Kundalini Quartz

(kun-duh-LEE-nee kwarts)
Main Origins:
Democratic Republic of the Congo

What is Kundalini Quartz?

Kundalini Quartz crystals on gray background Source: Etsy | CalderCrystals
Source: Etsy | CalderCrystals

Kundalini Quartz is a stunning and rare variety of Citrine found exclusively in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is transparent to translucent and most commonly pale yellow to yellow brown but can also appear as gray-brown, gold, or champagne crystals.

This type of Natural Citrine is also characterized by a distinct formation habit of multiple terminated smaller Kundalini Quartz crystals clustered around the base of the central or more prominent Kundalini Quartz point. The formation can be likened to Abundance Quartz, Cathedral Quartz, or Candle Quartz.

As its name suggests, Kundalini Quartz’s powers are associated with awakening kundalini energy, which is the fully realized divine energy within every human. Kundalini Quartz guides one through the journey of kundalini awakening, which empowers it with various effects.

Kundalini Quartz Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Circles with different colors that is representing different kundalini energies

The powers of Kundalini Quartz are revealed when we look into aspects, such as the ruling planets, chakras, deities, and numerology of this magnificent Natural Citrine. 

It is associated with the celestial body of Jupiter. This is a planet of understanding, expansion, optimism, and abundance.

Kundalini Quartz activates all seven chakras, initially concentrating on the Root Chakra, which awakens a powerful inner energy. This destructive and creative life force moves up through each chakra, working on any associated imbalances and clearing, balancing, and energizing these power centers.

The principal deity associated with Kundalini Quartz is Shakti, or Devi. She is the cosmic mother and a powerful creator, sustainer, and destroyer. The energy that supports us through whatever we need to work through in order to allow Kundalini Shakti energy to arise within us.

The numerical vibration of Kundalini Quartz is 9. According to numerology, this crystal resonates with themes including divine inner wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, creative genius, and expansive perspective.

Kundalini Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

A young woman touching her chest during self healing session

Releasing Stagnation

  • Kundalini Quartz will guide and energize you through the process of finding and releasing blockages or stagnation on an energetic level, which informs all other levels of being. 
  • Attune Kundalini Quartz to rise up and release any stagnation within you by holding your stone and repeating the affirmation, “I release all that no longer serves my highest experience.” 

Balancing Hormones

  • The vibration of Kundalini Quartz helps to restore a state of balanced hormones. It works on all the chakras, each associated with different parts of the endocrine system. The energetic alignment benefits the physical. 
  • Hold your Kundalini Quartz near each chakra, starting from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. As you pause at the area of each chakra, chant the seed mantras LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, and AUM accordingly.

Self Awareness

  • This crystal encourages deep introspection on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It helps us to become self-aware, engage in self-healing, and expand awareness. Helping us to integrate the true self, a fully realized interconnection with the divine within. 
  • Consistently meditating with Kundalini Quartz daily and delving into the experiences, healing, and activation that arises will bring you to greater self-awareness.

Deep Healing

  • Deep healing is a Kundalini Quartz benefit that is part of the process of kundalini awakening. This crystal helps heal the root cause of issues.
  • To activate and attune to Kundalini Quartz, practice deep breathwork with your crystal nearby for a minimum of 9 minutes daily.

Increased Creativity and Sex Drive

  • Kundalini Quartz powerfully channels Shakti life force energy up through the lower chakras that inspire sexual potency, creativity, and willpower
  • Place your crystal above your womb space and feel the crystal energy plugging into the earth, energizing your Root Chakra, and moving up, cleansing and filling your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras with power.

Kundalini Quartz Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Kundalini Awakening

  • It is a process of awakening the divine energy within you, engaging in deep healing and alignment in order to realize and experience your full creative potential. 
  • Meditate with your crystal daily as you engage in the divinely guided kundalini awakening process.

Balances All Chakras

  • Balancing and energizing all seven chakras is a Kundalini Quartz benefit. The energy of this crystal guides us to begin at the Root Chakra and move up through each stage, working through any blockages and energizing each chakra with life-force energy.
  • To intentionally use Kundalini Quartz for activating the chakras, practice a meditation that includes a cleansing and energizing visualization of each of the seven chakras. 

Amplified Manifestation

  • Kundalini Quartz’s properties bring inner attunement and energy that can be channeled to intentionally manifest anything you desire.
  • Keep a Kundalini Quartz nearby when engaging in any intentional manifestation, such as visualizing, scripting, emotional attunement, etc.

Spiritual Expanded Awareness

  • The energy of Kundalini Quartz clarifies and stimulates the higher chakras, including the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. This dramatically increases or expands awareness of the spiritual reality of everything.
  • Include some time daily to focus on meditating with your Kundalini Quartz crystal for assistance with understanding experiences from a spiritual and expanded level of awareness.

True Inner Wisdom

  • The journey of kundalini awakening allows us to gain a higher perspective on our experiences and true understanding of our divinity. This crystal helps us to create as we desire with this knowledge.
  • Set your intention to work with Kundalini Quartz and commit to the dark and light moments of kundalini awakening, which will lead to tangible inner wisdom.

Side Effects of Kundalini Quartz

  • Heightened Sensitivity: Kundalini Quartz will immediately heighten your sensitivity so that you detect what needs to be healed to move through kundalini awakening.
  • Deep Shadow Work: The effects of this crystal will ensure that you face hidden, hurting, or repressed aspects of yourself that need attention, healing, or cleansing.
  • Different Sensations: The movement of activated kundalini energy within each chakra and up through the body can cause a physical sensation of tingling, warmth, or pressure.
  • Hyperactivity: This crystal helps you align to a state of connection with your inner power and personal energy source that is powered infinitely. It can feel overwhelming or cause hyperactivity early on as you may take some time to integrate kundalini activation.

Kundalini Quartz Meaning: What does Kundalini Quartz Symbolize?

The meaning of Kundalini Quartz is Kundalini Awakening.

Kundalini Quartz symbolizes the journey of kundalini awakening. The upward growth of several terminated Citrine crystals represents the strong upward movement of energy through the body, as this typically dormant feminine life force energy is activated.

It symbolizes a journey of facing obstacles within, manifested as the challenges and experiences in life. Initiation of kundalini awakening is a process of moving through and healing everything you need to rise from, awaken, and experience to become one with the potent and formless divine feminine life force energy.

The color energies of Kundalini Quartz, which contributes meanings or themes, include yellow (joyful, positive, and energizing), gold (abundance, prosperity, and higher consciousness), brown (connection to the earth and purification), and gray (non-duality and integration).

Types of Kundalini Quartz

  1. Pale Yellow Kundalini Quartz: A Natural Citrine that features a large point surrounded by many more minor points in light yellow to clear-tinged with yellow. Pale Yellow Kundalini Quartz uplifts our spirits.
  2. Golden Kundalini Quartz: A darker yellow to clear golden Natural Citrine formed as a main crystal surrounded by several smaller crystal points. Golden Kundalini Quartz initiates the process of activating kundalini energy.
  3. Champagne Kundalini Quartz: A soft, warm yellow to light, warm beige translucent central Natural Citrine Quartz surrounded by smaller terminations. Champagne Kundalini Quartz supports you through the journey of kundalini awakening, self-awareness, purification, and realization.
  4. Brown Kundalini Quartz: Transparent or translucent yellow-brown to deep warm or gray-brown crystals pointed in an upward and clustered growth habit similar to Pineapple Quartz. Brown Kundalini Quartz is grounding. It reconnects you to the abundance of Earth and creative energy within you.
  5. Smoky Kundalini Quartz: Darker gray-yellow to deep gray-brown Kundalini Quartz crystals radiate immense power. The tips of the crystals are often the most saturated in dark coloration. This crystal guides you through your shadows, helping you acknowledge, heal, accept, and release all that keeps you from experiencing fully aligned divine feminine energy.
  6. Kundalini Quartz Clusters: Specimens that display more than one larger crystal, each surrounded by several small terminated Natural Citrines. Kundalini Quartz Clusters are high vibrational and highly energizing on all levels. 

How to Cleanse Kundalini Quartz?

hands burning white sage for spiritual ritual

  • Water: Cleanse your Kundalini Quartz by intentionally placing it in a vessel filled with pure water for about 9 minutes.
  • Smoke: Light an incense or herbal smudge bundle and circle the smoke around your Kundalini Quartz 9 times in a clockwise direction.
  • Affirmations: Hold your crystal and use the vibrational power of words to intentionally cleanse it by repeating affirmations such as: I cleanse this Kundalini Quartz with clear intent and the power of my connection with source energy.

Interactions with Kundalini Quartz


What is Kundalini Quartz?

Kundalini Quart is a variety of Natural Citrine only found in the Congo. It typically forms as bigger light yellow, brown, or smoky Citrine Quartz points with smaller Citrine Quartz clustered around them.

What is the Benefit of Kundalini Quartz?

The benefit of Kundalini Quartz is the purification and restoration of your awareness of the divine energy within you. It guides you to heal and become a clear channel for creativity and life force to flow through, to manifest your highest expression and embodiment.

Where Does Kundalini Citrine Come From?

Kundalini Citrine comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Kundalini Citrine?

The spiritual meaning of Kundalini Citrine is kundalini awakening, the full realization of your divine potential through clearing, balancing, and activating the seven chakras, starting from the Root Chakra.

How Do You Clean Kundalini Citrine?

To clean Kundalini Quartz, rinse and wipe your crystal with lukewarm water and a soft cloth.

What are the Differences Between Natural Citrine and Heat-Treated?

Natural Citrine forms in yellow, golden, brown, or smoky coloration within the earth prior to being mined. Heat-treated Citrines are Amethyst crystals that have been discolored to resemble Citrine using high heat.

What Happens if You Sleep with a Citrine Crystal?

Sleep is an easy time to energetically attune to Citrine. As you rest deeply, keep this crystal near, and it will naturally purify your energy, inspire activation, and serve as a stable source of upliftment.

Is it Okay to Wear Citrine Daily?

Yes. This is a high-energy crystal, but it is okay to wear this stone daily as it also has a nurturing or mothering energy that will teach, guide, and activate you at a suitable pace.

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