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Imagine a time when ancient civilizations sought to unravel the mysteries of the universe. They turned to divination crystals, captivating tools used by people like the wise Druids and insightful Ancient Egyptians. What are divination crystals, and how do they work?

Divination crystals, often called “magic stones” or “fortune-telling stones,” are potent tools in a world rife with hidden knowledge and mysteries. These shimmering gems, each unique in its own way, hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the past, present, and future. We will explore divination crystals’ fascinating history and magical properties.

The crystals for mediumship are great tools for getting at the hidden truths of life. They work by channeling the energy of the universe and our intuition. Learn how to use these gems to tap into their remarkable power and obtain life direction. 

Divination and Crystals in History 

divination ritual with runes, crystals and candles

Throughout history, divination has been a captivating journey into the unknown. It’s like a fascinating time machine that lets us peek into the past, present, and future. Crystals have been used in divination rituals by Ancient Egyptians, wise Druids, and curious Chinese.

In the mystical land of Ancient Egypt, divination was as common as the rising sun. Pharaohs and mystics consulted crystal balls to gain insight into the world around them. Druids, Celtic stars of knowledge, used crystals to predict future occurrences and make decisions. 

Oracle bones and crystal scrying helped the Ancient Chinese converse with ghosts and grasp the universe’s intricate dance. These astonishing ancient activities show how integral divination and crystals are to human society, exposing our rich ancestry.

16 Ways to Use Divination Crystals

Unlocking the potential of divination crystals can be a fascinating journey. Here, explore 16 different methods, each offering a unique way to harness these powerful tools for insight and guidance.

Divination Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid

Creating a divination crystal grid is like weaving a tapestry of energy. This ritual combines the energies of specific crystals to amplify their power. It makes it an excellent choice for those seeking clarity in their readings.

To create a divination crystal grid, select crystals like Amethyst for intuition, Clear Quartz for clarity, and Lapis Lazuli for spiritual insight. To make a divination crystal grid, arrange these crystals in a circle, triangle, or flower of life. Not only does the arrangement look good, it maximizes energy flow and amplifies your divination goals. 

Before placing the crystals, it’s important to meditate and set your intention. Focus on your desired outcome, whether it’s gaining clarity on a specific question or enhancing your overall divination skills.

Crystal Elixir for Divination

Crystals that are submerged in the water container

A crystal elixir is like a magic potion for enhancing your divination skills. To make a crystal elixir, choose a crystal that resonates with your divination goals. For example, use Labradorite to enhance your intuitive abilities. 

The choice of water is important. Use distilled or spring water, as it’s pure and free from impurities. Placing the crystal-infused water under the moonlight is a key part of the process. The full moon is said to boost the crystal’s powers and infuse them into the water, making it ideal for charging the elixir.

Once the crystal elixir is charged, it can be consumed before your divination practice to amplify your intuitive powers. The elixir serves as a conductor, helping you connect more deeply with your inner wisdom and spiritual insights. 

Moonlight Gem Bath

Rose quartz in a bowl

A moonlight gem bath is a wonderful way to attune your crystals for divination. This technique is popular with Moonstone, but you may also use Agate for its mystical characteristics or Calcite for its spirituality.

It’s essential to choose a clear night when the moon is visible. Place a bowl filled with clean, preferably distilled, water outside where it can be bathed in the moonlight. You can use a glass or crystal bowl to enhance the energy of the water. It’s advisable to position the bowl on a flat surface to avoid any spilling.

Imagine the moonlight infusing your crystal with divine energy as you place it in the water basin. The moonlight cleanses and charges the crystal, making it suitable for divination and cosmic revelations.

Divination via Scrying Mirror

a scrying mirror, a crystal, and a hand about to light a candle
Image Source: flickr.com | Kungfukitten

People have used scrying for ages to get insights, guidance, and mystical experiences. A scrying mirror is a vital instrument in this ancient art, allowing access to the unseen. Obsidian, a volcanic glass with a rich spiritual and metaphysical history, is used to make scrying mirrors due to its reflecting, black surface.

Set the scrying mirror on a stable surface, ensuring it is clean and free of any distracting reflections. Gaze into the mirror’s surface, allowing your mind to enter a meditative and receptive state. 

As you look in the mirror, symbols, images, and scenarios may appear. These visions are often highly subjective and require interpretation. Use your intuition and Obsidian crystal energy to decipher these messages. Since scrying is personal and dynamic, you must keep a journal of your experiences and interpretations.

Spell Jar for Divination

hand holding a jar with crystals

Divination spell jars strengthen your spiritual connection and psychic abilities. It is important to choose a crystal that resonates with your specific divination intentions. Fluorite is an excellent choice due to its reputation for promoting mental clarity and enhancing intuitive abilities. 

Herbs and oils are a key component of a divination spell jar. Lavender and mugwort are two herbs commonly used in divination practices. To create your spell jar, start with a clean, clear glass jar or container. Begin by placing your chosen crystal in the jar. Then add a pinch of lavender and a small amount of dried mugwort to the mix. 

Anoint the contents with a few drops of an essential oil that aligns with your divination goals. 

Seal the jar with your intention in mind. Concentrate on your divination goals and the energy you wish to harness. 

Candlelit Divination Ritual

Candle Smoke Cleanse and Charge

Traditional candlelit divination rituals have been performed to receive spiritual insight and direction. The mellow, flickering light of a candle creates a relaxing, reflective mood perfect for divination. To take this practice a step further, incorporating a crystal-like Selenite can be particularly beneficial.

Lighting a white or lavender candle is associated with spiritual understanding and purification. The candle’s flame connects the physical and spiritual worlds, drawing greater energies. Once the candle is lit, hold your chosen Selenite crystal in your hand. 

As you gaze into the candle’s flame, let your mind drift into a meditative state. The flame dances and Selenite crystal’s relaxing energy will improve your concentration and connection to higher realms. Be open to receiving insights, symbols, or messages that may come to you during the ritual. 

Divination Altar

divination tools were arranged neatly on an altar

A divination altar is a sacred location to connect with the spiritual realm and improve your intuition. It helps you connect with the universe and understand your life through divination. 

Citrine, with its mystical and transforming properties, is popular for divination altars. This iridescent stone opens the Third Eye Chakra, which governs intuition and psychic skills.

Start by finding a quiet and peaceful space in your home where you won’t be disturbed. Clear the area of any clutter or distractions, creating a clean and harmonious environment. Place a beautiful piece of Citrine on the altar as the centerpiece. 

During your meditation sessions, you can ask specific questions or simply open yourself to receive guidance and insight. Over time, you’ll notice an improvement in your divinatory abilities and a heightened sense of intuition.

Bedtime Meditation for Divination

A young woman stands before a table lit by candles, her eyes closed as she reads from a spell book

Bedtime meditation with divination gems like Chalcedony can deepen your intuition and improve your dreams. Chalcedony, a beautiful clear crystal, is revered for its ability to stimulate dream recall and boost intuitive insights. This strong stone connects the conscious and subconscious minds, enabling spiritual guidance.

Find a quiet, comfortable place where you can sit or lie down, and dim the lights to set a calming ambiance. Hold the Chalcedony, allowing its energy to wash over you. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, and as you close your eyes, envision a peaceful and serene environment. 

The gem’s relaxing effect helps you relax and discharge the day’s stress, making meditation simpler. Start your meditation by wishing for divinatory dreams and intuition. With Chalcedony in your hands or under your pillow, guided meditation scripts can improve your dreams.

Incense Rituals for Divination

4 sticks of burning incense in an incense wood stand with flower petals scattered around it

Many cultures have used incense ceremonies to purify and raise the spiritual atmosphere during divination. One commonly used crystal for enhancing the effectiveness of incense rituals is Emerald. 

Emerald is renowned for its association with intuition and higher spiritual realms. When combined with the soothing and purifying effects of incense, it can create a harmonious environment for divination.

Start by choosing a quiet and undisturbed space where you can focus your energy. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and let the aromatic smoke envelope you and your divination tools as the incense burns. This smoke serves as a conduit, connecting you with the spiritual realm and heightening your intuitive abilities. 

Divination with Yoga

A woman doing a camel pose yoga position

Divination and yoga can transform and enrich your spirituality, connecting your physical and metaphysical selves. Crystal gazing and tarot reading use the mystical and intuitive worlds, while yoga integrates the body, mind, and spirit.

This gorgeous and powerful crystal, Blue Kyanite, is said to improve communication and divine harmony. It is thought to energize the Throat Chakra, which controls self-expression and communication. Hold Blue Kyanite during yoga or place it beside your mat to benefit from its calming influence and clearer spiritual connection.

Yoga and divination are practices that can greatly benefit from one another. Yoga’s physical postures, breath control, and meditation can prepare your body and mind for divinatory insights. Yoga calms the mind, making it easier to hear heavenly messages.

Reiki Healing Rituals for Divination

reiki therapist performing meditation and ritual while holding black and white crystal tower

Reiki healing techniques, which harness universal life energy, enhance divination. Healing gems like Hematite, known for its healing and loving energy, enhance this spiritual process. 

Find a quiet, clean space where you can sit comfortably and without disruptions. As you sit, hold the Hematite, taking a moment to center yourself and align with its gentle, loving vibrations. Hematite, related to the Heart Chakra, opens the heart and intuition, making it ideal for divination.

Relax and direct Reiki energy through your hands to the Hematite crystal. Visualize a radiant, pink light enveloping the crystal, purifying it of any negative energies or stagnant vibrations. During the Reiki healing session, focus on your intention for the divination practice. 

Divination Smudging Rituals

A woman smudging a celestite crystal in front of a tray of crystals

Smudging for divination clears your mind and space for spiritual practices, like tarot card reading, crystal ball gazing, and pendulum work. Ancient rituals are believed to cleanse negative energies and improve spiritual connection. Using crystals like Black Tourmaline might make your divination ritual more defensive.

Black Tourmaline is revered for its capacity to absorb and transform negative energies. Smudging with sage and palo santo has been utilized for ages in indigenous and spiritual traditions to purify areas. Burning these herbs and letting the smoke fill your space helps eliminate negative energies. 

When smudging, be mindful of corners and sluggish energy. Holding the Black Tourmaline during smudging infuses it with sage’s or palo santo’s protecting energy. Smudge for the goal of purifying your space, thoughts, and psychic protection.

Salt and Water Rituals for Divination

a bowl continuously filled with water

Salt and water rituals hold a rich history across various cultures as methods for purifying and channeling energy. These rituals help improve insights and set the stage for divination sessions. 

The use of salt in this ritual is symbolic of purification. When mixed with water, it creates a potent cleansing solution. Sprinkle this mixture around the divination space to clear the energy. This ritual not only purifies the external environment but also the practitioner’s internal energy. 

The addition of Indigo Gabbro to the salt and water mixture is a fascinating choice. Indigo Gabbro is a powerful grounding crystal, known for its ability to connect one to the Earth’s stabilizing energy. 

Divination Rituals with Breathwork

A woman doing a breathing exercise

Breathwork can improve your divination practice and connection to your inner wisdom and spiritual realm. One of the most crucial elements of effective divination is achieving a state of inner calm and receptivity. Lepidolite, a crystal known for its stress-relieving effects, can help with this.

Lepidolite, a beautiful lilac or lavender stone, is associated with the Crown Chakra, which fosters spirituality and consciousness. Take slow, intentional breaths to synchronize your rhythm with the crystal’s calming vibrations. Mindful breathing and Lepidolite’s soothing essence will calm your mind and open it to spiritual teachings.

As you continue your breathwork, you may find that your thoughts become less chaotic, and your awareness deepens. This tranquility allows you to enter a meditative state conducive to divination. With your mind calm and open, you can start divination with tarot cards, runes, scrying, or another method. 

Mantras, Affirmations, and Spells for Divination

woman reciting mantras

Mantras, affirmations, and spells let you access higher consciousness and get spiritual assistance in divination. These methods have been used for ages to communicate with the invisible and understand the past, present, and future. 

Divination is enhanced by using a crystal Carnelian, known for its motivational and creative powers. When repeated with intention, mantras, and affirmations help focus your attention and deepen your spiritual connection. 

Your divination mantras may include, “I am open to receiving divine guidance,” or “I trust my intuition to reveal the truth.” Repeating these mantras with a Carnelian crystal will boost your energy and improve divination insights.

Spells, on the other hand, involve a more ritualistic approach. In divination, a spell may include herbs, incense, candles, and symbols to improve psychic abilities and connect with desired energies. Cast a divination spell with Carnelian and other plants and symbols that resonate with your practice.

Divination Crystal Ball

A woman is scrying a crystal ball

Jade crystal balls have long been associated with divination and spiritual practices. Their clean appearance may help them receive spiritual insights. Before crystal ball divination, set up your environment. Find a quiet, undisturbed space where you can focus your energy and intention on the crystal ball. 

The use of Jade is particularly favored among diviners because of its powerful healing properties. Avoid distractions and assumptions while holding the Jade in your dominant hand and looking into the crystal ball. When using the crystal ball, be open and receptive to the images and symbols that will guide and answer your questions.

Look closely at the crystal ball’s images, forms, and patterns during divination. Pay attention to any sudden shifts or changes, as these can hold significant meaning. Keep a notebook of your observations and interpretations to track patterns and improve your divination skills. 

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How Do You Do Crystal Divination?

To do crystal divination, choose a crystal with properties that resonate with your question or intention. Hold the crystal, focus your energy, and ask your question. Observe any feelings, images, or insights that come to you.

Where Should I Put My Crystal Ball?

Place your crystal ball on a stand or cushion in a quiet, well-lit space where you can comfortably gaze into it without distractions.

How Do You Give Crystals Power?

You can give crystals power by cleansing and charging them. Cleansing methods include using salt, water, or sage. Charging can be done under sunlight, moonlight, or by setting intentions.

What Crystals Are Good for Scrying?

Obsidian and Lepidolite are good for scrying, as they enhance intuitive and psychic abilities.

What Powers Does a Crystal Ball Have?

Crystal balls are believed to have the power to reveal insights, visions, and answers to questions. They can serve as tools for divination and deepening one’s connection to the spiritual realm.


Divination crystals are like magical keys that unlock the door to the mysteries of the universe. Throughout history, people from different cultures have used these enchanting gems to gain insights into their lives. From Ancient Egypt to the wise Druids and intriguing Chinese, crystal divination connects us to the past.

We’ve discovered 16 remarkable ways to use divination crystals. Crystal grids, elixirs, moonlight baths, and other rituals can harness the energy of these precious stones in unique and powerful ways. Find the right crystal, including fortune-telling and mediumship crystals, and then follow the directions for a wonderful trip.

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