Comparing Magnesite vs Howlite: Properties, Uses, and Distinctive Features

  1. What is Magnesite Crystal?
  2. Magnesite Crystal Properties 
  3. What is Howlite Crystal?
  4. Howlite Crystal Properties
  5. 5 Similarities between Magnesite and Howlite
  6. 5 Differences between Magnesite and Howlite
  7. Magnesite and Howlite Crystal in Everyday Life
  8. Magnesite vs. Howlite Revealed by Experts
  9. Final Verdict 

There are so many wonderful healing crystals in the world, meaning some stones can look quite similar. Even if you have studied crystals for years, you may find a difficult-to-identify stone! Magnesite and Howlite can look identical, yet they hold subtle differences. 

This article will examine how to tell the difference between Howlite and Magnesite. But before we do that, let’s look at both stones individually and reflect on their physical and spiritual properties. 

What is Magnesite Crystal?

Raw Magnesite Crystal on a white background

Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral named after its high presence of magnesium. It can form in various ways as it is an alteration of ultramafic rocks and magnesium-rich stones, such as Serpentinite. Magnesite is a chalky white stone with gray veins, although you can find it in a rarer transparent variety. 

Because it is a porous stone, Magnesite is often cut into beads and dyed. The process of dying Magnesite creates bold and vibrant shades. It has also been used for sculptures and artwork, with the Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi using Magnesite in his work. 

Magnesite Crystal Properties 

Magnesite Rock on a white background

Magnesite connects with the Crown and Heart Chakras. As the Crown Chakra governs our connection to higher spiritual awareness and universal truth, we can use Magnesite to enhance our spirituality. As also a Heart Chakra stone, it promotes feelings of love and compassion in our lives. Magnesite is a peaceful crystal that boosts meditation practices and amplifies positive thinking. 

The planet Mars rules Magnesite, which enhances the powers of the stone. Mars governs action and determination, meaning we can use Magnesite to bring us clarity and courage to move forward with our soul’s mission. Furthermore, Magnesite is connected with the element of Air. In spirituality, the element of Air rules communication and knowledge. We can amplify the power of our intellect with Magnesite. 

What is Howlite Crystal?

Howlite Crystal on a white background

Howlite is a borate mineral discovered in Canada in 1868 and named after the mineralogist Henry How. It is a white or gray stone with distinctive dark gray veining that marks its surface. It is often dyed because it is a porous stone with a low Mohs rating of 3.5. 

Most Howlite comes from America and Canada, with large deposits in Nova Scotia and Death Valley. Raw Howlite appears in cauliflower-like modules with distinctive round masses. 

Howlite Crystal Properties

Howlite stone on a white background

Howlite connects with the Crown and the Third Eye Chakras, making it an incredible stone to work with for spiritual growth and understanding. Its vibrations open these two chakras to amplify our intuition and connect with higher realms. Many people use Howlite to communicate with their spirit guides. 

The planet Mercury rules Howlite. Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence, meaning that we can use Howlite to enhance self-expression and understanding in interpersonal relationships. This power is amplified by Howlite’s connection with the element of Air, which governs knowledge and connections. 

5 Similarities between Magnesite and Howlite

Howlite crystal placed on a beach sand

These two stones share many similarities, so you can use them together to enhance the spiritual properties of both crystals. Before we learn how to tell the difference between Howlite and Magnesite, let’s reflect on the similarities of these stones. 


The colors and markings of Magnesite and Howlite are strikingly similar, with both stones having a gray-white shade. They share the same porous appearance, with gray and black veins on the stones. 

Crown Chakra 

Both Howlite and Magnesite work with the Crown Chakra. Their vibrations open up this chakra to allow us to connect with higher states of consciousness and gain an understanding of universal truth and awareness. 

Because they both connect with the Crown Chakra, you can use Howlite and Magnesite to cleanse and open this chakra. Their powers are amplified when used together, creating a strong energy flow into the Crown Chakra. 


Howlite and Magnesite gain their powers from the element of Air. This element allows us to communicate with others with confidence and truth while also boosting our intellect and mind. We can use Howlite and Magnesite to enhance our memory and focus. Plus, both stones bring clarity to emotions, with the element of Air amplifying understanding. 

Physical Properties

Howlite and Magnesite have a low Mohs rating of 3.5, so they can break or crumble easily. This means that you should avoid wearing both of these crystals every day. 

They are both porous stones that soak up dye very easily, meaning they are used to make beads and jewelry. 

Spiritual Properties 

Because they share similar chakra and element associations, Howlite and Magnesite have a range of spiritual properties in common. 

Both crystals are often used for meditation, as they promote peace and tranquility. Their calming vibrations also mean that Howlite and Magnesite are fantastic crystals to enhance sleep and relaxation. Furthermore, you can use both stones to enhance psychic abilities and intuition, with their energy amplifying self-awareness and spiritual growth.

5 Differences between Magnesite and Howlite

A custom graphic for Magnesite vs Howlite

As we can see, these two gemstones have a lot of similarities! So, how can we tell the difference between Magnesite and Howlite? Thankfully, there are some significant differences between these two stones. 

Knowing these differences will allow you to figure out what stone you have or which crystal you need to get to enhance your healing and growth. 

Physical Properties

First, let’s look at the physical differences between these two stones to help us figure out how to tell the difference between Howlite and Magnesite. 

There is a slight difference between the luster of these two crystals. Magnesite has a dull exterior that is very similar to chalk. On the other hand, Howlite is a shinier stone that is much more like porcelain. 

Magnesite and Howlite also have different fluorescence, meaning they glow different colors under UV light. When under UV light, Howlite will glow a brown-yellow shade. Magnesite, meanwhile, will glow with blue or green hues. If you want to find out which crystal you have, the UV light test is a simple and quick way to do so. 


Both Magnesite and Howlite connect with the Crown Chakra. However, Magnesite also works with the Heart Chakra, whereas Howlite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. 

Opt for a Magnesite crystal if you need to boost feelings of love, compassion, and empathy. However, if your focus is mainly on spiritual awareness and developing your psychic abilities, work with Howlite to open up your Third Eye Chakra. 

Planetary Associations 

Magnesite and Howlite have different planetary associations. All gemstones are linked to a specific planet, which boosts their powers. Magnesite is associated with Mars, whereas Howlite is associated with Mercury. Knowing the different planetary associations of gemstones allows us to pick the right one for our spiritual and emotional needs. 

  • The planet Mars boosts action and direction. We can connect with Mars to bring forth change and progression into our lives. 
  • Mercury governs intellect and communication, helping us express ourselves and make decisions. 

Numerical Vibrations

All gemstones hold a numerical vibration that boosts their powers. Magnesite holds a numerical vibration of 3, whereas Howlite holds a numerical vibration of 2. 

The numerical vibration of 3 amplifies positive and optimistic energy. It boosts playfulness and creativity, making Magensite a fantastic stone for artists to work with. The numerical vibration of 2, on the other hand, is all about connections and communication. Its energy brings people together, making Howlite the perfect stone to use to overcome rifts and difficulties in personal relationships. 

Zodiac Associations 

Magnesite and Howlite have different zodiac associations. If you are deciding which crystal to bring into your life, we recommend going for the one that is connected with your zodiac sign.

  • Magnesite is associated with Aries.
  • Howlite is associated with Gemini and Virgo.

Magnesite and Howlite Crystal in Everyday Life

So, what are the best ways to use Magnesite and Howlite in everyday life? Both of these crystals are powerful stones that we can use to enhance our spiritual growth and promote peace and tranquility in our lives. 

Because Howlite aligns with both the Crown and the Third Eye Chakra, it is a great stone to use to meditate with in order to boost spiritual knowledge and awareness. Howlite also enhances divination and spiritual practices, such as tarot reading and automatic writing. 

Magnesite can be used in our daily self-love ritual, as it opens up the Heart Chakra. Hold your Magnesite stone on your Heart Chakra as you practice positive affirmations. 

Magnesite vs. Howlite Revealed by Experts

Because of their intriguing appearance and fantastic spiritual properties, both Magnesite and Howlite are great additions to any crystal collection. We can use Magnesite and Howlite to expand our spiritual knowledge, bring peace, and promote relaxation. 

Final Verdict 

Which stone you go for depends on your spiritual and emotional needs. Both Magnesite and Howlite are amazing healing crystals with so much to offer. 

Do you need the clarity that Howlite brings, or do you need the boost to your feelings of love that Magnesite provides?

A custom Graphic table for comparing Magnesite vs Howlite properties

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