14 Best Crystals for Weight Loss and Fasting

  1. Basics: How do Crystals for Weight Loss help?
  2. 14 Best Crystals for Weight Loss & Fasting
  3. Blue Apatite for Weight Loss and Food Cravings 
  4. Augelite Crystals for Digestion 
  5. Sodalite Crystals for Better Metabolism 
  6. Rainforest Jasper for Detox and Weight Loss
  7. Carnelian Crystals for Fasting 
  8. Epidote Crystals for Obesity and Weight Loss 
  9. Hematite for Weight Loss and Strength 
  10. Amethyst Crystals To Improve Focus To Continue Exercising
  11. Diaspore for Weight Loss and Water Retention 
  12. Selenite Crystals for Weight Loss and Motivation 
  13. Gaspeite Crystals To Improve Mindset for a Healthy Diet
  14. Serpentine Crystals to Improve Health
  15. Moonstone for Weight Loss and Focus 
  16. Rhodonite for Weight Management after Losing Weight
  17. FAQ: Weight Loss Crystals and How to Use Them 
  18. Start Holistic Weight Loss with Healing Crystals.

Gaining and losing weight is a natural process. Weight gain may occur due to major changes, traumas, loss, grief, or life events. If you’ve tried losing weight with no success, I suggest a holistic solution, which is using healing crystals. What are the best crystals for weight loss and fasting? 

Crystals for weight loss help you stay motivated, optimistic, energetic, and prevent weight gain. 

I’ll teach you how to charge these crystals with water, mantras, affirmations, soil, sunlight, fire, and crystal grids to manifest weight loss and weight management. 

Basics: How do Crystals for Weight Loss help?

Let me tell you a personal story. .

I struggled to manage and keep my weight off since my teenage years due to a thyroid condition. After struggling with countless fad diets and crazy exercises, I was meditating with an Amethyst when I realized my body needs more to be healthy. 

I needed holistic healing. 

I combined the best diets, fasting, yoga practices, meditation, aromatherapy, positive affirmations, and the right crystals in different parts of my weight loss plan. 

To my pride, my metabolism sped up in a couple of days, I lost weight, and I even managed to keep the weight off. 

Life is full of uncertain things, and I failed on my habits a few times last year. 

Crystals helped me get back on my feet every single time. I also find certain crystals inspiring, loving, and supportive on days when I feel like giving it all up. 

In short, crystals good for weight loss help you lose weight by enhancing the positive effects of things like diet, good habits, exercise, and meditation.

14 Best Crystals for Weight Loss & Fasting

The trick to losing weight is unique to you. Only you can determine it because it’s different for everyone. 

Crystals for opening lower and higher chakras can help with weight loss. 

While the lower chakras improve digestion, toxin elimination, energy, or strength, the higher chakras suppress hunger, frustration, and negative self-talk. Solar Plexus chakra crystals are considered the best for shedding extra weight. 

Below are 14 healing crystals for weight loss and how to activate them.

Blue Apatite for Weight Loss and Food Cravings 

Blue Apatite on a white background

Blue Apatite is a booster stone that increases feelings of feeling hopeful, optimistic, and positive in the morning. This blue-green healing crystal helps you gain control over hunger pangs. It’s particularly good if you want to modify your eating schedule for fasting. 

I find Blue Apatite so beneficial that it’s a must-wear whenever I’m doing intermittent fasting for 18 to 21 hours.

Sound and your voice is the best activation technique for using Blue Apatite to lose weight. 

Hold the crystal a few inches from your lips and chant your affirmation, mantra, intention, or prayer into the stone. 

Finally, carry it in your pocket for a month. 

Augelite Crystals for Digestion 

Augelite on a white background
source: Wikimedia | Robert Lavinsky

While Augelite is a less popular crystal, it’s the best stone for accelerating recovery from stomach-related problems. Augelite improves your strength and clears blockages by opening the heart chakra. 

You can heal your lower body by consuming crystal infused water for weight loss by using Augelite crystals. All you need to do is infuse the healing energies of Augelite into a glass of water. If you’re new to healing elixirs, read how to make crystal elixirs here. 

Sodalite Crystals for Better Metabolism 

sodalite on a white background

If you have been going through ups and downs with your weight, you probably know about the weight-loss plateau.

A few years ago, I hit a plateau for 2 months when I was 60% through my weight loss goal. Fortunately, I found a weight loss bracelet made with Sodalite chips at a local store. 

Wearing it made me feel so energetic and active that I increased my workout hours and started drinking more homemade smoothies. 

Sodalite amplifies your intentions, metabolism, and conviction for weight loss. All you need to do is charge your Sodalite by soaking it overnight in the moonlight before wearing it.

Rainforest Jasper for Detox and Weight Loss

rainforest jasper on white background

If your weight-loss is stalling, it might be time to clear the blockages in your lower chakras. For this, Rainforest Jasper works like a charm. It is a detoxifying crystal that unblocks the root and heart chakras.

I’ve found Rainforest Jasper most useful when going through physical discomforts like fatigue, dizziness, headaches, or other carbohydrate-withdrawal symptoms. These usually happen in the initial days of weight loss. 

You can amplify weight-loss crystals with Rainforest Jasper by setting a crystal grid with a Rainforest Jasper Wand in the middle. Before you place your crystal, activate every crystal with your weight-loss mantra or affirmation. 

Carnelian Crystals for Fasting 

polished carnelian on white background

Did you know ancient soldiers used Carnelian for physical and emotional strength during the war? Carnelian awakens multiple lower chakras, like the solar plexus, sacral chakra, and root chakra, and it curbs your physical cravings, uneasiness, and frustrations. 

You’ll find it easy to fast for 16 to 20 hours with Carnelian because it suppresses fake hunger that is a result of bad past habits. 

I charge my Carnelian by fire-charging it before carrying it in my right pocket during the fasting hours. To activate Carnelian with Fire, light a candle and hold your crystal a few inches away from the flame for 20 to 30 seconds.

Epidote Crystals for Obesity and Weight Loss 

epidote on white background

Stress, pressure, and anxiety made me eat like there is no tomorrow several times in my university years. Food never filled me up, and the anxiety didn’t lighten up either. 

That’s when I came across Epidote

Did you know Epidote is the perfect crystal for helping you release inner pain and emotional baggage? It works by uprooting the causes of obesity, which is rejection, depression, sadness, loneliness, and boredom.

Get an Epidote wand and circle it over your food, snacks, drinks, and dishes before eating for weight loss. This is my favorite way to amplify the healing energies of the food and seal in its nutrients.

Hematite for Weight Loss and Strength 

hematite chunk on white background

By tethering your mind, body, and soul to Mother Gaia via the root chakra, Hematite grounds anxiety throughout weight loss. As a result, you’ll feel strong, confident, and ready for exercise whenever you touch your Hematite crystal. 

As one of the best crystals for strength and physical fitness, you can keep Hematite on your yoga mat or carry it in your pocket during workouts. 

Charge Hematite by burying it overnight under 5 to 10 inches of soil. Hematite can connect you with Mother Gaia’s patience, tolerance, and control. 

Amethyst Crystals To Improve Focus To Continue Exercising

Isolated Amethyst crystal on a white background

Did you know Amethyst is a crystal that helps you sober up? Known as the anti-drunkenness gemstone, Amethyst helps you think and work clearly without experiencing cravings, hunger, or greed that threatens your weight loss plans. 

As a crystal that awakens your seventh chakra (the crown), Amethyst is one of the best crystals for manifesting weight loss. You should charge Purple Quartz with meditation.

I keep an Amethyst on my Crown Chakra and meditate for anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours in the mornings to repel thoughts of postponing exercise preemptively. You can also chant affirmations or mantras to use this crystal for weight loss

Diaspore for Weight Loss and Water Retention 

diaspore chunk on white background
image source: Wikimedia | Robert Lavinsky

Another unknown healing crystal, Diaspore is a boon if you suffer from bloating. It’s also a godsend for the elderly because Diaspore enhances the performance of internal organs.

If you can get your hands on a Diaspore wand, aim it at your brows and chant weight loss affirmations. 

Here are a few affirmations to get you started right away: 

  • I trust that my body, mind, and soul are helping me achieve a healthy weight. 
  • I am proud of my spirit, my body, and my mind.
  • I will work hard to achieve my dream body. 
  • I am thankful for my weight loss journey.
  • I remove temptation or remove myself from tempting situations. -(The Holy Bible)

Selenite Crystals for Weight Loss and Motivation 

selenite stick on white background

We talked about darker crystals opening higher and lower chakras for weight loss. Selenite is a white stone essential in your kit for cleansing and charging other weight-loss crystals.

Selenite works for weight loss by keeping you focused on your goal. It eliminates negative self-talk and helps you stay motivated. 

If you want to use Selenite, get a Selenite Tower and activate it with the energy of the New or Full Moon by keeping it on the windowsill overnight. 

After charging, keep Selenite in the center of your home to spread energies of positivity, optimism, and inspiration.

Gaspeite Crystals To Improve Mindset for a Healthy Diet

gaspeite chunk on a white background
image source: Wikimedia | Robert Lavinsky

If weight loss is particularly hard for you because you binge eat, I know your pain. 

Once upon a time, comfort food would make me feel so good that I could eat crinkle fries all day. That was before a psychic recommended I wear a pair of Gaspeite earrings. The gorgeous green crystals helped me eliminate midnight cravings and junk food eating habits. 

Gaspeite works well because it activates the solar plexus and heart chakras. It would help if you charged crystal jewelry for weight loss with singing bowls before wearing it. 

To charge Gaspeite, place it next to a singing bowl before playing it. 

Serpentine Crystals to Improve Health

polished serpentine on white background

Because of my autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I get a ton of flu cases if I’m not careful. Besides wearing a mask and religiously using sanitizer, I also keep a Serpentine stone for protection in my jacket. 

One time, I forgot to pick up the crystal before going for a run, and I ended up realizing it works like magic for weight loss. I ran for 20 minutes more than usual when using Serpentine. 

After talking to crystal experts, I realized Serpentine improves mood and eliminates bad eating habits. 

Charge your Serpentine palm stone for five minutes under sunlight and take it with you on workouts. 

Moonstone for Weight Loss and Focus 

blue moonstone on white background

As an ethereal crystal that some cultures believe is a living part of the Moon Goddess, Moonstone manifests weight loss well. It helps you achieve your weight loss goal with devotion, focus, and honesty. 

Moonstone is an amplifying crystal that opens the third eye and crown chakra. Hence, Moonstone is commonly used with Hematite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, or Sodalite on weight-loss bracelets. 

Whether you have this bracelet or an altar for weight loss, it is beneficial to include Moonstone and charge it with moonlight energy. 

To do this, keep it on your windowsill overnight on Full Moon nights. 

Rhodonite for Weight Management after Losing Weight

polished rhodonite on white background

Weight loss is challenging, but it can be fun with the love crystal Rhodonite. It’s an excellent stone for finding support, love, and care during and after weight loss to keep off the weight. 

Rhodonite is crucial during weight loss because it makes me feel kind to my body. You need a lot of self love if your weight loss goal is challenging due to medical conditions like an overactive or underactive thyroid. 

Use Rhodonite after smudging it with Sage, Lavender, or Cedarwood sticks. Doing this will fill you with pride, self-worth, and forgiveness (in case you have a few bumps along the way).

FAQ: Weight Loss Crystals and How to Use Them 

  1. Should I cleanse crystals for weight loss?

Yes, unless you’re using self-cleansing crystals like Selenite or Clear Quartz, it’s crucial to cleanse crystals before use. 

You can remove negativity from crystals by soaking them in natural light (sun or moon), rinsing them with water, burying them in brown rice/ soil, chanting mantras/ affirmations, or meditating with them.

  1. How to use a weight loss crystal bracelet?

Weight loss bracelets are incredibly easy and effective for keeping you motivated, grounded, calm, and committed to healthy habits. 

Before wearing them, it’s good to charge them with natural elements, thoughts, or sacred geometry.

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and water. 

Read more on how to charge crystals here.

  1. What chakra is associated with weight loss?

The third chakra, known as the solar plexus is considered the most important chakra for weight loss. A blocked solar plexus can cause indigestion, binge eating, weight gain, digestive problems, eating disorders, and a spike in cholesterol

  1. What are the best tips for using weight loss crystals?

Weight loss is not a miracle. It’s the sum total of hard work, commitment, exercise, and control over cravings. Crystals enhance these virtues when you wear, carry, or use them in specific techniques. 

  1. Are there other crystals that work for weight loss besides the ones above?

Yes, the 14 crystals above were the most helpful in my weight loss journey. The other crystals that I recommend are Iolite, Rose Quartz, Fire Agate, Red Tigers Eye, Larvikite, Mangano Calcite, Sunstone, and Lapis Lazuli for weight loss. 

Start Holistic Weight Loss with Healing Crystals.

Weight loss is one of the perfect goals to set this New Year. 

But why are you losing weight? 

If you ask me, it’s better to target your health over a figure when you’re starting with weight loss. Otherwise, you’ll end up being rude or abusive to your body. 

Crystals can help you by improving mindful eating, your diet, exercise regime, yoga routine, and healthy habits. 

The best crystals for weight loss:

crystals for weight loss list

Which crystal will you use for weight loss? Write to us if you have a favorite! 

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