( af-gan-ite)
Main Origins:
Afghanistan, Canada, Russia, the United States, Italy, and Tajikistan.

What is Afghanite?

Afghanite on dark background

Picture a mesmerizing shade of deep blue, almost like the ocean on a clear day. The crystal is exceptionally smooth to the touch, and its surface can sometimes have a bit of a sparkle, like tiny stars in the night sky.

This crystal comprises elements like Sodium, Calcium, Aluminum, and Silicate. The atoms arrange themselves into a unique pattern, creating the stunning blue gem we admire. It’s like a magical recipe crafted by the Earth’s kitchen.

Afghanite has a tale to tell. It was first discovered in 1968 in Afghanistan, hence the name. People didn’t know much about it until then. Imagine explorers stumbling upon this hidden treasure while wandering through the rugged landscapes! Since then, many who appreciate Earth’s hidden beauty have loved this crystal.

Crystal enthusiasts and collectors have a soft spot for Afghanite. They see it as a rare and precious find, like discovering a secret passage to a magical world. Some say it brings a sense of peace and positive vibes. These enthusiasts often showcase their Afghanite treasures, and the joy it brings is contagious. 

Did you know that Afghanite is believed to have mystical powers? Some legends say it brings good luck and positive energy to those who possess it. Imagine having a tiny talisman from the heart of the Earth, carrying with it the whispers of ancient stories.

Afghanite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Afghanite, with its enchanting blue hue, brings energies of calm and clarity. It’s like a peaceful ocean, allowing your thoughts to flow smoothly. The indigo shades hint at deep wisdom and insight, like a wise old friend guiding you through mysteries. 

These color energies of Afghanite resonate with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, emphasizing grounding, communication, and intuition. Imagine it as a color palette for your emotions, painting a canvas of serenity and understanding.

It has a knack for aligning chakras like a soothing melody. From the Root Chakra, grounding you to the Earth, to the Solar Plexus Chakra, empowering your confidence, all the way up to the Crown Chakra, connecting you with the universe’s wisdom, Afghanite covers the whole spectrum. 

Connecting with the ruling elements of Water and Air, Afghanite embodies the fluidity of emotions and the clarity of thought. It’s like a serene river meeting the crisp breeze, creating a harmonious dance. In Feng Shui, placing Afghanite in the East or Northeast areas enhances its energies, like a secret potion for balance and inspiration.

Governing planets add another layer to Afghanite’s cosmic dance. Earth, Neptune, and Uranus take turns guiding its energy. Earth keeps it grounded, Neptune infuses it with dreamy inspiration, and Uranus sparks innovation. 

In the realm of Gods, Afghanites find kinship with Varuna, Ma’at, Odin, Athena, and Thoth. Varuna, the ancient Sky God, blesses it with cosmic wisdom, while Ma’at brings the balance of truth and justice. Odin’s wisdom, Athena’s strength, and Thoth’s knowledge all weave into Afghanite’s spiritual tapestry. 

The numerical vibration of Afghanite dances to the rhythm of 3. It’s a sacred beat, resonating with creativity, joy, and unity. Imagine it as a mystical triangle connecting you to the trinity of mind, body, and spirit. In the language of numbers, 3 is the magic that weaves the threads of positivity, guiding you toward a harmonious existence. 

Afghanite Healing Properties & Benefits

Communication Skills

  • Afghanite, attuned to the Throat Chakra, acts as a gentle guide for clear expression and communication. Its Afghanite benefits encourage the articulation of thoughts and enhance verbal clarity.
  • Speak your thoughts aloud while holding this gem, infusing your words with clarity.

Attraction and Libido

  • This crystal gem, influenced by the God Varuna, enhances attraction and libido, channeling a magnetic allure and igniting passion.
  • Create a Varuna-infused elixir by placing this gem in water under the moonlight and then drinking it.


  • With a connection to the Crown Chakra, Afghanite catalyzes creativity, opening the mind to divine inspiration and fostering imaginative ideas.
  • Meditate with this stone on your Crown or place it on your forehead during creative tasks.

Sleep Health

  • Embracing the elements of Water and Air, Afghanite contributes to peaceful sleep by soothing the mind and creating a serene atmosphere.
  • Place this gem under your pillow or on your bedside table for a calming sleep environment.

Kindness and Generosity 

  • Linked with the nurturing energy of the Earth, Afghanite promotes kindness and generosity, aligning with the planet’s grounding influence.
  • Place this stone in the Center of your home to radiate its energy and inspire acts of kindness throughout the space.


Afghanite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

a man sitting by a body of water with a cosmic object in front depicting cosmic wisdom


  • Influenced by the God Thoth, Afghanite facilitates dreamwork by connecting with the spiritual realm. Thoth, known for associating with dreams and wisdom, infuses Afghanite with energies that enhance dream recall and interpretation.
  • Meditate with this gem before bedtime, focusing on your intention for vivid dreams.


  • With its connection to the Water element, Afghanite aids in reality-shifting by fostering fluidity in perception. It encourages a flexible mindset, allowing you to navigate different realities easily.
  • Hold this crystal while visualizing your desired reality, allowing its energy to support the shift.


  • Linked to the Third Eye Chakra, Afghanite facilitates enlightenment by opening the mind to higher awareness and spiritual insights. It acts as a conduit for divine wisdom to flow through.
  • Place it on your Crown during meditation, allowing it to elevate your consciousness.

Angelic Contact

  • Influenced by the God Odin, Afghanite open pathways for angelic contact. Odin’s connection with the divine realms infuses Afghanite with energies that facilitate communication with heavenly beings.
  • Engrave angelic symbols on it, enhancing its energy for a more direct connection with divine realms.

Cosmic Awareness

  • Afghanite, linked to Neptune, connects wearers to cosmic mysteries. Neptune’s ethereal effect boosts spirituality and intuition.
  • Charge this gem under a full moon to increase awareness of Neptune’s cosmic forces.

Side Effects of Afghanite

  • Oversleeping: Indulging in Afghanite’s calming energy might lead to oversleeping due to its tranquil influence on the mind and body. To avoid this, use Afghanite primarily during daytime activities.
  • Dependency: Continuous reliance on Afghanite may create dependency, impacting your natural coping mechanisms. Ensure balanced usage and intermittently explore days without its influence to maintain self-sufficiency.
  • Hypersensitivity: Excessive exposure to Afghanite may heighten sensitivity, intensifying emotions. Use it moderately and pair it with grounding crystals, like Hematite, for stability and emotional balance to relieve this.

Afghanite Meaning: What Does Afghanite Symbolize?

Metaphorically, Afghanite symbolizes “serenity, wisdom, and connection.”

The main metaphysical gift of Afghanite is its ability to enhance communication and intuition, acting as a cosmic bridge between the earthly and spiritual realms. It’s like having a trusted guide for both verbal expression and intuitive insights.

Known by various names, Afghanite is sometimes referred to as “Afghan Lapis” or “Blue Lapis” due to its vivid blue color, reminiscent of the revered Lapis Lazuli. This naming reflects its shared characteristics with Lapis Lazuli, another renowned crystal.

Traditionally, Afghanite was valued for its connection to ancient knowledge and spiritual growth. In modern times, it is embraced as a gem that harmonizes ancient wisdom with contemporary lifestyles. It symbolizes a timeless bridge between tradition and the present. 

For a powerful combination, pair Afghanite with Amethyst to amplify spiritual insight. Alternatively, combine it with Rose Quartz for a harmonious blend of love and wisdom, creating a balanced energy field.

Did you know that Afghanite was once believed to hold the energy of ancient civilizations? People thought it carried the essence of ancient wisdom and secrets, making it a sought-after crystal for those seeking profound insights and connections to the past.

Types of Afghanite Crystals

  • Common Afghanite: With its serene blue color, this crystal enhances communication and fosters tranquility, ideal for mental clarity seekers.
  • Dark Blue Afghanite: Radiating profound wisdom, this variation deepens spiritual insights, serving as a guide through the mysteries of existence.
  • Yellowish Afghanite: Blending warmth with wisdom, the yellowish variation stimulates creativity and boosts self-confidence for personal growth.
  • Electric Blue Afghanite: Vibrant and energizing, the electric blue variation stimulates mental agility and enhances articulate communication.
  • Pale Blue Afghanite: Soothing emotional turbulence, the pale blue variation fosters a peaceful state of mind and emotional balance.
  • White Afghanite: The white variation amplifies the effects of other crystals, symbolizing purity and clarity, creating a harmonious energy field.
  • Purplish Afghanite: With its regal hue, the purplish variation guides individuals on a transformative journey toward higher consciousness.
  • Reddish Afghanite: Infused with passion, the reddish variation boosts energy levels and ignites determination for goal pursuit.
  • Spotted Afghanite: Resembling stars, the yellow-spotted variation enhances spiritual connection and acts as a celestial guide in self-discovery.
  • Colorless Afghanite: Embodying pure energy, the colorless variation is a potent amplifier, facilitating a clear channel for spiritual energy.
  • Bicolor Afghanite: Balancing opposing energies, the bicolor variation fosters harmony in personal and spiritual aspects.
  • Prismatic Afghanite: A blue crystal that enhances focus and knowledge flows with geometric charm.
  • Pagoda-Shaped Afghanite: This white gem boosts energy and sacredness with its unique structure.
  • Stacked Afghanite: A reddish-brown gem that facilitates spiritual growth, a tower of wisdom.
  • Double Terminated Afghanite: A transparent gem. Balances and aligns chakras for holistic practices. 
  • Twinned Afghanite: Intertwined purple formations symbolize unity, fostering connections with others and bringing harmony.
  • Afghanite on Matrix: Nestled in natural surroundings, the blue variation on the matrix grounds its energy for stable spiritual exploration.
  • Afghanite on Sanidinitic Rock: With a volcanic origin, the brown variation on Sanidinitic rock infuses strength, symbolizing resilience and transformation.
  • Afghanite in Calcite: Amplifying properties, the colorless variation in Calcite enhances spiritual and emotional healing synergistically.
  • Afghanite with Lazurite: Combining with Lazurite creates a deep blue synergy, fostering spiritual insights and a connection with higher realms.
  • Afghanite on Marble: The elegant blend of the white variation on Marble brings sophistication, enhancing energy and aesthetic appeal.
  • Afghanite on Pyrite: With a metallic companion, the reddish-gold variation on Pyrite balances spiritual and material energies for grounding and upliftment.
  • Afghanite with Garnet and Melilite: The green variation with Garnet and Melilite enhances vitality, passion, and spiritual insights, creating a dynamic and balanced energy composition.

How to Cleanse Afghanite?

A fire on a dark background

  • Fire: Gently pass Afghanite through the purifying flames of a candle, envisioning the Fire’s transformative energy clearing and renewing the crystal’s essence.
  • Selenite: Place Afghanite on Selenite for a self-cleansing session. Selenite’s pure energy purges negativity, restoring Afghanite’s vitality and enhancing its metaphysical Afghanite properties.
  • Soil: Bury Afghanite in natural soil overnight to reconnect it with Earth’s grounding energy. Rinse it in cool water, revitalizing its spiritual properties for optimal use.

Answers and Questions

How is Afghanite Formed?

Afghanite forms in metamorphic rocks by interacting with minerals like Sodalite, Hauyne, and Lazurite under high-pressure conditions.

Is Afghanite Fluorescent?

No, Afghanite typically does not exhibit fluorescence under ultraviolet light.

How Do You Identify Afghanite?

Afghanite has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6, which is relatively hard but still softer than Quartz. It would be scratched by a steel file or glass but should scratch items of lower hardness, such as a copper penny.

What is the Difference Between Lapis Lazuli and Afghanite?

While both share a deep blue color, Lapis Lazuli usually contains Pyrite. It may have a more intense blue, while Afghanite is a specific mineral found in Lapis Lazuli.

What is the Difference Between Afghanite and Lazurite?

Afghanite and Lazurite are both blue minerals found in Lapis Lazuli. Still, Afghanite is less common, often forming in association with Lazurite, and has distinct crystallographic differences.


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