Ethiopian Opal

(ee - thee - oh - pee - uhn oh - puhl)
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What is Ethiopian Opal?

Different sizes of Ethiopian Opal crystals

Ethiopian Opal is a truly unique and remarkable gemstone, and not only for its rare, beautiful color variations but also for its rich historical meaning.

It dates back to ancient times when it was believed to bring good luck, protection from harm, and divine hope. Its name derives from the Greek word opallios, which translates to “to see a color change,” an apt description of the bold flashes of bright blue, pink, and other earthy tones, such as yellow and orange, that make up this semi-precious stone.

Ethiopian Opals are unique because they can display all the colors of the rainbow from different angles. They have grown in popularity due to their captivating appearance, making them a sought-after addition to many jewelry collections.

Ethiopian Opal Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Ethiopian Opal has many metaphysical benefits when used in feng shui, chakra balancing, and with the Water element. In feng shui, it can promote positive energy in the home, increasing the flow of vibrant energy in an area and helping to attract luck, success, and prosperity.

Ethiopian Opal benefits include balancing the Root and Crown Chakras, enhancing intuition, and increasing spiritual awareness. When placed at the Heart Chakra, it can help heal emotional wounds by improving self-esteem and allowing us to access inner wisdom.

This Opal gemstone is perfect for love and relationships as it is associated with the planet Venus. This crystal is also linked to the gods Oshun (African), Lir (Irish), Shango (Yoruban), Apollo (Greek), and Mami Wata (African).

To access the advantages of an Ethiopian Opal, you may choose to cleanse, energize, and program it with Fire energy. In this article, we will uncover what these benefits are!

Ethiopian Opal Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Ethiopian Opal provides grounding to help stay firmly rooted in one’s creative vision, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of ideas and inspiration.  
  • Placing a piece of Ethiopian Opal near your workspace can attract positive energy to spark creativity and productivity. This powerful crystal can bring forth innovative ideas and boost motivation!

Fame and Beauty

  • Did you know Ethiopian Opal enhances fame and beauty by boosting physical attractiveness? It helps you cultivate an aura of confidence that draws people in and allows them to shine in different situations.
  • You can hold the stone close to your Heart Chakra while focusing your intention on what you wish to achieve.

Critical Thinking Skills

  • This Opal can sharpen a person’s ability to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions to alleviate stressful or difficult situations.
  • Keep the stone in your pocket or work desk and hold it during brainstorming sessions or when attempting challenging tasks.

Emotional Healing

  • Ethiopian Opal helps clear out negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations, allowing for more tranquility and self-understanding.
  • Carrying the stone with you or wearing it as jewelry, keeping it close by in your environment, is recommended. 

Strength and Power

  • Harness the power of Ethiopian Opal Crystal to reignite your body’s energy, resulting in more lucid thinking and greater concentration. You’ll be able to better manage strenuous tasks without feeling as quickly burnt out.
  • Positioning stones on chakras and parts of the body that are in pain or distress can assist with unblocking energy while activating fresh progress in those areas.

Ethiopian Opal Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman having an astral projection

Astral Projection

  • Ethiopian Opal enables an individual to more effectively recall the nuances of their astral journeys, thus allowing a clearer highway for energy exchange during astral projection adventures.
  • Meditate with an Ethiopian Opal crystal in hand or on the Third Eye while visualizing traveling beyond reality to explore other dimensions.

Good Luck

  • This Opal helps increase self-confidence and the ability to accept change, both vital for creating a positive outlook and attracting good luck.
  • Keep one in your pocket or purse to allow the crystal’s energy field to interact with yours and impart its positive energies onto you throughout the day.

Karmic Therapy

  • Ethiopian Opal is believed to be a stone of transformation and connection with the higher realms, as it works on all layers of the aura, allowing for profound healing.
  • This involves placing crystals on the body’s seven main chakras to clear away blockages or stagnant energy that may limit a person’s potential.


  • Using Ethiopian Opal can activate the Sacral Chakra, promoting creativity and passion. This can lead to abundance, clearer thinking, stronger intuition, better self-expression, and greater contentment.
  • Hold the crystal and direct its energy into your body and mind, visualizing yourself achieving your goals and feeling fulfilled while allowing yourself to be inspired.

Psychic Communication

  • Ethiopian Opal is a powerful ally in tapping into the higher realms and unlocking greater consciousness. Users can access revelations from past lives, their spirit guides, and even divine angels by connecting with this stone. It helps to bridge the gap between worlds while uncovering wisdom previously unknown.
  • Simply hold the crystal in your hands or place it on your Third Eye Chakra. Then take a moment to center yourself and attune to its frequency. Allow this connection with the stone’s vibration and intention to help open pathways between physicality and spirituality.

Ethiopian Opal Side Effects

  • Physical discomfort: Wearing Ethiopian Opal crystal jewelry can cause physical pain if not used properly, as its vibration is believed to have a powerful effect on the body’s energy centers. 
  • Mental fatigue: Because this crystal is strongly connected with the Root Chakra, which governs our basic needs and survival instincts, it can increase mental fatigue. 
  • Overstimulation: People sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies may find the vibrations of Ethiopian Opal crystals too stimulating, which could worsen pre-existing conditions, like anxiety or depression.

Ethiopian Opal Meaning: What Does Ethiopian Opal symbolize?

Creative female artisan painting clay product

The meaning of Ethiopian Opal is “rainbow firestone.

Opals were first discovered in Ethiopia during the 19th century but didn’t officially become associated with the country until the early 20th century.

Ethiopian Opal properties are believed to bring luck and good fortune. It is also associated with creativity, passion, and love.

This crystal enhances the connection between body and spirit, restoring balance and promoting positive emotions. Its high-frequency vibration improves focus and helps individuals manifest their desires more quickly.

Ethiopian Opal is believed to enhance inner vision and provide deep insight into one’s life path. It is effective for meditation and dreamwork, as it connects us with our higher selves.

Types of Ethiopian Opal

  • Welo Opal: Often found in Ethiopia, it has pastel colors ranging from pink, blue, orange, and green. It has intense rainbow flashes when light hits it from different angles. It is known for supporting spiritual growth and love, and it can open the Heart Chakra for emotional healing.
  • Ethiopian Fire Opal: Ethiopian Fire Opal is a stunning gemstone with a bright orange to red body with flashes of rainbow fire. It is believed to offer protection, promote creativity, and bring joy and peace to one’s life.
  • Ethiopian Shemane Opal: This type of Opal is usually a pale blue or green shade, with depth and fire that make it sparkle. This Opal provides emotional balance, spiritual protection, and clarity of thought. 
  • Harlequin Opal: This rare Ethiopian gemstone boasts a unique mosaic pattern that dazzles with vibrant hues, from fiery red to bright yellow and vivid pink. It’s believed to boost creativity and help heal emotional wounds. 
  • Raw Opal: Ethiopian Opal is renowned as the “Stone of Transformation,” empowering us with intuition, aiding decision-making, and inviting emotional stability and self-love.
  • White Ethiopian Opal: This crystal creates an energy shield that only allows beneficial vibrations into your aura when meditating, helping ensure all negative energies stay away.
  • Translucent Ethiopian Opal: Translucent Ethiopian Opal is prized for its luminosity and ability to promote hope, joy, and optimism. It also stimulates creativity and imagination while restoring harmony on all levels of being.
  • Honeycomb Opal: This variety of Ethiopian Opal has a golden base color with subtle inclusions that form patterns like those seen in honeycombs or snowflakes. Honeycomb Opals are known for purifying negative energies and attracting wealth and abundance into one’s life. 
  • Watermelon Opal: Watermelon Opals have shades of pink, green, and yellow in one stone, with a striking contrast between colors. They are believed to relieve stress, inspire creativity, and bring joy to life.
  • Ethiopian Dendritic Opal: This stone variety often has silicate plant fossils that create an intriguing pattern on its surface. It is thought to promote personal growth and offer new perspectives on life. 
  • Ethiopian Hydrophane Opal: This Opal variety is known for absorbing water and becoming transparent when wet. It has a pale yellowish color believed to enhance intuition and creativity.

How to Cleanse Ethiopian Opal?

Selenite crystal beside a sage on plate

  • Smudging: Burn sage and blow the smoke over the crystal, focusing on its cleansing properties. This can be done indoors or outdoors. 
  • Selenite: Use Selenite by running it over the stone’s surface, absorbing negative energies and restoring it to its original state.
  • Moonlight: Cleanse crystal by placing it outside during a Full Moon to be naturally cleansed by moonlight’s energy throughout the night.

Questions and Answers

Is Ethiopian Opal a rare stone?

Yes, it is a rare stone due to its unique color combinations and rarity of finding stones with similarly vibrant multicolored fire play. 

What type of Rock is Ethiopian Opal?

Ethiopian Opal is a type of igneous rock that consists of silica, alumina, and water.

Can Ethiopian Opal go in water?

No, Ethiopian Opal cannot enter water, as it is susceptible to extreme temperature changes and can easily crack when exposed to liquids.

Is Ethiopian Opal safe in the sun?

Yes, it is generally safe in the sun because it does not contain water or moisture, making it resistant to thermal shock and solar radiation. 

Can Ethiopian Opal go in salt water?

No, Ethiopian Opal should not be exposed to salt water because it can cause irreparable damage to the stone’s structure. 

Is Ethiopian Opal expensive?

Yes, Ethiopian Opal is expensive. Its price is highly dependent on the intensity of its fire, ranging anywhere from $10 to a maximum of $50 per carat, with those brighter and more vibrant flashes considerably valuable.

How do you identify an Ethiopian Opal stone?

An Ethiopian Opal stone can be identified by its unique pattern of flashing rainbow-like colors, which is caused by the diffraction of light from tiny spheres of silica that make up the Opal’s structure.

How do you take care of Ethiopian Opal stone?

Optimal care for Ethiopian Opal stone is achieved by storing it in a soft fabric pouch in a low-humidity environment and away from direct sunlight, packing it securely with foam or bubble wrap, and cleaning it with a gentle, non-abrasive cloth and mild detergent.

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