Chrome Tourmaline

(krohm tur-muh-leen)
Main Origins:
Tanzania, Kenya, Myanmar, Australia, China, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria.

What is Chrome Tourmaline?

chrome tourmaline silver necklace on black table adorned with flowers

Chrome Tourmaline is a variety of Dravite Tourmaline, colored by chromium, vanadium, iron, or titanium. It exhibits vivid green hues akin to Emerald but can also exhibit yellowish and bluish undertones. 

While most Elbaite Tourmaline varieties are of gem quality, this is among the rare gem-quality types of Dravite Tourmaline. Most Dravite Tourmalines contain high amounts of magnesium and sodium and are often called Brown Tourmalines; Chrome Tourmaline is an exception.

Therefore, Chrome Tourmaline is also known as Chromium-Tourmaline, Chromtourmaline, Green Dravite Tourmaline, Chromturmalin, and Chrome Tōramalli. 

Green Dravite Tourmaline has a trigonal symmetry and cyclosilicate structure, meaning it exists in elongated crystals with striations along the axis. 

This type of Tourmaline is durable due to its poor cleavage, showing negligible or null fluorescence. It exhibits strong pleochroism, with the colors varying between yellowish green and dark green. It may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. 

Mostly used as a cheap alternative to Emerald and Tsavorite Garnet, most of the world’s Chromtourmaline comes from Tanzania and Kenya. 

Chromium Tourmaline is usually found in Granite, Granite Pegmatites, Schist, and Marble rocks, sometimes as grains in Sandstone. 

Fun Fact: Chrome Tourmaline is diamagnetic or repelled by magnets, like most Dravite Tourmalines. 

Chrome Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Chrome Tourmaline usually balances the Heart Chakra, signifying love, strength, power, harmony, and universal connection. 

As it’s seen in other colors, the crystal also opens the Root, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Therefore, you can use this stone for grounding, wealth, health, charisma, intuition, higher powers, and divination. 

According to astrology, the planet Venus governs Chromium Tourmaline, fostering love, beauty, and harmony. This is also why it is beneficial for the sign of Libra, aiding in charisma, communication skills, and diplomacy.

The Earth element is associated with Chrome Tourmaline, promoting stability, balance, and grounding. Keeping it in the Northeast and Entrance areas attracts intelligence, peace, creativity, positivity, wisdom, and growth into the house. 

Chromtourmaline is linked to Thagyamin, the Burmese God of Protection; Ngai, the Kikuyu Creation God; Mwari, the Shona God of Compassion and Fertility; Caishen, the Chinese God of Wealth; and Durga, the Goddess of Intuition

This type of Dravite Tourmaline resonates with the numerical vibrations of 1, 3, and 77, representing emotional intelligence, telepathy, insight, intuition, joy, and hope.

Chrome Tourmaline Healing Properties & Benefits

 Compassion and Love

  • Most Green, Fiery, and Color-Change Chrome Tourmaline varieties foster empathy, love, passion, and connection with nature. For this, carry it near your Heart Chakra after charging.
  • Sit in a safe space under the moonlit night with your crystal in your palms and visualize your intentions to charge it for love.

Immunity and Vitality

  • Some varieties, like Fiery, Yellow, Striated, and Calcite-included Chromtourmaline, clear blockages in the digestive and circulatory system. They are good for strength and personal power
  • Create a crystal elixir of your crystal by keeping it next to a glass of water during daylight for 4 to 6 hours. Afterward, consume the water and repeat the process every time you feel weak or sick.

Emotional Stability

  • Did you know crystals can help you let go of the hurt and scars of trauma? Pale, Whitish, and Double Terminated Chromium Tourmalines are especially good for emotional balance and support. 
  • The best way to charge your crystal for emotional balance and harmony is by chanting this affirmation, “I embrace serenity, release anxiety with every breath, and respond to situations with calmness.”

Creativity and Intelligence

  • If you want to elevate your mind power and imagination, charge a White, Striated, Bicolor, Fiery, or Cat Eye Chrome Tourmaline and carry it on your dominant side.
  • Hold your crystal while facing the rising sun, visualizing the sunlight opening the dormant areas of your mind.


  • Are you suffering from reproductive illnesses? Use the energy of Mint or Marble-included Chromium Tourmaline to accelerate healing. 
  • Pour a glass of indirect crystal elixir you made from the crystal into your bathtub and soak for 5 to 10 minutes. You can meditate on clearing reproductive blockages for enhanced healing.

Chrome Tourmaline Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Manifestation and woman writing a book

Spiritual Growth

  • Color-Change, Mint, Biterminated, and Cat’s Eye varieties of Green Dravite Tourmaline illuminate and enlighten the psyche. They can lead you to spiritual destiny and growth. 
  • Activate your crystal for spiritual development by smudging it with a sacred herb, like sage or palo santo. Once charged, carry it in your pocket or purse. 


  • Do you want to manifest dreams and desires? Then set your intention using a Yellow, Fiery, or Euhedral Chrome Tourmaline variety. 
  • Create a spell jar using a mason jar with your crystal and basil, cinnamon, and thyme. Set your intention by tying a ribbon at the mouth of the bowl and playing a singing bowl or sound instrument for 5 minutes. 

Prosperity and Success

  • If you are troubled by financial problems or conflicts, take help from Chrome Tōramalli varieties like Green, Yellow, Euhedral, or Marble. They can also attract luck and abundance when charged. 
  • Set a crystal altar with your crystal in the Southeast area of your home. Surround it with orchids, sunflowers, bay leaves, and a golden candle. Light the candle daily to manifest luck, success, and prosperity. 


  • Did you know that Black and Double Terminated varieties of Chrome Tourmaline repel negativity and evil? They are also good for grounding stress and tension.
  • Charge your crystal for grounding and psychic protection with Zen gardening by placing it next to a healthy plant for up to 2 hours. You can also bury it around your house to create a cocoon of protection. 

Telepathy and Intuition

  • Charge a Pale, Blue, Cat Eye, Euhedral, or Calcite-included Chrome Tourmaline to boost psychic powers, like intuition, telepathy, and clairvision.
  • The best way to activate psychic powers and universal connection with your crystal is by gazing into it while meditating on your intention. Once you’re done, place the crystal underneath your pillow before sleep.

Side Effects of Chrome Tourmaline

  • Burnout: Excessive use of Chromium Tourmaline can result in fatigue or burnout.
  • Daydreaming: Another side effect of overusing Chrome Tourmaline is becoming easily distracted, leading to daydreaming instead of focusing on the tasks at hand.
  • Restlessness: Overstimulation and restlessness may happen if you are sensitive to the energies of Chrome Tourmaline. 


Chrome Tourmaline Meaning: What Does Chrome Tourmaline Symbolize?

The meaning of Chrome Tourmaline is harmonization.

This type of Tourmaline also connects your physical body with the etheric and natural energies around you. It can repel negativity and activate psychic powers like telepathy and intuition. Healers also recommend it for fertility and immunity. 

Green Dravite Tourmaline is named after Chromium, as it imparts the main color to this healing crystal. 

It was first recorded as Chrome Tourmaline in 1956 by H. Bassett in the Jeweler’s Quarterly. He reported these Tanzanian Dravite Tourmalines differed from Green Tourmaline varieties from Brazil due to their darker green hue. 

However, when analyzing the crystal, Bassett theorized the green hue in this Tourmaline came from Vanadium rather than Chromium. Now we know the color in this Tourmaline variety may come from both elements. 

Fun Fact: While there are not many legends regarding its metaphysical properties, it was called a magnet due to its pyroelectric properties.

Types of Chrome Tourmaline Crystals

  • Green Chrome Tourmaline: Most Chromium Tourmalines are green, bringing love, compassion, and prosperity into your life. 
  • Pale Chrome Tourmaline: This type of Chrome Tourmaline crystal has an olive-green color, bringing luck, telepathy, and emotional support. 
  • Blackish or Dark Chrome Tourmaline: Chrome Tōramalli in a darker shade of green with a predominantly black shade constitutes this variety. Use this stone for grounding, health, and psychic protection.
  • Mint Chrome Tourmaline: Blue Chrome Tourmaline comprises this variety and is highly recommended for intuition, fertility, telepathy, and awakening. They are also known as Blue-Green Chrome Tourmaline. 
  • Yellow Chrome Tourmaline: Sometimes called Golden Chrome Tourmaline, this variety shows pale to dark and vibrant hues of yellow and gold. Use this stone for manifestation, success, vitality, luck, abundance, and creativity.
  • Color-Change Chrome Tourmaline: Chrome Tōramalli that changes its color from green to brown vividly constitutes this category. They are highly recommended for spiritual growth, compassion, empathy, and intelligence. 
  • Fiery Chrome Tourmaline: Chromium-Tourmaline that exhibits a vibrant or fiery flash of fire comprises this variety. Use this type of crystal for creativity, immunity, manifestation, and passion. 
  • Whitish Chrome Tourmaline: Chromtourmaline with predominantly white patches constitutes this variety. They are good for intelligence, emotional balance, higher consciousness, telepathy, and spiritual development. 
  • Bicolor Chrome Tourmaline: A type of Chrome Tourmaline with two different colors, such as dark green and pale green or green and black, constitute this variety. They symbolize intelligence, growth, and higher powers. 
  • Cat’s Eye Chrome Tourmaline: Green Dravite Tourmaline varieties showing a chatoyant effect are termed this way. They are good for spiritual awakening, intuition, creativity, vitality, and luck. 
  • Euhedral Chrome Tourmaline: Most Chrome Tourmalines from Western Australia have well-formed faces rare in Tourmalines. These are Euhedral crystals and excellent for manifestation, mental clarity, success, and intuition. 
  • Double Terminated Chrome Tourmaline: Chromium-Tourmaline with two distinct terminations constitute this variety. Use this variety for emotional balance, grounding, enlightenment, and psychic development. When the ends are more pronounced, they are called Bi-Terminated Chrome Tourmaline. 
  • Striated Chrome Tourmaline: Chromtourmaline with visible striations common to Tourmalines is termed in this manner. They are good for creativity, intelligence, immunity, and compassion. 
  • Chrome Tourmaline with Calcite: Green Dravite Tourmaline often forms with White Calcite and is recommended for stability, vitality, and higher powers, like intuition and telepathy. 
  • Chrome Tourmaline on Marble: This type of Chrome Tourmaline naturally forms on the White Marble Plate. Use this variety to amplify creativity, success, abundance, and fertility.
  • Chrome Tourmaline in Sandstone: A commonly seen variety of Chromium-Tourmaline is embedded in Sandstone. This type of formation is a psychic protection stone that comes with deep healing.
  • Chrome Tourmaline Simulant: Green Tourmaline is often treated and sold off as Green Dravite Tourmaline. They are also powerful and foster universal connection. 

How to Cleanse Chrome Tourmaline?

A Moldavite crystal on the sand

  • Soil: You can bury Chrome Tourmaline under three inches of soil to cleanse it thoroughly. 
  • Smudging: Light a smudge stick and circle it over your crystal thrice in a clockwise manner to eject the negativity it absorbed during rituals. 
  • Clear Quartz: Circling a Clear Quartz wand over your crystal also resets the original energies of the crystal. 

Questions and Answers

What is the Difference Between Green Tourmaline and Chrome Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline, or Verdelite, is different from Chrome Tourmaline by its color-causing elements – iron and vanadium – unlike chromium in the latter. Moreover, Green Tourmaline is available in a wide range of green shades.

Additionally, Green Tourmaline is available in plenty and costs less than Chromtourmaline. 

Can Chrome Tourmaline Get Wet?

Yes, Chrome Tourmaline can get wet, but prolonged exposure to water can depreciate its luster and clarity. 

Is Chrome Tourmaline Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chrome Tourmaline is safe in the sun for short periods. However, avoid direct and long-term exposure to sunlight. 

How Can You Tell if Chrome Tourmaline is Real?

The best way to confirm the authenticity of Chrome Tourmaline is by its white or colorless streak, price, and Mohs hardness. 

What is the Difference Between Emerald and Chrome Tourmaline?

The biggest difference between Emerald and Chrome Tourmaline lies in their composition; the former is a Beryl, while the latter is a Tourmaline. Furthermore, Emeralds are also harder and have more inclusions than Tourmaline. 

How is Tsavorite Garnet Different from Chrome Tourmaline?

Tsavorite Garnet differs from Chrome Tourmaline in composition and hardness.

Is Chrome Tourmaline Expensive?

Yes and no; Chrome Tourmaline may or may not be expensive depending on its cut, color, size, and clarity. You can get most Chrome Tourmaline crystals for $20 to $50 per carat, but high-quality ones might cost $100 to $2,000 per carat. 

What Stones Go Well with Chrome Tourmaline?

Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, and Moonstone crystals go well with Chrome Tourmaline.

Is Chrome Tourmaline Safe?

Yes, Chrome Tourmaline is safe to touch and handle as it doesn’t contain any toxic or dangerous elements. 

How is Chrome Diopside Different from Chrome Tourmaline?

Chrome Diopside is mainly different from Chrome Tourmaline by its lighter and transparent green hue, and Diopside is softer than Tourmaline. However, both green crystals get their green color from chromium.

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