6 Dream Spells to Cast with Crystals

  1. The History and Meanings of Dream Spells 
  2. 3 Steps to Cast a Dream Spell for Beginners
  3. 6 Techniques for Casting Dream Spells 
  4. 6 Crystals for Dream Spells 
  5. Tips to Do Dream Spells Like a Pro 
  6. Explore the Dream World with the Magic of Crystals 

The dream world has always fascinated humanity, but despite centuries of theory and study, we don’t actually know their purpose. Some believe dreams are a window to our subconscious, while others believe they allow us to connect to higher realms of existence. Whatever we believe, we cannot deny the importance of dreams when it comes to our emotional and spiritual health. 

little boy drawing a rocket on a wall depicting dreaming big

By working with crystals for dream spells and using magic to enhance our connection with the dream world, we can explore our soul and spiritual path. Whether you want to learn lucid dreaming spells or work with crystals to overcome bad dreams, this article has you covered. Let’s go on a journey into the realm of dreams and discover how we can better our lives through the power of dreaming!

But what are dream spells? How do you set them with crystals? And is it a safe ritual?

Dream spells use magical tools to help us let go of our inhibitions and open our minds to our dreams. By using crystals that open up the higher chakras, we can unlock our subconscious and connect with higher realms to move forward on our spiritual path. Dream spells are safe as long as you approach them with positive energy and cleanse all magical tools. 

The History and Meanings of Dream Spells 

Because of our historical fascination with dreams, many cultures and religions have turned to the dream world for guidance and understanding. There is evidence that dream divination, called oneiromancy, dates back to at least 3100 BC when the Ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia believed that dreams had prophetic powers. 

Dream-enhancing plants have been used for thousands of years, with different cultures using herbs to explore the dream world, enter dream-like states, and connect with spirit guides or ancestors. For the Aztecs, these plants helped them communicate with their gods and receive guidance. Calea Zacatechichi, also known as the “dream herb,” is used by the Chontal people of Oaxaca to invoke lucid dreaming and prophetic dreams by placing it under the pillow before bed. 

Many people who practice magic and spirituality turn to dream chants and incantations to promote lucid dreaming, good dreams, and prophetic dreams. Here are some popular dream chants to perform before bed:

  • Om Namah Shivaya: A sacred Hindu chant to protect you against nightmares. 
  • Om: A sacred Hindu mantra to develop oneness with the universe. 
  • Ava Maria: A Christian prayer to connect with Mother Mary in your dreams.
  • I am open: A chant to release inhibitions and open your mind to the dream world.
  • I am: A chant to embrace your mind and wisdom. 
  • The next time I dream, I will know that I am dreaming: A chant for lucid dreaming. 
  • I remember: A chant to remember your dreams.
  • I am safe: A chant to ward off nightmares.
  • I embrace universal connection: A chant to connect with your spirit guides in your dreams. 
  • I accept guidance: A chant to receive spiritual guidance in your dreams. 

3 Steps to Cast a Dream Spell for Beginners

Dream rituals and spells allow us to explore the dream world and discover more about ourselves and our connection with the universe. When we are asleep, our inhibitions of the day are left behind, and our minds and souls are open to cosmic guidance and inner wisdom. But what do you need to know when wanting to cast a dream spell with crystals?

Cleanse Your Crystal 

sage producing smoke

The dream spells we will explore later on in this article involve using healing crystals to enhance lucid dreaming, overcome bad dreams, and promote vivid dreams. Because the crystals are a vital part of the magic, you must cleanse them properly. When we cleanse crystals, we remove any negative energy they may contain that can affect magic. 

Here are some ways you can cleanse your crystals for dream spells:

  • Sage. 
  • Moonlight. 
  • Sunlight. 
  • Soil. 
  • Candles. 
  • Incense. 

Figure Out an Intention 

Magic relies on your personal power and uses spiritual tools, like crystals, to boost and direct your energy. Because of this, your intention is crucial to the process. Before beginning your dream spell, spend a while working out your intention and summing it up in one concise sentence. Do you want to create a spell that wards off bad dreams? Do you want your spell to boost your lucid dreaming skills? 

6 Techniques for Casting Dream Spells 

Once you know what you want from your dream spell, it is time to explore different techniques to find the right one for you. 

There are various techniques for dream spells, with some methods working well for lucid dreaming and others working better for overcoming nightmares. Let’s look at the best dream rituals and spells for you to try out. 

Moonlight Spells for Dreamwork

moonlight reflection on water

Turning to the powers of the Moon boosts your personal power, unlocks your subconscious, and helps you tune into the hidden depths of your soul. Moonlight spells for dreamwork help you in dream interpretation, allowing you to gain messages through your dreams. 

We recommend using a crystal that is ruled by the Moon for this spell, such as Moonstone. On the night of the Full Moon, go outside and hold the crystal up while repeating the affirmation, “May the Full Moon shed light onto the meaning of my dreams.” Then place the crystal under your pillow or by your bed. 

Spells for Dream Grid/Altar 

Crystal grid for love

If you suffer from bad dreams, making a dream grid or altar in your bedroom with protective crystals helps create energy that promotes peaceful sleep. Dream protection spells use crystals that ward off negative energy and keep you safe in the dream world. 

Arrange your crystals for dream spells in a grid on your bedside table. While placing them, repeat the affirmation, “These crystals protect my dreams.”

Smudging Spells for Vivid Dreams 

girl holding a peacock feather and plants depicting smudging with plants

Dreams provide us with spiritual messages, ideas, and inspiration. However, we sometimes need a little magical boost to help us experience vivid dreams. A smudging spell clears your environment of any energy that may distract your mind from dreams. For this spell, we recommend using crystals that open up the Third Eye Chakra, as this energy point will promote vivid dreams. 

Burn a stick of sage in your bedroom and let it burn, wafting the smoke in every corner. Then hold your crystal in the smoke to cleanse and renew its powers. Place the crystal by your bed for vivid dreams. 

Gem Bath Spells for Lucid Dreaming 

Clear Quartz crystals circling a Rose Quartz for cleansing with a Lavender plant in its background

Bath rituals and spells are powerful forms of magic that allow you to soak up the energy of your magical tools. For this gem bath spell for lucid dreaming, you will need Crown or Third Eye Chakra crystals, like Amethyst or Clear Quartz, to open up subconsciousness and self-knowledge. 

Place these crystals in your bath with lavender essential oil, repeating the affirmation, “When I dream, I know I am dreaming,” as you do so. 

Make sure you are using water-safe crystals for this spell and perform it just before bed. 

 Spells for Dream Crystal Elixir

tiny jars surrounded by dried petals depicting sun elixirs

A dream elixir spell works by infusing the energy of your magical ingredients and crystals for dream spells to create a potion you can dab onto your Third Eye Chakra before going to sleep. This technique allows you to receive messages from your spirit guides in your dreams. We recommend using Third Eye Chakra crystals, such as Labradorite. 

Place your crystal in a jar with water and magical essential oils, such as rosemary. Hold the jar while repeating the affirmation, “My dreams open my soul to my spirit guides.” Leave the elixir brewing for half an hour before removing the crystal. 

Candle Spells for Astral Travel 

Crystals and Candles on the table

Astral traveling is an out-of-body experience that allows us to explore astral planes. Using candle spells for astral traveling connects us to the element of Fire and opens our souls up to this spiritual experience. For this spell, we recommend crystals that are governed by the element of Fire, such as Selenite. 

Light a white candle and let it burn momentarily. Then hold your crystal in the smoke while repeating the affirmation, “Astral projection comes naturally to me.” Safely put out your candle, then hold your charged crystal when you explore the astral planes.

6 Crystals for Dream Spells 

Healing crystals all have unique metaphysical properties, so it is essential to pick the appropriate crystals for dream spells. The best crystals for dream spells are those that open up the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, unlocking creativity, self-knowledge, universal connection, and subconsciousness. 

Here are our top picks of crystals to use for dream spells. 


Labradorite on white background

Labradorite is an intriguing gemstone with wonderful spiritual properties. It opens up the Third Eye and the Throat Chakras to help you explore your truth, intuition, and spiritual path. It also boosts our connection to higher realms of existence, allowing us to receive spiritual guidance from our guides and ancestors. 

Use Labradorite to create a dream elixir spell to use on our Third Eye Chakra. Its energy will help you connect with your spirit guides and receive messages. 


Selenite crystal on a white background

Ruled by the Moon, Selenite is a powerful crystal that promotes healing, peace, and tranquility. Its soothing energy purifies the aura and cleanses the soul from negativity, allowing you to be at one with the universe. It is also a deeply spiritual stone, unlocking the higher chakras to open you up to knowledge and guidance. 

Use Selenite for candle spells for astral traveling. As it is governed by the element of Fire, its powers are boosted by candle magic. Because of its spiritual properties, it works with your astral body to allow you to project into different realms of existence. 


amethyst on white background

Amethyst works with the Third Eye and the Crown Chakras, boosting spiritual growth and understanding. It unlocks the wisdom that is hidden deep in your soul, enabling you to develop your intuition and psychic abilities. Furthermore, its vibrations relieve stress and anxiety.

Use Amethyst for gem bath spells for lucid dreaming, as it opens up the higher chakras. By opening up these chakras, Amethyst allows you to tap into the strength and wisdom you need to control your dreams. 


Moonstone with white background

Moonstone is the “Stone of New Beginnings,” with its powerful vibrations instilling strength and courage within those who work with it. It stabilizes emotions and promotes calmness and tranquility. This beautiful crystal reminds us of the power of love, forgiveness, and compassion and helps us express this energy in all aspects of our lives. 

Moonstone is great for moonlight spells for dream interpretation, as its energy helps us understand the messages within our dreams and learn from them.

Smoky Quartz

A raw and unpolished smoky quarts on a white background

Smoky Quartz is an intriguing stone that has been associated with courage and bravery for centuries. It calms the emotions, instills feelings of safety, and gives you the strength to go after your goals. Because it is a protective stone that releases worries, it is a great stone to work with to overcome bad dreams. 

Use Smoky Quartz to create a dream protection spell, using it in a crystal grid to keep you safe when sleeping.


Iolite crystal on a white background

Working with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Iolite promotes clear thinking, intuition, and understanding. It invokes the deep wisdom you have within you, allowing you to expand your mind through dreamwork and meditation. 

Use Iolite for smudging spells for vivid dreams, as the energetic vibrations of Iolite will help you experience your dreams clearly. 

Tips to Do Dream Spells Like a Pro 

  • Avoid spells to enter someone’s dreams, as these can backfire or cause harm. 
  • Pinpoint your intention before picking your crystal and performing your dream spell. 
  • Keep your intention simple and straightforward. 
  • Cleanse your bedroom before performing a dream spell. 
  • Always practice lucid dreaming spells when feeling positive, as negative energy may impact your lucid dreaming practice. 
  • Center your energy before performing your dream spells. 

Explore the Dream World with the Magic of Crystals 

Dreaming is wonderful. When we dream, our creativity is given a boost, our souls are open to messages from higher realms of existence, and we can explore our subconsciousness. By working with these dream spells, you can dive into the dream world through magic. 

Healing crystals boost our intentions when we cast dream spells, ensuring that we get the most out of our dreams. We hope this guide has helped you discover what crystal for dream spells you need to use in your practice!

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