Lemurian Jade

(luh - myoo - ree - uhn jeyd)
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What is Lemurian Jade?

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Lemurian Jade is a rare crystal made up of Nephrite Jade, Pyrite, and Quartz and is found in dark blues, greens, and blacks. The inclusion of Pyrite in the stone creates stunning golden flecks visible on the crystal and darkens the crystal’s overall color. 

Deeply connected to the ancient knowledge of the Americas, we can use this wonderful stone to connect with Aztec and Incan beliefs and teachings. 

This intriguing crystal comes from Peru, where it was discovered under a copper mine. Many believe that it was a sacred stone to the Inca people, who used it for protection and spiritual enlightenment. 

Other types of Black Jade are found in Australia and the USA. However, these specimens rarely have the breathtaking Pyrite specks on the stone. Because of this, Lemurian Jade is an incredibly unique stone with wonderful healing properties.

Lemurian Jade Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Lemurian Jade is a soothing stone that promotes healing and balance. It allows us to overcome emotional distress and trauma, promoting a healthy and positive outlook on life. This excellent stone gently releases negativity and boosts our sense of self, allowing us to feel strong and courageous. 

As a Heart and Root Chakra crystal, Lemurian Jade enhances feelings of security and stability while healing the heart. As the Heart Chakra governs our feelings of unconditional love and attachment, we can use Lemurian Jade to amplify our interpersonal relationships and bring forth trust and patience. When used to open up the Root Chakra, Lemurian Jade allows us to feel grounded and safe, making it the perfect stone to use if you face distress and upset. 

Did you know that Lemurian Jade gains its powers from the planet Venus? Because Venus governs senses, pleasure, and love, we can use this stone to enhance this energy in our own lives. Working with Lemurian Jade helps us appreciate the world more and find positivity and fulfillment around us.

Because Lumerian Jade connects with the element of Earth, we can use it to deepen our relationship with Mother Nature. It helps us connect with the spirits that surround us, from the souls of our ancestors to the energy of plants and trees. When meditating with Lumerian Jade, we find a deep love for the world we live in and discover ways we can honor Mother Nature. 

All crystals hold their own unique numerical energy, which boosts their powers. Lumerian Jade has a numerical vibration of 11. According to numerology, 11 is a master number that promotes wisdom, intuition, and spirituality. The energy of the number 11 means we can work with Lumerian Jade to progress on our spiritual journey and discover our personal truth.

Lemurian Jade Healing Properties and Benefits

 Trauma Healing

  • Lemurian Jade has calming energy that promotes healing in the heart, meaning we can use it to overcome trauma and pain from our past. 
  • Charge your Lemurian with a candle, as the element of Fire boosts change and growth. Then hold it on your Heart Chakra while you repeat positive affirmations of healing and strength. 

Shadow Work

  • We can use Lemurian Jade to enhance our connection with our shadow side. Our shadow side is made up of repressed emotions, fears, and wants, and discovering them helps us understand ourselves better. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with the light of the full moon. Then place it near you during shadow work, such as journaling and meditation. 


  • Lemurian Jade promotes feelings of courage and strength, helping us overcome insecurities and self-doubt. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with a Clear Quartz wand. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand to boost your feelings of courage. 


  • Connected to the Heart Chakra, Lemurian Jade boosts gratitude and unconditional love. It helps us see things clearly and appreciate the world around us. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with positive affirmations of gratitude and appreciation. Then wear it as a necklace to allow it to connect with your Heart Chakra. 

Emotional Peace

  • The tranquil energy of Lemurian Jade helps us find emotional peace and understanding. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with soothing incense, such as lavender and patchouli. Then hold it while meditating.

Lemurian Jade Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Divine Femininity

  • It is said that Lemurian Jade holds energy that allows us to connect with the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is a side within us and in the world that is protective, nurturing, and deeply connected with Mother Nature. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with moonlight before using it to connect with the Divine Feminine. Have it near you while journaling about the Divine Feminine, pampering yourself, or developing your intuition. 


  • Lemurian Jade is a protective stone that removes negative energy and promotes harmony and light. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with soil, burying it in soil for 12 hours. Then wear it as a necklace to protect your aura and soul from negative energy. 


  • A stone of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, we can use Lemurian Jade to understand and interpret our dreams. 
  • Place your Lemurian Jade under your pillow. When you wake up, hold it in your hands as you reflect on your dreams and journal them. 

Astral Traveling

  • Lemurian Jade has powerful vibrations that boost astral travel and other spiritual journeys. 
  • Charge your Lemurian Jade with a Clear Quartz wand. Then hold it in your hands while you practice astral travel. 

Ancient Wisdom

  • We can use Lemurian Jade to explore the ancient wisdom of the Americas and discover how to use it to enhance our spiritual lives. 
  • Hold your Lemurian Jade as you meditate and reflect on what the ancient spirits of the world can teach you.

Side Effects of Lemurian Jade

  • Upsetting Truths: As Lemurian Jade opens us up to our shadow self, we may face unsettling truths when using it.
  • Materialistic Views: Stones that connect with Venus promote a deep appreciation of material goods and the physical world. This can sometimes become materialistic if not kept in check. 
  • Emotional Disturbances: Lemurian Jade works to cleanse the soul of negativity. As these negative emotions surface, you may feel disturbed and upset.

Lemurian Jade Meaning: What Does Lemurian Jade Symbolize?

A tree portraying seasonal change from Winter to Spring.

The meaning of Lemurian Jade is “transition.”

Lemurian Jade helps us transition from one part of our lives to another, letting go of emotional baggage and trauma to embrace a calmer, more positive way of thinking. It also helps us transition through our spiritual life, allowing us to discover the truth about our souls and move forward on our spiritual path.  

Some people call Lemurian Jade the Stone of Soul Commitment, as it deepens our connection with others by opening our Heart Chakra and bringing forth stability and balance in our relationships. We can use Lemurian Jade to connect our souls with other souls, no matter how far or near they are. Its energy helps us overcome issues and anxieties we may have regarding our relationships, forming deep and meaningful connections. 

Did you know that Lemurian Jade was once thought to be a stone of weather magic? In ancient times, people believed it could allow us to control the elements and weather. Nowadays, we can use it in witchcraft and magic to enhance our connection with the five elements and use them to manifest and set intentions

Types of Lemurian Jade

  • Common Lemurian Jade: Common Lemurian Jade is a black stone with golden sparkles that are caused by inclusions of Pyrite. We can use Common Lemurian Jade to understand our emotions and explore our shadow side. 
  • Midnight Lemurian Jade: Midnight Lemurian Jade appears primarily black with a slight glisten. This variety is excellent for grounding and stability.
  • Green Lemurian Jade: This variety is a dark green stone with golden Pyrite inclusions. Use Green Lemurian Jade to open up the Heart Chakra and promote trust and harmony in relationships. 
  • Blue Lemurian Jade: Blue Lemurian Jade is a dark blue variety of the crystal that often has specks of green or yellow colors. This variety of Lemurian Jade is perfect for exploring your truth and gaining clarity on who you are. 
  • Purple Lemurian Jade: A dark stone with a purple glow, Purple Lemurian Jade can be used for dreamwork and astral travel.

How To Cleanse Lemurian Jade?

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  • Moonlight: Place your Lemurian Jade outside or on your windowsill on the night of the full moon. Leave it there from dusk till dawn. 
  • Water: Hold your Lemurian Jade under running water for 1 minute. 
  • Incense: Burn a cleansing incense, such as sage or sandalwood. Then hold your Lemurian Jade in the smoke for a few moments.

Questions and Answers

What is Lemurian Black Jade?

Lemurian Black Jade is a unique variety of Jade that can be found in Peru. It is a mix of Nephrite Jade, Pyrite, and Quartz and is used for healing, protection, and shadow work.

What are the Properties of Midnight Lemurian Jade?

Midnight Lemurian Jade harmonizes with the Root Chakra, boosting feelings of security and balance. It is also a protective crystal that repels negative energy.

Where Does Lemurian Jade Come From?

Lemurian Jade comes from Peru.

Who Should Wear Lemurian Jade?

Lemurian Jade connects with the zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Libra, meaning that those born with these signs should wear the stone to enhance their spiritual awareness.

Who Should Not Wear Lemurian Jade?

The planet Venus rules Lemurian Jade, and Venus is an enemy planet of the Sun and the Moon. This means that people with the zodiac signs Leo and Cancer should avoid wearing Lemurian, as Leo is ruled by the Sun, and the Moon rules Cancer.

Can Lemurian Jade Go in the Sun?

Yes, Lemurian Jade can go in the Sun for short periods of time.

Can Lemurian Jade Go in the Water?

Yes, Lemurian Jade can go in the water, but you should only submerge it briefly.

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