chakra and reflecting oceanic tones. 
  • By carrying or wearing it, you can set your intentions and use visualization techniques to infuse it with your dreams. 


  • Abalone Pearl, adorned in the captivating aura of gold, radiates vibrations of success and prosperity. Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, this radiant gem empowers your inner fire and ambition. 
  • Hold it and visualize your goals during sunrise, allowing Pearl’s warm energy to infuse your intentions with success.

Psychic Vision and Gifts

  • As a conduit to heightened intuition, the Abalone Pearl’s ethereal energies resonate with the Solar Plexus Chakra. Its celestial connection to the ruling planet Mercury and the Water element enhances your psychic abilities and intuitive insights. 
  • Hold it gently against your Third Eye during meditation. Imagine a stream of golden light running through it to hear heavenly messages and discover your psychic gifts.

Spirit Connection

  • Abalone Pearl, adorned with fiery flecks, ignites a profound connection to the spirit realm. Aligned with the element of Fire and attuned to Mars, this captivating gem fuels your spiritual journey. 
  • Place it on a bed of sage leaves and gently pass it through the cleansing smoke. As the smoke purifies the Pearl, imagine a sacred link between your soul and the universe, expanding your spiritual consciousness.


  • This gem’s marine hues resonate with Water and the Moon’s energy, bringing rejuvenation and transformation. It corresponds to the Crown Chakra, guiding you toward a sense of divine rejuvenation. 
  • Create a tranquil ritual by submerging the Pearl in purified water under the moonlight. Anoint your forehead with pearl-infused water while it absorbs lunar essence for spiritual rebirth and energy.

Side Effects of Abalone Pearl

  • Sleeplessness: Some individuals might experience sleeplessness due to heightened energy when working with the Abalone Pearl. Try sleep routines, like warm tea and peaceful music for relief.
  • Attention Seeking: The Abalone Pearl’s vibrant energy can lead to a desire for attention. Meditation and other self-care practices might help you find your center again.
  • Oversensitivity: It may amplify emotions, causing oversensitivity. Ground yourself with nature walks or deep breathing exercises for emotional equilibrium.

Abalone Pearl Meaning: What Does Abalone Pearl Symbolize?

A yin yang symbol on a rock

The Abalone Pearl symbolizes “harmony and the delicate dance of yin and yang energies.”

Derived from the Latin word “abalone,” meaning “sea ear,” and the Middle English word “perle,” reflecting its exquisite luster, the name Abalone Pearl is a poetic fusion of its oceanic heritage and captivating beauty.

Known also as “Sea Opal,” this luminescent gem holds the essence of the ocean’s secrets and the play of colors within its depths. It resonates with the celestial forces of the Moon and stars.

Steeped in cultural history, Abalone Pearls have been cherished by indigenous tribes as vessels of spiritual wisdom. In modern times, they are revered for their mesmerizing iridescence and revered as cosmic amulets for balance.

The Abalone Pearl’s intuitive skills are enhanced by relaxing Amethyst. At the same time, Rose Quartz strengthens its nurturing qualities, producing a serene and loving synergy.

Did You Know that Abalone Pearls, formed within the shells of mollusks, result from nature’s patient artistry? Iridescent layers accumulate over time, reflecting the ocean’s ever-changing hues, akin to a painter’s evolving canvas.

Types of Abalone Pearl

  • Shark Tooth or Horn Abalone Pearl: A beautiful example of oceanic energies, this Pearl has a mysterious, deep tint. It is thought to channel the shark’s strength and protection, giving its wearer courage and resilience. 
  • Round Abalone Pearl: Radiating with a mesmerizing array of iridescent colors, it captivates hearts with its gentle and harmonious presence. Like a soothing lullaby from the ocean’s depths, this Pearl holds the energy of tranquility and emotional balance. 
  • Baroque Abalone Pearl: With its uniquely asymmetrical and freeform shape, this Pearl showcases the artistry of nature’s imperfections. Bathed in many oceanic hues, it embodies the spirit of embracing the unconventional. 
  • Threaded Abalone Pearl: It tells a story of interdependence with delicate threads of ethereal colors. This Pearl is often associated with fostering relationships and promoting community. 
  • Lavender Abalone Pearl: Bathed in the gentle embrace of lavender hues, it exudes an aura of calm and introspection. This Pearl is revered for its connection to inner wisdom and intuition. 
  • Magenta Abalone Pearl: It is drenched in deep and brilliant magenta tones, exuding a sense of passion and vigor. The symbolic meaning of this Pearl as a source of inspiration has earned it much acclaim. 
  • Bronze Abalone Pearl: It oozes sophistication and elegance with its warm shades of bronze. The riches and prosperity symbolized by this Pearl is well-known. 
  • Silver Abalone Pearl: Gleaming with the silvery luminance of moonlight, it embodies a sense of mystery and intuition. This Pearl holds a connection to the realm of emotions and the subconscious. 
  • Blue Abalone Pearl: It symbolizes calm and communication in cerulean and azure. The connection between this Pearl and effective communication is highly valued. 
  • Golden Blue Abalone Pearl: The color of a calm ocean in the morning, this Pearl is considered to improve mental clarity and calm emotions. In old traditions, wearing or carrying this gemstone can relax and communicate with inner wisdom. 
  • Indigo Abalone Pearl: As deep as the midnight sky, it exudes a sense of profound introspection and spiritual insight. This Pearl is prized for its capacity to boost intuition and psychic powers, helping people connect with their inner truths. 
  • Pink Abalone Pearl: These are delicate and fascinating, radiating kindness that resonates with heart matters. Legend believes it can inspire love, compassion, and empathy, promoting harmony and emotional well-being.
  • Green Abalone Pearl: Evoking the lushness of nature, it symbolizes growth, renewal, and abundance. This verdant gem is believed to hold a powerful connection to the Earth’s energy, offering a sense of grounding and stability. 
  • Orange Abalone Pearl: It is energized by the setting sun, sparking creativity and passion. This dazzling Pearl inspires and motivates, making it a beloved companion for goal-setters. 
  • Black Abalone Pearl: Deep and enigmatic, it embodies the mysteries of the cosmos and the power of transformation. A wellspring of possibility is supposed to help release old patterns and embrace fresh beginnings in its dark depths. 
  • Iridescent Abalone Pearl: It signifies beauty, harmony, and spiritual connection like a rainbow on water. Its luminous play of colors reflects the ever-changing nature of existence and reminds us of life’s infinite possibilities. 
  • Banded Abalone Pearl: Its unique stripes and patterns are a testament to the beauty of diversity and individuality. This Pearl is revered for enhancing self-confidence and encouraging one to embrace their authentic self. 

How To Cleanse Abalone Pearl?

A person is holding a selenite crystal under the sunlight

  • Moonlight: Gently cleanse it by bathing it in the soothing glow of moonlight. Rest it on a windowsill or in a garden, allowing the Moon’s energy to refresh its vibrant aura.
  • Selenite Wand: Immerse it in the tranquil presence of a Selenite Wand. Let the crystal’s ethereal essence cleanse negativity away, renewing your Pearl’s energy and being ready to shine.
  • Palo Santo: Ignite a palo santo stick and encircle the Abalone Pearl with its fragrant smoke. As the cleansing tendrils rise, they lovingly purify the Pearl, leaving a sense of clarity and positivity.

Questions and Answers

Is Abalone Pearl Rare?

Yes, Abalone Pearls are considered rare and valuable.

How are Abalone Pearls Formed?

They are formed when a foreign object becomes trapped within an abalone’s shell, leading to the deposition of nacre around it.

Can Abalone Pearls Get Wet?

Yes, Abalone Pearls can get wet.

Are Abalone Pearls Safe in the Sun?

Abalone Pearls should be protected from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which could fade or damage the colors.

How Can You Tell if Abalone Pearl is Real?

Real Abalone Pearls have a lustrous surface, iridescent colors, and a natural feel. An expert gemologist can verify authenticity.

What is the Difference Between Abalone Pearl and Abalone Shell?

Abalone Pearl is a precious gem formed inside the Abalone, while Abalone Shell refers to the outer shell of the mollusk.

How Do You Take Care of Abalone Pearls?

Store them in a soft pouch, keep them away from direct sunlight and chemicals, and gently wipe them with a damp cloth to clean them.

Is Abalone Pearl Expensive?

Yes, Abalone Pearls are expensive due to their rarity and unique radiance.

What Stones Go Well with Abalone Pearl?

Stones like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Aquamarine can complement the colors of Abalone Pearls.

Is Abalone Pearl the Same as Colored Pearl?

No, Abalone Pearl is distinct from colored Pearls. Abalone Pearls come from abalone mollusks, while colored pearls can come from various mollusks and oysters.

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