What Does Angel Number 1011 Mean?

  1. Angel Number 1011 Numerology and Significance 
  2. Angel Number Meaning 1011 in Love
  3. Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Career
  4. Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Finance and Money
  5. Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Spirituality
  6. Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Friendship
  7. Angel Number 1011 Meaning when Shifting Reality
  8. Start Following the Meaning of Angel Number 1011!

Seeing the Angel Number 1011 indicates that positive change is about to happen. You need to keep faith and move forward. 

Angel Number 1011 meaning is “Belief in the Self.”

What does it mean when you see 1011 everywhere? If you see Angel Number 1011 everywhere, the angels are guiding you to spiritual awakening, important life events, and self-confidence. 

Best Affirmation for Angel Number 1011: “I believe in myself and the cosmos’ ability to fill my life with love.” 

Angel Number 1011 Numerology and Significance 

Let’s split up 1011 and decode its meaning in numerology.

  • Angel Number 1 symbolizes self-discovery and new beginnings.
  • Angel Number 0 means spiritual potential.
  • Angel Number 11 means psychic abilities. 
  • Angel Number 101 means completion.

Hence, Angel Number 1011 means faith that leads to growth, hope, or spiritual development. 

  • Angel Michael represents courage and support. 
  • Angel Omniel represents oneness and harmony. 

What Planet is Associated with Angel Number 1011?

Jupiter is the planet linked to Angel Number 1011. It represents luck, growth, and hope. 

What Color is Associated with Angel Number 1011?

White is the main color linked to 1011, representing purity and wisdom. 

What Element is Associated with Angel Number 1011?

Air is the element linked to it, responsible for manifestation. 

What Chakra is Associated with Angel Number 1011?

The Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras are commonly linked to the 1011 number, bringing enlightenment and spiritual awakening. 

Angel Number Meaning 1011 in Love

couple creating a heart shape using their hands

Seeing Angel Number 1011 repeatedly while thinking about your partner or an old flame may mean you’re about to meet or find transformation with them. 

When single people keep seeing 1011 on their Facebook, social media, and phone messages, their love life is about to transform. If this is you, go forward with your instincts.

For those in relationships, seeing 1011 indicates a need to reevaluate choices by trusting your inner voice.

Crystals that are Best for Love

Rose Quartz 

  • Get a Rose Quartz with pink and white areas and keep it while talking with your lover. 
  • You can charge a Rose Quartz overnight under the full moon to better interpret the meanings and advice of angels and 1011.


  • White and Peach Selenites are high-vibration stones capable of clearing brain fog and improving clarity. 
  • Selenite candles are a good way to figure out what to do, especially if you’re feeling stuck or lost in committed relationships. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Twin Flame

Seeing 1011 in the context of Twin flame means spirits want you to have faith and follow your intuition. 

If you already know your twin flame, it’s time to follow your heart and reconnect with them. But if you notice this number in messages about your current partner or relationship, it means it’s time to take the leap you’re thinking about. 

People who don’t know their twin flames should do mediumship rituals to learn more about what to do or where to go next. 

Crystal that is Best for Twin Flame


  • White Howlite helps you find divine assistance if you keep seeing 1011 in the context of your twin flame. 
  • Raise your crystal to your forehead while facing the sun. Meditate to find actionable plans and tasks from spirits. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Twin Flame Reunion

When you’re constantly feeling like it’s time to reconnect with your twin flame, you’ll keep seeing 1011 around them or topics about them. Please listen to your guardian spirits and believe in yourself. 

Whether single or committed, you’re about to reunite spiritually with your twin flame. 

Call upon the angelic energies of Angel Omniel to help you navigate the challenges of reuniting with them.

Crystal that is Best for Twin Flame Reunion


  • Diamonds are amplifier stones that help you determine the meaning of the 1011 Angel Number, especially if you’ve been thinking of getting back with your flame.
  • Using a Diamond dowsing pendulum helps you clear doubts about 1011. Charge it with the seed mantra OM and carry it on your left side. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Twin Flame Separation

Seeing 1011 during arguments, fights, and feuds with your partner might be a cue to part ways with them. The angels advise you to believe in your instincts if you see this number more than 5 times in tense situations. 

1011 is a reminder to look inward and find support from near and dear ones. The Universe is trying to heal your scars. 

It might be time to move away and grow more. 

Crystal that is Best for Twin Flame Separation

Pink Calcite 

  • Did you know Pink Calcites taps into your Kundalini energy center? That’s why they awaken self-respect and self-discovery so you can find your spiritual destiny. 
  • Charge your crystal in the evening with the sunlight and moonlight energy for a few minutes before carrying it with you.

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Career

woman working on her laptop

Encountering this number in memos, emails, or the office clock indicates you need to start believing in your capabilities. Angels are trying to motivate and guide you to your soul’s purpose. 

If the angels send this message, you may keep seeing it for days. You should trust the angelic guidance and commit to career goals or passion projects without disbelieving your skills.

Crystals that are Best for Career 

Phantom Rose Quartz

  • This type of Rose Quartz is a powerful stone awakening by higher and lower chakras. It’ll help clear chakra blockages preventing you from believing in your best.
  • Create an indirect crystal elixir of a Phantom Rose Quartz and consume it regularly. 

Rhodochrosite Stilbite

  • Famous for spreading vibes of harmony and peace, this Rhodochrosite variety is a good stone to help you find self-esteem and scale new heights at work. 
  • Program your stone for support and tranquility at work by holding it for a few minutes before a lit candle. You can also use it to communicate with angels or request divine backing. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Finance and Money

a hand holding pile of paper money bills

Coming across the 1011 Angel Number on financial documents, invoices, expense statements, bank statements, etcetera is a sign of luck. The angels are telling you to keep faith and follow your intuition because good fortune is coming. 

To trust in the meaning of the angelic message 1011, you need to introspect and find your goals for the future of your finances. 

You may have to take calculated risks to save up more after seeking professional support.

Crystals that are Best for Finances

White Jade 

  • Also popular as Mutton Fat Jade, this stone brings mental clarity and shields you against negativity. It taps into the Crown and Heart Chakras.
  • Carry the crystal on your dominant side after charging it with soil using a flowerpot or garden

Moss Agate

  • Did you know Clear Moss Agate is a stone of growth and financial luck? It enhances your mind to beat challenges and hurdles in money matters. 
  • Charge your crystal with positive affirmations and keep it in your wallet or purse for a few days to manifest intentions of prosperity. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Spirituality

A woman is meditating on the top of the mountain

When you keep seeing 1011 in your meditation, self-care routines, praying, DMs, social media feeds, or yoga, it’s a sign the divine realm wants you to continue on your spiritual journey but with more faith in your spirit.

The angels want you to take up the goals you set out to do when you started on the road to spirituality. They urge you to start afresh to tap into new psychic abilities.

Crystals that are Best for Spirituality


  • One of the best stones for spirit contact and assistance, this crystal is especially useful for divine guidance if you’re seeking help. Did you know Angelite also helps you discover your spiritual destiny?
  • The best way to activate Angelite to tap into psychic abilities and enlightenment is by smudging it with a sacred herb like sage or Palo Santo. 


  • Larimar is a stone of spiritual growth, discovery, and expression. Dual elements of Fire and Water rule it. Bonding with it helps you find inner power and harmony. 
  • Program your stone for spiritual awakening and growth by meditating and visualizing your goals while holding the stone at eye level. 

Angel Number 1011 Meaning in Friendship

group of 3 girls who are close to each other

You may see 1011 with suspicious strangers, acquaintances, friends, or distant family. It’s a direct message from your guardian spirits to trust your intuitions and seek support. 

You might keep seeing this number until you realize the message. In such an instance, follow and trust your instincts instead of putting them away. 

Crystals that are Best for Friendship

Blue Lace Agate

  • Dowse with a Blue Lace Agate pendulum to find answers to your questions by contacting the angelic realm. 
  • You can also find angelic help by holding onto this crystal and calling unto Angel Michael for a few seconds in your mind. Then follow the message.

Angel Number 1011 Meaning when Shifting Reality

woman looking out the window

If you were trying to shift to a Desired Reality, or DR, noticing 1011 might be a sign from the spirits to trust yourself because your dream is about to manifest. Strengthen your DR with more meditation and amplifying sessions. 

You might see this otherworldly number when you’re meditating or while building or researching for the DR. It’s a sign you’re on the right path to your DR.

Crystal that is Best for Shifting Reality

White Labradorite

  • Have you heard White Labradorite opens new areas of consciousness? It can help you travel astrally or jump consciousness after bonding with the stone. 
  • Activate your stone for shifting realities by charging it daily with visualizations during sunrise. 

Start Following the Meaning of Angel Number 1011!

In short, seeing the cosmic number 1011 at the office, at parties, in your dreams, in DMs, or in invoices is a divine sign to trust your instincts and embrace prosperity, change, luck, and transformations. 

Use crystals like Howlite, Larimar, Rose Quartz, White Labradorite, or White Jade to find divine help in love, twin flame, career, friendship, and finances.

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