Canary Tourmaline

(kuh-NAIR-ee TOUR-muh-leen)
Main Origins:
Mozambique, Zambia, Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Afghanistan.

What is Canary Tourmaline?

canary tourmaline jewelry placed on top of a red feather

Canary Tourmaline dazzles with its vibrant yellow hue, reminiscent of a sunny lemon. Its surface often flaunts a sleek, glassy texture. It also sometimes displays captivating patterns resembling intricate brushstrokes or delicate striations.

This crystal’s captivating appearance is a result of its unique chemical composition. Its color and toughness come from aluminum, boron, and silicate, making it a durable and stunning addition to any collection.

The crystal carries a rich but relatively short history. This brilliant stone caught the attention of crystal lovers in the early 2000s due to its rarity and beauty.

For crystal enthusiasts and collectors, Canary Tourmaline is a coveted treasure. Its rarity and breathtaking color make it a prized possession among those who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of crystals.

Did you know it’s believed that wearing Canary Tourmaline can bring clarity of thought and a sense of joy and optimism? It’s like carrying a piece of sunshine, believed to infuse a positive energy into the wearer’s life.

Canary Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Canary Tourmaline holds the Sun’s vibrant energy, drawing from yellow and gold hues. This color energy signifies warmth, joy, and vitality, igniting a sense of cheerfulness and empowerment within those who connect with this crystal.

This gem resonates with various chakras, indirectly affecting each. While not directly associated, its grounding nature subtly supports the Root Chakra, laying a foundation for higher energy work. Infusing warmth and vitality indirectly influences the Sacral Chakra, encouraging creativity and confidence.

Strongly aligned with the Solar Plexus Chakra, it empowers personal power and confidence, fostering a balanced sense of self. Although not its primary focus, it gently impacts the Heart Chakra, promoting emotional harmony. Indirectly stimulating mental clarity and higher wisdom, it also plays a subtle role in the Crown Chakra

This crystal’s broad influence across these chakras signifies its ability to promote balance and vitality within the body’s energy centers.

Linked with the element of Fire, Canary Tourmaline emanates passion and dynamism. Place it in the South for fiery energy, motivation, courage, and transformation in feng shui.

Governed by the Sun, this crystal harnesses solar energy, symbolizing strength, vitality, and leadership. It fuels one’s inner Fire, empowering individuals to shine brightly and embrace their true selves.

Linked to various Gods like Mithra, Ra, Surya, Sol, and Amaterasu, Canary Tourmaline offers vitality, enlightenment, and personal power benefits. They evoke strength, creativity, and a connection to divine energies.

With a numerical vibration 1, Canary Tourmaline signifies new beginnings and leadership. It represents independence, originality, and the power to initiate positive transformations.

Canary Tourmaline Healing Properties & Benefits

Joy and Harmony

  • With its vibrant yellow hue and connection to the Solar Plexus Chakra, Canary Tourmaline channels a joyful, empowering energy. Influenced by the ruling planet, the Sun, and the element Fire, it ignites confidence and vitality, fostering a sense of harmony and cheerfulness. 
  • Place the crystal near where you spend most of your time or wear it as jewelry, allowing its radiant energy to uplift your spirits.


  • The crystal’s connection to the Sacral Chakra encourages creativity and confidence. Canary Tourmaline, associated with the ruling planet Sun, fuels creative energies.
  • Meditate with the stone, visualizing a flow of creative ideas while holding it in your hand, infusing the crystal with your creative intentions.

 Knowledge and Decisiveness

  • This crystal’s alignment with the Solar Plexus Chakra and its ties to the ruling Gods of strength and vitality promote mental clarity and decisiveness. Fire and the Sun, represented by the crystal’s golden and yellow tones, inspire self-assurance and rational thought.
  • Keep it in your workspace or carry it during important decision-making moments. 


  • Canary Tourmaline is associated with health and vigor due to its relationship to the Solar Plexus Chakra and Fire. Its connection to the ruling planet, the Sun, signifies strength and vitality. 
  • Place it on parts of the body needing healing and visualize a vibrant, healing energy flowing from the gem into those areas.

 Clarity and Growth

  • With its ties to the Root Chakra and the ruling planet Sun, Canary Tourmaline promotes mental clarity and personal growth. The crystal’s yellow and gold energies, associated with the element Fire, inspire confidence and personal power. 
  • Keep Canary Tourmaline close, imagining its energies infusing your goals with clarity, confidence, and personal power.

Canary Tourmaline Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Success and Luck

  • Canary Tourmaline, tied to the Sacral Chakra and the Sun, radiates energies of confidence and vitality, inviting success and luck. Its white hue aligns with the ruling element, Fire, igniting a sense of empowerment. 
  • Create a luck-infusion ritual with Canary Tourmaline by writing specific success intentions while meditating with the crystal.


  • Linked to the element Fire and the Crown Chakra, Canary Tourmaline stimulates transformation. Its vibrant color energies and association with the Sun ignite personal growth and change.
  • Wear it while going through transformative phases or place it in a spot where you contemplate change.

 Psychic Gifts

  • Because of its association with the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sun’s energies, Canary Tourmaline benefits include improved psychic abilities.
  • Visualize a golden light connecting you to higher worlds to boost intuition and psychic insights.

 Angelic Contact

  • Connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra and the energy of the Sun, Canary Tourmaline facilitates angelic connections. Its association with the God Ra sparks feelings of empowerment and spiritual strength. 
  • Create an angelic altar and place the crystal there, inviting celestial energies.


  • The manifestation powers of Canary Tourmaline are enhanced by its resonance with the Heart Chakra and the Sun’s fire energy. Its empowering gold color sparks confidence and vitality, enhancing one’s ability to manifest desires. 
  • Place it over your heart during focused meditation, envisioning your desires with clarity. 

Side Effects of Canary Tourmaline

  • Overconfidence: Excessive confidence might occur. To balance, ground yourself with meditation or use the crystal moderately.
  • Fatigue: Potential tiredness might arise. Ensure proper rest and limit crystal use for rejuvenation.
  • Oversharing: A tendency to overshare may happen. Maintain awareness and use the crystal mindfully for personal boundaries.

Canary Tourmaline Meaning: What Does Canary Tourmaline Symbolize?

woman raising her hand on a cliff depicting empowerment

Symbolizing joy and vitality, it metaphorically embodies the energy of the Sun, radiating “brightness” and “empowerment.”

Canary Tourmaline brings confidence and positivity, enhancing personal power and cheerfulness for crystal users.

This radiant gem is also known as “Yellow Tourmaline” or “Golden Tourmaline,” reflecting its vibrant color and energy.

Traditionally, it was seen as a stone that brings luck and prosperity. In modern times, it’s revered for its ability to infuse vitality and stimulate creativity.

It harmonizes beautifully with Citrine, amplifying joy, and with Goshenite, enhancing its energy and Canary Tourmaline’s properties.

Interesting Facts: Ancient Greeks believed that wearing this stone provided a shield against physical harm during battle, fostering courage and strength. 

Types of Canary Tourmaline Crystals

  • Common Canary Tourmaline: This variation showcases a brilliant yellow hue, often associated with vitality, joy, and a boost in confidence for the wearer.
  • Lime-Green Canary Tourmaline: Displaying a bright lime-green shade, this variation is believed to evoke feelings of renewal and personal growth. It amplifies creativity and fosters a sense of balance.
  • Greenish Canary Tourmaline: With a greenish tint, this variety brings a sense of harmony and emotional balance, encouraging growth and healing.
  • Golden Canary Tourmaline: This variation holds a rich golden hue. It signifies strength, abundance, and the promotion of success and luck in one’s endeavors.
  • Fire Canary Tourmaline: Radiating fiery red energy, this type instills passion, courage, and a sense of transformation. It urges individuals toward change and action.
  • Orangish Canary Tourmaline: With its vibrant orange hue, this type is believed to invigorate creativity and inspire enthusiasm and joy. It promotes a sense of vitality and strength.
  • Champagne or Brownish Canary Tourmaline: Featuring a champagne or brownish color, this variety is associated with grounding energies. It fosters stability and aids in practical endeavors.
  • Pale Canary Tourmaline: Displaying a delicate, pale hue, this type signifies a subtle yellow yet empowering energy. It is often believed to aid in mental clarity and gentle personal growth.
  • Deep Yellow Canary Tourmaline: The deep yellow hue symbolizes enthusiasm, vitality, and self-confidence, empowering the wearer.
  • Double Terminated Canary Tourmaline: With its unique shape and both colors of yellow and green, this type is thought to enhance energy flow and balance. It’s associated with amplifying Canary Tourmaline’s properties at both ends.
  • Prismatic Canary Tourmaline: Its elongated, prism-like form and color spectrum, which ranges from bright yellows to light greens, enhance clarity and focus. It aids in mental understanding and spiritual growth.
  • Canary Tourmaline with Lepidolite: Including Lepidolite, a yellow to green with pink streaks in this crystal, is believed to augment calming energies, aiding in stress relief and emotional balance.
  • Canary Tourmaline with Cleavelandite: A yellow to green gem inclusion brings a sense of purity and clarity to the crystal. It fosters a space for truth and alignment within oneself.
  • Canary Tourmaline with Mica: The addition of yellow or green hues of Mica is thought to enhance the crystal’s reflective properties. It promotes self-reflection and insight into one’s inner thoughts and emotions.
  • Sunshine Canary Tourmaline: Radiates a warm, orange, sunshine-like glow, associated with positivity, vitality, and personal warmth.
  • Honey Canary Tourmaline: Resembles the rich amber color of honey, believed to attract abundance and promote a sense of sweetness in life.
  • Harvest Canary Tourmaline: Evokes the yellow to green colors of a bountiful harvest. It is associated with abundance, prosperity, and the cycle of growth.
  • Celestial Canary Tourmaline: Displays a celestial blue undertone, believed to connect with higher spiritual realms and enhance intuition.
  • Citrine Canary Tourmaline: Exhibits a Citrine-like yellow, associated with joy, abundance, and the manifestation of dreams.

How to Cleanse Canary Tourmaline?

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  • Sunlight: Place the crystal in gentle sunlight for a few hours to refresh its energy and vibrancy.
  • Seed Mantra: Use the sound “OM” or “RAM” by chanting near the crystal to cleanse its energy.
  • Candle: Pass the crystal through the gentle flame of a candle, letting the Fire’s energy clear away any negativity.

Questions and Answers

Is Canary Tourmaline the Same as Yellow Tourmaline?

Yes, they refer to the same stone with its vibrant yellow hues.

How Can You Tell if Canary Tourmaline is Real?

The refractive index can provide information about the gem’s identity. While this test is more technical and requires specialized equipment, variations from the expected refractive index may indicate a synthetic or imitative material.

What Stones Go Well with Canary Tourmaline?

Citrine, Biron Emerald, and Goshenite complement it beautifully.

Interactions with Canary Tourmaline

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