Tiger’s Eye is a good crystal for nearly everyone. Bad things happen only if your Zodiac sign clashes with the ruling star and planet of Tiger’s Eye – Sun and Mars. Who should not wear Tiger’s Eye? Which signs can wear Tiger Eye? Why should some signs NEVER wear Tiger Eye? 

Zodiac signs like Libra, Taurus, Capricorn, and Aquarius are ruled by the planets that clash with the star and planets that rule Tiger’s Eye (Sun and Mars). If your Zodiac sign is one of these, and you wear or touch a Tiger’s Eye stone, you’ll feel strange, disturbed, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed. 

I’ll tell you what Tiger’s Eye does to the 12 Zodiac signs, including the good and bad. 

Overview: Metaphysical Properties of Tiger’s Eye Crystal 

Tiger's Eye Crystal on white Background

Tiger’s Eye is a lower chakra crystal seen in colors like yellow, blue, orange, and red with black or brown stripes. Depending on the varieties, Tiger’s Eye crystal may affect the solar plexus, sacral, root, throat, and third eye chakras. 

Different types of Tiger’s Eye stones may invoke the Goddess of War, Love, and even Cats. But the most important thing that decides whether you can wear Tiger’s Eye is its ruling star and planet – Sun and Mars.

This allows you to determine whether your Zodiac sign clashes with the crystal’s energy. We’ll learn about it in detail next.

Is Tiger’s Eye Stone Dangerous for Some People?

Yes and no. That’s because the Sun and Mars rule different varieties of Tiger’s Eye crystals. 

While Zodiac signs that are ruled by the Sun and Mars will find this appealing, signs ruled by planets that clash with them may attract bad fortune.

Can Aries Wear Tiger’s Eye Stone? 

Aries Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, people born under the Zodiac sign of Aries can wear Tiger’s Eye stone without any side effects. That’s because Mars rules Aries. 

So, Tiger’s Eye clears negativity and enhances mental clarity, confidence, creativity, and calmness in people born under the Aries constellation. 

Can Taurus Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Taurus Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

No, Taurus-born people should avoid wearing Tiger’s Eye because Venus rules the sign. And Venus is the opposite of Mars. 

Tiger’s Eye varieties with yellow, golden, and brown colors are best not worn by Taureans. If Taureans wear or touch it, they’ll feel stubborn, selfish, and angry. 

Can Gemini Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Gemini Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Tiger’s Eye is good for Geminis. Most of you might already know Tiger’s Eye is the birthstone of Geminis, but many don’t know why. 

As Mercury rules Gemini, it’s a friend of the Sun and neutral to the astrological properties of Mars. That’s why wearing Tiger’s Eye bracelets help Geminis in decision-making, adaptability, wit, and universal connection. 

Can Cancer Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Cancer Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, you can wear Tiger’s Eye crystal if your Zodiac sign is Cancer. It’s an excellent crystal to carry daily for energy, immunity, and physical healing.

People born under the Cancer sign will feel grounded, stable, and motivated with Tiger’s Eye because Moon (Sun’s friend) rules Cancer. 

Can Leo Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Leo Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Tiger’s Eye stones are perfect for people born under the Zodiac sign Leo because it awakens dormant skills in their mind, body, and spirit. This is mainly because the Sun rules Leo. 

So, it awakens the sacral chakra where kundalini energy (life force) resides when you charge Tiger’s Eye at dawn. 

Can Virgo Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Virgo Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Virgos will find Tiger’s Eye stones great for critical thinking and logical reasoning skills

As Virgo is associated with Mercury, Tiger’s Eye jewelry will attract success, strength, and health into their life. It’s also good for communication skills, tests, exams, and academic success. 

Can Libra Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Libra Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

No, Libras should never touch or wear Tiger’s Eye stone. 

That’s because Venus rules Libra and Venus doesn’t fare well with the  Sun. So, wearing Tiger’s Eye will make Libras overwhelmed, exhausted, sleepless, and lost.

Can Scorpio Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Scorpios can wear Tiger’s Eye stone because the original ruling planet of Scorpio was Mars. It’s a great crystal for Scorpios to carry in their left pockets for acing tests, exams, and interviews. 

Can Sagittarius Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Tiger’s Eye stone is great for Sagittarians to feel confident, courageous, and lucky. Because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (a friend of the Sun and Mars), it attracts success, abundance, and insight

As a Sagittarian, I suggest wearing a Tiger’s Eye ring on your index finger, and on your right hand, before making important decisions. 

Can Capricorn Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

No, people born under the Zodiac sign Capricorn shouldn’t wear Tiger’s Eye crystals. 

Because Saturn rules Capricorn (and doesn’t get along with Mars), this combination leads Capricorns to bad fortune, financial loss, and emotional imbalance. 

Can Aquarius Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

No, people born under Aquarius mustn’t wear Tiger’s Eye crystals because Saturn is the original ruler of this sign. Besides not getting along with Mars, Tiger’s Eye makes Aquarians angry, and lonely. Moreover, angering Saturn might lead to loss or bad luck. 

Can Pisces Wear Tiger Eye Stone? 

Pisces Zodiac Sign Collection Picture

Yes, Pisces can wear Tiger’s Eye because its original ruler is Jupiter, like Sagittarius. So, it’s good to meditate with Tiger’s Eye to attract luck, success, and good fortune if you’re Pisces-born. 

Plus, it’s great for academic success when worn by students born under the Pisces sign. Charge it for five minutes under the Sun, to set your intention before wearing the crystal.

In a Nutshell 

Crystals can cleanse, heal, charge, and do much more, depending on which Zodiac sign wears them. But that doesn’t mean every crystal works miracles for every person. 

Similarly, Tiger’s Eye usually fills wearers with energy, courage, confidence, creativity, and luck. However, if your birth chart clashes with the ruling star and planet of Tiger’s Eye – the Sun and Mars, it may just bring chaos, disease, and bad luck. 

Here’s a quick look at who should and should not wear Tiger’s Eye stone. 

A table explains the zodiac sign who are allowed and not allowed to wear Tiger's Eye Crystal

So, is Tiger’s Eye good for your Zodiac sign based on the above? Share your thoughts about it with our community. We’d love to hear from you!


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