(A - mey - triks)
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the United States, Poland, Australia, and Pakistan

What is Amatrix?

Amatrix crystal close up look
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Amatrix is a sight to behold with its vibrant green, white, and gray hues. Its surface glistens, resembling a starry night sky. The crystal’s texture feels smooth to the touch, almost like silk, while its pattern often swirls in captivating spirals.

Diving into its composition, Amatrix consists mainly of silicon dioxide. Trace elements like iron and manganese give it its unique color. Despite its delicate appearance, the crystal is quite durable, ranking 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Long treasured by civilizations past, Amatrix was first discovered in Ancient Egypt. Pharaohs and high priests prized it for its supposed spiritual properties. Over the centuries, its allure has not waned, making its way into emperors’ and modern enthusiasts’ collections.

Crystal collectors view Amatrix as a gem of spiritual significance. Many believe it enhances intuition and emotional balance. Its vibrant colors and intricate patterns make it a must-have for any serious collection.

Did you know that Amatrix is often linked to the Greek myth of Bacchus and Amethyst? Legend has it that Bacchus, the God of Wine, turned a young maiden named Amethyst into a crystal to save her from tigers. Moved by her plight, he poured wine over the crystal, giving it its unique color. This tale adds a layer of mystique to an already fascinating gemstone.

Amatrix Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Purple and blue dominate the color spectrum of Amatrix. In metaphysical terms, purple often symbolizes spiritual wisdom, while blue represents calmness and communication. When you hold an Amatrix crystal, you tap into both these energies, making it a dual powerhouse for spiritual growth and inner peace.

When utilizing Amatrix, it serves as a potent tool to awaken and energize the Third Eye Chakra, enabling a profound understanding of oneself and the world while enhancing intuitive and introspective abilities. While Amatrix primarily affects the Third Eye Chakra, it indirectly benefits the Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras, contributing to a holistic sense of well-being and spiritual alignment.

Earth rules as the element of the Amatrix. Feng shui ties the crystal to the Northeast and Southeast areas of your home or workspace. Placing Amatrix in these zones can enhance spiritual growth and bring a sense of balance to your environment.

Drawing from the energies of Venus, the Sun, the Moon, and Saturn, Amatrix emerges as a versatile crystal, enriching life with enhancements in love, beauty, vitality, emotional balance, and personal growth.

Guided by a quartet of ruling deities, namely Hermes, Brigid, Isis, and Saraswati, Amatrix manifests a versatile array of metaphysical properties and benefits. This uniquely divine influence empowers Amatrix to serve as a dynamic instrument for healing, growth, communication, creativity, and wisdom.

Amatrix resonates at a spiritual frequency of 7, aligning with divine wisdom and inner awakening. Keeping this crystal nearby can lead you toward a more enlightened state of being, as the vibrations of 5, 6, 8, and 33 further amplify its transformative and spiritually enriching qualities.

Amatrix Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Amatrix emits vibrations that sync with your body’s natural frequencies, creating a sense of balance.
  • To amplify this effect, place the crystal in a bowl of saltwater under the full moon for a night.

Memory and Mind Powers 

  • The crystal’s connection to the Third Eye Chakra enhances cognitive functions. It enhances your cognitive functions and mental clarity. 
  • For mental clarity, hold it while meditating and visualize a bright light enveloping your head.

Inner Healing 

  • Amatrix’s properties resonate with your emotional core, helping to heal past traumas.
  • Activate this property by placing the crystal on your Heart Chakra and taking deep, mindful breaths. This practice can facilitate emotional healing and provide a sense of inner peace.

Love and Compassion

  • With its connection to Venus, the ruling planet of love, Amatrix is infused with loving energy. 
  • Charge the crystal for this purpose by surrounding it with rose petals and letting it sit for 24 hours.

Stress Relief

  • The Earth element in Amatrix’s properties grounds your energy, reducing stress.
  • To use it for stress relief, keep the crystal in your pocket and squeeze it whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Amatrix Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A woman standing and stretching her arms downward sideways in nature


  • Amatrix helps focus your intentions, making it easier to manifest your desires.
  • Write your goals on paper to harness this power and place the Amatrix crystal on top.

Spirit Communication

  • Amatrix is known for its high vibrational frequency, which some believe can serve as a conduit for communication with the spirit realm. 
  • For effective spirit communication, light a white candle and hold the Amatrix while asking your questions aloud.


  • Embrace the frequency of enlightenment as Amatrix resonates, assisting in spiritual awakening.
  • During the break of dawn, as the first light touches the sky, meditate with the crystal to activate this benefit.

Psychic Gifts

  • This crystal is said to boost intuition, clairvoyance, and other psychic abilities, helping people access their inner wisdom.
  • To unlock your psychic potential, place the Amatrix under your pillow before sleep and set the intention to receive intuitive dreams.

Energy Clearing

  • Effortlessly absorbing negative energy, Amatrix serves as a purifying force for your aura.
  • For optimal energy clearing, hang the crystal near your front door to cleanse incoming energies. This practice can create a more balanced and uplifting atmosphere in your home or workspace.

Side Effects of Amatrix

  • Fatigue: Fatigue can result from overuse. Limit your interaction with the crystal to 30 minutes daily to counteract this.
  • Disturbing Dreams: Disturbing dreams may occur if you sleep with it under your pillow. Try placing it on a nightstand instead.
  • Blind Positivity: Blind positivity can make you overlook real issues. Balance its use with grounding stones like Black Tourmaline.


Amatrix Meaning: What Does Amatrix Symbolize?

A person sitting on a wet sand near the shoreThe meaning of Amatrix is a Gateway to Spiritual Enlightenment.

The stone’s knack for boosting intuition isn’t just a casual claim; numerous user experiences back it. People who regularly interact with it often find that their decision-making skills improve. They also report a newfound clarity in understanding their emotions and thoughts. 

This heightened awareness makes the stone a go-to for anyone on a spiritual journey, from novices to seasoned practitioners.

When it comes to its other names, “Variscite with Quartz isn’t just a fancy title. This name encapsulates the stone’s ethereal qualities and deep connection to spiritual dimensions. In ancient times, this stone was considered divine, a gift from the gods. 

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that new-age spiritualists and traditional healers value it equally. It’s as if the stone bridges the gap between old-world mysticism and contemporary spiritual practices.

Consider pairing this stone with Rose Quartz to attract love or deepen an existing relationship. The combination creates a powerful love magnet, pulling positive romantic energies your way. 

On the flip side, if it’s mental clarity you’re after, Clear Quartz acts as the perfect sidekick. Together, they form a dynamic duo that clears mental fog and sharpens your focus.

The belief that the stone’s powers amplify during a full moon isn’t just a modern-day myth; it’s a practice rooted in ancient traditions. Our ancestors held the moon in high regard, believing its energy could charge various objects, including this stone. 

So, if you’re planning to supercharge your stone, marking the full moon on your calendar might be a good idea.

Types of Amatrix Crystals

  • Common or Green Amatrix: With its earthy tone, this type is popular for grounding and balancing energy. 
  • Purple Amatrix: Its royal purple tint is supposed to activate the Third Eye Chakra, increasing clarity and spiritual awareness.
  • White Amatrix: This milky-hued variety of Amatrix is said to bring clarity and is often used in meditation practices.
  • Pale Green Amatrix: This lighter green variety of Amatrix, sometimes referred to as Prasiolite, is believed to help with emotional healing. 
  • Variscite in Quartz Balls: These multi-colored spheres are thought to amplify the stone’s natural energies. 
  • Black Variscite on Quartz: This dark variant is often used for protection and grounding. 
  • Yellow Variscite on Quartz: Its sunny hue is believed to bring optimism and positive vibes. 
  • Blue Variscite on Quartz: This type is said to enhance communication skills. 
  • Spiderweb Variscite-Quartz: With its intricate patterns, this variant is used for complex emotional healing. 
  • Black Variscite in Quartz: Known for its grounding properties, this type also aids in spiritual growth. 
  • Brown Variscite-Quartz: This earth-toned variant is often used for grounding and stability. 
  • Multicolored Variscite on Quartz: With its vibrant hues, this type is a favorite for chakra balancing. 
  • Druzy Variscite Quartz: Its sparkling surface is believed to amplify the stone’s natural healing properties. 
  • Variscite on Quartzite: This European variant is famous for its unique texture and is often used in energy work.
  • Amatrix with Chert: This combination is said to enhance both physical and emotional strength. 
  • Variscite with Quartz with Fluellite: Known for its unique color blend, this type is used for advanced spiritual work. 
  • Variscite + Quartz + Wavellite: This complex mix is believed to offer a wide range of healing properties, such as emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Variscite with Quartz and Limonite Hydrous: This unique blend is often used for detoxification and purification.

How to Cleanse Amatrix?

different crystals under sunlight

  • Sunlight: Place the stone in direct sunlight for 2 to 4 hours to recharge its energy.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Wave a Clear Quartz wand over the stone in a circular motion to cleanse it.
  • Soil: Bury the stone in organic soil for 24 hours to ground its energy and remove negativity.

Questions and Answers

Is It Safe to Wet Amatrix?

Yes, but avoid prolonged exposure to water as it may weaken the stone’s energy.

Can Amatrix Tolerate Sunlight?

No, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color.

What's the Method to Verify Amatrix's Authenticity?

Perform a scratch test; a real one won’t easily scratch.

How Should You Maintain Amatrix?

Store it in a soft cloth bag, clean it with a damp cloth, and keep it away from harsh chemicals.

Does Amatrix Come With a High Price Tag?

No, they are generally affordable compared to other crystals.

Which Other Stones Complement Amatrix Well?

Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz pair excellently with it for enhanced benefits.

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