Eye of the Storm Jasper

(I of thuh Stawrm Jas-pur)
Main Origins:

What is Eye of the Storm?

assorted judy jasper on gray background Source: Etsy | crystaldelightsuk
Source: Etsy | crystaldelightsuk

Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper, also known by the names Judy’s Jasper, Jasper-Agate, or Bahia Jasper, has intricate patterns and deep mesmerizing colors that mirror the tumultuous beauty of the storms referred to in its interesting name. 

The eye of the storm is the center of a storm, and it is usually a place where the weather conditions are calmest. When you look up in the sky, you can clearly see a blue eye between the gray clouds. Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper shares this unique visual characteristic.

This stone is composed of a blend of Jasper and Agate. Legends say that this stone is borne from the core of fierce storms, capturing their raw energy and power. Integrating this stone into your life cultivates unshakable confidence and unearths previously unseen and unknown truths.

Eye of the Storm Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Drawing its energies from Mars, the planet of drive and determination, this crystal channels the warrior spirit, embodying unshakable confidence, vigor, and the courage to unearth truths. 

The raw power of Mars, coupled with the nurturing and anchoring attributes of the Earth element, instills you with unparalleled vitality and energy. 

Cernunnos, the deity of wild things and untouched nature, bestows the stone with the essence of authentic growth, progression, and the ability to thrive against all odds.

Eye-of-the-Storm deeply resonates with the Root and Sacral Chakras. Using this stone really helps you make positive decisions, amplifies abundance, and promotes positive mental and emotional growth. 

The numerical vibration 6, symbolic of harmony and balance, allows Eye-of-the-Storm to cultivate abundance, success, and confidence that is unaffected by the conditions and circumstances around you. 

In feng shui, this stone connects to the Southeast. This direction represents wealth, money and prosperity, making Judy’s Jasper a wonder stone to use if you want to manifest success and progression in all aspects of your life.

Eye Of The Storm Healing Properties and Benefits

Unshakable Confidence

  • With its Mars influence and its connection to the Earth element, the Eye-of-the-Storm instills courage and self-assurance. 
  • Wear it as a pendant close to your heart or meditate holding it in your hands to channel its empowering energies.

Greater Mind’s Eye

  • This stone sharpens intuition and enhances spiritual visions. 
  • Place it on your forehead during meditation or bedside table to amplify intuitive insights.

Positive Decisions

  • Eye-of-the-Storm’s alignment with the Earth element and its connection with the Sacral Chakra promotes clear thinking and decision-making grounded in reality.
  • Hold the stone in your left hand when faced with choices, or carry it in your pocket during decision-making.

Aids Vitality and Energy

  • Using Eye-of-the-Storm invigorates the spirit and boosts physical stamina via its connection to the planet Mars.
  • Wear it as a bracelet, or carry it in your pocket to tap into its revitalizing essence throughout the day.

Abundance and Success

  • Tuned to the southeast in feng shui, known for prosperity, this stone attracts abundance and paves the path to success. 
  • Place it in the southeastern corner of your home or office, or wear it as jewelry to connect with its prosperity-inducing properties.

Eye of the Storm Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman holding a clear quartz crystal near her foreheadUnearth Truths 

  • The Eye-of-the-Storm stone is great for discerning truths from illusions. 
  • Hold the crystal to your Third Eye during meditation, or wear it as a pendant to invite more clarity and discernment in your daily life.

Positive Growth and Progression

  • Aligning with the Root and Sacral Chakras, this stone aids in spiritual evolution and personal progression, nurturing your soul and life path journey. 
  • Place the stone on your Sacral Chakra during meditation to promote spiritual advancement and connect with your intended life path.

Future Visions

  • Working with Eye-of-the-Storm heightens psychic abilities, opening channels to glimpse into and view potential future outcomes. 
  • Meditate with the stone on your Third Eye to enhance prophetic visions, or keep it beside your bed to encourage intuitive dreams.

Cultivates Authenticity

  • By connecting with Cernunnos, the God of Wild Things, this crystal fosters genuine self-expression and true self-recognition. 
  • Drink an indirectly infused elixir to unlock your inner voice and clear stagnant energy that prevents your expressions.


  • Connecting with the Sacral Chakra, the energy center of creation and procreation, Eye-of-the-Storm promotes fertility and nurtures hope and new beginnings. 
  • To support fertility, wear the stone as a pendant near the Sacral Chakra or place it under your mattress.

Side Effects of Eye of the Storm

  • Overwhelming Confidence: Eye-of-the-Storm can sometimes lead to excessive self-assuredness, possibly affecting your relationships.
  • Intense Visions: Continuous use might induce overly vivid visions or daydreams, distracting from present-moment awareness.
  • Spiritual Elevation: This stone can expose you to a previously unknown spiritual reality which can change the way you interact with and view the world.

Eye of the Storm Meaning: What Does Eye of the Storm Symbolize?

tranquil image of waterfallThe meaning of Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper is “Unshakable Center.”

In the heart of nature’s fiercest storms, there lies a serene, untouched space – the eye of the storm. Like its namesake, the Eye-of-the-Storm crystal symbolizes an inner core of unwavering tranquility amidst life’s challenges. 

Warriors and seafarers used to carry the Eye-of-the-Storm gem as a protective amulet during their treacherous voyages, shielding them from unpredictable forces and guiding them toward the calm center within. 

This stone has a powerful ability to help you cultivate true authenticity. It also guides you toward positive decisions, emphasizing that you can remain steady and true even when surrounded by chaos.

Working with this stone can help you unlock future visions and unearth hidden truths. Meditating with this stone can let you tap into your greater mind’s eye, revealing insights previously veiled. 

Eye-of-the-Storm is a guide that draws you toward your authentic self. It reveals the truth hidden in the darker corners of your heart and mind, and teaches you to navigate life’s storms with grace, certainty, and unyielding strength.

Types of Eye of the Storm

  • Common Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: This stone displays a blend of storm-like patterns and is used for grounding and promoting inner calmness. Its connection to storms enhances resilience and enduring strength.
  • White Judy’s Jasper: Milky-white in color, White Judy’s Jasper enhances your clarity of thought and fosters inner purity. I recommend this stone for those seeking mental serenity.
  • Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper Moon: Naturally moon-shaped, Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper Moon has a connection to the moon and aids intuition and emotional balance.
  • Yellowish Judy’s Jasper: With a yellow color, this variety stimulates personal power and confidence and is a great stone for hope and new beginnings.
  • Greenish Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: A manifestation of Earth’s essence, Greenish Eye-ofthe-Storm Jasper is a stone for healing and rejuvenation, and it invites growth and renewal.
  • Bluish Judy’s Jasper: Representing the depth of the oceans, Bluish Judy’s Jasper is a great stone for communication and self-expression. I highly recommend it if you are on a path of self-discovery.
  • Golden Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: This golden variety is great for prosperity and attracts abundance and success. It can be a great talisman if you are seeking fortune.
  • Brownish Judy’s Jasper: This brown Jasper variety stabilizes energies and provides a firm foundation in turbulent times.
  • Striated Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: Marked with linear patterns, this variety of Jasper streamlines thoughts and clarifies decisions.
  • Reddish Judy’s Jasper: The deep red color of this stone aids in invigorating the spirit, fosters vitality, and lets you embrace life with enthusiasm.
  • Pale Blue Judy’s Jasper: Symbolizing the sky, this blue variety of Jasper enhances tranquility and aids in elevating spiritual connections.
  • Orangish Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: This orange variety of Eye-of-the-Storm is all about creativity, spurring innovative thoughts, and artistic expression.
  • Maroon Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper: With a deep maroon color, this variety aids in tapping into the subconscious. I highly recommend it for introspection.
  • Judy’s Jasper with Pink Amethyst: A blend of Judy’s Jasper with Pink Amethyst, this combination balances emotions and encourages love.
  • Eye-of-the-Storm Jasper with Chalcocite: This variety blends Eye-of-the-Storm with Chalcocite and is powerful for transformation and spiritual growth.
  • Judy’s Jasper with Zeolite: This blend of Judy’s Jasper and Zeolite aids detoxification and protects against negative energies, fostering a pure and vibrant aura.
  • Eye-of-the-Storm with Mahogany Obsidian: A powerful protective stone, this combination shields you from negative energies while grounding you firmly in the Earth.
  • Judy’s Jasper with Calcite: This combo of Judy’s Jasper with Calcite enhances intuition and clears chakra blockages.

How to Cleanse Eye of the Storm?

man poring bowl of water

  • Water: Hold the Eye-of-the-Storm under running water for a few minutes, allowing the natural flow of this cleansing element to wash away negative energies.
  • Salt: Place the Eye-of-the-Storm on a bed of sea salt overnight, letting the salt absorb any impurities or unwanted vibrations that are trapped in the stone.
  • Smudging: Expose the Eye-of-the-Storm stone to the smoke of sage leaves, allowing the sacred smoke to envelop and purify the stone.

Interactions with Eye of the Storm


What is Eye-of-the-Storm crystal?

Eye-of-the-Storm crystal is a combo of Jasper and Agate and is also known as Judy’s Jasper, Jasper-Agate, and Bahia Jasper.

What is the Meaning of Judy's Jasper Crystal?

Judy’s Jasper’s meaning is unshakable confidence within turbulence, like surviving a storm.

What is Bahia Jasper?

Bahia Jasper is a combination of Jasper and Agate and is an alternative name for the Eye-of-the-Storm crystal.

What is the Rarest Jasper?

The rarest Jaspers are Madagascar Jasper and Imperial Jasper due to their scarcity.

Is Jasper Crystal Rare?

No, Jasper crystals are not rare. Jasper is a common form of Chalcedony found worldwide, though certain types can be rarer than others.

What is the Rarest Crystal?

Painite is one of the rarest crystals and minerals on Earth. There are less than 2 dozen known specimens of this stone.

Why is Jasper so Expensive?

Jasper is not usually expensive, but some rare varieties and specimens can hold a higher cost.

What Color Jasper is Best?

Red is the best color for Jasper, as it is usually the most sought after color for this stone.

Which Birthstone is Jasper?

Jasper is a birthstone for the month of March.

Is Jasper a Gem or a Rock?

Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, making it a gemstone, but it can often display rock-like appearances.

Why is Jasper so Special?

Jasper is special because it is a great stone to carry with you during times of stress. It gives you the confidence to navigate turbulence and eases and calms intense emotions.

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