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Making beaded bracelets with healing crystals is a fantastic way to enhance your spiritual growth and express yourself creatively. By working with gemstones to make jewelry, you can develop your connection with the energy of the crystals and promote positivity in your life. 

There is a range of different bracelet designs with beads to try out with healing crystals, and in this article, we will look at two ways of creating gemstone bead bracelets. One is a little more complex but still pretty easy to get the hang of after a bit of practice!

What Are the Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making

assorted protection bracelet on a chunk of wood

You can make beaded bracelets with a range of gemstones. Certain stones should be avoided, however. Any crystals with a Mohs scale of 5 or less should not be used to make jewelry, as they may get damaged during the making process. 

Make sure you aren’t working with any crystals that have levels of toxicity! Most beads you buy will not be toxic, as they are designed for jewelry making. 

You will need to purchase healing crystal chips or beads for these bracelets. These are small stones that have a hole drilled through, perfect for crafting. 

I usually work with rough chips when making beaded bracelets, as I love how they look. Polished beads can also be used!

Let’s look at a few different gemstone beads for jewelry making and why they are great to be made into bracelets. 


polished black obsidian on a white background

Obsidian is a protective stone that creates a shield against negativity when worn. It absorbs any negative energy that is near you, making it a fantastic stone to make into a bracelet. 

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz on a white background

A beautiful crystal that boosts self-love and trust, Rose Quartz brings harmony and peace into your life. Making a Rose Quartz beaded bracelet allows you to have its calming energy with you at all times. 

Red Jasper 

Red jasper on a white background

Red Jasper is a stone of courage and power. It is also a protective stone that works with the Root Chakra to bring grounding and stability into your life. Wearing a Red Jasper as a beaded bracelet provides you with strength and determination, helping you overcome problems and find peace. 


A tumbled Amethyst crystal on a white background

If you want to create a gemstone bead bracelet that enhances your spiritual awareness, opt for Amethyst. This stone works to protect your aura and boost your connection with higher spiritual realms. 

Lapis Lazuli

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli boosts feelings of peace and clarity by releasing stress from your aura. It enhances self-awareness and truth and can be worn as a beaded bracelet to help you stay true to who you are at all times. 

graphic designed table explaining the benefits of crystals

Step-by-Step DIY Bracelet With Beads

In the first gemstone bead bracelet guide we will be looking at, you will learn how to create a beaded bracelet using a wire-twisting method. It may look a bit difficult at first, but after a few tries, you will soon get the hang of it!

This method creates a beautiful wire bracelet for you to wear or give to someone who needs the energy of healing crystals in their life. 

For this gemstone bead bracelet, you will need the following:

  • Chipped or polished gemstone beads 
  • 22 gauge wire
  • Lobster claw clasp
  • Pliers 
pliers, beads, copper wire, and lock on the table

I will be making a Red Jasper beaded bracelet today. I bought the beads pretty cheaply online, and they have a mix of shapes. 

I use silver-plated copper wire with a 22 gauge. You can use a thinner wire if you wish, but I have found that this is the perfect size for making a strong, long-lasting bracelet. 

Step One: Create a Loop 

looped copper wire placed on a table

Take your wire and cut it off a few inches. Then create a loop of wire and twist it around itself. You may find it helpful to use something thin to loop the wire around. I use the tip of my round nose pliers to create the loop. 

Step Two: Twist the Wire

twisted wire placed on a table

Once you have your loop, twist your wire around a few times to secure the loop in place. You may need to cut off any excess wire and make sure the tip of the wire is safely tucked away.

I use a flat-nose plier to do this, as it is an easy way to get a neat and secure twist. 

Step Three: Add a Bead and Secure It

crystal bead inside a twisted copper wire

Add your gemstone bead onto the wire. Then create a loop on the other side of the bead. Again, take the wire around on itself and twist it a few times. 

crystal bead inside a twisted copper wire

Now you have a section of your gemstone bead bracelet!

in the middle of the gemstone, a loop copper wire is twisted and locked

Step Four: Repeat the Process

Now it is time to repeat the process to add more sections to your crystal healing bracelet. 

a crystal bead placed inside a twisted wire

Take a short amount of wire through the loop and twist it on itself. Then add another bead and secure it with a loop and a twist. 

two crystal beads were placed inside a twisted copper wire

You may wish to mix the gemstones up, adding different crystals to your bracelet. Carry on repeating the process until your bracelet is long enough to wear. 

Step Five: Add the Clasp

a clasp was added on the end of the bracelet

Once your bracelet is at the length you want, you need to add your clasp. Take another small amount of wire, pull it through, and twist. Then add the clasp to the wire. Just like before, take the wire back on itself and twist it in place.

Now you have your gemstone bead bracelet!

a gemstone bead bracelet placed on the table

Easy Beaded Bracelets Guide 

If twisting wire is not for you, you can still create your bracelet using healing crystals. This type of beaded bracelet is easy to make and looks cute. 

For this gemstone beaded bracelet, you will need the following:

  • Chipped or polished gemstone beads 
  • Clear, elastic jewelry thread
  • Scissors
scissors, beads and, thread on the table

I am going to mix up the gemstones for this bracelet and work with Amethyst and Rose Quartz. The colors look beautiful together, and their energies work together to boost feelings of calm and tranquility. 

Step One: Cut Your Thread

First, cut your thread to the length you wish. It is useful to be generous when cutting the thread, as you can always cut off the excess when you are done. 

Then add a knot a few inches above the end of the thread. This will keep the gemstones in place. 

Step Two: Add Your Gemstones 

crystal beads inside a thread

Once you have your thread ready, add your gemstones. Keep adding stones until you get to the length you want your bracelet to be. 

Step Three: Tie Your Thread

After adding the gemstones to your bracelet, tie the thread to secure the gemstones in place. Then bring both ends of the thread together to tie them. 

crystal beads tied around each other with a thread

Tips for Beginners 

A woman holding different gemstones while wearing crystal bracelet

Making beaded bracelets allows you to enhance positive vibes in your life creatively. If you are new to crafting with crystals, we have some top tips for you to help you on your spiritual and creative journey. 

Cleanse and Charge Your Beads 

I always cleanse my crystal healing beads before crafting with them. This means that they are ready for me to connect with and use in my daily life. 

You can cleanse your gemstone beads in a variety of ways. Moonlight, sunshine, sounds, and incense are all great ways to cleanse crystals. It is useful to consider the gemstone’s element and planetary associations when deciding how to cleanse them. 

For example, Lapis Lazuli is connected with the element of Water. This means that cleansing them with running water enhances their powers and makes them easy to connect with. 

It is also helpful to charge your gemstone beads with your intentions before using them to create bracelets. Hold your crystal beads in your hands while repeating affirmations connected to the stone. 

For example, if you are making a Red Jasper bracelet for courage, you may want to hold your stones while repeating affirmations such as, “I am a strong and powerful person who can overcome any obstacle.”

Take Your Time

Crafting and creating jewelry, like most things, takes practice. If you are new to crafting, make sure you are taking your time to explore the different ways of creating gemstone bracelets and finding what works for you. 

Don’t get frustrated if your bracelet doesn’t work out the way you wanted! You will get there and make the perfect jewelry pieces for you. You simply need to take your time and keep trying. 

Each Piece is Unique 

One thing I love about handcrafting jewelry with healing crystals is how unique each piece is. The bracelet you make will not look like the ones I make or other ones on the internet. This is because you have made it, and it is beautiful in its way!

Check Gemstone Compatibility 

Crafting your gemstone bead bracelets means that you can mix and match different gemstones depending on what energy you wish to bring into your life. 

It is important to check out the compatibility of gemstones when wanting to mix different ones into your bracelet. Some gemstones should not be worn together, depending on their planetary associations. 

For example, Citrine is ruled by the Sun. Rose Quartz, on the other hand, is ruled by Venus. According to astrology, the Sun and Venus are enemies, so they should not be worn together. 

Buy a Set of Pliers 

I recommend purchasing a set of pliers for jewelry making. I picked up a set of three pliers online fairly cheaply, and the set included cutting pliers, flat-nose pliers, and round-nose pliers. 

If you are making beaded bracelets using wire, buying pliers makes crafting so much easier. They can be used to twist the wire, tuck the wire in place, and cut it.

Using pliers to create jewelry is much safer than using scissors or your hands!

Get Crafting Today and Make Your Own Gemstone Beaded Bracelets 

Making beaded bracelets out of gemstones allows you to express yourself and who you are. By creating jewelry out of your favorite crystals, you can have their healing energy with you at all times. 

These two different methods of making bracelets out of crystal beads are fantastic ways for beginners to get creative and enhance their spiritual side! Have fun, and enjoy wearing the jewelry you make. 

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