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Crystals are popping up all over the place these days in beauty supplies. They give off healing energies and good vibes. More and more of us want that feel-good factor infused into our self-care routines.

When it comes to our lips specifically, ancient traditions believed certain crystals offered protective and nourishing properties. Like they could bring lushness and vibrant color to the lips. As we add flower essences, fruit extracts, and herbs to our makeup bags, crystals are another way to work some natural wellness magic into our beauty game.

So, which crystals are best for lips? Certain gems give off this gentle, loving energy that’s great for nurturing delicate lip skin. Mix them into some plant oils and butters, and you’ve got a recipe for smooth, soft lips ready to rock your favorite shade. 

What Crystals Can Do for Your Lips

woman applying lip gloss in front of a mirror

Why add crystals into your lip care, anyway? What’s the deal with these shiny rocks and how they can transform your lips?

The whole concept behind crystal-infused lip products ties back to the idea that different crystals have their own healing properties. Rose Quartz, for example, is tied to energies of unconditional love and nurturing. Mix it into a lip scrub or balm, and it’s thought to impart mega doses of tender lovin’ care to your lips!

It’s about using intention when picking your crystals for lip pampering. What properties do you most want to invite in? Once you identify that, you can handpick some gemstone helpers to make your lip treatment feel like a ritual. 

14 Crystals for Lips

Let’s check out some top crystals to vibe up your lip care and bring out the full health, lushness, and beauty of your lips. I’ll dish on how these natural wonders can take your lips to the next level.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz on white background

Rose Quartz deserves a spot in your crystal lip care lineup. With its pink hue mirroring soft flower petals, Rose Quartz brings tenderness and comfort to delicate lip skin. It’s an intensely feminine energy, soothing away roughness and imparting a petal-soft feel.

Try swirling Rose Quartz chips into your favorite organic lip balm or mixing them into a sugar lip scrub. As you apply the crystal-infused formula, set the intention for lips brimming with self-love and gentle care. Let Rose Quartz coax your lips into their most kissably soft and supple state.


Rhodochrosite on white background

With brightly banded layers of pink, white, and red, Rhodochrosite emanates encouraging, passionate energy. In crystal healing lore, it’s connected to stimulating blood flow and circulation while attracting joy and affection. Exactly what your lovely lips deserve!

Dip your finger into a rich lip oil infused with powdered Rhodochrosite. Gently smooth this lucky red elixir onto lips before bedtime, setting intentions for plumpness and vivid color. The radiant bands of Rhodochrosite can impart health by bringing vibrant circulation to this delicate area. 


obsidian crystal on a white background

The dramatic Obsidian crystal is revered for its protective and purifying properties. It banishes negativity to make way for fresh energies and healing. Applied to the lips, Obsidian helps wipe stresses away, making room for total rejuvenation.

Add a drop of Obsidian crystal essence or finely milled powder into any lip treatment. As you gently massage into the delicate lip skin, focus on any tension or dullness you want to wipe clean. 

Feel Obsidian absorb those stagnant energies so your lips can restore to their fullest beauty and magnetism! Polish off with soft, smoky diamond shimmer for a tempting glassy sheen.


Citrine chunk on white background

Citrine crystal is known as the “success stone” and tied to energies of abundance and manifestation. Applied to the lips, Citrine can help attract all good things, softness, suppleness, and attention-grabbing sheen!

Stir finely crushed Citrine crystals into a rich honey lip balm as a golden fortune charm. Warm the mixture between your palms as you focus on visions of perfect lip health and allure. Use your crystal-infused honey potion to coat lips generously morning and night. 

Green Aventurine

green aventurine on white background

Green Aventurine is connected with amplifying life force, vigor and vitality. In crystal rituals, it renews skin cells for restoring a youthful appearance. Bring that renewing energy straight to your lovely lips!

Mix a pinch of powdered Green Aventurine into any antioxidant-rich lip product. As you gently massage it onto the lips, set intentions for cell turnover and refreshed plumpness. Let the restorative properties of Aventurine reawaken your lips cells to a fuller, smoother form. 

Repeat daily and watch fine lines soften as your pout regains that coveted bee-stung lushness!

Red Jasper

red jasper on white background

Red Jasper is revered for stimulating energy flow and restoring depleted vibrancy. It’s considered the perfect crystal for revitalizing tired lips back to their fullest wattage.

Create a custom crystal-charged lip exfoliant by blending brown sugar with almond oil, raw honey, and Red Jasper chips. Massage this sweet n’ spicy potion onto the lips, setting intentions for circulation and restoration. 

As the granules buff away dull skin, feel Jasper sending in healing energies to reactivate cell turnover. Rinse with a warm cloth and check out smoother, brighter lips that look lit from within!

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz on a white background

Strawberry Quartz makes a perfect addition to lip formulas craving more lushness and charm. In crystal healing, it’s known for attracting love while amplifying sweetness in all forms.

Add a few tiny tumbled Strawberry Quartz stones to your preferred organic lip gloss. As you apply the infused gloss throughout the day, let Strawberry Quartz work its magic to make your lips irresistibly sweet, soft, and kissable. 

Feel it amplifying the natural sugars and nutrients to leave lips saturated with nourishing gloss and good vibrations.


polished malachite on white background

With bright swirling hues of green, Malachite connects to energies of nature’s bounty and new beginnings. In Ancient Egypt, it was also used to adorn the eyes, bringing life force to enhance beauty rituals. 

Gently massage a sculpted crystal face roller over bare lips to boost circulation. Follow with a deeply hydrating emerald green lip mask infused with Malachite powder. Relax as it works to deeply infuse lips with lush hydration and vitality for a plumper, more youthful looking pout.


amethyst on white background

Amethyst imparts a royal dose of beautifying energies. Known for its calming and protective qualities, Amethyst balances body, mind, and skin while dialing down inflammation or redness, perfect for pampering delicate lip skin into its healthiest state.

Make a soothing lip compress by soaking a small cloth strip in chamomile tea with four Amethyst points. Apply to lips for 5 to 10 minutes, allowing Amethyst to work its de-puffing and anti-inflammatory magic. Follow with a crystal-infused balm to seal in long-lasting softness and comfort.

Tiger’s Eye

red tiger's eye on white background

Tiger’s Eye is connected to courage, confidence, and harnessing personal power. Use it in your lip care to help amplify allure and magnetism.

Make a Tiger’s Eye-infused lip scrub by mixing brown sugar with a few drops of jojoba oil and finely crushed crystals. As you gently buff your lips smooth, set intentions for igniting your inner tiger, a daring sensuality and captivating charm. 


Fluorite crystal with white background

Fluorite crystals come in a rainbow of hues and are revered in crystal rituals for purification. They help cleanse and revitalize skin, whisking away impurities so rejuvenation can begin.

Create a Fluorite lip cleansing ritual after wearing long-lasting matte lipsticks and stains. Mix a pinch of finely milled light Purple Fluorite into a gentle creamy cleanser suited for lips. 

Massage over lip skin to lift away product buildup and stale energies. Rinse clean and restore with a nourishing balm.


eye agate on white background

From banded Carnelian to mossy Agate, these grounding earthy crystals connect us to cycles of growth and renewal. Agates applied to lips stimulate blood flow and oxygenation. This results in plumper, perkier lips with a flushed natural glow.

Whip up a hot crystal lip compress by steeping Carnelian, Tree Agate, or any Agate bits in just-boiled water. Let steep for 10 minutes then soak a cloth to apply to bare lips for 5 minutes. 

The heated Agate infusion will get circulation going strong. Follow with a rich rosehip and sea buckthorn lip oil to lock in supple softness and skin-kissing pinkness.


moonstone on white background

Moonstone connects to the feminine, the cycles of renewal, and the waters of emotion. By tapping into Moonstone energy, lips become more supple, luminous, and magnetically kissable under its silvery glow.

Make a Moonstone-infused lip serum by steeping tiny tumbled stones in soothing skin oils like camellia, seabuckthorn, or argan. Allow to charge under moonlight if possible. Strain oil and smooth over clean lips morning and night. Enhance with a dab of pearlized lip gloss.


aquamarine on a white background

Echoing sea and sky, the Aquamarine crystal has soothing properties. It helps reduce inflammation and sensitivity which can take a toll on delicate lips. 

Create an Aquamarine lip healing mask by mixing aloe vera gel with powdered crystal and a few drops of lavender and chamomile extracts. Apply generously to soothe and calm irritated lips while gently exfoliating. Let Aquamarine work its magic before rinsing clean. Dab your favorite clear gloss on top to highlight the glow.


Are Crystal Cosmetics for Lips Safe?

Yes, when used externally and properly, quality cosmetics containing crystal powders are generally safe for lips. Ensure formulations don’t contain sharp edges. As with any new product, test a small area first.

What are the Benefits of Using Crystals in Lip Cosmetics?

The benefits of using crystals in lip cosmetics is that crystals impart unique energetic properties and add natural mineral benefits to nourish lips. Different crystals also provide specific beautifying effects, from plumping and smoothing, to instantly glamming up lips with luminous shimmering pigments.

How Do You Use Crystals for Lips?

To use crystals for lips, crystals can be finely crushed into powders and added to formulas like scrubs, masks, balms, and glosses. Tumbled stones can also be infused in oils and serums. Crystals can even be shaped into rollers and gua sha tools to massage over the lips.

When and How to Use Crystals for Lips?

To use crystals for lips, apply crystal-infused lip products as part of your regular beauty routine, morning and night, or before wearing lip color. Use rollers and gua sha with light pressure in gentle outward strokes. Allow masks and balms to penetrate for 5 to 10 minutes before removing any residue.

What are the Disadvantages of Crystals for Lip Cosmetics?

The disadvantages of crystals for lip cosmetics is that some crystal powders may feel grittier or drying if not properly formulated into a lip product. Proceed with caution if you have sensitive skin, too. As always, check for quality and safety assurances before trying any new cosmetic.

Use Crystals for Lips!

Next time you treat yourself to a luxurious lip scrub or overnight mask, consider dropping some crystals into the mix. Choose a few that speak to you based on their unique properties.

Explore which crystals make your lips look and feel their absolute best. Whether going for plump hydration, a seductive velvety finish, or kissable natural sheen, let these magic minerals take your lip care to a whole new level of luxury. 

Continue your self-care ritual by focusing on the positive vibrations from your body, beauty products, and the crystals infusing your look. Lovely, luminous lips that spark curiosity are just one manifestation of the good vibes all around us.

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