Bullseye Agate

(bulz-eye ag-it)
Main Origins:
Madagascar, Australia, Myanmar, Namibia, China, South Africa, Italy, the United States, India, Brazil, Uruguay, and Mexico.

What is Bullseye Agate?

bulls eye agate on dark background

Bullseye Agate, a type of Orbicular Agate, is a variety of Banded Agate. It exhibits concentric, circular black bands or bullseye rings at the center of a target. These bands are typically symmetrical, uniform, evenly spaced, and repetitive. 

It is also known as Target Stone, Target Agate, Bull’s Eye Stone, Onyx Agate, Bullseye Chalcedony, Bull’s Eye, Bulls Eye Agate, Ring Agate, and Bull’s Eye Agate. 

The Target Stone is found in various colors, ranging from colorless to orange, white, black, gray, red, blue, purple, brown, and pink. 

Bull’s Eye Agate enhances focus, balances yin and yang energies, manages stress, and aids growth. 

Bullseye Agate Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Bull’s Eye Chalcedony is seen in almost all colors, including colorless and multicolor; hence, it’s associated with the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. 

That’s why Bullseye Stone is ideal for focus, clarity, critical thinking, courage, strength, inspiration, stress management, balance, protection, and intuition. 

In astrology, Saturn and Mars, which rule Bull’s Eye Agate, signify discipline, stability, manifestation, motivation, willpower, and psychic shielding. The stone promotes stability, concentration, and clarity for Scorpios, Aries, and Tauruses.

Earth is the ruling element associated with Bull’s Eye Agate, representing balance, motivation, wisdom, tranquility, protection, and growth. This elemental association is why keeping this stone in the Center and Southeast brings health, abundance, and harmony. 

Target Agate also draws into the powers of Gods such as Cernunnos, the Celtic God of Life; Thor, the Norse God of Thunder; Annapurna, the Hindu God of Food; Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams; Horus, the Egyptian Sky God; and Ma’at, the Egyptian God of Truth

In numerology, Bullseye Agate is represented by the numbers 7 and 8, symbolizing wisdom, self-discovery, success, and power. 

Bullseye Agate Healing Properties & Benefits

Focus and Analytics

  • Almost all Bull’s Eye Agate varieties enhance concentration, mental clarity, and critical thinking skills. White, Gray, and Eye Agate-included Bullseye Agates particularly enhance focus and mind power.
  • Light a candle and hold your stone for a few minutes safely from the flame while visualizing your brain lighting up with focus and analytical skills. 

Courage, Strength, and Stamina

  • Charging and keeping Brown, Green, Orange, and Travertine Bullseye Agate above your waist will help you draw into the powers and invincibility of Mother Earth. 
  • Bury your stone three inches under the soil overnight and keep it on your person afterward. 

Motivation and Communication Skills 

  • Did you know some healing crystals inspire you and open your mind? Blue, Green, Orange, and Travertine varieties of Bull’s Eye Agate enhance communication skills and willpower. 
  • Keep your crystal next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours to infuse its energies. Consume the gem elixir within the day and repeat the process. 


  • Keeping a charged Bullseye Agate on your dominant side is the best way to find your most authentic self. Yellow, Orange, Lake Superior, and Opal-included Target Agate varieties work like a charm for the best results. 
  • Face the sun while holding your crystal in your palms and meditate on your intention in the early morning. 

Stress Management 

  • Managing stress is easier with a beacon of hope, tranquility, and inner peace by your side. Bull’s Eye Agate varieties, such as White, Gray, and Lace Agate, also improve your emotional balance. 
  • Chant this affirmation to charge your crystal for calmness and relief anytime, “Stress is leaving my mind, body, and soul, making me stronger and more resilient by the day.”

Bullseye Agate Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Manifestation and woman writing a book

Dreamwork and Manifestation

  • For dream recall, keep a charged Blue, Green, or Opal Bullseye Agate underneath your pillow. You can also activate the same crystal for manifesting intentions. 
  • Circle a Bullseye Agate wand over each of your chakras before sleep for manifestation, lucid dreaming, and other divination rituals.

Psychic Shielding

  • One of the best ways to repel psychic attacks is by charging Black and Brown Bull’s Eye Agate. Place it in the Center of your house to protect yourself. 
  • Set up an altar with your crystal in the center, surrounded by yarrow, myrrh, black pepper, and three black or purple candles. Light the candles to empower the altar and spread vibes of protection around your home and family.

 Purification and Karmic Healing 

  • Gray and Travertine types of Bull’s Eye Agate remove negative energies and thoughts, including your karmic debts. Bonding with the stones will give you access to Akashic Records and spirit guidance to find penance. 
  • Create an indirect crystal elixir and pour it into your bathtub. Soak in the gem bath for 5 to 10 minutes once a week for intense purification. 

 Intuition and Psychic Vision 

  • Blue and Opal-included Target Agate activate psychic gifts like clairvision, intuition, and premonitions. 
  • Sit under the Moon while holding your stone and gazing into it for a few minutes. 

 Spiritual Growth

  • Lake Superior, Orange, and Onyx-included Bull’s Eye Stone awakens the soul and encourages your mind to grow spiritually. 
  • Light a smudge stick and circle the sacred smoke over your crystal. Keep the charged stone always with you for growth. 

Side Effects of Bullseye Agate

  • Self-Obsession: Using Bull’s Eye Agate for days may trap you into a rabbit hole of introspection and over-criticizing yourself. 
  • Domineering Behavior: Overusing this stone may make you rigid and headstrong, leading to a sense of superiority over others. Spend time with a Morganite in such cases.
  • Confusion: Navigating the spiritual realms with Bull’s Eye Agate may confuse particularly sensitive individuals. In such cases, get a Clear Quartz to clear the mind and restart the process.


Bullseye Agate Meaning: What Does Bullseye Agate Symbolize?

Angel Number 1414 for Focus and Concentrate.

The meaning of Bullseye Agate is focus.

It’s also popular for protecting users from psychic attacks, negative energies, and fear. Bull’s Eye Stone is associated with spiritual awakening, divination, manifestation, and psychic gifts, like intuition and vision. 

As it mimics the center of a target board, the stone is often called the Target Agate. Some varieties may show orbital rings like the galaxy, getting popular as the “Solar System Stone.” 

Fun Fact: Due to its appearance, it’s associated with other names, like Onyx Agate and Ring Agate. 

Types of Bullseye Agate

  • Common Bull’s Eye Agate: Most Bullseye Agate stones show concentric circles in earthy tones, improving clarity, concentration, and grounding. 
  • Whitish Bulls Eye Agate: This type of Target Agate has a cloudy, brown, or gray base color and white concentric circles. It’s an ideal stress management stone that boosts clarity, awakening, and dreamwork.
  • Blue Bullseye Agate: Seen in natural and dyed varieties with pale to dark blue hues, this Bull’s Eye Agate displays solid white or black concentric circles. Use it for activating intuition, communication skills, and spiritual awakening. 
  • Gray Bull’s Eye Agate: Sometimes called Gray Banded Eye Agate, this is a variety exhibiting black, blue, or gray colored rings. Use it to purify your thoughts, resolve karmic debts, and manage stress. 
  • Yellow Bull’s Eye Agate: A variety of Bullseye Agate associated with health, strength, fertility, luck, and success, this stone displays dark yellow with beige, white, or gray hues. 
  • Brown Bullseye Agate: This type of Bulls Eye Agate shows concentric rings of brown, white, gray, or maroon. It’s recommended for psychic protection, courage, motivation, karmic healing, and stress relief. 
  • Green Bull’s Eye Agate: As one of the Heart Chakra stones among Bullseye Agate varieties, this stone is often dyed and can resemble Malachite Eyes. Use it for dreamwork, growth, motivation, and communication skills. 
  • Black Bulls Eye Agate: Exhibiting a mix of black, white, gray, and brown concentric bands, this variety of Bullseye Stone protects you from negative energies and shields your aura. 
  • Orange Bullseye Agate: The variety, known for boosting your life force energy, willpower, motivation, manifestation, and spiritual growth, shows a vibrant orange color with white or gray bands. 
  • Bicolor Bull’s Eye Agate: This variety includes many types of Bull’s Eye Agate, each featuring a mix of two colors, such as red-white, orange-gray, pink-white, and blue-black. Use it for yin-yang balance, harmony, and karmic healing.
  • Scottish Bullseye Agate: A type of Bull’s Eye Agate originating from Scotland with vivid patterns of contrasting colors, like brown and white, constitute this. It’s recommended for courage, willpower, growth, and dreamwork. 
  • Bullseye Agate with Eye Agate: Some varieties may contain concentric bands of Bullseye on one side and eye-like orbicular patterns on the other. Use such stones for improving focus, manifesting dreams, and finding spiritual destiny. 
  • Lake Superior Bullseye Agate: Found along Lake Superior, this is a maroon to red, brown, or orange Bull’s Eye stone with concentric banding of white or gray. It’s perfect for spiritual awakening, self-discovery, psychic gifts, and courage. 
  • Travertine Bullseye Agate: When you notice circular inclusions on Travertine Agate, it’s a natural blend of both Agates. It usually shows beige, cream, and pale brown hues and helps with transformation, motivation, karmic healing, and health. 
  • Bullseye Agate with Quartz: Typically seen with Orange Bull’s Eye Agate stones, this variety shows crystallized Clear Quartz between the layers of orange. It’s ideal for boosting willpower, creativity, manifestation, and stamina.
  • Bullseye Agate with Opal: Often found with Boulder Opals, this natural Bull’s Eye Agate formation can be iridescent and display several colors. Use it for insight, self-expression, intuition, and dreamwork. 
  •  Bullseye Lace Agate: When both Lace and Bullseye Agates form together, the concentric banding of Agate may look like laces. Use such a stone for divination rituals, manifestation, success, and stress management. 
  • Bullseye Agate in Onyx: Often called the Madagascar Shadow Banded Bulls Eye Agate in Onyx or Silk Agate, this is a vivid, multicolor, and vibrant stone with multiple Bullseye bands. Use it for spiritual awakening, success, abundance, and mental clarity. 

How to Cleanse Bullseye Agate?

A woman smiling while being massaged in her back

  • Sage: Circle a lit sage stick and fan the smoke over your crystal three times to reset its healing energies.  
  • Clear Quartz: Keep your crystal on a flat surface and circle a Clear Quartz wand over it before and after rituals. 
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your Bullseye Agate near the flame for a few minutes to cleanse the negativity out of the stone that is absorbed during rituals. 

Question and Answer

Is Bull’s Eye Agate the Same as Orbicular Agate?

Yes, Bull’s Eye Agate is a variety of Orbicular Agate.

What is the Bull’s Eye Stone Good for?

Bull’s Eye Stone improves flexibility and joint problems. 

Is Bullseye Agate the Same as Eye Agate?

No, Bullseye Agate is a variety of Eye Agate, and both are varieties of Orbicular and Banded Agate stones. The biggest difference is Bullseye Agate exhibits concentric circular bands or rings, while Eye Agate shows eye-like formations with a pupil-like dot in the center. 

Moreover, the circular rings in Eye Agate are random, while Bullseye Agate shows evenly spaced bands.

Can Bullseye Agate Get Wet?

Yes, Bullseye Agate can get wet, as it’s a durable stone. However, you should avoid soaking it for long periods, just like you do with most healing crystals. 

Is Bull’s Eye Agate Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Bull’s Eye Agate is safe in the sun for short periods, but avoid prolonged and direct exposure. 

How Can You Tell if Bullseye Agate is Real?

Real Bull’s Eye Agates have concentric patterns and durable hardness that can scratch glass. Use the fire test to identify dyed stones by holding them next to a flame and checking if the color melts.

Why is It Called Bull’s Eye?

Bull’s Eye Agate is a name based on the appearance of the stone and its distinct appearance mimicking the center of a target board. 

How Do You Take Care of Bullseye Agate?

The best way to take care of the Bullseye Stone is to clean it with soap and water once a month. You should also keep it wrapped or boxed when traveling and avoid leaving it in the sun, rain, and snow.

Is Bullseye Agate Expensive?

Yes and no; depending on the size, pattern, color, and origin of Bullseye Agate, it may cost as little as $10 or as high as $1,500. 

What Stones Go Well with Bullseye Agate?

The best stones to use with Bullseye Agate are Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, and Red Jasper.


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