What is Libra Season?

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Libra Season is all about finding that sweet spot of balance and harmony. It kicks off when the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Libra, around the dates of September 23rd, and lasts until October 23rd, 2023. During this time, the collective vibe shifts toward peace, diplomacy, and relationships. 

Why does the Sun’s transit matter? Well, the Sun is like our spotlight, highlighting different aspects of life. When it’s in Libra, it’s urging us to find equilibrium and make peace, not just within ourselves but also with others.

Libra is the zodiac’s diplomat, always striving for fairness and balance. It’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so expect a focus on relationships and aesthetics.

When the Sun is in Libra, we are being sent a memo to “chill and connect.” It’s a time to mend fences, appreciate art, and listen in your relationships. So, get ready to channel those harmonious vibes! 

The Transit Sun

In astrology, think of the Sun as your personal hype man. It’s all about your core self, your ego, and what makes you feel alive. It’s basically the essence of “you” that you show off to the world.

The Sun’s spot in the sky sets the vibe for everyone, influencing what we’re all jazzed about or focused on.

During the Leo season, we’re all feeling a bit more “look at me,” and wanting to show off our talents. But come Capricorn season, it’s all business, and we’re buckling down on goals and responsibilities. So, the Sun’s trek through the zodiac isn’t a solo journey; it’s setting the scene for all of us.

Libra in Astrology

A group of people hanging out having a coffee time

Libra is basically the life of the party in the zodiac world. They’re all about making connections, looking good, and keeping the peace. With Venus as their ruling planet, they’re naturally into all things love and beauty. 

Think of Libras as the ultimate mediators. They’re the ones who’ll step in and say, “Hey, can’t we all just get along?” But this knack for seeing all sides can make them super indecisive. It’s like they’re stuck in a never-ending game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”

Libra Metaphysical Properties

Ruling Number: 6, symbolizing harmony and love, which is so on-brand for Libra.

Crystal: Rose Quartz is all about love and emotional healing, perfect for the relationship-focused Libra.

Ruling Planet: Venus is the planet of love and beauty, making it the ideal ruler for aesthetically inclined Libras.

House: The 7th house focuses on partnerships and relationships, which are Libra’s playground.

Ruling God: Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty and is like Libra’s twin.

Element: Being an Air sign, Libra is all about intellect and communication.

Modality: As a Cardinal sign, Libra is great at initiating things, whether it’s a relationship or a peace treaty.

Tarot Card: Justice represents fairness and balance, which is Libra’s life mission.

Libra Season 2023

First up, relationships are gonna be front and center. Whether you’re single, taken, or it’s complicated, expect to focus on making connections stronger. And it’s not just romance; friendships are getting the spotlight, too. Libra season makes sure we say, “Hey, let’s make sure everything’s fair and square here.”

You’ll probably find yourself wanting to redecorate or maybe even do a little self-makeover. It’s all about surrounding yourself with beauty and good vibes. Think of it as a nudge to level up your aesthetics.

But hey, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. There are some challenges to watch out for. Libras hate conflict, and you might find yourself dodging tough conversations just to keep the peace. But remember, sometimes you gotta speak up for yourself.

With Libra’s knack for seeing all sides, making decisions can become a real struggle. Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis! The focus on relationships might make you a bit too concerned about what others think. Keep an eye on that; your opinion matters, too!

Consider hitting up an art exhibit or diving into some online galleries to soak in the beauty. Libra’s energy is also perfect for strengthening relationships. Plan a date night or have a deep conversation with a friend. Maybe even try those “36 Questions” that are supposed to make you fall in love. 

And if you’re feeling the redecorating itch, now’s the time to scratch it. Add some Rose Quartz accents for that extra Libra flair.

Will Smith is the epitome of Libra’s charm and versatility, conquering both acting and music. Serena Williams showcases Libra’s love for both beauty and competition, being a tennis legend and a fashion icon. And John Lennon? His songs about peace and love couldn’t be more Libra if they tried.

Use this season to take a good look at your relationships. Are they balanced? Are you giving as much as you’re taking? Don’t forget to also check in with yourself. Are you valuing your own needs and opinions? 

Libra season is all about the pursuit of harmony, so whether it’s finding a work-life balance or achieving inner peace, now’s the time to focus on it.

Libra Season Manifestation Rituals 

Manifestation rituals are a great way to tap into that Libra energy, especially with the Sun shining its light on all things related to balance, relationships, and beauty.

Balance-Focused Meditation Ritual

Set the Scene: Create a peaceful space with soft lighting, maybe some candles, and calming music.

Choose a Mantra: Pick a balance-focused mantra like, “I am centered,” or “I bring balance to my life.”

Meditate: Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and repeat your mantra. Visualize scales coming into balance, symbolizing your life.

Seal It: End the meditation by placing your hands over your heart and thanking yourself for taking this time.

Crystal Manifestation for Relationships

Pick Your Crystal: Rose Quartz is the go-to for Libra, focusing on love and emotional healing.

Cleanse the Crystal: Before you start, cleanse your crystal by running it under cold water or smudging it with sage.

Write Your Intentions: Jot down what you want to manifest in your relationships on a piece of paper.

Meditate with the Crystal: Hold a Rose Quartz in your hand while meditating on your intentions. Visualize them coming to life.

Place the Crystal: Finally, place the crystal somewhere you’ll see it often, like your nightstand or desk, to keep those intentions active.

Both of these rituals align perfectly with the Sun in Libra’s focus on balance and relationships. The meditation taps into Libra’s essence of harmony, while the crystal ritual leverages Libra’s Venusian love for beauty and emotional connection.

Crystals For Libra Season

Crystals are like your personal cheerleaders for channeling all that Libra goodness. Think of balance, beauty, and harmony. 

Let’s break down some rock stars (pun intended) for this season:


Mayanite crystal on a white background. Source: Etsy.com | BluestoneVTherapies-Caireen
Source: Etsy.com | BluestoneVTherapies-Caireen

Mayanite is your go-to for emotional TLC. It’s like a warm hug for your soul, perfect for Libra’s lovey-dovey vibes.

Pop this baby near your heart when you’re meditating to open up that Heart Chakra, or just keep it in your pocket to feel the love all day.


Agate rock on a white background

Agate is the ultimate balancer. It’s like the yoga of crystals, helping you find your center.

Meditate with Agate to feel super grounded, or place it around your home to make your space feel like a zen garden.

Libyan Desert Glass

libyan desert glass rock on white background

This one’s all about embracing change and rolling with the punches. It’s like your adaptability coach.

Hold it tight while setting your “bring it on, universe” intentions, or keep it on your desk to help you tackle whatever life throws at you.

Impact of Libra Season on Each Zodiac Sign


The Sun’s making a pit stop in your relationship house, so you’re gonna feel the pull to focus more on your loved ones than on your usual go-getter goals. You might hear the thoughts in your mind saying, “Hey, other people matter, too!”

Get yourself some Sunstone and spend a few minutes meditating with it every day. It’ll help you find that sweet spot between what you want and what your loved ones need.


You’re gonna be all about that wellness life, from trying out new smoothie recipes to maybe even joining a yoga class. It’s like a health kick, but make it Taurus-style – luxurious and comfy.

Carry a piece of Jade with you. It’s like having a mini wellness guru in your pocket, reminding you to take care of yourself.


Your creative juices are flowing, and you might even feel a little extra flirty. It’s a great time to dive into artistic projects or spice up your love life.

Keep a Citrine crystal on your desk or workspace. Think of it as your personal creativity booster and good-vibe generator.


You’re gonna be in full-on nesting mode, wanting to make your space super cozy and spend quality time with your family. It’s all about home sweet home.

Scatter some Moonstone crystals around your living space. They’re like little harmony bombs that make everything feel more peaceful.


You’ll be a social butterfly, chatting up a storm and maybe even planning some quick weekend getaways. It’s all about connecting and exploring.

Wear a Turquoise necklace to help you communicate even more clearly and make you the star of any conversation.


Money and self-worth are gonna be big on your radar. You’ll be thinking about your financial goals and how you value yourself beyond just the dollar signs.

Keep some Pyrite in your wallet or purse. It’s like a magnet for both money and a confidence boost.


It’s your season, and you’re feeling it! You’ll be tempted to refresh everything from your wardrobe to your Instagram feed. It’s a total “New Year, New Me” vibe.

Spend some time meditating with Rose Quartz. It’s like giving yourself a big, loving hug from the inside out.


You’re gonna be in a deep, introspective mood, perfect for some soul-searching or even a little mystery-solving about your own motivations.

Carry a piece of Obsidian with you. It’s like having a personal detective that helps you uncover your inner truths.


Your social life is gonna be popping! Friends, old and new, will want to hang out, making you the life of the party and the go-to for fun.

Pop an Amethyst in your pocket when you’re out and about. It’s your wingman for good vibes and keeping the peace in your social circle.


You’re gonna be all business, focusing on your career and how you present yourself to the world. It’s like you’re stepping into the CEO version of yourself.

Place a Garnet crystal on your work desk. It’s your little cheerleader, pumping you up to crush those career goals.


You’ll be craving new experiences and knowledge, making you a bit restless and eager to break from the routine. It’s like your inner explorer is calling.

Meditate with a piece of Lapis Lazuli. It’ll help expand your mind while keeping your adventurous spirit in check.


You’re diving deep into your emotional world, exploring feelings, and maybe even transforming some old patterns. It’s like emotional spring cleaning.

Wear an Aquamarine pendant to help you navigate these emotional waters and find a sense of inner peace.


What Happens During Libra Season?

During Libra season, the vibe is all about balance, relationships, and harmony. Whether it’s your love life, friendships, or even your relationship with yourself, it’s time to find that sweet equilibrium.

When Does Libra Season Start and End?

The first day of the Libra season in 2023 starts around September 23rd and ends around October 23rd. 

What is the Meaning of Libra Season?

The meaning of Libra season represents the event of the transit Sun in Libra and brings a focus on relationships and balance. Ruled by Venus, it’s a time for love, beauty, and harmony. Think of it as a month-long quest for the perfect equilibrium in your life.

Which Month is Lucky for Libra in 2023?

In 2023, April is a lucky month for Libras. With Venus, their ruling planet, making some favorable aspects, it’s like the stars are aligning just for them. 

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