16 Gemstones in Hawaii: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

  1. All You Need to Know About Rockhounding in Hawaii
  2. Best Hawaii Rockhounding Locations
  3. Top 16 Gemstones in Hawaii
  4. How to Do Rockhounding in Hawaii
  5. Find Hawaii Crystals and Start Using Them!

Beautiful Hawaii, the land of surf, sun, and … gemstones? Indeed! The tropical paradise of the Hawaiian Islands isn’t just about luaus and leis. Its lands are filled with the most incredible and awe-inspiring gemstones. 

I once was given a Lava Stone from a friend in Hawaii. I’ve never seen a volcano, lava, or Hawaii, so I was super stoked to have a piece of Hawaii with me every day to connect me with the energy of these majestic islands.

How do you find gemstones in Hawaii? What stones are native to this island paradise? Where can you dig up your own crystals?

Hawaii offers a variety of gemstones that are as vibrant as its culture. Whether you’re hiking up Mauna Kea or combing the beaches, you’re likely to stumble upon some sparkling gems.

Ready to go rockhounding in Hawaii? Keep reading, and I will tell you the must-visit spots and how to use these island gems in your spiritual practice.

All You Need to Know About Rockhounding in Hawaii

A graphic table containing information about rockhounding in Hawaii

So, you wanna know about rockhounding in Hawaii? Well, it’s like stepping into a time machine. Seriously, these islands have been a go-to spot for gem lovers for ages. Even the Ancient Hawaiians were into it, using stones like Basalt for their rituals and tools. 

Hawaii has a backstory that’s as epic as a blockbuster movie. Volcanoes did their thing, and boom! We’ve got islands filled with some of the coolest gems you can find. 

Hawaii’s got it all. Cliffs, beaches, mountains—you name it. Each island has its own vibe, making it a playground for rockhounds. Oh, and the wildlife? From the chilled Hawaiian Monk Seal to the rare Nene Goose, you’ll have some cool company during your adventures. 

Weather-wise, it’s mostly sunny, but hey, always check the forecast if you’re going off the beaten path.

Whether you’re a rockhounding pro or just getting started, Hawaii’s the place to be. It’s not just for beach bums and cocktail drinkers. It’s a gem hunter’s paradise.

Best Hawaii Rockhounding Locations

Hawaii has tons of places you can go check out to find hidden crystal treasures. I have curated a list of the best spots to travel to to get your rockhounding on! 

Do bear in mind that rules change, so always check beforehand if digging for crystals is allowed in these locations, even if they are listed here.

A graphic table containing information about Best Hawaii Rockhounding Locations

Top 16 Gemstones in Hawaii

Ready to level up your gem game in Hawaii? This section is your ultimate guide to the must-find gemstones that’ll make your trip a sparkling success.


polished peridot on white background

Peridot is the gem of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. You’ll mostly find this green beauty around volcanic areas, especially on the Big Island. Grab a sturdy shovel and a sieve; you’re gonna need ’em to sift through volcanic soil. 

In Hawaii, you’ll find both the lighter and darker shades of Peridot. This stone is all about positive vibes and emotional healing.


A Clear Quartz crystal on a white background

Quartz is versatile and found almost everywhere. In Hawaii, you can spot them near riverbeds and beaches. A good ol’ pickaxe and a bucket should do the trick for collecting these. 

Quartz comes in various forms, like Clear, Rose, and Smoky. Quartz is a potent energy amplifier that aligns all your chakras.


white coral on white background

Coral isn’t your typical crystal, but it’s a gem in its own right. You’ll find it mostly in underwater caves and reefs, so bring some snorkeling gear. 

Hawaii is filled with awe-inspiring coral reefs that will keep you captivated for hours! In Hawaii, you’ll find red and black Corals. Coral brings inner peace and emotional balance.


basalt rock on a white background

Basalt is pretty much everywhere there’s been volcanic action, past or present. To snag some, you’ll want a solid hammer and chisel in your toolkit. 

It’s a powerful gem when it comes to grounding your energy. It’s a stone used by ancients during battle to increase their courage, strength, and fortitude. It also helps release your shadow side.


Olivine crystal on a white background

Olivine is like Peridot’s less famous cousin but equally stunning. You can find it in volcanic regions, especially around Mauna Kea. A shovel and a sieve should be your go-to tools for this one. 

Olivine in Hawaii usually comes in a greenish-yellow hue. It fosters love and brings good fortune. It is great to enhance your self-confidence and help you see the true value and worth within yourself.


Moonstone with white background

This gem is a bit rare but worth the hunt. You’ll find it in areas with Mica and Feldspar minerals. Just keep an eye out for its signature shimmer. Bring a shovel and bucket.

Moonstone is all about feminine energy and emotional healing. It helps you navigate the turbulent cycles of life and find a space of peace within yourself amidst chaos.


Agate rock on a white background

Agate comes in so many different colors and patterns! You’ll find these beauties near rivers and beaches. Just bring a shovel and a bucket, and you’re good to go. 

On the spiritual side, Agate is your go-to for energy, vitality, and increasing your mind power. It also helps you center your thoughts and ideas, allowing you to turn them into constructive actions.


polished Agate Jasper on a white background
Image Source: Instagram | beautygemstones

You’ll find Jaspers hanging out near water sources. A pickaxe will be your BFF for this hunt.

Jasper’s got these cool swirls and patterns, and this powerful stone is all about helping you find the best route when life gets crazy.


A Blue Calcite crystal on a white background

Calcite is a stone that increases your intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. Look for it in limestone areas. A hammer and chisel will do the trick. 

It comes in insta-worthy colors like orange and yellow. It’s like a memory booster and a meditation buddy.


Black tourmaline on a white background

Tourmaline is a bit rare but worth the hunt. Look for it in areas with granite. A sturdy pickaxe is your tool of choice here. 

You’ll find black and pink varieties in Hawaii. Tourmaline detoxifies and balances energies.


Amethyst crystal on a white background

Amethyst is one of the most popular purple stones and can be found in volcanic regions. A shovel and a sieve will do the trick. 

The shades of purple can vary. Amethyst has calming and spiritual awakening properties.


A garnet rock on a white background

Garnet is the energizer bunny of gems. You’ll find it in rocks that have been through some stuff (aka metamorphic rocks). A hammer and chisel are your tools for this one. 

It comes in red and green and is all about giving you a spiritual kickstart and extra vitality.


polished apatite on white background

Apatite helps you speak and express your truth in any environment or situation. You’ll find it in limestone areas. A pickaxe and a bucket are all you need. 

It’s usually blue or green and is all about firing up your inspiration. It helps you be less indulgent and gluttonous, and it is a great stone to help you tap into your creative power.


A polished hematite on a white background

Hematite is often found near bodies of water. A simple shovel should suffice. It’s usually metallic gray or black.

Hematite is one of the best protection stones and grounds and balances your Root Chakra.


polished malachite on white background

Malachite is found in copper mines, so it’s a bit rare. A pickaxe will be your best friend here. It’s usually green with unique patterns. 

Malachite is a Heart Chakra stone that helps with the release of painful emotions. This stone absorbs your emotional pain into itself, so it needs regular cleansing. My Malachites always break when I forget to cleanse them.

Lapis Lazuli

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli is like the wise elder in the crystal world. It’s super rare but worth the hunt. You’ll need a hammer and chisel for this one. 

It’s deep blue with gold flecks and is all about dropping wisdom bombs.

How to Do Rockhounding in Hawaii

Ready to dig into the world of rockhounding in Hawaii? Awesome! Let’s get you prepped and ready to find some island gems.

Tools and Gear You Need

  • Shovel: For digging in softer grounds, like beaches and riverbeds.
  • Pickaxe: For the hard-to-reach spots in rocky areas.
  • Sieve: To sift through soil and find smaller gems.
  • Hammer and Chisel: For breaking rocks and getting to the gems inside.
  • Bucket: To collect your finds, obviously!
  • Gloves: Protect those hands; you’ll need them for high-fiving later.

How to Pack, Transport, and Cut Crystals

  • Packing: Wrap each crystal individually in bubble wrap or cloth.
  • Transport: Use a sturdy box or backpack. Don’t forget the padding!
  • Cutting: Got a big chunk? Use a lapidary saw to cut it down to size. Always wear safety goggles!

Safety Regulations and Mining Laws

  • Permits: Some areas require permits, so check before you go.
  • No Trespassing: Seriously, don’t go digging on private property without permission.
  • Environment: Leave no trace, folks. Respect Mother Nature.

Tips for Rockhounding Like a Pro

  • Research: Know what gems are found where. Don’t go looking for Amethyst in a Malachite zone!
  • Timing: Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to avoid the crowd and the heat.
  • Local Wisdom: Chat with the locals. They know the best spots that Google doesn’t.
  • Stay Hydrated: Gem hunting is thirsty work. Bring water!

So, gear up and get ready to rock (pun totally intended) your rockhounding adventure in Hawaii!

Find Hawaii Crystals and Start Using Them!

Now that you have the lowdown on rockhounding in Hawaii, it’s time to get out there and start your gem-hunting adventure! Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie, Hawaii’s diverse landscapes offer something for everyone. 

So, pack your bags, grab your tools, and let the islands’ natural beauty guide you to your next sparkling find.

Remember, it’s not just about the gems you collect but also the journey you take to find them. Each stone you find holds a piece of Hawaii’s unique energy, ready to be integrated into your spiritual practice. 

A graphic table showing information about 16 Gemstones in Hawaii: Where to Find Them and How to Use Them

So, what are you waiting for? Happy rockhounding!

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