Main Origins:
Greenland, the USA, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Norway, Russia, and Canada.

What is Hackmanite?

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Hackmanite is a rare variety of Sodalite famous for its unique optical property of tenebrescence. Only a few minerals hold this remarkable effect, which refers to the stone’s color-changing ability. When exposed to sunlight, Hackmanite changes color. However, the stone will revert to its original color when left in the dark. 

Tenebrescence is not the only fascinating optical property that Hackmanite has. It also has fluorescence and glows under UV light. Some specimens of the stone even glow in the dark, retaining some of their glow when going from light to dark settings.

Because of its extraordinary optical properties, Hackmanite is valued by crystal collectors and scientists alike. Despite being discovered in the late 1800s, scientists only figured out why Hackmanite glows in the dark in 2020, when a study found that the specimens that glow in the dark have a specific mixture of impurities and minerals. Studying Hackmanite’s glow allows scientists to develop synthetic glow-in-the-dark materials that don’t need their own power source. 

Hackmanite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Alongside this stone’s wonderful optical properties, Hackmanite has an incredible range of metaphysical and healing benefits to help us on our spiritual path. It connects with the three higher chakras to enhance our understanding of ourselves and our soul’s path. Blue varieties of the stone connect well with the Throat Chakra, helping us understand our truth and how we can express emotions, beliefs, and ideas to others. 

Hackmanite helps us connect the past, present, and future together, enabling us to understand how everything is a part of our existence. Our past is still here with us, and our future is down to our present. By meditating with Hackmanite, we can reflect on our experiences and wishes for the future to discover, learn, and grow. 

This stone bridges the gap between this world and higher realms of existence, allowing us to explore cosmic knowledge and connect with our guardian angels and spirit guides. By opening up the Crown Chakra, our consciousness is elevated, enabling us to explore the truth of reality and the universe. By doing so, our wisdom and knowledge are expanded.

Did you know that Hackmanite is ruled by the element of Air? As the element of Air governs communication and the mind, we can use Hackmanite to enhance our self-expression and intellect. Meditating with this stone when we are faced with a decision provides us with clarity and understanding.

Hackmanite gains its powers from the planet Neptune, which governs dreams, subconscious, creativity, and mysticism. By working with Hackmanite to connect with Neptune, we can gain enlightenment and understanding regarding the hidden truths within ourselves and the universe. We can also unlock our subconsciousness, helping us explore our shadow self and the dream world. 

Hackmanite Healing Properties and Benefits

Emotional Expression

  • Hackmanite works with the Throat Chakra, enabling us to speak our truth and express our emotions. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite with running natural water, as the element of Water enhances emotional understanding. Then place it on your Throat Chakra while repeating affirmations of communication and expression. 


  • Because it illuminates our truth, Hackmanite gives us the courage to be ourselves and stand up for our beliefs. It reignites our sense of self and provides us with the power to align ourselves with it.
  • Charge your Hackmanite with soil, burying it for 12 hours. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand to inspire you to have faith and courage in yourself. 


  • Hackmanite connects with the element of Air to boost our logic and decision-making skills. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite with incense, as the element of Air enhances clarity and logic. Then hold it while reflecting on a decision you need to make. 


  • Working with Hackmanite allows us to reflect on the experiences we have gone through in life and learn lessons from them. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite on the night of the Full Moon, leaving it in the moonlight from dusk until dawn. Then have it near you when journaling about past experiences. 


  • Because of its color-changing qualities, Hackmanite assists us through the changes we experience in life and allows us to make the changes we want to make to improve our lives.
  • Charge your Hackmanite with a candle, as the element of Fire boosts growth and change. Then place it in your living room to invite positive change into your life. 

Hackmanite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A guardian angel shadow behind a woman

Shadow Work 

  • Because it connects with Neptune, the planet of subconsciousness and intuition, Hackmanite assists us in shadow work. Shadow work enables us to uncover any repressed worries and fears that are holding us back. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite with soil, as the element of Earth will help you feel safe and secure while exploring your shadow self. Then have it near you when journaling and using shadow work prompts. 

 Spirit Guide Communication

  • Hackmanite opens up the bridge between this world and higher realms, allowing us to connect with our spirit guides. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite with a herb jar containing lavender or mugwort. Then hold it when praying to your spirit guide and asking for their guidance. 

Soul’s Mission Discovery 

  • Because it opens up the higher chakras for spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery, working with Hackmanite helps us learn about our soul’s mission.
  • Charge your Hackmanite with sage, then hold it while meditating on your path in life. 

Tarot Reading 

  • Hackmanite opens up the Third Eye Chakra to enhance your intuition. This means it is a fantastic stone for Tarot reading, allowing you to gain understanding and guidance from the cards. 
  • Charge your Hackmanite with moonlight, then have it near you when performing Tarot readings. 


  • By enhancing our connection with our subconsciousness, Hackmanite helps us interpret our dreams and understand their messages.
  • Place your Hackmanite under your pillow before you go to sleep. When you wake up, hold it while reflecting on your dreams. 

Side Effects of Hackmanite

  • Fatigue: Hackmanite may cause fatigue when overused, as it has high energy that connects with your own.
  • Dizziness: As it opens up the higher chakras, you may experience dizziness when using Hackmanite. 
  • Insomnia: Despite being suitable for dreamwork, Hackmanite may cause insomnia for some. If you have had a history of insomnia, keep Hackmanite out of your bedroom. 

Hackmanite Meaning: What Does Hackmanite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Hackmanite is “awareness.”

Hackmanite brings forth awareness of ourselves and our purpose in life. It symbolizes the power we have within us to gain enlightenment and awareness in this world and shows us how we can connect with cosmic knowledge to better our lives. Hackmanite reveals the depth of our souls to us, being the guiding light toward peace and truth. 

Hackmanite is known as the Stone of Eternal Belonging, which reflects the universal connection it enables us to tap into. It symbolizes how we belong in the universe, and our vibrations connect with higher cosmic energy.

Types of Hackmanite

  • Deep Purple Hackmanite: This variety of Hackmanite comes from Quebec and Greenland and is dark purple in color, changing to gray in sunlight. Use Deep Purple Hackmanite to open your Third Eye Chakra and deepen your intuition and Tarot reading skills. 
  • Lilac Hackmanite: Lilac Hackmanite is light purple and changes to white in sunlight. Use this variety to connect with your spirit guides. 
  • White Hackmanite: White Hackmanite comes from Afghanistan and the Myanmar Republic and is a creamy white color, turning violet or pink in sunlight. Use this variety to raise your spiritual awareness and discover your soul’s mission. 
  • Blue Hackmanite: Blue Hackmanite is light blue and usually changes to purple when exposed to light. Use this variety to open up the Throat Chakra. 
  • Gray Hackmanite: Gray Hackmanite is light gray to white in color. Use this variety for self-reflection and personal growth. 
  • Mottled Hackmanite: Mottled Hackmanite is a white stone with pink, purple, or yellow patterns. Use this variety for clarity and decision-making. 
  • Veined Hackmanite: This variety of Hackmanite is purple with white veins caused by Calcite. Use this variety for meditation. 

How to Cleanse Hackmanite?

selenite lamp together with incense stick

  • Incense: Light incense and let it burn for a few moments. Then hold your Hackmanite in the smoke. 
  • Moonlight: Place your Hackmanite stone on your windowsill or outside on the night of the Full Moon. 
  • Crystal Grid: Place your Hackmanite in a crystal grid with Clear Quartz. Leave it there for 12 hours.

Questions and Answers

Is Hackmanite the Same as Strawberry Quartz?

No, Hackmanite is not the same as Strawberry Quartz, as it is a variety of Sodalite and not a Quartz.

Is Hackmanite the Same as Red Quartz?

No, Hackmanite is not the same as Red Quartz. Hackmanite is a variety of Sodalite and not a Quartz. 

Is Hackmanite a Natural Stone?

Yes, Hackmanite is a natural stone. 

Can Hackmanite Get Wet?

Yes, Hackmanite is safe to go in water for short periods of time.

Is Hackmanite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Hackmanite is safe to go in the Sun. However, be aware that its colors may change when exposed to sunlight. They do revert to their original color when exposed to darkness. 

How Can You Tell if Hackmanite is Real?

Because of its unique optical properties, it is relatively easy to see if Hackmanite is real. Real Hackmanite displays fluorescence under a UV light, so you can check your specimen with a UV light. You can also leave it in sunlight for a while to see if it starts changing color. 

Is Fire Quartz the Same as Hackmanite?

No, Fire Quartz is not the same as Hackmanite. 

How Do You Take Care of Hackmanite?

Hackmanite should be stored out of direct light and intense heat. It can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. 

What is the Cost of Hackmanite?

The cost of Hackmanite ranges from $5 to $2,500 per carat, depending on its color, origin, transparency, and clarity.

What Stones Go Well with Hackmanite?

Stones that go well with Hackmanite are ones that open up the higher chakras and are governed by the planet Neptune, such as Lazurite, Purpurite, and Celestite. 

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