Main Origins:
Indonesia, the Balkans, Australia, Tanzania, India, Brazil, and the United States.

What is Chrysopal?

chrysopal chunk on granite background

Chrysopal is a nickel-bearing Serpentine, usually found in Java, Indonesia. It exhibits shades of blue-green color and may be translucent or opaque. The color comes from nickel impurities and is often compared to Granny Smith apples and Chrysoprase stone. 

Therefore, Chrysopal is also known as Green Opal, Green Apple Opal, Nickelian Opal, Nickleoan Opal, Indonesian Prase Opal, Chrysophrase Opal, Nickel-bearing Serpentine, Chrysoprase Opal, Prase Opal, Prasopal, Chrysoprasus, and Blue-Green Opal.

Green Apple Opal has a waxy luster when polished, with mottling, veiny, and many unique patterns. It is believed to have a calming effect on users and is linked to detox. 

Fun Fact: Chrysopal is a transition mineral between Chrysoprase and Opal. 

Chrysopal Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

As Chrysopal exhibits green, blue, white, and clear hues, it opens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. These chakras are the reason why this crystal is good for trust, harmony, expression, intuition, luck, spirit contact, and karmic penance. 

Nickel-bearing Serpentine also opens the Root, Solar Plexus, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakras. They are responsible for detox, calmness, prosperity, protection, awakening, health, and self-esteem. 

According to astrology, the Moon governs Prase Opal, signifying calmness, ancient wisdom, psychic awareness, and trust. Bonding with this crystal is best for the Cancer zodiac sign to enhance empathy, stability, and self-expression. 

Due to their association with the Water element, intuition, adaptability, and detox are Chrysopal’s benefits. This is also why keeping it in the North area brings success. 

Chrysoprase Opal is associated with the powers of Gods, such as Shiva, the Hindu God of Transformation; Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess of Joy; Kuan-Yin, the Chinese Goddess of mercy; and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, the Indonesian Goddess of Tranquility.

Green Opal resonates with the numerology numbers 1, 5, 9, and 11, which are associated with leadership, growth, awakening, and intuition.

Chrysopal Healing Properties & Benefits

Courage and Emotional Stability

  • Most varieties of Chrysopal help resolve emotional burdens by boosting your confidence. Charging and keeping Spotted, Pale Green, and Gray Green Opal varieties helps you with courage and harmony. 
  • Chant this affirmation to charge your stone for emotional balance and confidence, “I am resilient and embrace all that comes my way with grace.” 

Trust and Friendship

  • Green and Pale Green Chrysopal varieties enhance love and togetherness in relationships, including marriage, friendship, and family.
  • Light a candle and safely hold your crystal for a minute near the flame while visualizing the love, trust, and companionship you yearn for. Once the crystal is charged, place it in the Eastern area of your home. 

 Communication and Expression

  • Are you shy or introverted, making it difficult to express your views? Then carry a charged Blue-Green, White, and Opal-included Nickelonian Serpentine on your dominant side to beat the phobias.
  • The best way to charge your crystal for communication and self-expression is by placing it next to a singing bowl and soaking it in healing sounds before use. 


  • Many healing stones help you overcome self-pity and find your most authentic self. Varieties like Blue, Dark, and Schumann Chrysopal are excellent for this as they help you connect with the Earth Star Chakra.
  • Hold your crystal in your palms for up to 5 minutes while facing the Sun to charge it for self-discovery. Afterward, carry it on your person for a week after repeating the above charging technique. 


  • Dark, Pale Green, Golden, and Yellow Prase Opal clear physical blockages to increase your energy and decrease stress. If you place them on the Sacral Chakra, Prasopal stones can clear reproductive blockages.
  • Place your crystal next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours to indirectly infuse its energies into the water. Once it’s infused, daily consume the water before sunset for up to a month for a thorough detox.

Chrysopal Spiritual Properties & Benefits

numerous hands holding small plants depicting prosperity


  • Green Apple, Pale Green, Golden, and Macedonian Nickeloan Opal attract financial luck, success, and abundance into your life when used the right way. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your crystal in the center, surrounded by mint, patchouli, and cinnamon. Finally, light a golden candle next to the crystal to set your intention daily. 

 Universal Consciousness and Awareness

  • Did you know that some crystals can help awaken your mind? Spotted, Dark, Blue, and Blue-Green Nickel-bearing Serpentine crystals enlightened by connecting your energies to the etheric realm.
  • To achieve universal consciousness, make a crystal elixir by indirectly infusing Chrysopal’s energies into water, then pour this elixir into your bathtub. Finally, soak in the gem bath for 5 to 10 minutes while meditating on your intention. 

 Psychic Protection

  • Dark, Brown, and Gray varieties of Prasopal create a cocoon of protection around you, repelling negative and evil vibrations. They also empower your auric shield to keep you mentally and spiritually clear. 
  • You can carry it with you after charging it with Zen gardening or bury it in the four corners of your home to strengthen protective vibes. 

Angelic Contact

  • Are you looking for ways to connect with guardian spirits or angelic beings? Charge and place a Blue-Green, Spotted, or White Prasopal for divine interference and spirit contact. 
  • Hold your crystal in your palms, gazing into it while visualizing your intention. Finally, place the charged healing stone underneath your pillow to contact angels in dreams.

Karmic Healing

  • If you feel karmic debts from your past lives are blocking your soul’s mission or destiny, charge a Green Apple, Dark, Schumann, or Bicolor Chrysophrase Opal and place it in the bedroom.
  • Create a spell jar by placing your crystal in a transparent mason jar and adding herbs, like lotus, rose, daisy, and sage. Finally, chant the mantra VAM while tying a green ribbon at its mouth.

Side Effects of Chrysopal

  • Restlessness: Nickeloan Opal can lead to hyperactivity if you don’t take a break from using it. 
  • Sleep Disturbances: Excessive usage of Chrysopal often leads to disturbing dreams and insomnia. Meditate with a sleep crystal, like Malachite, next time this happens to you.
  • Blind Positivity: Sensitive users may feel overwhelmed by the energies of Chrysopal, leading them to make irrational decisions or hold unrealistic expectations.

Chrysopal Meaning: What Does Chrysopal Symbolize?

a man jumped from cliff to cliff

The meaning of Chrysopal is Courage. 

Did you know Chrysopal is known as the Golden Stone of Courage? This type of Nickeloan Opal clears blockages in the mind, body, and spirit to help you express opinions clearly and seek divine help. It is also good for karmic healing and manifestation. 

The name Chrysopal comes from the words “Chrysos,” meaning “gold,” and “Opallios,” meaning “change of color.” Healers believe keeping it close leads to detox.

Types of Chrysopal Crystals

  • Green Apple Chrysopal: Also called Green Apple Opal, this Serpentine variety exhibits a bright green hue. It is the best stone for courage, self-confidence, karmic healing, detox, and prosperity. 
  • Dark Chrysopal: The presence of Chromium imparts a dark or blackish-green hue to this Chrysophrase Opal. Use this healing crystal for psychic protection, immunity, and courage after charging it. 
  • Blue Chrysopal: Featuring a calming blue hue, this type of Nickelian Opal helps with self-discovery and karmic penance. Psychics recommend it often for psychic awareness and empathy with friends. 
  • Blue-Green Chrysopal: This type of Blue-Green Opal may show patches of blue and green and is often used for activating psychic abilities, like intuition, insight, charm, and angelic contact. 
  • Pale Green Chrysopal: Also called Olive-Green Chrysopal, this is a stone for abundance, success, and prosperity. You can also use it to move on from grief, loss, and traumatic events besides attracting good friends.
  • Whitish Chrysopal: A Prasopal variety with dominant white or off-white mixed with green hues, this type of healing crystal connects your chakras to the etheric ones. Use it for spirit contact, lucid dreaming, astral travel, and reality shifting. 
  • Gray Chrysopal: One of the best Chrysoprase Opal for clearing confusion and dilemma, keeping this healing stone on your body protects you from psychic attacks. 
  • Brown Chrysopal: Prase Opal with beige, pale orange, and dark brown hues, this variety empowers your auric shields and enhances your connection with angelic beings as well as friends.
  • Golden Chrysopal: Featuring pale to dark golden hues, this type of Nickel-bearing Serpentine is the harbinger of prosperity, success, and luck. You can also use it to amplify health and detox. 
  • Yellow Chrysopal: A translucent jelly-like Nickleoan Opal with cream-yellow hues, this is another variety that clears blockages from your digestive and circulatory system. You can also use it to enhance self-esteem and trust.
  • Schumann Chrysopal: The transparent variety of Chrysopal is called Chrysopal of Schumann. It is good for karmic healing, finding your most authentic self, and self-expression. 
  • Spotted Chrysopal: Featuring black or gray mottled inclusions, this type of Prase Opal brings harmony to relationships in addition to boosting prosperity, universal consciousness, confidence, and courage. 
  • Macedonian Chrysopal: This type of Chrysoprase Opal comes from Macedonia and exhibits yellowish-green hues, often with beige inclusions. It’s a good stone for detox, angelic contact, inner peace, and self-discovery.
  • Opal var Chrysopal: A Nickel-bearing Serpentine seen with Common Opals, this type of crystal boosts karmic healing, intuition, charisma, trust, and health. 
  • Tanzanian Chrysopal: Prasopal from Tanzania constitutes this variety and exhibits bright blue-green hues between contrasting brown or black matrices. Use it for psychic protection, grounding, immunity, and tranquility.
  • Bicolor Chrysopal: Featuring yellow and dark green or light green hues, this type of Nickleoan Opal is a rarity, ideal for angelic contact, prosperity, and detox. 

How to Cleanse Chrysopal?

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  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal in the palms for a few minutes while facing the Sun to cleanse the negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Meditation: Visualizing your thought vibrations ejecting bad energies is an effective method to cleanse your crystal before and after spiritual rituals quickly.
  • Seed Mantra: Position the crystal near your lips and chant the seed mantra VAM, associated with its ruling element, Water, for a few minutes to reset the crystal’s energies.

Questions and Answers

Is Chrysopal Safe to Use?

Yes, Chrysopal is safe to touch and wear as it doesn’t contain any toxic elements.

What is the Difference Between Chrysoprase and Chrysopal?

The biggest difference between Chrysoprase and Chrysopal is the former is a type of Chalcedony while the latter is a nickel-bearing Serpentine. Moreover, Chrysoprase is characterized by a dark and clear green hue, unlike the uniform apple-green color of Chrysopal.

Is Chrysopal a Type of Chalcedony?

No, Chrysopal is not a type of Chalcedony.

Can Chrysopal Get Wet?

Yes, Chrysopal can get wet; however, it is not advisable to soak it in water for extended periods.

Is Chrysopal Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chrysopal is safe for short periods under sunlight. Prolonged direct exposure can lead to fading of color.

How Can You Tell if Chrysopal is Real?

The best way to determine if Chrysopal is real is by examining its white or light-colored streak. You can also do scratch and weight tests to confirm its authenticity. 

Is Chrysopal a Variety of Opal?

No, Chrysopal is not a type of Opal. 

How Do You Take Care of Chrysopal?

The best way to care for Chrysopal is by keeping it away from direct sunlight, moisture, light, and heat. You can also position it in places away from accidental falls and collisions. 


Is Chrysopal Expensive?

No, Chrysopal is not expensive, and you can acquire specimens for prices ranging from $2 to a few hundred USD.

What Stones Go Well with Chrysopal?

The best stones to combine with Chrysopal are Moonstone, Selenite, Sunstone, and Carnelian.

Interactions with Chrysopal

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