Main Origins:
Mexico, United States, Chile, Australia, and England.

What is Boleite?

Boleite in light creamy-yellow montmorillonite x mindat
Image Source: Mindat

Just like a bright sunny sky, Boleite shines in a stunning blue color. When you touch it, it feels smooth but a bit rough, like sandpaper. And if you look closely, you’ll see pretty patterns inside, like tiny veins in marble.

Boleite is created by blending Lead, Copper, Silver, and Chlorine together. This mixture is responsible for its distinct color and shape. As a member of the Halides mineral group, it typically forms in cube-like or square shapes.

Boleite was discovered back in the late 1800s, in Boleo, Baja California, Mexico. People were amazed by its rarity and how pretty it looked. At first, they thought it was another mineral called Cumengite because they looked so similar. But after a closer look, they realized it was something completely different.

Crystal lovers and collectors hold Boleite in high regard because it’s rare and pretty. They love its bright color and how detailed its crystals are. Since it’s so hard to find, they want to have it in their collections.

Did you know that Boleite crystals can appear in different colors depending on how you look at them? This feature, called pleochroism, makes them even more captivating. It’s one of the reasons why people find this crystal so fascinating.

Boleite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Boleite’s properties cover many aspects, especially its calming deep blue color, promoting peace and intuition. Linked to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, it aids clear communication and insight. Resonating with Water energy, it fosters emotional balance and adaptability.

Furthermore, Boleite boosts the Heart Chakra, making us feel better inside and more caring. It also connects with the Crown Chakra, helping us grow spiritually and feel connected to bigger things.

Just as Water brings balance, Boleite helps us feel emotionally grounded. Putting it in different parts of your home, like the North, Northeast, East, or Southeast, using Feng Shui ideas, can make you wiser and help you grow. It also feels solid, like the Earth, and helps us think better, like the Air.

Boleite’s unique abilities come from Uranus, a planet that brings change and new ideas. It tells us to break free from limits and try new things, making life exciting and full of chances. 

In ancient tales, Boleite was tied to Gods like Poseidon/Neptune, Thor, Tlaloc, and Indra. They ruled over water, thunder, rain, and storms, showing power and protection from nature. These Gods gave this crystal their special energy. 

Boleite numbers 5, 7, and 8 signify different aspects of life. 5 means growth and change, 7 is for spirituality and intuition, and 8 symbolizes action and manifestation. Together, they bring balance, encouraging positive changes and abundance in life.

Boleite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • To get clarity, Boleite calms your mind and clears away mental fog so you can think clearly and make decisions.
  • To enhance clarity of thought with Boleite, leave it under the moonlight overnight. This strengthens its power and improves your understanding.


  • Boleite helps you feel calm and steady by bringing your emotions and energy into alignment. This balance makes you feel peaceful and grounded, creating a sense of stability within yourself.
  • To feel balanced, hold Boleite and think about its calmness mixing with your energy, making you feel peaceful inside.

Spiritual Growth

  • Begin your spiritual journey with Boleite. It helps you understand more and make spiritual progress.
  • To enhance your spiritual growth, try meditating with Boleite. As you meditate, reflect on your spiritual goals and allow the energy of it to lead you on your spiritual journey.

Inner Strength

  • Boleite’s benefits include building inner strength by boosting confidence and resilience and helping people tackle challenges with courage and determination.
  • To find inner strength, keep Boleite with you during tough times. Embrace the crystal and remind yourself of your power and resilience.

Enhanced Perception

  • Experience how Boleite helps you understand better. It sharpens intuition and makes you more aware of subtle energies, leading to deeper insights and understanding.
  • To improve understanding, place Boleite on your Third Eye during meditation. Picture a clear stream of intuitive wisdom flowing into your mind.

Boleite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

man doing an outdoor meditation

Spiritual Expansion

  • Feel your spirit expand and reach new heights with Boleite. This crystal connects you to higher realms of understanding, allowing you to explore and grasp deeper insights into the mysteries of existence.
  • To increase spiritual growth with Boleite, keep it by your bedside at night. Before sleeping, think about your spiritual journey, feeling its energy around you.

Enhanced Intuition

  • With Boleite, your inner senses get sharper, helping you sense spiritual guidance clearly. Its intuition boost helps you handle life better, growing personally and spiritually.
  • To strengthen intuition with Boleite, have it nearby and focus on being open to intuitive insights and guidance.

Facilitation of Spiritual Growth

  • Boleite facilitates spiritual growth by encouraging self-reflection, inner healing, and personal transformation.
  • Wearing Boleite jewelry or carrying it with you throughout the day can nurture your spirit, supporting its growth and enlightenment. Feel its energy empower you on your spiritual journey.

Awakening of Spiritual Insights

  • With Boleite, your spiritual insight is sharper, activating your Third Eye to see better. It helps you understand things more deeply, guiding your spiritual journey with clarity and wisdom.
  • To awaken spiritual insights, put Boleite on your forehead when you meditate. Imagine your Third Eye opening to get divine wisdom and guidance.

Expansion of Spiritual Awareness

  • Using Boleite makes you spiritually aware, seeing things differently and exploring new ideas. This deeper awareness connects you to the spiritual world, bringing insights and personal growth.
  • To grow your spiritual awareness, make a crystal grid with Boleite in the middle. Then meditate and think about expanding your spiritual understanding and awareness.

Side Effects of Boleite

  • No side effects. 


Boleite Meaning: What Does Boleite Symbolize?

A beach that has clear water and good weather

Metaphorically, Boleite symbolizes “clarity” and “insight.”

Boleite helps you see clearly and understand things better. It makes your intuition stronger and your thoughts clearer. So, making decisions and solving problems becomes easier with it. 

Also referred to as “Blue Leadhillite” or “Leadhillite” due to its distinct blue hue and composition, this crystal’s alternative names underscore its geological properties and historical significance, highlighting its blue color and unique blend.

In the past, people believed Boleite could protect them and make them strong, like a shield. Now, it’s seen as a symbol of wisdom and spiritual growth, helping people think deeper and understand more, like a guide to being wiser.

This crystal goes well with Clear Quartz, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli. They make Boleite stronger for your spirit. Clear Quartz brings clarity, Amethyst helps you trust your gut, and Lapis Lazuli improves expressing feelings.

In ancient beliefs, Boleite is sometimes confused with Cumengite. People believe it makes intuition better and keeps away bad things, which makes it loved by spiritual people and collectors, adding to its mystery.

Types of Boleite

  • Boleite: It has a pretty blue shade. It helps you think better and makes your intuition stronger, so you can make decisions more easily.
  • Cumengeite-Boleite: This variety is a mix of blue and white, purifying the spirit. It washes away negativity and uplifts the soul, guiding it toward spiritual purity and inner cleansing.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Chloroxiphite: A mix of blue, white, and green colors, this crystal encourages harmony and balance. It helps emotional healing and growth.
  • Boleite-Linarite: Known for its deep blue and azure colors, it’s thought to help talk and express feelings honestly, making conversations open and clear.
  • Boleite-Chloroxiphite-Linarite: Featuring its mix of blue, green, and azure tones, this crystal inspires personal growth and change. It guides people toward self-discovery and inner peace.
  • Boleite-Anglesite: It blends calming blue with pure white, promoting inner peace and tranquility. It brings a serene vibe, soothing the mind and fostering a sense of calmness.
  • Boleite-Cerussite: Combining Boleite’s deep blue and Cerussite’s white, aiding clear thinking, it helps decide better, improving mental clarity for confident and assured decisions.
  • Boleite-Phosgenite: A mix of blue and gray tones, it sparks creativity and imagination. It helps you think of new ideas and solve problems.
  • Boleite-Atacamite: It has a mix of blue and green. This crystal helps with healing emotions and growing. It makes it easier to let go of the past and start anew.
  • Boleite-Brochantite: Mixing Boleite’s deep blue with Brochantite’s green, this crystal helps relationships stay balanced. It makes people understand and care for each other better.
  • Boleite-Malachite: Has a mix of bright blue with lush green, healing emotions and fostering balance. It supports growth and change, helping navigate life’s challenges.
  • Boleite-Azurite: With its deep blue color, like the deep sea, this crystal helps you trust your gut and understand spiritual things better. It guides you to inner wisdom and enlightenment.
  • Boleite-Linarite-Anglesite: A mix of blue, azure, and white colors. It helps clear your mind and calm your emotions, making it easier to find balance and peace.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Linarite: Mixing deep blue with white and gray colors. This crystal helps you talk and express yourself better, bringing people closer together.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Anglesite: With blue, white, and clear colors, it stands for cleaning and becoming wise, helping to let go of bad things and welcome good ones.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Cerussite: It has blue, white, and gray shades. It helps clear your mind, making decisions easier and supporting focus and concentration.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Linarite-Anglesite: A combination of blue, white, gray, and azure tones, promoting growth and harmony. It helps you discover yourself, find inner peace, and balance emotions effectively.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Chloroxiphite-Linarite: Blending the deep blue, white, green, and azure colors, this crystal sparks creativity and innovation, inspiring fresh ideas and insights.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Chloroxiphite-Anglesite: Highlighting blue, white, green, and clear colors, it helps you feel better emotionally and find balance, bringing peace and calmness.
  • Boleite-Cumengeite-Chloroxiphite-Cerussite: A mix of blue, white, green, and gray hues, it shows spiritual growth, guiding people to understand themselves better and become enlightened.

How to Cleanse Boleite?

hand holding out a blue crystal

  • Incense: Wave Boleite through sage or palo santo smoke to cleanse it from bad energy and make it feel fresh and clear.
  • Reiki: Hold Boleite and feel Reiki energy flow through you into the crystal. Visualize a brilliant white light surrounding it, purifying and cleansing its energy.
  • Pyramid charging: Place Boleite under a pyramid to enhance its power and remove bad energy. It helps restore its purity and aids spiritual growth.

Answers and Questions

Is Boleite Safe?

Yes, Boleite is safe for handling and wearing as jewelry, but it contains lead. To avoid health risks, refrain from ingesting it and minimize skin contact.

How Can You Tell if Boleite is Real?

To confirm if Boleite is genuine, inspect its crystal structure, color, and hardness. Also, a specific gravity test or consulting with a gemologist can provide further authentication.

Who Should Wear Boleite?

People who want to feel clear, balanced, and spiritually connected can wear Boleite. It’s great for boosting intuition and connecting with higher consciousness.

How Do You Take Care of Boleite?

Caring for Boleite involves keeping it away from other gems to prevent scratches. Clean it softly with a damp cloth and mild soap, avoiding harsh chemicals. Store it safely in a pouch or jewelry box.

Is Boleite Expensive?

Boleite’s price changes based on its size, quality, and how rare it is. It might seem a bit pricey compared to other crystals, but its value depends on market demand.

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