What is Jupiter Retrograde?

  1. Jupiter in Astrology
  2. Taurus in Astrology
  3. The Impact of Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus
  4. Navigating Jupiter Retrograde 
  5. Jupiter Manifestation Rituals 
  6. Crystals for the Jupiter Retrograde
  7. Impact of Jupiter Retrograde on Each Zodiac Sign
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Jupiter is in retrograde in Taurus from Monday, September 4, to Saturday, December 30, 2023. Mark your calendars!

With Jupiter taking its time to reflect from September to December, you’ve got a solid four months to dig deep into your own growth, wisdom, and maybe even some good fortune. It’s a way more laid-back vibe than Mercury retrograde, so you can breathe easily.

This retrograde is an annual thing, happening once a year for about four months. It’s definitely a season to be mindful of, but it’s not a rare event.

Since it’s going down in Taurus, you’re gonna wanna focus on your financial stability and creature comforts. It’s the universe’s way of saying, “Hey, how are you building a secure and comfy life?”

Jupiter in Astrology

jupiter astrology sign on dark background

Jupiter rules the 9th house in astrology, which is basically the house of “big picture” stuff. Think philosophy, higher education, and even long-distance travel. When Jupiter is in this house or ruling it in your natal chart, it amplifies all these themes. It’s like putting a magnifying glass on your quest for knowledge and wisdom and broadening your horizons.

Now, the Midheaven is a super important angle in your natal chart that deals with your career, public life, and how the world sees you. If Jupiter is close to your Midheaven or making a strong aspect to it, you’ve got a green light for career growth. 

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, right? So, it’s gonna make your ambitions and career opportunities blow up in a good way! 

Taurus in Astrology

Taurus is like that friend who always has snacks, a cozy blanket, and a Netflix recommendation. They’re stable, grounded, and all about that #ComfortLife. In the zodiac, Taurus is the go-to for anything related to material wealth and values. They’re the ones you want around when you’re talking about investments or need a solid, dependable vibe.

The Bull symbolizes Taurus perfectly. Just like a bull, Taurus is strong, stubborn, and grounded. They’re not easily swayed and can be super persistent. The Bull captures that blend of strength and sensuality that makes Taurus so unique.

Taurus Metaphysical Properties

Ruling Number: Taurus vibes with the number 6, which is all about harmony and balance.

Element: Earth, baby! That’s why they’re so grounded and practical.

Modality: Fixed, meaning they’re the type to dig in their heels and see things through to the end.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant, which is all about tradition and values, totally aligns with Taurus energy.

Ruling Planet & House: Venus rules Taurus, and it’s all about the 2nd House, which focuses on material possessions and values. Venus, being the goddess of love and beauty, adds that sensual, aesthetic touch to Taurus vibes.

Ruling God: Venus is also the ruling goddess, so Taurus has that sensual, aesthetic vibe on lock.

Birthstone: Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus, symbolizing fertility and rebirth, which totally vibes with Taurus’s love for growth and stability.

The Impact of Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus

In astrology, when a planet goes retrograde, it’s like hitting the rewind button. It’s a time to revisit, rethink, and redo stuff related to that planet’s themes.

Now, Taurus is all about that stable, grounded life, right? It’s the zodiac’s homebody, focused on material comfort and values. 

Jupiter, on the other hand, is the planet of “go big or go home.” It’s all about expansion, wisdom, and luck. So, when Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus, it’s like the Clash of the Titans. You’ve got Taurus saying, “Slow down, let’s get comfy,” while Jupiter’s like, “Nah, let’s go on an adventure!”

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is a time of philosophical growth but also cautions against overindulgence. It’s a signal to balance the quest for wisdom with the need for material security.

Lastly, how this transit impacts you personally depends on your natal chart. If you’ve got Jupiter in Taurus on your birth chart, you’ll feel this retrograde more intensely. It’ll be a time to really dig deep into how you’re balancing your desire for growth with your need for stability.

The meaning of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is basically like your cue to get your life in order. It’s a killer time to reassess your values and reevaluate those financial goals. Do you have big dreams? Awesome, but now’s the time to ground those expansive ideas into practical plans. 

Taurus’s energy will help you focus on what’s doable, while Jupiter’s gonna keep nudging you to aim a little higher.

During this retrograde, you might feel a bit torn. One minute, you’re all about saving money, and the next, you’re eyeing that expensive yoga retreat in Bali. 

You might also feel a bit more introspective, pondering life’s big questions. It’s a mixed bag of wanting to expand but also needing to stay grounded.

So, how do you ride this retrograde wave? Personal reflection is key. Take some time to journal or meditate on what really matters to you. And hey, don’t shy away from starting new projects or rekindling old passions. 

This retrograde is like a green light for making bold decisions that align with your true values. Just make sure those decisions are also practical and sustainable for the long haul.

Jupiter Manifestation Rituals 

Harnessing the energy of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus is like tapping into a blend of growth and stability. Here are two rituals to help you make the most of this powerful transit.

Ritual 1: The Wisdom & Wealth Jar

This ritual combines Taurus’s love for material comfort with Jupiter’s expansive wisdom.

What You’ll Need: A small jar, coins, sage leaves, and a piece of paper.


  • Cleanse your space with sage.
  • Write down a financial- or wisdom-related goal on the paper.
  • Place the paper at the bottom of the jar.
  • Add coins and sage leaves on top.
  • Seal the jar and place it in a prominent place.
  • Every day, visualize your goal manifesting as you pass by the jar.

Ritual 2: Crystal-Infused Jupiter Meditation

Crystals amplify energy, making them perfect to use during this Taurus-themed Jupiter retrograde.

What You’ll Need: A piece of Aventurine (for luck and growth) and a piece of Pyrite (for material wealth).


  • Cleanse your crystals and space.
  • Sit comfortably and hold the Aventurine in your left hand and the Pyrite in your right.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths, focusing on grounding yourself like a Taurus.
  • Visualize a golden light (Jupiter’s expansive energy) filling your body.
  • Imagine this light solidifying into something material—like a coin or a home—symbolizing Taurus’s energy.
  • End the meditation by thanking the universe and grounding yourself.

Both of these rituals tap into the unique blend of Taurus’s stability and Jupiter’s expansion, helping you manifest both wisdom and material wealth during this retrograde.

Crystals for the Jupiter Retrograde

Crystals are like little power-ups, perfect for channeling Jupiter’s expansive vibes. When Jupiter is in retrograde, its usual blessings can get a bit wonky. That’s where crystals come in. They can help you navigate the retrograde’s challenges and turn them into growth opportunities.

Kundalini Quartz

Kundalini Quartz on white background Source: Etsy | DistinctionCrystals
Source: Etsy | DistinctionCrystals

Kundalini Quartz is all about spiritual awakening and aligning your chakras, which is super in tune with Jupiter’s quest for higher wisdom. Its grounding energy can help balance out Jupiter’s expansive tendencies.

During meditation, place Kundalini Quartz at the base of your spine to awaken your kundalini energy. As you meditate, visualize the energy rising, blending Jupiter’s wisdom with Taurus’s earthy stability.

Darwin Glass

A raw Darwin Glass Crystal on a white background. Source: Etsy | TAOSCTRIBE
Source: Etsy | TAOSCTRIBE

Darwin Glass is formed from meteorite impacts and is all about transformation. This makes it perfect for navigating the changes and opportunities that come with Jupiter retrograde in Taurus.

Carry Darwin Glass with you or place it in a space where you often reflect on life changes. Let it remind you that impactful transformations can be both expansive (Jupiter) and grounding (Taurus).

Impact of Jupiter Retrograde on Each Zodiac Sign


Jupiter is retrograde in your 2nd house of values, material possessions, and self-worth. During this time, you might find yourself feeling less worthy and halted in your process of accumulating success and wealth.

Try wearing a Chrysoprase necklace or carry one in your pocket. This stone invites career success, confidence, and self-worth, which there might be a lack of with Jupiter moving through your second house.


Since this retrograde is happening in your sign, it’s a big deal for you. You’ll be doing a lot of soul-searching, reevaluating your personal values, life goals, and even your relationships.

Keep a piece of Pyrite on your work desk, or carry it in your pocket. This stone is excellent for grounding your ambitions and helping you focus on practical steps for material growth.


Jupiter retrograde is affecting your 12th house, which could bring up hidden emotions, past issues, or even unresolved conflicts. It’s a time for introspection and emotional housekeeping.

During meditation, hold a piece of Lapis Lazuli to help you gain wisdom and clarity on what’s resurfacing from your subconscious.


The retrograde is hitting your 11th house, the realm of friendships and social circles. You might find yourself rethinking your social commitments and even questioning some friendships.

Use Rose Quartz to open your Heart Chakra, attract positive social interactions, and even mend some fences.


Jupiter retrograde is in your 10th house, affecting your career and public life. You might find yourself reevaluating your career goals, your path to success, and even your public image.

Carry a piece of Aventurine with you. Known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” it can help you navigate any career changes or opportunities that come your way.


The retrograde is affecting your 9th house, which rules higher learning, philosophy, and spiritual growth. You might find yourself questioning your beliefs or seeking deeper spiritual insights.

Use Kundalini Quartz during your meditation sessions. Place it at the base of your spine to awaken your kundalini energy, align your chakras, and deepen your spiritual understanding.


Jupiter retrograde is stirring things up in your 8th house, affecting shared resources, intimacy, and even some deep psychological issues. It’s a transformative time but also a bit intense.

Carry a piece of Darwin Glass with you. This transformational stone can help you navigate the changes and challenges that come with this retrograde.


The retrograde is in your 7th house, affecting your close relationships and partnerships. Whether romantic or business, you’ll be doing a lot of thinking about your commitments.

Use Amethyst to bring emotional balance and clarity to your relationships. It’s a great stone for opening up communication and understanding.


Jupiter retrograde is affecting your 6th house, which rules daily routines, work, and health. You might find yourself rethinking your daily habits and even your approach to health and wellness.

Carry a piece of Carnelian to boost your energy and focus, especially if you’re feeling a bit scattered or low on energy.


The retrograde is in your 5th house, affecting your creative projects, romantic relationships, and even your relationship with your children, if you have any. It’s a time for reevaluating what gives you joy and pleasure.

Use Citrine to boost your creative juices and attract positive romantic vibes. It’s also known as the “Merchant’s Stone,” so it can help with any financial aspects of your creative projects.


Jupiter retrograde is in your 4th house, affecting your home life, your family, and your emotional foundations. You might find yourself wanting to redecorate, move, or have serious talks with family members.

Place a piece of Moonstone in your home to bring emotional balance and peace, especially if family dynamics are a bit tense.


The retrograde is affecting your 3rd house, which rules communication, short trips, and even your relationship with siblings. You might find yourself rethinking how you communicate or planning a short, soul-searching trip.

Use Turquoise to enhance your communication skills and offer protection during travels. It’s a stone of wisdom and truth, helping you to articulate yourself clearly.


What Happens When Jupiter is Retrograde?

When Jupiter is in retrograde, it is a shift toward introspection, focusing on personal growth, wisdom, and reevaluating life goals.

When is Jupiter Retrograde in 2023?

The dates Jupiter goes retrograde are from September 4 to December 30, 2023.

What Signs Does Jupiter Retrograde Affect the Most?

The sign this Jupiter retrograde will affect the most is Taurus. But it also impacts signs where Taurus rules key houses in their natal chart.

What Happens When Jupiter Retrograde Ends?

When Jupiter retrograde ends, you’ll likely feel a release of energy and a clearer path forward, especially in areas you’ve been reevaluating.

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