Gem Silica

(jem si-lee-kuh)
Main Origins:
Canada, Kazakhstan, Russia, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, Peru, Congo, India, Taiwan, New Zealand, Madagascar, Indonesia, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea.

What is Gem Silica?

a picture of a gem silica stone on a wooden platform
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Gem Silica is a rare type of Blue Chalcedony. The color variations in Gemstone Silica vary based on the amount of copper in it. Hence, Gem Silica is called Gemstone Silica, Blue Chalcedony, and Gem Silica Chalcedony. 

With a moderately good hardness score, Gemstone Silica may be transparent or translucent and ranges in blue, green, blue-green, and teal hues, resembling the vivid hues resembling Chrysocolla. So, it’s also called Chrysocolla Chalcedony, Silica Chrysocolla, Gem Silica Chrysocolla, and Gem Chrysocolla. 

Psychics and healers call it the stone of focus, clarity, and intuition in the mind, body, and soul. It’s the most valuable type of Chalcedony, and the best varieties boast uniform translucence and high clarity.

Gem Silica Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Gem Silica Chalcedony is usually seen in green, blue, blue-green, and white hues. Hence, it opens the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, and Stellar Gateway Chakras, bringing self-expression, clarity, leadership, patience, intuition, and divine assistance. 

Other colors in the stone activate the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakras. They’re responsible for enlightenment, courage, strength, deep healing, and higher consciousness. 

Silica Chrysocolla is linked to the astrological effects of Mercury, enhancing communication skills, self-reliance, beauty, and financial success. That’s also why zodiac signs like Virgo, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer are best for tapping into the astrological benefits of Gem Silica.

In the same way, Gem Silica is linked to the Wind and Water elements, tapping into spirit contact, wisdom, mindfulness, enlightenment, and psychic gifts. 

Where to keep Gem Silica at home? Keep Gem Silica in the Southeast, North, or East corner of your home to tap into the feng shui benefits of prosperity, success, and harmony. 

The numerical vibration linked to Gem Silica is 5, which brings virtues of progress, creativity, expression, and knowledge.

Chrysocolla Chalcedony is linked to deities like Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea; Hera, the Greek Queen of the Gods; Bridget, the Celtic Goddess of Poetry; and Tiamat, the Babylonian Goddess of Saltwater

Gem Silica Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Gem Silica with plume or feather-like patterns enhances personal power and growth. It’s good for CEOs, CFOs, founders, principals, directors, captains, team leads, managers, coaches, and people in managerial positions. 
  • Hold your stone for a few minutes while facing the rising or setting sun. Once charged, carry the crystal on your dominant side. 


  • If you struggle with temper and calmness, get a greenish gem silica and charge it for your intention daily. It’s a good stone for inner strength and stability. 
  • Chant this into your stone while holding it before you: My lifeblood is patience, and it strengthens my conviction and skills.

Deep Healing 

  • When traumatic situations from your past or present disturb peace and harmony, the best solution is to use a Green Chrysocolla Chalcedony as a worry stone. 
  • Lie down on a yoga mat and place your crystal in the middle of your heart. Hold your palms over the crystal and visualize your intentions. 


  • Opalized Gem Silica improves your ability to express opinions confidently by removing fear and anxiety
  • Place your crystal next to a singing bowl and tap the sides of the bowl gently. Keep your charged stone close to your Throat Chakra to keep it charged throughout wear. 

Mindfulness and Clarity

  • Gemstone Silica Chalcedony with dark blue hues opens your mind’s eye and sharpens your brain skills. It’s good to clear mental clutter and enhance self-awareness. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and circle the sacred smoke over your crystal while visualizing your intentions. 

Gem Silica Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A psychic reading a person hands

Psychic Gifts 

  • Get a stalactitic or bicolor Blue Chalcedony to activate dormant centers of your spirituality. It will activate psychic powers like intuition and clairvoyance. 
  • Sit in the open air under a full moon night and stare into your crystal for a few minutes. It will show you psychic visions and lead you to destiny. 

Awakening and Enlightenment 

  • The Turquoise Gem Silica variety is a powerful awakening stone. It connects your physical body to the higher realm and leads you to cosmic awakening and enlightenment. 
  • Pack your crystal in a box or silk cloth and bury it for 7 days and 7 nights. Afterward, place the charged stone under your pillow. 

Spirit Contact 

  • Druzy and Emerald Jade Gemstone Silica clear physical limitations to access and receive divine guidance. It’s a good stone for conversing with angels and guardian spirits.
  • Build a crystal grid with Gem Silica and 12 compatible crystals in the center. Activate it by visualizing your intention and smudging the grid daily. 


  • Varieties of Gemstone Silica with golden or yellow inclusions are wealth magnets as they clear blockages in your path. 
  • Light a candle and hold your crystal before the flame for a few minutes. Place the charged stone in the Southeast corner of your home to attract abundance, success, and prosperity. 

Shifting Reality 

  • Did you know multicolor Gemstone Silica fills the gap between the mortal world and the higher realms? It will help you with divination, cosmic travel, lucid dreaming, and shifting to your desired reality. 
  • Set up a crystal altar in a shady place around your garden with jasmine, marigold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Side Effects of Gem Silica

  • Isolation: While Gemstone Silica helps you with mindfulness and spirit contact, you may have to go through isolation before fully connecting to the etheric self. 
  • Restlessness: Overusing this stone if you’re new to it may lead to agitation, jitters, and impatience.
  • Catharsis: For some people, deep healing might also come with overwhelming sensations, crying bouts, and intense emotional release.


Gem Silica Meaning: What does Gem Silica Symbolize?

female meditating by the lake

The meaning of Gem Silica is mental clarity. 

Traditionally, it stands for enlightenment, communication skills, and patience. It’s also called the Stone of Mindfulness.

Did you know it’s also called Mexico Blue Emerald and Arizona Chrysocolla for its origin? Gem Silica has been used for thousands of years to find the truth, spiritual destiny, and dormant skills. 

Psychics and shamans say it’s the perfect stone for connecting to the higher realm. Bonding with this stone also brings psychic gifts, like clairvoyance, cosmic vision, and awakening.

Types of Gem Silica

  • Common Gem Silica: Most Gemstone Silica stones show blue to blue-green colors and are excellent for sharpening your mind and clearing confusion. 
  • Greenish Gem Silica: This is when your stone shows more green than other colors and works like a charm for enhancing wisdom and peace. 
  • Whitish Gem Silica: Blue Chrysocolla dominant with white crystals awaken the Crown and Stellar Gateway Chakras to lead you to enlightenment. 
  • Emerald Jade Gem Silica: A variety of Greenish Gemstone Silica Chalcedony with dark olive-green hues, this is a rare stone that enhances health and prosperity. 
  • Stalactitical Gem Silica: A sought-after type of Gem Silica found as elongated structures within cave-like formations. This brings spiritual growth and psychic gifts. 
  • Druzy Gem Silica: Sparkling crystals form this variety, exhibiting teal to pale blue hues, can be used for enlightenment and higher consciousness. 
  • Gem Silica with Chrysocolla Plumes: In this type of Blue Chalcedony, you’ll notice plumes or feather-like patterns in blue and blue-green colors. It’s a good stone for personal power and growth.
  • Parrot Wing Gem Silica: This type of Gem Chrysocolla shows a mix of green and dark blue hues, imitating the colors of parrots. They’re great for finding your most authentic self.
  • Banded Gem Silica: When you can see stripes of blue, blue-green, black, and maroon hues on your stone, it’s a banded variety good for chakra alignment and healing. 
  • Reddish Gem Silica: Due to a high presence of Cuprite, this type of Gemstone Silica enhances courage, vitality, and strength. 
  • Blue Black Gem Silica: A bi-color Gem Silica stone, this is a unique stone with bright black and blue hues. It’s good for aligning multiple chakras simultaneously for kundalini awakening and spiritual powers. 
  • Opalized Gem Silica: Another unique variety, this stone shows a faint iridescence from Opal. It’s good for spirit guidance and communication. 
  • Quantum Quattro Gem Silica: This is a unique type of Chrysocolla Chalcedony in several shades of blue with white, green, and golden inclusions. It’s good for financial success, reality shifting, and deep healing.
  • Cobalto-Calcite Gem Silica: A druzy variety of Gemstone Silica with pink, purple, white, brown, and magenta colors. This stone brings divine love and mindfulness.
  • Botryoidal Gem Silica: In this variety of Blue Chalcedony, crystals form a bulbous exterior, signifying financial success, wealth, and abundance.
  • Apache Gem Silica: Also called Apache Chrysocolla, this is a multicolored variety of Gemstone Silica that is good for multi-chakra balance. 
  • Gem Silica and Malachite: When you notice a deep green hue in your stone, Malachite is present in large amounts. Such a stone is good for support, healing, and comfort. 
  • Gem Silica with Azurite: One of the most spectacular Chrysocolla Chalcedony stones, this variety shows bright green, olive-green, indigo, white, blue, yellow, and brown hues. It may resemble landscapes and is recommended for universal connection.
  • Gem Silica with Tenorite: Another multicolored Blue Chalcedony with dark browns, green, indigo, blue, orange, and white hues. This stone is good for balance, confidence, and self-expression. 
  • Gem Silica with Turquoise: In this type of Gemstone Silica Chalcedony, you’ll see Turquoise veins intertwined with bright blues. Use it for tranquility, awakening, and deep healing. 

How to Cleanse Gem Silica?

Different crystals and an smoking sage on top of a table.

  • Moonlight: Place your stone in a room with an open window under the moonlit night for up to 6 hours to remove negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo stick and circle the sacred smoke over your crystal to reset its positive energies before and after rituals. 
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Keep your Gemstone Silica before you and circle it thrice clockwise. It will dispel the evil vibrations the stone absorbed during rituals.


Is Gem Silica Safe?

Yes, Gem Silica is safe to touch. However, you should wash your hands after direct contact as you should for other crystals

Can Gem Silicas Get Wet?

Yes, Gem Silica can get wet. Moreover, it’s cleaned by soaking in soapy water for a few minutes. However, don’t soak it for over 20 minutes to avoid damaging it.

What is Gem Silica Made of?

Gem Silica is made of Quartz and Chrysocolla. 

Are Gem Silica Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Gem Silica stone is safe in the sun. However, prolonged and direct exposure may affect its color and integrity. 

How Do You Identify Gem Silica?

Gem Silica is easily identified by its vivid color, Mohs hardness of 7, and a white streak. It may be translucent or transparent.

Is Gem Silica the Same as Chrysocolla?

No, Gemstone Silica is not the same as Chrysocolla, but it forms from silica replacing Chrysocolla. 

How Do You Care for Gem Silica?

The best way to care for Gem Silica is by handling it carefully to avoid accidental hits, falls, and collisions. When transporting, you should pack it in bubble wrap or fabric and prevent exposure to chemicals, heat, and salt water.

Is Gem Silica Expensive?

Yes, Gem Silica is an expensive healing crystal, costing over $100 per carat.

What Stones Go Well with Gem Silica?

The best crystals to pair with Gem Silica are Sunstone, Amazonite, Citrine, Emerald, and Fluorite. 

Is Gem Silica Natural?

Yes, Gem Silica naturally occurs in nature. Still, you’ll find dyed Chalcedony sold as Gem Silica under Peruvian Chalcedony or Silica. 

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