How To Cleanse Blue Agate Crystals? 10 Ways

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Blue Agate?
  2. 10 Ways To Cleanse Blue Agate
  3. What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Agate?
  4. Conclusion: Start Cleansing Blue Agate with the Directing Power of Your Breath

Blue Agates includes over 30 varieties with many slightly varied benefits, but the overall meaning of this stone is peace. Blue Agate protects your peace by dispelling lower vibrations. To maintain these crystal benefits over time, we should know how to cleanse Blue Agate

The best way to cleanse Blue Agate is with breathwork, as one of its ruling elements is Air. As the other ruling element of Blue Agate is Wood, placing your stone near a tree or living plant for a few hours also works well to ground and cleanse Blue Agate’s vibrations.

There are many other suitable cleansing options, too, as Blue Agate is naturally a durable crystal, but as many varieties of this crystal are dye-treated, we will include this as a critical consideration when cleansing this crystal.

Why Should You Cleanse Blue Agate?

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Cleansing Blue Agate regularly is beneficial, as it deepens your connection to this crystal. It ensures that you intentionally align with the pure teachings of this crystal.

Blue Agate helps us to maintain a state of deep peace, and when we work with this crystal to heal the imbalances that keep us from peace, this clarifying and protective stone absorbs many non-resonant energies that we shed or that are present in the environment, or the collective.

It is advisable to cleanse Blue Agate after using it in any healing or spiritual work. If you wear Blue Agate jewelry, cleanse this piece at least once a week. 

Try to remember to cleanse Blue Agate pieces that are in storage or displayed at least 5 times a year. 

Visit Blue Agate Profile to learn more about the metaphysical and healing benefits of this crystal.

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10 Ways To Cleanse Blue Agate

It is considered safe for completely natural Blue Agate to withstand heat and be in the sun, water, and even salt. Still, as many Blue Agates are dyed, we will consider that the methods, including direct water, sunlight, and salt, will probably affect the color of dyed Agates.

Read the methods below carefully to learn the most suitable elements and harness the cleansing power of “unsuitable” elements using indirect methods. 

Blue Agate should be cleansed often so you can enjoy experiencing these different ways to cleanse this crystal and find what brings you the most peace.

The Best Way To Cleanse Blue Agate: Breathwork

The ruling Air element of Blue Agate brings a sense of lightness and ease, as it lightens our load by removing negative energies.

We can help Blue Agate stay light and clear by cleansing it using the Air element in short, empowering intentional breathwork sessions.

  • Gently focus on your breath for about 3 minutes, breathing in and out and naturally deepening your breaths.
  • Bring your attention to your Blue Agate crystal.
  • Please take a moment to appreciate your crystal as you can hold it or gaze upon it.
  • Now deepen your focus on your breath for another 2 minutes.
  • Engage in the following visualization as you breathe:
    • On your inhalations, feel and imagine pure life force as vibrant blue light fills your body.
    • On your exhalation, see and feel this light spilling out from you and into your crystal, thoroughly cleansing it.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate Crystal with Plants

Blue Agate is associated with wood, and it can be cleansed through an intentional connection with a tree or plant spirit. Working with nature can be an enjoyable and powerful way to bring Blue Agate back into harmony.

  • Find a big tree that you feel particularly connected to. 
  • Hold your crystal and place your other hand on the tree, acknowledging its presence, energy, and power.
  • Ask the tree verbally or silently within your heart and mind to cleanse your crystal.
  • Place your crystal in a safe, dry, shaded spot at the roots or on a large branch.
  • Leave it there for as long as possible (up to 5 hours would be ideal).
  • Retrieve your energetically cleansed crystal and thank the tree.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Sounds 

Using the vibrational power of intentional cleansing sounds is a great way to cleanse any crystal, including Blue Agate, safely. Different means of producing harmonic cleansing sound vibrations can be used to cleanse Blue Agate crystal using the following methods. 

  • You can use sound healing instruments or well-tuned classical instruments.
  • You can use your voice to sing or chant cleansing medicine songs or purification mantras. You can also play a prerecorded cleansing frequency.
  • Choose any of the options above, place your crystals close to the sound source for 5 minutes, and let the vibrations energetically cleanse your crystal.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great way to cleanse any Blue Agate crystal safely. Affirmations allow us to use the vibration of words and emotions to direct energy in a specific way. In this case, we use affirmations specifically to cleanse Blue Agate energetically.

  • Hold your crystal near your Throat Chakra.
  • Repeat each seed mantra – HAM and AUM – 5 times each. These are related to the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras associated with Blue Agate.
  • Repeat the following affirmation five times: I energetically purify this Blue Agate crystal with the power of my intention and strong connection to source energy.
  • You may also create any other suitable Blue Agate cleansing affirmation you choose. 

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Smoke 

Cleansing Blue Agate with smoke is a safe way to cleanse this crystal. Smoke allows us to harness the power of the Fire element, combined with the energy of purifying herbs. 

  • Set your intention to cleanse your crystal using smoke.
  • Burn sacred plants dried and wrapped as a smudge bundle or natural incense in the form of sticks, cones, barks, woods, or resins.
  • Circle the smoke around your stone clockwise 5 times to cleanse energetically. 
  • Read this article to learn more about cleansing crystals with incense smoke

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Clear Quartz/Selenite/Other Self-Cleansing Stones

Self-cleansing crystals, such as Selenite and Clear Quartz, can cleanse Blue Agate and all other crystals. 

Selenite is a powerful crystal that consistently channels the purest and highest vibration. Clear Quartz is programmed for the specific purpose of cleansing Blue Agate.

  • Get a large piece of Selenite or a Clear Quartz.
  • Hold your Blue Agate and chosen self-cleansing crystal, and verbally or within your mind and heart, set a clear intention for energetic cleansing. 
  • Leave your Blue Agate touching or resting on a piece of Selenite or Clear Quartz for at least 5 hours.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Meditation 

Meditation is a powerful way to connect with and benefit from your crystals. It can also be used to become fully present and focus energy on cleansing your Blue Agate.

  • Holding your Blue Agate, meditate with a focus on your breath until you feel fully energized and connected.
  • Now bring your focus to the crystal in your hand. You can include a visualization of your crystal being energetically cleansed by light and other elements or include a few cleansing affirmations or mantras at this point in the meditation.
  • Meditate with your crystal for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Tip: Blue Agate has the ruling elements of Air and Wood. It is beneficial to include these elements in your meditation by meditating near an old tree or out in the fresh air.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate Crystal with Natural Light

A natural Blue Agate will be safe in sunlight, but because many Blue Agates on the market are dyed and can fade in sunlight, we can use moonlight for cleansing this crystal unless you are entirely sure your Blue Agate is not dyed.

  • Set your intention to connect with moonlight to cleanse your Blue Agate.
  • Place your crystal under the night sky in the moonlight for 5 hours.
  • Be sure to place it somewhere where it won’t get wet (necessary if it is a dyed variety). 
  • You can cleanse Blue Agate at any stage of the moon cycle.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Water 

Again, natural Blue Agate is safe in pure water, but we are providing these guidelines with the consideration that a large number of Blue Agates are dyed and can be damaged by water. Here is an indirect method to cleanse any Blue Agate with Water.

  • Take your Blue Agate to any clean natural water body (rivers, creeks, ponds, marshes, lagoons, or the ocean are some options).
  • Take care not to get your Blue Agate wet, especially if it is a dyed variety.
  • Place the stone next to the body of water for at least 5 minutes.
  • You can also meditate with your Blue Agate and visualize an attractive natural water scene in which you energetically cleanse your crystal within the visualization using water in whatever way you desire.

Tip: To physically clean a Blue Agate stone, use only a dry cloth to wipe the stone, as water or cleaning agents can damage a dyed stone. You can use water to cleanse it if you are 100% sure that you have a completely natural Blue Agate crystal.

How To Cleanse Blue Agate with Salt 

It’s best to keep most crystals away from salt water, and Blue Agate, especially the common dyed version of these crystals, is no exception. Using plain salt is okay for cleansing natural Agates, but salt may affect some dyed specimens.

You can, however, use just salt using this indirect method to cleanse Blue Agate.

  • Use a chunk of Himalayan rock salt, pink Halite, or a small natural cloth bag filled up with rough salt.
  • You can also use a Himalayan salt lamp that is switched on. 
  • Place the pink salt close by, but do not physically touch your Blue Agate with salt.
  • State your intention to use salt to cleanse your crystal.
  • Leave it near the salt for 5 hours or more.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Agate?

  • Don’t use methods directly using water, sun, or salt when cleansing your Blue Agate, as dyed varieties are highly common.
  • You can use sun, dry salt, or water directly when you are sure that your Blue Agate is not dyed.
  • Setting clear intentions is essential, as it directs energy, focusing and activating your cleansing ritual.
  • Cleanse Blue Agate once a week if you wear it as jewelry.
  • Cleanse Blue Agate every time you use it actively for healing.
  • Cleanse Blue Agate that is stored or displayed a minimum of 5 times a year.
  • Try out the different methods for cleaning Blue Agate to see what works best.
  • Experiment with combining suitable crystal cleansing methods for Blue Agate.

Conclusion: Start Cleansing Blue Agate with the Directing Power of Your Breath

Cleansing Blue Agate is necessary maintenance. Cleansing any crystal is about realigning it to the original vibration or the energetic properties by clearing away non-resonant energies the crystal has absorbed.

Work with the suggested suitable ways to cleanse Blue Agate, carefully considering the specific guidance of using each element, especially if the Blue Agate is dyed or you’re unsure if it is dyed. This will ensure your crystal is cleansed and cleaned while avoiding physical damage to your beautiful crystal.

The following table is a summary of the techniques that you can use to cleanse Blue Agate.

A custom graphic table for how to cleanse blue agate at home

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