Main Origins:
Australia, Slovenia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, and Tanzania.

What is Dravite?

dravite chunk on granite platform

Dravite is a variety of Tourmaline that is rich in sodium and magnesium. Often referred to as Brown Tourmaline, Dravite can also be found in green, yellow, and red varieties. Holding the energy of Mother Earth at its purest, this fantastic crystal allows you to feel comfortable and safe on this plane of existence.  

Dravite is one of three distinct species of Tourmaline, with the other two being Schorl and Elbaite. Despite not being as common and well-known as the other species, Dravite holds fantastic healing properties that can assist you on your spiritual and emotional journey. 

The name Dravite is derived from the Drava River area in Slovenia. It was first discovered in this region in 1884 by the mineralogist Gustav Tschermak. Since then, Dravite has been found in a number of locations worldwide, including the USA, Australia, and Russia. 

Dravite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Dravite opens up the Root, Solar Plexus, and Heart Chakras to balance emotions and ground us in reality. If you feel disoriented and ill at ease, this magnificent crystal will help you tap into your willpower, connect with reality, and overcome any emotional blockages you face. Because of its strong connection with planet Earth, Dravite is a fantastic stone of protection that allows Mother Nature to take care of us. 

Did you know that Dravite also opens up our Earth Star Chakra? The Earth Star Chakra is a secondary chakra located six or so inches below our feet and amplifies the Root Chakra. It governs our connection with Earth and links our energy and emotions to the world, acting as an anchor for us. 

Dravite deepens our attachment to Earth Gods and Goddesses, such as Gaia. In Greek mythology, the Goddess Gaia is viewed as the personification of the Earth and the mother of all life. We can use Dravite to pray to Gaia and bring her healing energy into our lives, furthering our connection with the animals, plants, and trees surrounding us. 

All crystals have numerical energy, and the numerical vibration of Dravite is 2. This number is associated with harmony and balance, and we can enhance this energy by working with Dravite. Meditating with Dravite brings equilibrium into our lives, harmonizing our emotions and ridding us of extreme feelings and worries. 

In feng shui, Dravite is connected to the direction North, which is associated with our life path and career, making Dravite the perfect stone to work with to manifest our goals and move forward in the right direction. Place your Dravite on the North side of your home to bring abundance and success into your life. 

Dravite Healing Properties and Benefits

 Emotional Stability 

  • Dravite enhances emotional stability by soothing your mind and helping you see things clearly. 
  • Charge your Dravite with running water, as the element of Water is associated with emotions. Then hold it when you feel overwhelmed with emotions and need assistance. 


  • Because it stabilizes emotions, Dravite helps with self-acceptance. It allows us to recognize the good and bad within and around us and enables us to accept even the darkest parts of our souls. 
  • Charge your Dravite with sage on the night of the new moon, as the new moon’s gentle energy will provide you with acceptance and growth. Then have it nearby when journaling. 


  • Dravite assists in recovery, helping us overcome destructive habits and align ourselves with positive health and well-being. 
  • Charge your Dravite with a candle, as the element of Fire is associated with transformation. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand. 


  • Dravite stimulates the mind to enhance your thinking and decision-making skills. Its energy relieves any emotions that are blurring your intellect, allowing you to focus on what is in front of you. 
  • Charge your Dravite with incense, as the element of Air is associated with the mind. Then wear it as a bracelet when taking exams or working. 


  • Because it opens up the Heart Chakra, Dravite enhances interpersonal relationships and allows you to overcome issues by speaking from the heart and communicating clearly. 
  • Charge your Dravite with positive affirmations associated with healthy relationships. Then wear it as a necklace to keep it close to your Heart Chakra. 

Dravite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

spiritual person performing grounding outdoors


  • As it is a Root and Earth Star Chakra crystal, Dravite has incredible grounding properties. It roots you in the physical plane and supports you.
  • Charge your Dravite with soil, as the element of Earth will amplify its grounding properties. Then hold it while performing grounding visualizations. 

Shadow Work

  • Dravite assists us with shadow work, allowing us to uncover repressed feelings and fears to help us move forward.
  • Charge your Dravite with moonlight from the full moon, as the full moon will illuminate your depth. Then have it near you when doing shadow work journaling.

Earth Connection

  • Because it gains its powers from Earth, Dravite helps us deepen our connection with Mother Nature and appreciate its beauty. 
  • Charge your Dravite with soil. Then meditate with it when out in nature to enhance your connection with Mother Earth. 


  • Dravite is a crystal of proitection that shields us from negative energy
  • Charge your Dravite with dry salt, leaving it submerged for 12 hours. Then wear it as a ring to protect you. 

Aura Cleansing 

  • Dravite cleanses the aura and gets any unblocked energy flowing.
  • Charge your Dravite with sage. Then hold it in your hands while visualizing a bright,

Side Effects of Dravite

  • Upsetting Realizations: Dravite brings repressed feelings and fears to the surface, which can be upsetting for some. 
  • Detachment from Spirituality: As Dravite works with the lower chakras, we may feel detached from higher realms when overusing it. Balance its energy out with higher chakra stones to avoid this.
  • Fatigue: Dravite enhances the flow of energy within your energetic field, which can cause you to feel fatigued.

Dravite Meaning: What Does Dravite Symbolize?

A woman is walking in nature

The meaning of Dravite is “oneness.”

Dravite symbolizes the oneness we have with other souls on this plane of existence. It reminds us that the Earth is our home, and we are deeply connected with the animals, trees, and spirits that surround us. Using Dravite grounds us in reality while opening our hearts up to the wonders of love, friendship, and nature. 

This beautiful stone also symbolizes the power of the mind and is sometimes referred to as the Scholar’s Stone. It boosts our thinking skills and helps us feel confident in our truth and mental abilities. Because of this, Dravite is perfect for students who need to enhance their focus and unlock their potential.

Types of Dravite

  • Brown Dravite: This variety of Dravite is the most common and is brown in color. Use Brown Dravite to boost your connection with Mother Nature. 
  • Golden Dravite: Golden Dravite is a yellow-orange variety that is often semi-translucent and gemmy. Use Golden Dravite to stimulate the intellect and have new ideas. 
  • Black Dravite: This variety of Dravite is very dark brown and appears black. Use Black Dravite for protection and to activate the Earth Star Chakra. 
  • Orange Dravite: Orange Dravite is a dark orange translucent stone that is often cut into gems. Use Orange Dravite to enhance your personal willpower and overcome bad habits. 
  • Yellow Dravite: This variety is a deep yellow translucent crystal that can be cut into gems. Use Yellow Dravite to open up the Sacral Chakra and promote self-acceptance. 
  • Red Dravite: This variety is a rich red gemstone that is sometimes semi-translucent. Use Red Dravite to open up the Root Chakra and stabilize emotions. 
  • Green Dravite: Green Dravite is a bright green gemmy crystal from Tanzania. Use Green Dravite to open the Heart Chakra and enhance your interpersonal relationships.
  • Chromium Dravite: This stone is a green variety of Dravite that contains Chromium. Use Chromium Dravite to cleanse your aura. 
  • Fluor-Dravite: Fluor-Dravite is a black variety of Dravite that contains Fluorine. Use Fluor-Dravite for grounding and protection. 
  • Vanadium Dravite: This stone is a dark green variety of Dravite that contains Vanadium. Use Vanadium Dravite for positivity and hope. 
  • Speckled Dravite: Speckled Dravite is a dark brown variety with yellow specks. Use Speckled Dravite to release negative energy and embrace positivity. 
  • Schorl Dravite: This variety is made up of intergrown brown Dravite crystals and black Schorl. Use Schorl Dravite to protect your energy field from psychic attacks and negativity. 
  • Multicolor Dravite: Multicolor Dravite is usually found in a mix of brown, green, and red hues. Use Multicolor Dravite to balance your chakras.

How to Cleanse Dravite?

A small waterfall in nature

  • Moonlight: Place your Dravite crystal on your windowsill or outside on the night of the full moon. Leave it there until the morning. 
  • Herbs: Place your Dravite crystal in a jar of cleansing herbs, such as sage and lavender. Leave it in the jar for 12 hours. 
  • Water: Hold your Dravite under natural running water for 30 seconds. 

Questions and Answers

What is Dravite Used for?

Dravite is used to open up the Root Chakra and enhance stability and grounding. It also deepens our connection with Mother Nature and provides clarity, emotional understanding, and self-acceptance. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dravite?

The spiritual meaning of Dravite is oneness. It allows us to feel at peace on this plane of existence and enhances our connection with other souls. 

What is a Dravite Crystal?

Dravite is a member of the Tourmaline family and is rich in sodium and magnesium.

How Much is Dravite Worth?

The price of Dravite varies depending on color and clarity but is usually worth around $45 per carat. 

What are the Powers of the Dravite Stone?

The powers of the Dravite stone include self-acceptance, emotional stability, and grounding. 

Where is Dravite Mined?

Dravite is mined worldwide, including in Russia, Sweden, Australia, and the USA.

Can Dravite Get Wet?

Yes, Dravite can get wet for short periods of time. 

Is Dravite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Dravite is safe in the sun. 

What Stones Go Well with Dravite?

Stones that go well with Dravite are those that also work with the Root Chakra, such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, and Smoky Quartz. 

Interactions with Dravite

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