Prasem Stone

(prah - sem stonh)
Main Origins:
Greece, Italy, Australia, China, Bulgaria, Morocco, Ireland, Nepal, the United States, Poland, Spain, Kosovo, China, Austria, France, and Ecuador.

What is Prasem Stone?

A close up look on prasem stone

With its physical appearance, Prasem Stone stands out due to its vibrant green color, ranging from pale green to a deep, rich hue reminiscent of lush greenery in nature. The crystal’s texture varies from translucent to opaque, adding to its allure. Intricate patterns and inclusions often grace its surface, enhancing its unique charm.

Prasem Stone belongs to the Chalcedony family, sharing characteristics with fibrous microcrystalline structures. It owes its green color to trace amounts of nickel, iron, or other minerals present during its formation, infusing the crystal with its distinct shades.

From Ancient Egyptians to Greeks and Romans, this captivating crystal adorned jewelry and amulets. Believed to bring good fortune, prosperity, and vitality, these cultures highly prized it.

Many attest to its healing abilities, promoting balance, growth, and emotional well-being. It also fosters a profound connection with nature and the Heart Chakra, encouraging compassion and self-love.

Prasem Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Prasem Stone, with its captivating green color energy, is deeply connected to the Heart Chakra. This chakra governs love, compassion, and emotional balance. When working with Prasem Stone, one may experience a soothing and harmonizing effect on their emotions, fostering a sense of calm and nurturing.

In Feng Shui, Prasem Stone is associated with the Water element, making it ideal for placement in the North or Center of space. This placement can enhance energy flow, promoting a sense of tranquility and balance in the environment.

Astrologically, Prasem Stone finds its affinity with the planet Earth, grounding its energies and encouraging stability and growth. This connection to Earth aligns the crystal’s energy with the natural world, amplifying its nurturing qualities.

Among the ruling Gods associated with Prasem Stone, Gaia, the Greek Goddess of Earth, holds prominence. Through this connection, the crystal becomes a conduit for grounding and connecting with the energies of the Earth, fostering a deeper sense of belonging and stability.

On a numerical level, Prasem Stone resonates with vibration 1, symbolizing new beginnings and individuality. Working with this crystal can inspire a sense of self-discovery and empowerment.

Prasem Stone Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Boosting willpower and determination, Prasem Stone empowers individuals to overcome obstacles. Its green color energy aligns with the Heart Chakra, fostering inner courage and resilience.
  • Hold the crystal in your dominant hand, clearly envisioning your intentions. Infuse the stone with your purpose by speaking affirmations of determination and willpower.

Energy and Vitality

  • By connecting to the Earth element, Prasem Stone absorbs properties and channels natural energy, replenishing the user’s vitality.
  • Place the crystal under sunlight or moonlight to tap into its energizing properties, expressing gratitude for its energy-boosting benefits. Visualize yourself brimming with vitality as you hold the stone.


  • Prasem Stone’s nurturing vibrations positively influence fertility and aid in the reproductive process.
  • Place a grid using multiple Prasem Stones in your bedroom. Meditate on your desire for fertility while holding the crystals, focusing on the growth of new life.

Patience and Charm

  • With its association with the Heart Chakra, the crystal fosters a patient and understanding demeanor, while its charm influences social interactions positively.
  • Carry Prasem Stone in your pocket or wear it as jewelry. When faced with impatience, rub the crystal gently and visualize a calm and charming aura surrounding you as you handle situations gracefully.

Compassion and Self-Love

  • Prasem Stone’s metaphysical properties are thought to heal the circadian rhythm and foster compassion for oneself and others.
  • Envision a green light from the stone enveloping you in a warm sense of self-love and compassion. Speak kind affirmations to yourself while holding the crystal.

Prasem Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A golden buddha sitting on a rock in nature

Karmic Healing and Luck

  • In the realm of spiritual properties, Prasem Stone offers karmic healing and attracts luck, providing a path to resolve past issues and inviting positive energies.
  • Meditate with the crystal in hand, visualizing unresolved issues dissipating. Express gratitude for the positive changes you wish to attract.

Zen Gardening

  • The crystal’s earthy properties align with Zen principles, grounding the gardener and enhancing harmony with the Earth.
  • To enrich your gardening experience, place Prasem Stone near your Zen garden or meditation area. As you tend to your garden, visualize a serene and balanced space.

Psychic Powers

  • With Prasem stone’s metaphysical properties, the crystal stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, heightening intuition and enabling psychic insights.
  • Hold the crystal to your Third Eye Chakra during meditation. Set the intention to receive guidance from higher realms and remain open to insights.

Angelic Assistance

  • This crystal’s high vibrational frequency resonates with angelic beings, inviting their presence and support. Prasem Stone’s healing properties are intriguingly connected to the angelic realm, believed to attract angelic energies and assistance.
  • Seek angelic guidance by holding the crystal and asking for assistance. Place it on your bedside table to promote angelic dreams and protection during sleep.

Emotional Balance

  • Drawing from its connection to the Heart Chakra, the crystal infuses users with calming and nurturing energies, supporting emotional stability.
  • Hold the crystal close to your heart and take deep breaths. Allow its gentle energy to soothe and balance your emotions, releasing negativity.

Side Effects of Prasem Stone

  • Overstimulation: Excessive use may lead to heightened energy levels or restlessness. Use the crystal moderately to prevent overstimulation.
  • Allergic Reaction: Some individuals may experience skin irritation. Conduct a patch test before using the crystal in jewelry or during prolonged contact.
  • Interference with Sleep: Prasem Stone’s energy may affect sleep patterns. Avoid using it close to bedtime or keep it away from the bedroom.

Prasem Stone Meaning: What Does Prasem Stone Symbolize?

A seedling in different stages of growth

Prasem Stone meaning is “Growth and Renewal.”

The crystal’s name, “Prasem,” has Greek origins, derived from the word “prason,” meaning “leek.” It was first discovered in Greece and held connections to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Prasem Stone is also known by alternative names, such as “Prase” and “Prasem Quartz,” highlighting its green color and Quartz composition.

In the past, Prasem Stone symbolized fertility, prosperity, and protection. In modern times, it embodies emotional healing, compassion, and self-discovery.

When paired with heart-centered crystals, like Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Green Aventurine, Prasem Stone’s nurturing and healing properties are amplified.

Did you know that, according to ancient beliefs, Prasem Stone was considered the tears of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Fertility? This fascinating myth endowed the crystal with powerful qualities associated with love and prosperity, making it highly prized and revered by ancient civilizations.

Types of Prasem Stone

  • Common Prasem Stone: Exhibiting a range of green shades from moss to forest, along with a smooth, glossy texture, this stone is often used in jewelry and is believed to promote balance and harmony in its wearer.
  • Apple Green Prasem Stone: This vibrant, light green stone is popular for its refreshing appeal, often associated with rejuvenation and new beginnings.
  • Dark Green Prasem Stone: With its deep, forest-green color, this rich and intense stone is admired for its depth, often used in meditative practices for grounding energy and cultivating patience.
  • Olive-Green Prasem Stone: This subtly-hued stone has an earthy feel and provides a connection with nature and its soothing rhythms.
  • Prasem Stone with Hematite: Featuring reddish streaks due to Hematite, it’s valued for its ability to enhance focus and optimism.
  • Prasem Stone with Hedenbergite: This variation, infused with dark, needle-like inclusions, inspires courage and resilience in challenging situations.
  • Elestial Prase Quartz: This stone is used for spiritual growth and connectivity with higher planes of existence, exhibiting shades of mossy green and multiple terminations and etchings.
  • Radial Prase Quartz: Showcasing unique, star-like crystal formations on a green backdrop, this variety is eye-catching and symbolizes unity and interconnectedness.
  • Milky Prase Quartz: This variant presents an opaque, clouded green appearance with a calming aesthetic. It assists with emotional balance and stress relief.
  • Banded Prase Quartz: This variety is thought to encourage personal growth and self-discovery by displaying layered hues of light and dark green.
  • Andradite Garnet with Prase Quartz: This fascinating contrast between dark green Prase Quartz and reddish-brown Andradite Garnet is believed to boost vitality and self-confidence.
  • Scepter Quartz with Prase Quartz: This stone, with its scepter-like formation and characteristic green coloring, is a unique collection piece believed to symbolize power and leadership.
  • Calcite with Prase Quartz: The soothing blend of milky-white Calcite with pastel greens from Prase Quartz creates a unique contrast, often associated with tranquility.
  • Prase Quartz Cluster: These clusters are popular for their perceived energy-balancing properties, featuring vibrant green crystal formations nestled closely together.
  • Prase Quartz Needles: Characterized by slender, needle-like formations in green hues, these stones are admired for their intricate textures, symbolizing clarity and focus.
  • Crazy Prase: Known for its chaotic mixture of colors from green to yellow to brown, it’s thought to stimulate creativity and free thinking.
  • Blue Prase Quartz: Its calming blue-green shade brings to mind peaceful sea waters, often associated with serenity and open communication.
  • Indigo Prase Quartz: Showcasing a captivating dark, indigo-green color, this stone is linked to higher consciousness, stimulating intuition and inner knowledge.
  • Yellow Prase: This rare variant has a unique yellow-green hue, often associated with joy, positivity, and optimism.
  • Cross Prase Quartz: This stone promotes spiritual healing and protection with its distinctive cross-like patterns against a green backdrop.
  • Nepalese Prase Quartz: Originating from Nepal, these stones display unique and intense green shades, regarded as symbols of wisdom and tranquility.
  • Golden Prase Quartz: Exhibiting a rich, golden-green hue, this stone symbolizes prosperity and growth, combining the healing properties of green with the abundance of gold.
  • Pyrite Prase Quartz: Featuring vibrant Green Quartz speckled with golden Pyrite, this stone is considered a protector against negative energy, symbolizing strength.
  • Prase Quartz with Chalcedony: Showcasing fluid, cloud-like patterns in light green and blue hues, this calming combination is often associated with emotional balance and well-being.
  • Prase Quartz with Iron Rose (Hematite): This combination features the soothing green hues of Prase Quartz juxtaposed with the reddish-brown “Iron Rose” formations of Hematite, often used for grounding and balance.
  • Reverse Scepter Prase Quartz: Known for its intriguing reverse scepter formation and vibrant green color, this variant symbolizes humble and wise leadership.
  • Prase Quartz with Amethyst: The beautiful blend of soft Purple Amethyst with the green of Prase Quartz creates an eye-catching contrast, often used for meditation and stress relief.
  • Prase Quartz with Epidote: Displaying dark green Epidote inclusions within a lighter green Prase Quartz matrix, this stone is thought to encourage healing and personal growth.
  • Prase Quartz with Calcite: Showcasing a refreshing contrast between stark white Calcite and vibrant green Prase Quartz, this stone is often associated with tranquility and peace.
  • Prase Quartz with Byssolite: Featuring thread-like, golden Byssolite inclusions within a green Prase Quartz matrix, this stone is believed to promote clarity of thought and decision-making.
  • Prase Quartz with Smoky Citrine Core: This variant stands out with a captivating Smoky Citrine Core enveloped by green Prase Quartz, often seen as a symbol of joy (Citrine) and healing (Quartz).
  • Clear Prase Quartz: This crystal is known for its almost translucent, light green hue and is often used for its perceived energy-clearing properties.
  • Cathedral Prase Quartz: Named for its towering, cathedral-like formations in deep forest green, this stone is often associated with spiritual growth and accessing higher consciousness.

How To Cleanse Prasem Stone?

A sage stick that is burning

  • Clear Quartz: Place your Prasem Stone next to a Clear Quartz crystal to cleanse and recharge its energy.
  • Meditation: Hold the Prasem Stone during meditation, visualizing any negativity flowing out of it and into the Earth.
  • Sage: Pass your Prasem Stone through the smoke of burning sage to purify and cleanse its energy.

Questions and Answers

Is Prase Quartz Common or Rare?

Yes, Prase Quartz is relatively rare compared to other Quartz varieties.

What is the Difference Between Prasiolite and Prasem or Prase Quartz?

Prasiolite is a green variety of Quartz, heat-treated from Amethyst or Yellow Quartz, while Prasem or Prase Quartz gets its green color naturally from inclusions of Actinolite or Hedenbergite.

Can Prasem Stones Get Wet?

Yes, they can, but it’s not recommended for prolonged periods as it may affect the stone’s surface.

Are Prasem Stones Safe in the Sun?

No, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight might cause the color of Prasem Stones to fade.

How Can You Tell if a Prasem Stone is Real?

Genuine Prasem Stone has a specific gravity and hardness test, or expert gemologists can identify it through spectroscopic analysis.

How Do You Take Care of Prasem Stones?

Store Prasem stones in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Pack them in a soft cloth pouch to prevent scratching. To clean, simply use a damp cloth and pat dry.

Is Prasem Stone Expensive?

Yes, Prasem Stone can be expensive, especially for high-quality pieces or larger sizes due to its relative rarity.

What Stones Go Well With Prasem Stones?

Prasem Stones pair well with Rose Quartz, Rhodonite for love energies, and Green Aventurine for spiritual growth.

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