Understanding Mars in Scorpio

  1. The Transit Mars
  2. Scorpio in Astrology
  3. Mars in Scorpio 2023
  4. Navigating This Mars in Scorpio Transit
  5. Mars in Scorpio Rituals
  6. Crystals for Mars in Scorpio
  7. Impact of Mars in Scorpio on Each Zodiac Sign
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Mars, the planet that’s in charge of our drive for action and our capacity for passion, is sliding into Scorpio from October 12 to November 24. In Scorpio, transit Mars pushes you to get real with your deepest wants and your life’s purpose. 

Scorpio’s got this mysterious, transformative vibe, and Mars just cranks that up to 11. Mars in Scorpio is not about making small moves here; it’s about diving deep into your soul and making changes that really count. 

So, grab this chance to shake things up in a big way. Trust me; you won’t wanna miss this energy boost!

The Transit Mars

When examining Mars in the natal chart, you’re looking at the engine room of the personality. This planet is the driving force behind our ambitions, physical energy, and aggression. This planet’s fuel powers how you assert yourself in the world, whether through competitive sports, career ambitions, or any form of physical or mental activity. 

Depending on where Mars is in your natal chart during its transit, you’ll experience a unique energy activation in that area of life. For example, if Mars is transiting your 10th house, you might feel an increased drive to achieve career goals or gain public recognition.

On a global scale, Mars’ transit sets the tone for how society approaches action, motivation, and assertiveness. It’s like a barometer for our drive and ambition. When Mars is in an Earth sign, for instance, there’s a collective focus on practicality and building tangible results. 

A Fire sign transit might ignite collective impulsivity and a go-getter attitude. In an Air sign, the focus shifts to intellectual pursuits and social causes, while a Water sign brings out emotional motivations and intuitive actions.

Mars shapes our personal drives and the collective mood for action and initiative. This is the planet that lights the fire under us, urging us to act and react, both as individuals and as a global community.

Scorpio in Astrology

Two women excitedly talking

Scorpio is the zodiac’s own Sherlock Holmes, always digging for the deep, dark secrets and the real power plays in life. Scorpios won’t just accept an “I’m fine” when they ask how you are. Nah, they wanna know the real tea, the stuff you don’t tell just anyone.

This sign is all about diving deep. Like, really deep into the messy, complicated parts of life and emotions. They’re not here for small talk or surface-level BS. They want the raw, unfiltered truth, and they’ll dig until they find it.

Let’s talk about the Scorpio symbol, the Scorpion. This critter’s got a sting that you don’t wanna mess with, kinda like how Scorpios guard their secrets and can totally hold their own when backed into a corner. Plus, just like a scorpion can grow back a lost tail, Scorpios see life as a series of transformations, kind of like a never-ending cycle of personal makeovers.

Whether it’s about digging up secrets or going through major life changes, Scorpio is all in.

Scorpio Metaphysical Properties

Ruling Number: Scorpio vibes with the number 8, which is all about power, transformation, and rebirth.

Element: Water, naturally! This explains their emotional depth and intuitive nature.

Modality: Fixed, meaning they’re steadfast and determined, especially when they set their sights on a goal.

Tarot Card: Death, but don’t freak out! It symbolizes transformation and new beginnings, which is Scorpio’s jam.

Ruling Planet & House: Pluto rules Scorpio, and it’s all happening in the 8th house of transformation, shared resources, and secrets.

Ruling God: Hades, the God of the Underworld, aligns with Scorpio’s themes of death, rebirth, and hidden realms.

Birthstone: Topaz is Scorpio’s birthstone, symbolizing strength and intensity, perfectly matching their passionate and transformative nature.

Mars in Scorpio 2023

As Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th of October, the atmosphere undergoes a palpable shift, focusing on intense drive and transformative energy. This transit is like turning up the dial on a furnace, supercharging collective willpower and determination.

This transit sharpens your ability to act precisely, making it an excellent time for deep investigations. Whether you’re digging into a complex project or exploring the hidden corners of your psyche, Mars in Scorpio provides focus needed to get to the bottom of things.

But beware – this intense drive comes with its own challenges. The energy of Mars in Scorpio can manifest as being overly secretive, fostering manipulative tendencies, or becoming obsessively focused on a single goal or idea. While the depth of focus is one of this transit’s strengths, it can also be its Achilles’ heel if not managed carefully.

A detective looking at the evidences that are up on board

Riding the wave of this Mars in Scorpio transit is like diving deep into an ocean of intense energy and transformative experiences. Consider activities that tap into Scorpio’s investigative and intense nature to sync with this vibe. How about attending a mystery event or an escape room challenge? 

The thrill of solving puzzles will resonate with this transit’s energy. If you’re more into intellectual pursuits, this is an excellent time for deep research. Whether it’s a personal project or academic inquiry, now’s the time to dig deep. Visiting historical sites can also be incredibly enriching, offering insights into the mysteries of the past.

Let’s talk about some notable figures with Mars in Scorpio – Oprah Winfrey and Liam Neeson. Oprah has used her Scorpio energy to delve deep into the human psyche through her interviews and philanthropic efforts. Liam Neeson, on the other hand, often portrays characters that embody Scorpio traits, like determination and complexity. 

I advise you to embrace this Mars in Scorpio transit as a potent period for enhancing your determination and allowing an openness toward potentially transformative experiences. It’s a time to dig deep into the world around you and within yourself. Harness this energy wisely, and you could come out the other side a changed person.

Mars in Scorpio Rituals

Rituals are a powerful way to tap into Mars’s transformative and intense energy in Scorpio. They serve as a structured channel to explore your deeper desires, confront your shadows, and foster real change in your life.

Deep meditation exercises can be particularly effective during this transit. Consider a guided meditation that guides you to your innermost self, helping you understand your hidden desires and fears. Journal these discoveries to reflect upon.

The true jewels of self-contemplation only emerge upon deeper pondering over time. Shadow work can also be transformative, allowing you to confront and integrate the darker aspects of your personality. Move tentatively in these spaces, however, as it can bring up a lot to work with, self-compassion is a crucial ingredient when moving through these realms. 

Tarot spreads focusing on transformation and rebirth can offer valuable insights. Opt for spreads that explore your current challenges, hidden desires, and potential for change.

Mars in Scorpio Ritual 1: Crystal Manifestation for Personal Power

  • Choose Your Crystal: Go for crystals that resonate with Scorpio’s energy, like Chrysocolla or Ocean Jasper.
  • Set Your Intention: Hold the crystal and focus on an intention related to personal power or transformation.
  • Meditate: Close your eyes and visualize yourself harnessing the transformative energy of Mars in Scorpio as you hold the crystal.
  • Place the Crystal: Keep the crystal in a space where you’ll frequently see it, constantly reminding you of your intention.

Mars in Scorpio Ritual 2: Candle Magic for Embracing Change

  • Create a Sacred Space: Light a red or black candle to align with Scorpio’s intense energy.
  • Write Down Your Desires: Be specific about the changes you want to manifest in your life.
  • Speak Your Intentions: Say your desires out loud, affirming your commitment to embracing change.
  • Reflect and Release: Spend a moment reflecting on your intentions, then blow out the candle to release your desires into the universe.

Crystals for Mars in Scorpio

Crystals are amazing tools for tuning into the unique energies of each astrological transit. 

During Mars in Scorpio, they can be particularly potent allies for diving deep into transformation and piercing into some of the more hidden layers of your psyche. These gems can amplify the intense, transformative energies at play, helping you navigate this period with greater clarity and purpose.

Black Obsidian 

Polished black obsidian crystal on white background

This powerful crystal is all about transformation and protection, resonating strongly with Scorpio’s themes. 

Carry a Black Obsidian with you to help shed old habits or thought patterns, or place it in your meditation space to aid in deep introspection.

Red Jasper 

Polished Red Jasper Crystal on a white background

With grounding and stabilizing properties, Red Jasper also connects with Mars, the ruling planet of this transit. 

Use it to focus your energy and intentions, especially when you’re working on projects that require deep concentration and determination.


A polished malachite crystal on a white background

This stone is associated with deep emotional healing and transformation, making it a perfect match for Scorpio’s energy. 

Wear a Malachite as a pendant or keep it in your pocket to help you navigate emotional waters and embrace transformative experiences.

Impact of Mars in Scorpio on Each Zodiac Sign


Mars in Scorpio intensifies your desire for deep connections and transformative experiences. You might feel more passionate and driven to uncover hidden truths with those whom you feel you can be vulnerable and authentic with.

Rhodochrosite is a great stone to wear or meditate with during this time. It aids in self-reflection and reveals hidden aspects of oneself, and how you can build true connections and intimacy with others.


Mars in Scorpio will push you to dig deeper into your emotional and financial security. You’ll find yourself questioning what truly matters to you at the core.

Keep Black Obsidian nearby when making important decisions; it’ll help you cut through confusion and get to the heart of the matter.


This transit will enhance your natural curiosity and turn your focus toward learning more deeply about the mysteries of life and death, urging you to explore topics you usually avoid.

Use Lapis Lazuli during meditation to open your Third Eye and deepen your understanding of complex subjects.


Mars in Scorpio will ignite your passion for home and emotional connections, making your relationships more protective and intense.

Carry Moonstone to balance emotional tides and enhance your intuitive abilities.


Your communication will be more intense during this transit and piercingly clear as you’ll want to get to the bottom of things with no half-measures.

Wear Citrine to maintain a balanced perspective and to communicate clearly and effectively.


You’ll be motivated to transform your daily routines and health habits, possibly taking on a more intense regimen.

Use Smoky Quartz to ground yourself and to help manifest your health goals.


Expect a surge in creative and sexual energy. You’ll be more willing to take risks in your romantic as well as your creative endeavors. Make the most of this propulsive energy during this transit. 

Rose Quartz can help you channel this energy positively. Keep it close to attract and give love in a balanced way.


This is your time to shine. You’ll feel more empowered and in touch with your deepest desires and fears. A time of alignment and opportunity is certainly upon you – enjoy the ride! 

Meditate with Malachite to bring hidden emotions to the surface and transform them into strengths.


Mars in Scorpio will make you more reflective, urging you to travel across the landscape of your inner world and uncover hidden secrets that may be holding some of your energy hostage

Carry Turquoise to enhance your intuition and help you articulate your newfound insights.


During this transit, you can anticipate a shift toward openness and shared resources while cultivating deeper emotional bonds, making you reassess your commitments and finding better alignment in your life. 

Keep Garnet on you to help balance your practical nature with your newfound emotional depth.


There will be a lot of energy moving on the relationship front for you during this time. You’ll be driven to deepen your connections and may find yourself a bit possessive, so keep an eye out for any disproportionate responses towards the actions of loved ones during this time. 

Use Aquamarine to help you communicate your needs without dominating the conversation.


During this time, you may feel more inclined to spruce up your home routine and focus more on what a holistic picture of health looks like for you. 

Use Amethyst during meditation to connect your physical and spiritual selves for a balanced lifestyle.


What Happens When Transit Mars is in Scorpio?

When transit Mars is in Scorpio, expect intense energy, deep emotions, and a drive for control. It’s a time when people dig deep and get to the root of issues.

What is Mars in Scorpio 2023?

In 2023, Mars transiting through Scorpio will amplify your focus on emotional and psychological depths. It’s a time to tackle hidden fears and transform them into strengths.

What Does it Mean When Mars is in Transit?

When Mars is in transit, it means it’s moving through a specific zodiac sign, influencing our actions, desires, and how we assert ourselves during that period.

What Does it Mean to Have Mars in Scorpio Placement?

Mars in Scorpio placement means you’re naturally intense, passionate, and a bit of a detective. You don’t let go of things easily and have a knack for getting to the bottom of things.

What is the Mars 2023 Transit Prediction?

The Mars 2023 transit Prediction with Mars in Scorpio could bring about transformative changes, especially in relationships and personal growth. It’s a time to be cautious but also to embrace the intensity for positive change.

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