Laguna Agate

(lah-GOO-nah ah-git)
Main Origins:

What is Laguna Agate?

laguna agate situated beside buddha altar

Laguna Agate is a variety of translucent cryptocrystalline Quartz, also called Chalcedony, that forms with typical patterning of layered banding, classifying it as an Agate crystal. This type of Agate is location-specific. It is only found in the mountains of Ojo Laguna in Chihuahua, Mexico.

It was first documented in 1902, but it has been appreciated by indigenous peoples way before then. It was in the 1940s that these stones became widely known and available on the crystal market. At first, specimens could be surface collected, but due to popularity, surface material was soon depleted, and it has since been and is still obtained by mining.

Laguna Agates generally range from the size of a chicken egg to the size of a melon. This strikingly colorful Agate often features shades of reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, grays, and browns, as well as blues, purples, and even greens. These colors are combined in an infinite variety of unique expressions. 

Every Laguna Agate is different, but this variety is collectively known for featuring some of the finest banding, fortification, fluting, and ornate details. Laguna Agate is a visual and energetic delight and it offers many relatable benefits that are helpful, balancing, and nourishing.

Fun Fact: Many Laguna Agate specimens feature a sought after and unique Agate characteristic called parallax. This is created by alternating translucent and opaque banding, which results in a moving shadow or extra depth of color as the stone is shifted.

Laguna Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Laguna Agate offers an immense array of metaphysical benefits. It can be worked with in various ways for many different and interconnected benefits. To get a better understanding of where the powers of Laguna Agate come from, we can look into the ruling chakras, elements, planets, deities, and numerology of this epic crystal.

Laguna Agate has a powerful effect on the entire chakra system. It is very grounding and activating for the Root Chakra and guides us to direct abundant earthy lifeforce upward to unblock, activate, and balance all the other chakras. In this way, Agate is a stone that inspires the embodiment of an entirely vital human spiritual experience.

This stone resonates with all of the planets in the solar system. It is an energetically flexible stone, and for this reason, you can choose to set intentions and use it for many specific and different purposes or as a general energetic balancing stone that can support you as you navigate various themes along your journey of healing and expansion.

In terms of the ruling element, once again, Laguna Agate has a connection to all four elements. In this way, it offers the metaphysical benefit of natural balance and harmony. It guides us to honor the essential presence and teachings of all these elements of nature.

The ruling numerical vibration of Agate is generally 7, and this energy of divine recognition and natural healing is also present with Laguna Agate. This variety is also specifically resonant with the message of number 9. This is the number of inner wisdom embodied with purpose and guides us to embrace the unique way each of us can serve humanity.

Laguna Agates is primarily associated with Estsanatlehi, the Native American Goddess of Fertility and Renewal. She honors all cycles and seasons of nature and life. This variety of Agate is also associated with the Goddesses Hathor, Maat, Sophia, Tara, and Yemaya, to name a few.

Laguna Agate Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Like other Agates, Laguna Agate is a powerful grounding stone. It strengthens our connection to the Earth, which allows us to receive natural life force energy that is nourishing and supportive on all levels.
  • Place your Laguna Agate stone at the base of your spine and take in 9 slow, deep breaths. Visualize roots growing from your base through your stone and into the Earth, then imagine receiving energy up into your crystal and your body through these roots.


  • Many Laguna Agates feature the colors associated with the lower chakras, and these warmer red, orange, yellow, and green varieties are the ones you want to connect with to improve fertility
  • Create a fertility altar that includes your Laguna Agate, including your fertility intentions on a piece of paper, herbs, symbols for fertility, and images or objects to honor any fertility deity of your choice. 

Unblocking Creativity

  • All colors of Laguna Agate dissolve fear, bring inspiration and natural flow, increase focus, and guide us to celebrate our unique perspectives. These traits are supportive of increased and easily expressed creativity
  • Hold your crystal at your Sacral Chakra and repeat affirmations for free-flowing and inspired creativity, or chant the Sacral Chakra’s seed mantra, VAM.

Lifting Depression and Emotional Angst

  • Laguna Agate’s vibrant energy is also helpful for relieving depression. It helps us to find and embrace our unique purpose and to embrace the blessings and lessons of the journey of life. It is a stone that assists with balancing emotions and can be used with the intention of uplifting emotions.
  • Dedicate to a daily practice that includes any form of intentional breathwork for no less than 9 minutes while holding or wearing your Laguna Agate.

Celebrating Diversity and Collaboration

  • Laguna Agate is a stone that guides us to witness the beauty and diversity of nature and the intricate value of each unique expression. It can help us to return to a state of natural perception, embracing the diversity of each human we connect with, helping us to be more open and to collaborate in ways that benefit everyone.
  • Program your stone with a specific or general intention surrounding this benefit, or keep it on your person daily, especially as you interact with people in social, networking, or teamwork environments.

Laguna Agate Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Herbs in Spirituality and a hand holding a herb


  • Attuning to the vibration of Laguna Agate can fine-tune our focus, which helps us notice synchronicity. It can also guide us to hold the perspective of the divine and natural order of every expression and experience. This stone can enable us to feel synchronized and honor the lessons, blessings, or catalysts.
  • Committing to a regular meditation practice with your Laguna Agate is one of the best ways to connect with the insight, perception, and energetic state of synchronicity.

Integrating Duality

  • Laguna Agate visually displays contrast, light, and shadow. It brings our attention to these themes on mental, emotional, and energetic levels. This Agate’s vibration assists us with truly witnessing the natural presence of duality and especially observing, experiencing, integrating, and balancing this dance of light and dark within ourselves.
  • Agates with strong visual contrast and parallax effect are especially potent for this practice, and you can engage in crystal gazing with your piece, followed by alternate nostril breathwork to tune in and balance your yin and yang energies.

Full Chakra Activation

  • You can connect with Laguna Agate for support and guidance through the journey and experience of activating and balancing each of the 7 chakras. It works from the earthy-focused Root Chakra upward through to the spiritual awakening at the Crown. Then it guides this energy back to our earthly focus to encourage the embodiment of all the balanced energy centers to benefit our human experience.
  • Hold your stone at each chakra, starting at your Root Chakra up to your Crown, and then moving back down to your Root again. At each center, chant the relevant seed mantras or affirmations.

Self-Love and Acceptance

  • Laguna Agate can help you to become more accepting of yourself and others. It cleanses unnecessary judgment and fears, which allows you to celebrate your uniqueness and love yourself and others for who they are.
  • Choose a piece of Laguna Agate jewelry that you are willing to wear, and every time you notice your stone, take a moment to state at least 9 things you appreciate about yourself. You can adapt this practice with a stone that isn’t in a jewelry piece by setting a time to do this or placing the stone where you will remember to touch it daily.


  • Laguna Agate helps us to access our naturally abundant life force energy and embrace expressing this in our unique ways. This stone guides us to get in touch with what we genuinely want to create, and with this authentic intention, your manifestations will be decisive. It encourages us to dream and to honor the journey of solidifying those dreams into human-embodied experiences.
  • Keep a piece of Laguna Agate nearby during any intentional manifestation practice, such as scripting, visualization, prayer, affirmation, emotional attunement, energetic alignment, and action. This is especially good to connect with when you’re feeling frustrated about immediate results as it can remind us that the experience of the unique journey is part of the manifestation.

Side Effects of Laguna Agate

  • Shadow Integration: Laguna Agate can bring up shadows, repressed experiences, desires, and emotions for us to integrate. While this is not always enjoyable, it often brings valuable insight, growth, and healing. 
  • Reduced Inhibitions: This stone helps us to release fear and judgment and embrace acceptance, authenticity, and uniqueness. This may result in a new freedom to act and do things differently. This may feel like a step out of your comfort zone at first. 

Laguna Agate Meaning: What Does Laguna Agate Symbolize?

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The meaning of Laguna Agate is Naturally Unique.

Agates have captured the attention of humans since ancient times. The early use of Laguna Agate, in particular, is not explicitly documented. Still, it was very likely the indigenous people of the Chihuahua region found, utilized, and connected with Laguna Agate and other types of strikingly colorful Agates that could be found on the surface of the region’s mountain ranges.

As this stone has become more widely available, it gained attention for its unique, naturally fantastic color combinations and elegant, intricate patterning. Laguna Agates are valued for their aesthetic appeal as well as their energetic beauty and powers.

Its physical appearance and metaphysical properties contribute to the symbolism of natural intricacy, nuances of nature, and layers of the journey of life and self. This stone can represent grounding, embracing, and nourishing the intricate and unique flow of life and your personal experience.

Types of Laguna Agate

  • Classic Laguna Agate: This variety includes many color combinations and features fine banding patterning and color changes typical of Laguna Agate. It offers many benefits that can bring you into a state of natural harmony to embrace your unique journey.
  • Pastel Laguna Agate: These specimens of Laguna Agate can feature many colors in pastel tones; they have different combinations, including white, cream, light pinks, lavender, grays, yellow, soft oranges, baby blues, and browns. Pastel Laguna Agate has a nurturing presence that encourages us to nurture ourselves, those around us, and the Earth.
  • Laguna Lace Agate: This variation of Laguna Agate features fine banding but with extra detailed patterning created by the lacy movement of the bands. Laguna Lace Agate can help us to settle into a grounded and calm state that allows us to experience life with more grace and ease.
  • Druzy Laguna Agate: Laguna Agate containing a section of druzy (many tiny Quartz crystals covering a surface) often in a small cavity within the Agate. The druzy crystals can appear in different colors, including clear and strawberry pink. Druzy Laguna Agate is helpful for amplification of your intentions for using this stone and for manifestation. 
  • Red Laguna Agate: Densely banded Laguna Agate that features predominantly many different shades of red. This variety of Laguna Agate is excellent for activating the Root Chakra for grounding, vitality, stability, and manifestation on a physical level.
  • Warm Laguna Agate: Laguna Agates that show a combination of warm colors and tones, usually reds, pinks, browns, oranges, and yellows. This variety is particularly useful for the health of the lower chakras.
  • Purple Laguna Agate: Stunning specimens with delicate, dense banding predominantly in various purples. Purple Laguna Agate is a powerful stone for opening up your spiritual awareness and can allow you to go deeply within to experience your truest nature during meditation practice.
  • Blue Laguna Agate: Laguna Agate with blue is quite rare, and it is very rare for stones to form with only blues. You will see blue with other colors, including grays, purples, whites, and browns, and, most often, just a small amount of blue within very colorful specimens. Laguna Agates that feature lots of blue are good for improving communication.
  • Parallax Laguna Agate: Many variations of finely banded Laguna Agate feature the parallax effect. Due to the contrast of shadow and extra depth of this effect, pieces that feature parallax can have the added benefit of supporting integration and acceptance of duality that is part of nature.
  • Cloud Laguna Agate: These pieces have irregular curving edges that create a cloud-like overall shape when the stone is cut and include banding that follows this shape in very light blue, gray, purple, white, as well as clear. Cloud Agate can help us to be emotionally and mentally light and open to the natural flow of life.
  • Dotted Laguna Agate: Certain Laguna Agates of various colors can feature tiny blood red dots along a band or section of banding of the stone. Dotted Agates can be used for dissolving creative blocks.
  • Laguna Tube Agate: Laguna Agate with tube inclusions that create circular or elongated shapes within intricate banding. Laguna Tube Agate helps us to focus our creative energy and spiritual insights into grounded experiences.
  • Rainbow Laguna Agate: Specimens that feature all of the many colors possible for Laguna Agate. These stones can take us on a healing and activation journey through each of the 7 chakras.

How to Cleanse Laguna Agate?

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  • Water: Hold your Laguna Agate in a body of flowing nature for as long as you feel called to. You can also place your crystal in a bowl of pure water for 9 minutes to cleanse it with this element.
  • Earth: Place your crystal on a natural Earth surface of soil, grass, or rock for 9 minutes and allow the transformational life force energy of the Earth to cleanse the energy of your stone.
  • Moonlight: Set your intention for cleansing your Laguna Agate and place it under the full moonlight for an entire evening.


Where Can I Find Laguna Agate?

Laguna Agate is found in various, mostly private claims in the mountains of Ojo Laguna, Chihuahua in Mexico.

Can Laguna Agate be in the Sun?

Yes, Laguna Agate can be in the sun, but it is best to avoid exposing it to sunlight for prolonged periods.

Can Laguna Agate Get Wet?

Yes, Laguna Agates are high in hardness, so they can be in water for a reasonable period.

What is the History of Laguna Agate?

This stone is millions of years old. Its early history in relation to humans is not widely documented. It was likely first found by the indigenous people of Chihuahua in Mexico. The first mentions of Laguna Agates were by Kunz in 1902, and broad recognition of this Agate began around the 1940s.

Is Laguna Lace Agate the Same as Crazy Lace Agate?

No, they are both types of Lace Agates, but they are not the same. Laguna Lace Agate is found only in Mexico and features finer banding. In contrast, Crazy Lace Agate is found in various locations around the world and has wider banding and more varied patterning. 

Interactions with Laguna Agate

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