(et - ring - gahyt)
Main Origins:
Germany, Israel, Ireland, France, South Africa, and the USA.

What is Ettringite?

An Ettringite crystal on a black background. Source: Wikimedia | Didier Descouens
Source: Wikimedia | Didier Descouens

Ettringite is a calcium aluminum sulfate mineral that grows in long, trigonal prisms. It usually forms a colorless or yellow translucent crystal but becomes white on partial dehydration. 

Discovered in 1874, Ettringite was named after the district of Ettringen in Western Germany. Since then, the mineral has been found in multiple locations worldwide, such as Ireland and South Africa. 

Did you know that Ettringite is found in Portland cement? It is a hydration product of hardened cement paste and is often found in air voids within concrete. It is amazing how this stone appears this way, as it reminds us of the powers of crystals and the wonderful ways they form.

Ettringite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Ettringite is a dual chakra stone that works with the Solar Plexus and the Crown. The Solar Plexus governs our confidence and motivation, and using Ettringite can open up and harmonize this chakra. Ettringite can bring balance to our Solar Plexus and help us overcome self-esteem issues. 

The Crown Chakra is our connection to cosmic consciousness and spiritual knowledge. Many people live their whole lives with a closed Crown Chakra, but if we open it up, we can develop an awareness of our connection with higher realms of existence. Ettringite’s vibrations connect with the Crown Chakra to open it up and help us explore our spiritual awareness. 

Did you know that Ettringite gains its powers from the element of Air? The element of Air governs communication, wisdom, and the power of the mind. We can bring this energy into our lives by working with Ettringite, using it to enhance our intellect and communication skills. 

Ettringite emits the color energy of yellow. All colors have unique vibrational energy, and yellow brings strength, leadership, and creativity. Ettringite helps us bring this power into our lives and enhances forward-thinking and personal power. 

Did you know that Ettringite is connected to the planet Mercury? Mercury rules our wisdom and knowledge, helping us understand ourselves and the world around us. We can connect with Mercury by meditating with an Ettringite stone, amplifying the planet’s impact on our lives. 

Ettringite Healing Properties and Benefits

Anger Management

  • Ettringite balances the Solar Plexus Chakra. When this chakra is unbalanced, we may struggle to regulate emotions, with anger taking over. Ettringite eases this. 
  • Charge your Ettringite with water, as the element of Water brings forth emotional balance and soothing energy. Then hold your Etringite crystal when you feel overwhelmed with anger, taking deep breaths in and out. 

Personal Truth

  • Connected to the planet Mercury, we can use Ettringite to amplify truth and understanding in our life. 
  • Charge your Ettringite with a candle. Then gaze into the stone as you appeal to the planet Mercury and ask for your truth. 


  • Ettringite opens up the Solar Plexus Chakra, which governs our feelings of confidence and self-worth. We can use Ettringite to enhance this energy within us. 
  • Charge your Ettringite with incense connected with self-love and self-worth, such as jasmine or lavender. Then hold your crystal in your hands as you repeat positive affirmations of confidence. 

Stress Relief

  • Because of its high vibrations and positive energy, we can use Ettringite to ease stress and look on the bright side of life. 
  • Charge your Ettringite stone with sunlight, placing it under the sun for five minutes. Then wear it as a necklace to allow its energy to ease stress at all times.


  • Ettringite boosts motivation and concentration, helping us finish tasks and set intentions for our work and career
  • Charge your Ettringite stone with chanting. Then place it on your desk at work or in your home to enhance concentration. 

Ettringite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A guardian angel shadow behind a woman


  • Ettringite is said to bring luck and good fortune to those who wear it. 
  • Charge your Ettringite stone by placing it in a jar with herbs of prosperity, such as basil and clover. Leave it for 12 hours before wearing your Ettringite crystal as a ring on your dominant hand to bring luck and abundance into your life. 


  • The positive energy of Ettringite boosts our Law of Attraction work. We can use it to manifest money, love, and success. 
  • Hold your Ettringite stone as you set intentions for positive change and success. Then place it in your living room to allow its energy to work its magic!

Angelic Communication

  • Ettringite harmonizes with the Crown Chakra, which governs our connection with higher realms of existence. This means we can use it to communicate with our guardian angels or spirit guides. 
  • Charge your Ettringite under the light of the full moon. Then hold it while you pray to your guardian angels. 

Astral Travel

  • We can use Ettringite to enhance astral travel and other spiritual practices. 
  • Charge your Ettringite with a Clear Quartz wand. Then place it on your Crown Chakra when you practice astral traveling.

Spiritual Destiny

  • Ettringite brings forth truth and understanding regarding your soul’s mission and spiritual destiny. 
  • Charge your Ettringite with a purple candle. Then hold it while you meditate and explore your soul’s connection with the universe. 

Ettringite Side Effects

  • Heightened Emotions: Ettringite has high, powerful vibrations that may cause heightened emotions when wearing it for too long. If you feel overwhelmed, remove your Ettringite crystal and place it in another room. 
  • Vivid Dreams: As Ettringite opens up the Crown Chakra, you may have vivid dreams if you wear it while sleeping. If so, ensure you don’t keep your Ettringite in your bedroom.
  • Egotistical: Because Ettringite boosts confidence, overuse may cause you to be egotistical. 

Ettringite Meaning: What Does Ettringite Symbolize?

A lightbulb turned on beside on the shelves of the book

The meaning of Ettringite is knowledge.

Because it gains power from the planet Mercury and the element of Air, it boosts awareness, wisdom, and understanding. It helps us distinguish truth from fiction and allows us to truly understand our purpose in life. 

Ettringite is also a Stone of Faith, helping us to rediscover our faith in ourselves and higher powers. If we are feeling lost, disillusioned, and confused in life, we can work with Ettringite to bring our faith back and trust in our path. 

Types of Ettringite

  • Common Ettringite: Common Ettringite is a translucent, colorless crystal. Use a Common Ettringite to boost your spiritual awakening and open up your Crown Chakra. 
  • Yellow Ettringite: This variety of Ettringite is a pale yellow crystal, forming long structures. Yellow Ettringite amplifies confidence and self-esteem.
  • Lemon Yellow Ettringite: Lemon Yellow Ettringite is a bright yellow variety of the crystal. Use this variety to open up the Solar Plexus Chakra and boost motivation and personal power. 
  • White Ettringite: This variety is a dusty white, translucent gemstone. White Ettringite is perfect for astral travel and cosmic connection.
  • Hematite with Ettringite: This intriguing mix of minerals has a cluster of Hematite stones with yellow Ettringite crystals growing within. Use Hematite with Ettringite to balance your emotions and ease anger and upset. 
  • Hausmannite with Ettringite: Hausmannite with Ettringite appears as a brown and black Hausmannite rock with yellow Ettringite crystals attached. Use this variety for manifestation and setting intentions of prosperity. 
  • Ettringite with Braunite: This variety is a black metallic Braunite stone with yellow Ettringite inclusions within the stone. Use Ettringite with Braunite to enhance problem-solving and sharpen the mind.
  • Sturmanite with Ettringite: A beautiful mix of orange Strumanite stones and yellow Ettringite crystals, use this variety to boost creativity and bring forth new ideas. 
  • Oyelite with Ettringite: This variety is a white and black stone with large Ettringite crystal growths. Use Oyelite with Ettringite to explore your spiritual destiny and soul’s mission. 
  • Ettringite with Brucite: Ettringite with Brucite has small, bright yellow Ettringite crystals amongst pale blue Brucite gems. This variety is perfect for concentration and focus. 
  • Bentorite: Ettringite changes to Bentorite when the aluminum in the stone is exchanged for chromium. It is a pale purple crystal that connects you with higher powers, spirit guides, and guardian angels. 
  • Vonbezingite Ettringite: This variety is a mixture of dark blue Vonbexingite crystals and yellow Ettringite stones. Use Vonbezingite Ettringite for communication and healing.
  • Ettringite on Druzy Quartz: Ettringite on Druzy Quartz is a unique mix of yellow Ettringite crystals and clear to light brown Quartz stones. Use this variety when wanting to open up the Crown Chakra and boost spiritual awareness.

How To Cleanse Ettringite?

Crystal Grid with crystals

  • Crystal Grid: Place your Ettringite stone between two Clear Quartz crystals and leave it there for 12 hours. 
  • Incense: Light an incense and let it burn for a few moments. Then hold your Ettringite in the smoke. 
  • Sound Bath: Hold your Ettringite stone as you chant mantras of cleansing and renewal. 

Questions and Answers

What are the advantages of Ettringite?

Ettringite brings you knowledge regarding your soul’s mission and emotions. It helps you understand your truth and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Is Ettringite rare?

Yes, gemstone-quality Ettringite stones are extremely rare.

What zodiac signs should wear Ettringite?

Ettringite connects with the zodiac sign Gemini, and therefore, those born with this sign should wear the stone.

Can you put Ettringite in water?

Yes, you can put Ettringite in water for short periods of time for cleansing and charging.

Can Ettringite go in the sun?

Yes, Ettringite is okay to be in the sunshine for short periods of time.

What zodiac signs should not wear Ettringite?

No astrological conflicts with Ettringite exist, so all zodiac signs can wear the crystal.

Where should Ettringite be placed?

Ettringite is associated with the element of Air, which connects with the East. This means that you should place your Ettringite stone at the East of your home.

Can you wear Ettringite every day?

No, as Ettringite is a weak stone, wearing it every day might damage it.

Where is Ettringite found?

Ettringite can be found in Germany, Israel, Ireland, France, South Africa, and the USA.

What is the spiritual meaning of Ettringite?

The spiritual meaning of Ettringite is knowledge. It boosts the mind and brings forth understanding and wisdom into your life. 

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