Blue Agate

(bloo ag - it)
Main Origins:
India, the United States, China, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and Namibia.

What is Blue Agate?

A slice of blue agate that is standing on its side

Blue Agate is Blue Chalcedony and shows many varieties in pale to dark blue stones with stripes, swirls, bands, circles, waves, veins, iris, and bulbous patterns. It gets its blue color from iron, manganese, or copper, based on its origin. 

Blue Agate is often seen in granular, druzy, slab, geode, dendritic, nodule, and thunderegg formations. It’s also an umbrella term for Agate varieties with blue. 

Did you know ancient Greeks and Romans wore Blue Agate jewelry for luck? Germans also often wore them to repel nightmares. 

Fun Fact: Many crystals are dyed to look like Blue Agate, so check twice if you’re buying Blue Agate!

Blue Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Because Blue Agate is a huge category with Fire, Lace, Turkish, and other Agates, it’s associated with endless colors and tones.

The Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras are mainly associated with Blue Chalcedony. Psychics and seers say it’s an awakening stone that brings enlightenment, intuition, and creativity. 

Blue Agate also opens the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras when seen with multicolored Agate varieties. This crystal also links to the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras. They help you go beyond dimensions. 

Blue Chalcedony is linked to the elements Air and Wood and the planet Mercury. Air and Wood bring manifestation and stability, while Mercury pulls wisdom to you. 

Many cultures have sea and sky Gods or deities associated with Blue Agate. Some are Mithras, the Persian God of Light; Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea; Amun, the Egyptian God of Creation; and Varuna, the Hindu God of the Ocean.

The Blue Agate properties also include freedom and peace, linked to the cosmic vibration number 5.

Blue Agate Healing Properties and Benefits

Communication and Harmony

  • Every Blue Agate is good for expressiveness, courage, and social skills. It paves your way with kindness, joy, and appreciation.
  • Activate this crystal for communication skills by lying on your yoga mat and placing the crystal over your throat. Meditate and chant the seed mantra OM into the crystal for a few minutes.

Sleep, Peace, and Tranquility

  • The sea and sky Gods associated with Blue Agate bring calm, serenity, relief, and quiet whenever you touch it. Blue Chalcedony is also a good stone for sleep health. 
  • Draw into the divine energies with Blue Agate by charging your crystal with positive affirmations. You can visualize or chant sea or sky Gods like Poseidon, Mithras, and Varuna.

Emotional Maturity

  • If you struggle to hold your composure in public spaces or with friends and family, get a palm stone made of Blue Lace Agate. You’ll feel happy, hopeful, positive, and enthusiastic.
  • Charge your Blue Lace Agate with the rising sun to program it for emotional balance, moving on, and acceptance.

Intelligence and Wisdom

  • Did you know Blue Moss Agate is good for decision-making? Carry it on your dominant side after charging for knowledge. Critical thinking skills will help people in managerial positions. 
  • Soak this Chalcedony under the Full Moon’s energy for a few hours and meditate on your intention.

Focus and Clarity

  • Blue Agate is often described as a big wave of calmness because it removes distractions and mental clutter. Once that’s gone, you can use this crystal to clear your brain fog.
  • Use Blue Agate benefits of mental acuity by smudging with incense, aroma oil, or smudge sticks.

Blue Agate Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman meditating on the rocks


  • Dark Blue Agate varieties help you discover your spiritual destiny, the purpose of life, and the cosmic secrets you’re searching for.
  • Program your Blue Chalcedony with breathwork, meditation, and crystal gazing for a few minutes daily for energy and focus on your spiritual journey.


  • Did you know Blue Agate helps you see the bigger picture? It’s a cosmic connection stone with which you can realize your most wanted dreams and desires. 
  • Blue Agate is best for manifestation when used in a crystal grid. With it in the center and friendly other Agate varieties, you can attract abundance, good luck, and stability.

Psychic Visions

  • Do you feel telepathically connected to your partner, family, or bestie? Then your psychic abilities, like telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuition, will instantly shoot up with Blue Agate. 
  • Activate your dormant psychic abilities by holding Blue Agate safely before a lit candle for a minute. Afterward, carry the charged crystal on you at all times.

Dream Recall

  • Blue Agate taps into your subconscious during sleep and guides you toward solving suppressed fears and emotions. 
  • Charge Blue Enhydro Agate for dream recall by placing it next to a Tibetan singing bowl when playing it.


  • Have you ever wanted to communicate with your guardian angel? That’s the easiest energy body to communicate with Blue Agate. Doing. It also brings spiritual help and guidance.
  • Charge your Blue Agate by keeping it between three lit candles on a desk and sprinkling Himalayan Pink Salt on the crystal. For the best results, do this ritual at dawn or dusk.

Blue Agate Side Effects

  • Insomnia: Blue Agate can lead to sleeplessness because it’s a stimulant healing crystal. If you’re feeling drained, lie down and circle a Selenite or Clear Quartz wand over your seven chakras.

Blue Agate Meaning: What Does Blue Agate Symbolize?

A peaceful view of the mountains in nature

The meaning of Blue Agate is deep peace. 

Throughout history, Blue Lace Agate has been used interchangeably with Blue Agate, while the former is only a variety. 

Blue Chalcedony is traditionally linked to mental clarity, emotional intelligence, knowledge, wisdom, psychic abilities, and relaxation. 

Many historians say Ancient Egyptians used it as an amulet to ward off toxic energies. 

Blue Agate and its varieties are used for Reiki healing, busting stress, enhancing brain skills, calming the nerves, and letting go of negativity in the new age.

Types of Blue Agate Crystals

  • Common Blue Agate: This includes crystals commonly called Agate and showing concentric circles of banding patterns in shades of indigo blue. They’re excellent for creativity, mediumship, and intelligence.
  • Blue Lace Agate: Drawing from the Sioux Goddess energies of Hani, this Agate variety shows banded blue shades in lace-like patterns with white streaks. They’re great for tranquility, creativity, and intelligence.
  • Blue Fortification Agate: Exhibiting blue-gray fortifications, this type of Blue Chalcedony works well for clarity and focus.
  • Blue Turkish Agate: This is a variety of Turkish Agate also called Blue Stick Agate, with brown sticks in a dark blue base color. Use it for astral projection and divination.
  • Blue Parallax Agate: A variety of Shadow Agate, this crystal shows a stacked effect with several shades of blue and bands in white, black, and gray. Use it for scrying and manifestation.
  • Blue Ocean Agate: This Agate shows a pale blue center and dark blue bands toward the exterior. Use the crystal for tranquility and deep healing.
  • Blue Ice Ocean Agate or Blue Polka Dot Agate: This Blue Chalcedony shows a hazy white base color with protruding brown crystals like polka dots. They’re great for strength, emotional intelligence, and harmony. 
  • Blue Lake Superior Agate: Originating from Lake Superior, this type of Blue Agate shows swirls and bands of blue, white, and orange. It’s perfect for transformation, compassion, and abundance. 
  • Imperial Blue Agate: This crystal shows patterns like stripes, fortification, and swirls in contrasting colors of pale blue with dark red, black, and white colors. It’s especially good for Reiki healing and chakra cleansing. 
  • Blue Grape Agate: Resembling grapes, this variety is called Botryoidal Blue Agate and often shows a mix of purple and indigo colors. Use it for wisdom and awareness.
  • Blue Iris Agate: A variety of Iris Agate, this Blue Agate shows layers of spectral colors in several shades of blue. It’s excellent for dream work.
  • Blue Crazy Lace Agate: Showing several gray, white, and many other pastel colors, with bands in arrays of blue shades, it’s best for dream work.
  • Blue Enhydro Agate: This type of Blue Agate has a pocket of a water molecule that crystallized thousands of years ago. They might look like little portals and work great for scrying. 
  • Holly Blue Agate: A popular variety of Blue Agate, this crystal shows purpling blue hue with bands of white or gray. Use it for spiritual awakening. 
  • Blue Condor Agate: Exhibiting vibrant and sharp bands of red, brown, and orange with blue and white, good quality specimens of this Blue Chalcedony come from Argentina. They’re great for channeling universe life force in crystal grids and altars. 
  • Blue Snakeskin Agate: When your blue color Agate shows veins of gray and beige formations, it’s a Dragon Vein or Snakeskin Agate. These stones may show pink, purple, blue, and yellow and work well for protection. 
  • Blue Plume Agate: Boasting intricate plumes of orange, gray, beige, and black colors, this Chalcedony has a base color of cyan blue. It’s good for emotional maturity and patience. 
    • Blue Feather Ridge Plume Agate: This type of Blue Plume Agate has a ridge-like formation with plumes of light or dark colors. Use it for spiritual guidance.
    • Blue Widowmaker Plume Agate: Popular for metallic inclusions of Marcasite, this variety shows multicolored plumes with a baby blue fortification. It’s good for self-discovery and karmic healing. 
  • Blue Flame Agate: This variety of Chalcedony shows blue in the center with vibrant orange, red, and yellow hues toward the outside. It’s often called the Nova Scotia Agate, owing to its origin. Use it for deep peace. 
  • Blue Laguna Agate: A type of Banded Agates, this crystal shows a white or pale core with blue fortification toward the outside. It’s great for stress and anxiety.
  • Blue Sardonyx Agate: This is a natural crystal pairing of Sardonyx banding of white with a dark blue variety of Agate. It’s good for clairvoyance and mediumship.
  • Kentucky Blue Agate: Including Geodes and nodules, this is a Blue Chalcedony from Kentucky, showing pastel blue, bright orange, yellow, white, beige, olive green, or gray. Use it for physical health, vitality, and energy. 
  • Blue Botswana Agate: A brilliant crystal for healing inner scars, this is a variety of Botswana Agate with pale or dull shades of dark blue and pale blue with gray, black, brown, or white bands. Use it for grounding and power.
  • Blue Fire Agate: The iridescent variety of Agate displays a flash of colors and may show pale or dark blue. It’s good for communication and leadership.
  • Blue Moss Agate: Also called Blue-Green Moss Agate, this is a combination of green, gray, and white dendrites from Moss Agate with shades of blue in Blue Chalcedony. Use it for stress relief, overthinking, and obsession. 
  • Las Choyas or Mexican Coconut: This type of Blue Agate is actually a nodule with Clear Quartz. It has a rounded semblance to coconuts with swirling patterns of white and blue hues. They’re good for preventing negativity and evil. 
  • Blue Horse Eye Agate: Boasting a horse eye shape in concentric circles of brown, white, and blue hues. It’s good for mental acuity and emotional intelligence. 
  •  Blue Rodeo Flats: An uncommon Agate variety with white plumes, Sagenite needles, and brown dendrites, this crystal is sought after for abundance. 
  • Blue Sagenite Agate: Also called Sagenite Agate, this crystal exhibits a blue or white base color with indigo, purple, gray, brown, and orange patterns. It’s good for cosmic consciousness and manifestation. 
  • Botryoidal Blue Agate: Easy to identify due to its bulbous appearance, this crystal has a bluish-white druzy or waxy appearance. Use it for charging your work or office space. 
  • Montana Blue Agate or Madison Blue Agate: These stones look like clear blue skies. Use them for confidence, self-esteem, and success.
  • Blue Agate with Jasper: This is a natural pairing of Montana Blue Agate with Brecciated Jasper that’s beautiful to look at and good for growth and fortune.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate?

A woman meditating on the top of the mountain

  • Breathwork: Hold the Blue Agate before your lips and slowly chant the seed mantra OM into it. Do this for a few minutes to cleanse the negativity absorbed by the crystal.
  • Incense: Light an incense and wave the smoke over your Agate stone to remove negativity stuck to it after draining rituals.
  • Fire: Keep or hold your blue agate crystal in front of a flame for a few minutes to clear negativity with the element of Fire.

Questions and Answers

Is Blue Agate rare?

No, Blue Agate is not rare.

Is Blue Lace Agate the same as Blue Agate?

No, Blue Lace Agate is a variety of Blue Agate, and Blue Agate includes 30-plus varieties.

Is Blue Agate safe in the water?

Yes, Blue Agate is safe in the water for a few minutes unless it’s a treated stone. Avoid prolonged exposure to prevent damaging the stone.

Can Blue Agate go in the sun?

Yes, Blue Agate is safe to go in the sun.

What does it mean when Blue Agate breaks?

Crystal users believe Blue Agate breaks after completing its purpose or absorbing intense negativity.

How to identify real Blue Agate?

You can identify Blue Agate crystals from their pale blue color and patterns. Remember, real Blue Agate is cold to the touch and doesn’t get scratched easily.

What crystals to pair with Blue Agate?

Celestite, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz are excellent crystals to pair with Blue Agate for psychic abilities, purification, and love.

How do you take care of Blue Agate?

The best way to take care of Blue Agate is to safely keep it on a shelf or table with other crystals. When you’re traveling, pack it separately with foam to prevent scratching.

Is Blue Agate expensive?

Yes, high-quality Blue Agate crystals are sold per piece for $50 to $300. The crystal costs $2 to $25 for a few inches usually.

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