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What is Vulcanite?

Vulcanite is a powerful healing crystal that also goes by the names Llanite and Que Sara stone. It is a porphyritic rhyolite with interesting inclusions of Blue Quartz and Feldspar, which creates a dotted pattern on the rock. This mix of crystals within Vulcanite brings a range of healing properties to the stone and works together to create a wonderful blend of energy.

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Despite being a relatively new discovery, Vulcanite has become a popular crystal for many spiritualists because of its healing powers and deep connection to Mother Earth. When tumbled and polished, the mix of crystals within the stone creates a beautiful appearance.

Vulcanite is an uplifting stone that boosts feelings of joy and happiness. Simply having one of these stones around you will help you look on the bright side of things and embrace a more positive way of thinking.  

Vulcanite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Vulcanite works with the three lower chakras, which are the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. The stone harmonizes and opens up these three chakras, boosting feelings of safety, joy, creativity, and confidence. When these chakras are open, we feel much more sure about who we are and our connection with the universe. 

Because of its unique blend of energy, there are a range of ways we can use Vulcanite to enhance our lives. It empowers your soul and boosts your sense of self while promoting feelings of tranquility and peace. By removing stress and worries, this stone provides us with the space to tap into our personal power and confidence. 

Vulcanite has a strong connection with Mother Nature, and we can use it to enhance our link with Earth and its wonders. Meditating with Vulcanite and wearing it when we are in nature allows us to feel Earth’s energy and use it to boost our lives. This makes Vulcanite a fantastic grounding crystal, allowing us to connect with the ground beneath our feet. 

Did you know that Vulcanite gains its powers from the planet Saturn? In astrology, Saturn is associated with practicality, wisdom, and discipline. We can use Vulcanite to bring this energy into our own lives, boosting our relationship with work and pushing us forward with our goals. 

All gemstones hold a numerical vibration, which adds to their powers. Vulcanite has a numerical vibration of 5, which is connected to progression, change, and freedom. Because of this, Vulcanite helps us stay true to who we are and progress in a way we really want to, overcoming societal or family expectations that may be holding us back. 

Vulcanite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Vulcanite has a positive energy that spreads calmness and tranquility. It calms your nerves and clears the mind of stress and worry. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with incense that boosts feelings of serenity, such as lavender or patchouli. Then meditate with your Vulcanite stone when you feel overwhelmed with stress. 


  • Because Vulcanite works to clear the mind, we can use it to boost concentration and focus. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with positive affirmations of focus. Then place it on your desk at work or around your home to help you concentrate on tasks or hobbies. 


  • Vulcanite opens up the Sacral Chakra, which governs our feelings of self-expression and creativity. We can use the stone to help us with our artistic pursuits. 
  • Hold your Vulcanite on your Sacral Chakra while repeating affirmations of creativity and self-expression. Then place it near you while painting, writing, or making music. 

Sense of Self

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with our motivation and purpose. As Vulcanite opens up this chakra, we can use it to boost our sense of self. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with moonlight. Then meditate with it placed on your Solar Plexus Chakra to help you discover your true path in life. 


  • Vulcanite boosts feelings of joy and happiness in those who work with it, with its positive energy uplifting your mood. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with sage smoke. Then place it in your living room or bedroom to enhance feelings of joy.

Vulcanite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

spiritual person performing grounding outdoors

Psychic Powers

  • Because Vulcanite clears the mind and helps you focus, we can use it to develop our psychic powers. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with a singing bowl. Then place it on your Third Eye Chakra while you work on developing your psychic powers. 


  • Vulcanite has a deep connection with Mother Nature and works with both the Root and Earth Star Chakra. This means that it has superb grounding properties. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with soil, leaving it submerged for 12 hours. Then meditate with it while visualizing roots growing from your soul into the earth. 

Inner Wisdom

  • Vulcanite helps you tap into your truth and discover wisdom and knowledge that are innate within you. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with chanting. Then hold it while meditating and focusing on your intuition, letting your inner voice guide you. 

Spiritual Guidance

  • We can use Vulcanite to connect with our spirit guides or guardian angels and receive guidance from them. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with moonlight. Then wear it as a necklace to allow your soul to receive spiritual guidance. 


  • Because Vulcanite is connected with the element Earth, it is an excellent stone for manifestation. 
  • Charge your Vulcanite with the smoke of a green or gold candle. Then hold it while you send your intentions of abundance and prosperity out into the world. 

Side Effects of Vulcanite


  • Materialism: Vulcanite gains its power from the element of Earth, which governs material goods and abundance. This means overuse of this stone may cause you to focus too much on material gain. 
  • Arrogance: Vulcanite is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, and an overactive Solar Plexus Chakra can trigger arrogance and aggression. 
  • Fatigue: Vulcanite boosts feelings of focus and determination, helping us concentrate on self-discovery and progression. However, this may lead us to burn out and feel fatigued

Vulcanite Meaning: What Does Vulcanite Symbolize?

A woman happily painting

The meaning of Vulcanite is “discovery.” 

This wonderful stone clears the mind of stress and allows us to discover the truth about ourselves and our soul’s mission. It helps us understand our personality and skills while also allowing us to hear the spiritual messages surrounding us. When we work with this stone, we align ourselves with our true path in life, ridding ourselves of distractions and lies. 

Vulcanite is a Stone of Harmony, bringing you the energy of peace and tranquility. Its uplifting vibrations ease worries and concerns and boost your sense of freedom. 

This crystal is also known as the Que Sera Stone, which means “whatever will be will be.” This reflects how the stone allows us to let go of worries and concerns to achieve true freedom and inner peace. 

Types of Vulcanite Crystals

  • Common Vulcanite: Common Vulcanite is a brown stone with dots of white and blue within. This variety opens up and harmonizes the lower chakras to bring stability and confidence into your life. 
  • White Vulcanite: This variety of Vulcanite is milky-white with blue markings. Use White Vulcanite to connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. 
  • Yellow Vulcanite: Yellow Vulcanite appears as a dark yellow stone with brown splodges. Use this variety to open up your Solar Plexus Chakra and boost feelings of confidence. 
  • Green Vulcanite: This variety of Vulcanite is a dark green stone with blue and orange dots. Green Vulcanite boosts your connection with Mother Nature.
  • Blue Vulcanite: Blue Vulcanite refers to specimens of Vulcanite with a high amount of Blue Quartz inclusions, making the stone appear primarily blue. Use this variety to overcome stress and find a place of peace and calm. 
  • Gray Vulcanite: This variety of Vulcanite is predominantly gray, with no other inclusions visible. Gray Vulcanite is excellent for grounding and focus. 
  • Vulcanite-Pyrite: This variety of Vulcanite is dark brown with blue dots and gold inclusions of Pyrite. Use Vulcanite-Pyrite for manifestation and setting intentions. 

How To Cleanse Vulcanite?

two candles on a glass

  • Moonlight: Place your Vulcanite stone outside on the night of the full moon. Leave it there overnight. 
  • Candle: Light a white candle and let it burn for a few moments. Then hold your Vulcanite stone in the smoke. 
  • Salt: Place your Vulcanite crystal in a bowl of salt, making sure it is submerged. Leave it in the salt bowl for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

What is the Use of Vulcanite?

Vulcanite is used to open up the three lower chakras and boost feelings of security and confidence. It is also used to connect with Mother Nature and the powers of the planet Earth. 

What is Vulcanite Made of?

Vulcanite is made of Rhyolite with inclusions of Blue Quartz and Feldspar.

What is Vulcanite Also Known As?

Vulcanite is also known as Llanite and the Que Sara stone.

Where Does Vulcanite Come From?

Vulcanite comes from the USA. 

Who Should Wear Vulcanite?

Vulcanite connects well with those born with the zodiac signs Taurus, Capricorn, and Sagittarius.

Who Should Not Wear Vulcanite?

The planet Saturn rules Vulcanite, which is an enemy planet of Mars and the Sun. This means that people with the zodiac signs Aries and Leo should not wear Vulcanite, as Mars rules Aries, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. 

Can Vulcanite be worn every day?

Yes, Vulcanite can be worn every day because it is a fairly durable stone.

What Are the Healing Properties of Vulcanite?

Vulcanite boosts your sense of self and promotes tranquility and peace. It connects with and opens up the Root, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras, amplifying feelings of security, joy, and creativity.

Can Vulcanite go in the Sun?

Yes, Vulcanite can go in the sun for short periods of time.

an Vulcanite go in Water?

Yes, Vulcanite can go in water for cleansing and charging. 

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