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What is Mayanite?

Rainbow Mayanite on a black background. Source: | Keith Birch
Source: | Keith Birch

Mayanite is a captivating crystal with a deep blue to vibrant green color, reminiscent of the tropical sea. It has a smooth and polished texture, showcasing intricate swirls and veins, like Ancient Mayan artwork.

This crystal belongs to the silicate mineral family and contains elements such as aluminum, calcium, and oxygen, which gives it its unique properties and stunning coloration.

Although a relatively new discovery, Mayanite has gained popularity among crystal enthusiasts and collectors. Its connection to the Ancient Mayan civilization and its metaphysical properties make it a cherished symbol of wisdom and mysticism.

It is believed to possess strong energy vibrations that can promote spiritual awakening, enhance intuition, and facilitate deep meditation. It is treasured as a spiritual guide, connecting individuals with the spirit realm and unlocking hidden knowledge.

Mayanite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Mayanite exhibits diverse color energies, like blue and green, symbolizing tranquility, communication, healing, and growth, enhancing these qualities in those connected to the crystal.

It is primarily linked to the Heart Chakra, fostering love, compassion, and emotional well-being, harmonizing relationships, and promoting self-love and emotional healing.

This gemstone’s ruling element, Air, aligned with the feng shui direction of the West, brings mental clarity, freedom of expression, and positive energy flow to living spaces.

Governed by the Sun and Pluto, Mayanite embodies vitality, personal power, transformation, and the revelation of hidden truths, empowering individuals to shine and embrace growth.

Associated with Gods like Gaia, Athena, Ix Chel, and Aphrodite, Mayanite invokes nurturing energy, wisdom, healing, and love, attracting positive influences in various aspects of life.

With a numerical vibration of 7, it heightens spirituality, intuition, and inner wisdom, encouraging introspection and personal development for those who connect with it.

Mayanite Healing Properties and Benefits

Joy and Tranquility

  • Mayanite properties promote feelings of joy and tranquility by calming the mind and soothing emotions. 
  • Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and focus on feelings of peace and happiness. Use it during meditation or keep it nearby to create a serene atmosphere.


  • It is believed to enhance fertility by creating a supportive, energetic environment. 
  • Place the crystal on your lower abdomen or hold it during meditation, visualizing the desired fertility outcome. 

Support and Unity

  • This gemstone fosters support and unity among individuals or groups, promoting harmony and cooperation. 
  • Use it during group activities or place it in a common area to encourage a sense of togetherness. 


  • The stone facilitates the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. Use it during study or learning sessions to enhance focus and understanding. 
  • Hold the crystal in your hand, set intentions for learning, and keep it nearby while engaging in educational activities.

Energy Balancing

  • Mayanite benefits support energy balancing by harmonizing the body’s chakras, restoring energetic equilibrium, and promoting well-being.
  • Place the crystal on the relevant chakra or hold it during meditation, visualizing the energy centers aligning and harmonizing for a balanced and revitalized state.

Mayanite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Success and Good Fortune

  • It aligns one’s energy with positive opportunities and outcomes, attracting success and good fortune. 
  • Carry or wear the crystal as jewelry or place it in your workspace to enhance productivity and manifest success.

Angelic Communication

  • Mayanite properties facilitate communication with angels and higher spiritual beings, opening channels for guidance and support. 
  • To connect with angels, hold the crystal during meditation or prayer, and create a sacred space conducive to angelic communication.

Spiritual Destiny

  • This stone helps individuals align with their spiritual destiny and purpose by providing clarity and guidance on their spiritual path. 
  • To gain a deeper understanding and receive messages about your spiritual destiny, hold the crystal during self-reflection and when engaging in spiritual activities.

Karmic Penance

  • Mayanite helps understand and resolve karmic patterns, promoting growth and healing by addressing past actions and their consequences. 
  • To utilize its effect, hold the crystal during meditation or self-reflection, focusing on releasing karmic burdens and finding a resolution.

Spiritual Growth

  • The crystal supports spiritual healing by clearing energy blockages, restoring harmony, and promoting spiritual growth. 
  • Program it with the intention of spiritual healing and recharge its energy by placing it in direct sunlight or moonlight.

Side Effects of Mayanite

  • Restlessness: Mayanite has been known to cause occasional restlessness in specific individuals. To alleviate this, practicing grounding exercises or using calming essential oils can help promote relaxation and restore a sense of calm.
  • Confounding Coincidences: Some users of Mayanite may experience confounding coincidences, which can be disorienting. Maintaining a rational perspective and setting clear intentions while working with this crystal is advised, as it can help reduce confusion and provide a more focused experience.
  • Horoscopic Maleffects: For sensitive individuals, Mayanite may trigger horoscopic maleffects. It is recommended to consult with an astrologer for guidance or utilize protective grounding techniques to mitigate any potential negative influences and ensure a harmonious experience.

Mayanite Meaning: What Does Mayanite Symbolize?

woman doing meditation in an outdoor setting

Mayanite meaning is spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

The name Mayanite originates from the ancient Mayan civilization, and its discovery can be traced back to the Mesoamerican region, encompassing parts of present-day Mexico and Central America.

It is known by alternative names such as “Mayan Green Obsidian” and “Mayan Tears Obsidian.”

In traditional belief, the crystal is associated with the profound wisdom and power of the Ancient Mayan culture. In contemporary times, it is revered as a crystal that facilitates spiritual insight, transformation, and connection to higher realms.

Mayanite harmonizes exceptionally well with other crystals that enhance spiritual growth and intuition, including Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Labradorite. By combining energies, these crystals synergistically support spiritual development and inner exploration.

An intriguing fact about Mayanite is its colloquial name, “Mayan Tears,” stemming from the belief that it represents the tears shed by the Mayan gods. 

This crystal is widely acknowledged for its spiritual significance and transformative qualities, making it highly sought after by those seeking profound spiritual experiences.

Types of Mayanite

  • Common Mayanite: This crystal exhibits a vibrant green color and is believed to enhance spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Rainbow Mayanite: With its captivating rainbow flash, this crystal is associated with spiritual insight, connection to higher realms, and energy amplification.
  • Peach Mayanite: The gentle peach hue of this crystal promotes emotional healing, love, and compassion, supporting the Heart Chakra and fostering harmonious relationships.
  • White Flash Mayanite: This variety of Mayanite features a mesmerizing white flash, enhancing intuition, clarity of thought, and connection to higher wisdom.
  • Silver Mayanite: The shimmering silver color of this crystal is believed to enhance psychic abilities, intuition, and spiritual communication.
  • Golden Mayanite: Radiating a warm golden glow, this crystal embodies abundance, manifestation, and the attraction of prosperity and success.
  • Elestial Rainbow Mayanite: This crystal has stunning rainbow flashes and captivating elestial shapes. It promotes profound spiritual development, self-knowledge, and holistic healing.
  • Yellow Rainbow Mayanite: The yellow hue and rainbow flashes of this crystal stimulate creativity, personal power, and manifestation, supporting self-expression and abundance.
  • Botryoidal Rainbow Mayanite: This crystal’s botryoidal texture and rainbow flashes bring joy, harmony, and emotional healing. It promotes self-development and a sense of connectivity.
  • Tan Rainbow Mayanite: This variety displays a lovely tan color with rainbow flashes, offering grounding energy, protection, and balance, promoting stability and spiritual alignment.

How To Cleanse Rainbow Mayanite?

The sun light is shining through the forest

  • Sunlight: To cleanse Mayanite, place it in direct sunlight for a few hours, allowing the sun’s energy to purify and recharge the crystal.
  • Rain: Cleansing Mayanite with rainwater is simple—place the crystal outside during a gentle rain shower, letting the water cleanse away any stagnant energies.
  • Selenite Wand: Use a Selenite wand to cleanse Mayanite by gently waving the wand over the crystal, allowing the Selenite’s purifying properties to remove any negative or unwanted energies.

Questions and Answers

Is Mayanite Rare?

No, Mayanite is not considered rare, as it can be found in various locations worldwide.

Do Mayanites Fade?

No, Mayanites do not typically fade and can maintain their color and vibrancy over time.

Can Mayanites Get Wet?

Yes, Mayanites can get wet, as they are generally water-safe, but it’s recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water or immersing them in water.

Does Mayanite Break Easily?

Mayanite is relatively durable and not prone to easy breakage, but like any crystal, it can chip or break if subjected to strong impacts or mishandling.

Can Mayanite be in the Sun?

Yes, Mayanite can be placed in the sun, as it is generally not affected by sunlight and can benefit from natural energy and light.

How Can You Tell if Mayanite is Real?

Authentic Mayanite can be identified by its unique color, texture, and patterns, and it is important to purchase from reputable sources or consult a gemologist for verification.

Does Mayanite Glow Under Black Light?

No, Mayanite does not typically exhibit fluorescence or glow under black light.

How Do You Take Care of Mayanites?

Mayanite can be cleansed using various methods, like sunlight, moonlight, or gentle cleansing with water, and it’s advisable to handle them with care and store them separately to prevent scratches.

What is the Difference Between Rainbow Mayanite and Aura Quartz?

Rainbow Mayanite and Aura Quartz are different crystals with distinct properties. Rainbow Mayanite is a variety of Mayanite with rainbow flash, while Aura Quartz is a Quartz crystal that has been treated with a metallic coating to create a colorful iridescent effect.

Is Mayanite Expensive?

Mayanite’s price varies depending on size, quality, and rarity, but it is generally considered an affordable crystal compared to some other gemstones.

What Stones Go Well With Mayanite?

Mayanite can be paired with crystals like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Labradorite, and Rose Quartz to enhance energy and create harmonious combinations.

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