Lavender Jade

(luh-VEN-der jeyd)
Main Origins:
Turkey, Myanmar, Guatemala, Russia, and Japan.

What is Lavender Jade?

lavender jade stone on brown polished wood

Natural Lavender Jade is one of the rarest shades of Jadeite, and it has been used to create timeless and intricate carvings and jewelry pieces for thousands of years. Today, it is increasingly popular due to its durability combined with its elegant appearance and many crystal healing uses.

The term Jade can refer to two different stones, Nephrite and Jadeite. Lavender Jade is a sought-after purple variety of Jadeite. It is a sodium-aluminum silicate rock, and the purple color of Lavender Jade is attributed to traces of Manganese. 

It is most commonly found in massive forms as a cryptocrystalline rock material. Jadeite rarely forms defined crystals. Lavender Jade from different locations can display varying shades of lavender, have different undertones, or be combined with other colors. Specimens also vary in translucency and clarity.

Lavender Jade naturally offers an energetic presence of compassion and care. This calming and graceful stone quickly brings about a feeling of ease, and it has many benefits for our healing and spiritual practices, which we will explore below.

Did you know, as this stone is in high demand but low supply, dyed versions of Lavender Jade are on the market, and some can be pretty tricky to tell apart from natural specimens? Luckily, these are usually made with White Jadeite, so they will still hold similar properties

Lavender Jade Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties of Lavender Jade are represented by attributes, including its colors, ruling elements, chakras, planets, deities, and numerology. The gentle or deep purple color energy of this type of Jadeite contributes a magical, spiritual, elegant, and very feminine energy. 

Lavender Jade is primarily associated with the Earth element. It resonates with the nurturing and grounded energy of Mother Earth, and it also has a gentle touch of the Fire element, which contributes to its warm, comforting, and protective qualities.

The ruling chakras of Lavender Jade are the Crown and Heart Chakras. This brings an energetic focus to heart-based living and spiritual awareness. Lavender Jade helps us to access a state of divine connection that is so peaceful. It brings higher understanding, ease, and support to any situation.

It is a stone of compassion and love, which is also evident in its association with the Goddess Quan Yin and its connection to the planet Venus. 

The numerical vibration of Lavender Jade, 11, clearly confirms the divine connection that this crystal offers us. 11 is the master angel number of synchronicity, spiritual alignment, and support.

Lavender Jade Healing Properties and Benefits

Dispelling Anxiety

  • The calming and serene energy, along with many of the other benefits of Lavender Jade, makes it helpful in relieving anxiety. This stone energetically supports and soothes us to a state of calm and relief from feeling anxious.
  • Use Lavender Jade for this purpose by wearing or holding your stone, bringing your complete focus to the feeling of the stone, engaging in 11 deep and slow breaths. 

Easing Tension

  • Lavender Jade is a wonderful crystal for relieving mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual tensions. It offers compassionate and calm energetic support and a higher perspective that can really help to relax and let go of stress.
  • Set your intention to connect with your stone for this purpose and visualize lavender light flowing to the areas where you need support or filling your body and aura. You can also use durable Lavender Jade tumbled or palm stones to gently massage areas of your body that are tense; for extra effect, use a lavender-infused oil with your stone.

Trauma Healing Support

  • This is one of the best crystals to work with when healing from trauma. As mentioned, it relieves anxiety, tension, and stress. It offers a profoundly loving and compassionate presence that is emotionally supportive. It helps us to step back into experiencing life with grace, ease, and a higher self perspective, which can help us to integrate, move past, and rise above traumas.
  • Simply wearing your stone daily and committing to a daily meditation practice with Lavender Jade can help you connect with it and receive valuable energetic support during your trauma healing journey. It can help us honor our emotions while also guiding us to let go of cynicism and anger that may prevent us from experiencing present joys.

Patience and Trust

  • Lavender Jade opens the Crown Chakra and guides us to see that all aspects of life are part of a divine order. Knowing this can help us to live with patience and trust. It inspires us to honor the present and the process.
  • Hold your Lavender Jade and repeat the affirmation, “My mind, body, and soul are serene, I am at peace, I am patient, I trust life, and I trust myself.”

Domestic Bliss

  • This is one of the unique uses of Lavender Jade that is so impactful. This stone is a great ally to parents, especially but not limited to mothers. It implores us to embrace the nurturing, playful, powerful, capable, and creative energy of the divine feminine. This can really help anyone who is caring for a family to do so with greater ease and enjoyment. 
  • Place a piece of Lavender Jade on your altar that you set up in your home, specially encoded with your intentions for your home, how you parent, and your highest vision for your family. 

Lavender Jade Spiritual Properties and Benefits

woman doing meditation in an outdoor setting


  • This stone is enjoyable and beneficial for dreamwork. It can be used for lucid dreaming, helping you to remember and decode your dreams. It is also helpful for protection from bad dreams and restful sleep. 
  • Be sure to program your stone accordingly with your specific dreamwork intentions, as it can be used to subdue or enhance dreams. Then place it by your bedside or under your pillow.


  • Connect with Lavender Jade to deepen your meditation. It is especially useful to enhance transcendental meditation, meta meditations, silent meditation, meditations that include visualization, and meditations for activating the higher chakras. 
  • Simply hold or wear your stone during meditation and meditate often with it.

Connecting with the Violet Flame

  • Lavender Jade offers us an opportunity to intentionally connect with the violet flame. The violet flame or ray is a high vibrational spiritual frequency that purifies the mind and body. It helps us to embrace spiritual transformation and align with and embody divine love and freedom.
  • You can find an existing guided meditation for connecting with the violet flame and hold your stone during this meditation. You may also engage in a self-guided intuitive experience by setting your intention to connect with this energy and sitting in meditation with complete openness to receive insights and activations of the violet ray.


  • This stone opens us to perceive, receive, and embody divine and infinite love, expanding our ability to be compassionate and loving beings. It can also help us to be open to receiving compassion and love from others and ourselves when we need it and experience the immense value of this type of pure care and connection.
  • Keep your Lavender Jade near and practice metta meditation, an intentional loving-kindness meditation where you beam love to specific beings to get in touch with the state of universal love and the power of compassion.

Spiritual Awareness

  • Overall, many of Lavender Jade’s benefits are informed by this core focus of increasing our spiritual awareness. This is a stone of the Crown Chakra and opens our perception to the subtle, higher realms and perspectives of all life.
  • A beautiful way to initiate a connection with Lavender Jade for spiritual awareness is by committing to a lavender dieta with this crystal. An intentional sacred practice for 11 days of holding and wearing your stone daily, engaging your senses with lavender oil, lavender tea, and lavender crystal elixir daily. Take the time to look at your life from a spiritual perspective and tend to your chosen spiritual practices.

Side Effects of Lavender Jade

  • Spiritual Awakening: Lavender Jade can initiate a spiritual awakening, which can feel a little overwhelming or unfamiliar for some people. Consistently working with this crystal can support you through the immense emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual transformations that are part of spiritual awakening
  • Slowing Down: This stone can have the effect of making things seem slower. This can feel frustrating if you are used to a very rapid pace, but it is part of Lavender Jade’s teachings of greater presence, sacredness, grace, and elegance in our actions rather than rushing through tasks; it can guide us to act with reverence and quality.

Lavender Jade Meaning: What Does Lavender Jade Symbolize?

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The meaning of Lavender Jade is Serenity

Jade has been revered since ancient times, especially by the Chinese and Mesoamerican peoples, when Green Jade was the most popular. Lavender Jade is rarer, and may have been used to a lesser degree, but beyond color, it does share some of the symbolism and power of the Green Jade used by ancients.

The Aztecs worked with Jade for healing the kidneys and liver, and the Chinese had many uses for Jade, including longevity, peace, and protection from evil energies and spirits. 

Today, through its use as a crystal healing stone, we know that Lavender Jade works very similarly. It radiates purity that extends to purifying the body, mind, and spirit, and it allows us to access an absolutely serene state 

Types of Lavender Jade

  • Light Lavender Jade: These stones are pale purple in color. They are the typical but still rare color of Lavender Jade. Light Lavender Jade is very calming and perfect for anxiety and stress relief.
  • Deep Lavender Jade: These stones are a darker shade of lavender, sometimes with a gray or brownish undertone. This type of Lavender Jade is great for deepening your meditation practice and for energetic protection.
  • Pinkish Lavender Jade: Light Lavender Jade with a pink hue or undertone offers a supportive, loving, and compassionate effect. This variety is beneficial for tuning into the frequency of the divine feminine.
  • Bluish Lavender Jade: Pale purple Jade with an undertone of light to grayish blue. Blue-Lavender Jade can be used to deepen spiritual practices. It encourages higher self and multidimensional perception.
  • Lavender and Green Jade: Lavender Jade that has sections or little ripple green Jade within it. The green can range from light apple green to deeper greens. This bi-colored variety is perfect for making a peace and longevity amulet or meditating with this crystal for health on all levels.
  • Dusty Pink and Lavender Jade: Specimens that contain defined and blended sections of both pink and Lavender Jade. Its energy is similar to Pinkish Lavender Jade in that it aligns us with a true expression and receiving of divine feminine energy.
  • Lavender and Red Jade: Light or darker Lavender Jade can have sections or vein-like patterns that are reddish in color. These stones are very balancing, as they bring a deep calm on physical and spiritual levels
  • Turkish Purple Jade: Also known as Turkiyenite, Turkish Purple Jade can include specimens that are considered Lavender Jades, but Turkiyenite stones are generally brighter, deeper, and more saturated purple colors. Turkish Purple Jade is highly activating for the crown chakra
  • Burmese Lavender Jade: Lavender Jade sourced from Burma, these specimens are generally lighter purples in color and can be bicolored. Burmese Lavender Jade has all the benefits of Lavender Jade, including a great sense of calm and serenity.
  • Icy Lavender Jade: An extremely light Lavender Jade with patches of white, these specimens have an angelic energy that encourages us to seek available divine support.

How to Cleanse Lavender Jade?

girl holding a peacock feather and plants depicting smudging with plants

  • Earth: Place your Lavender Jade on a natural earth surface for 11 minutes to thoroughly cleanse and recharge its energy.
  • Smudging: Bathe your crystal in the smoke of a natural incense or herbal smudge bundle. Dried lavender smoke will be especially powerful for both cleansing and charging your Lavender Jade. 
  • Selenite: Set your stone on a large- to medium-sized Selenite crystal or Selenite charging plate for 1 hour to cleanse it with the self-cleansing power of this angelic crystal.


How Can You Tell if Lavender Jade has been Dyed?

It is quite tricky to tell if a piece of Lavender Jade has been dyed because one of the only sure ways is through heat testing, which will permanently distort the color of your stone. The best way is by sending it to a gem lab for testing. By initial observation, you may notice that concentration of darker colors of dye within cracks in the stone, but this is not a certain indication

Is Lavender Jade Real Jade?

Yes, natural Lavender Jade is considered genuine Jade, as it is composed of Jadeite, which is one of the two stones that are classified as Jade.

Why is Lavender Jade so Expensive?

Genuine Lavender Jade can be pretty expensive, as it is a rare color of Jade and is only found in a few locations around the world in limited quantities.

Is Lavender Jade Nephrite or Jadeite?

Lavender Jade is a light purple variety of Jadeite

How Do You Clean Lavender Jade?

Lavender Jade is a hard and durable stone. You can clean it with water, a soft cloth, and a gentle soap if necessary.

Can Lavender Jade Go in Sunlight?

Yes, natural Lavender Jade can be exposed to sunlight, as it has not been found to fade or crack easily.

Can Lavender Jade Go in Water?

Yes, Lavender Jade can go into the water, as it is fairly high on the Mohs hardness scale.

Does Lavender Jade Fade?

Natural Lavender Jade is not known to fade. It is extremely durable, but dyed Jade pieces will likely fade under certain environmental conditions, especially when exposed to heat.

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