Oregon Jade

(or-ih-gun jayd)
Main Origins:
China, Russia, Canada, and New Zealand.

What is Oregon Jade?

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Oregon Jade is a cool crystal that’s super special because it’s green and feels smooth when you touch it. It’s not like other rocks; it has a neat pattern, sometimes with swirls or specks. Think of it like a little piece of nature you can hold in your hand!

When we discuss the composition of Oregon Jade, it’s a blend of various materials. It consists of Silicate minerals, like Nephrite and Tremolite. There are also small traces of minerals, such as Iron and Chromium, which give it a beautiful green color. It’s tough, making it ideal for carving into interesting shapes.

Even though Oregon Jade hasn’t been around for ages, it still holds a significant importance. Native American tribes found this special rock and thought it was magical. They used it in their ceremonies. Now, everyone loves this rock because it’s pretty and makes them happy.

People who love crystals find Oregon Jade incredible. They believe it has a calming effect and helps them feel balanced. Some even use it during meditation or keep it nearby as a good luck charm.

Did you know some people tell a cool story about Oregon Jade being connected to a mythical creature called the “Jade Rabbit” from Chinese stories? They say the Jade Rabbit lives on the Moon and uses herbs and Jade to make a special drink that makes you live forever! It’s like adding a sprinkle of magic to an already awesome crystal.

Oregon Jade Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Oregon Jade, characterized by its vibrant green hue, evokes growth and freshness, connecting to the Heart Chakra for love and balance. It also helps other chakras, giving you strength and stability with the Root Chakra, making you confident and strong with the Solar Plexus Chakra, and helping you trust your feelings more with the Third Eye Chakra.

Water and Earth are the ruling elements associated with Oregon Jade. In Feng Shui, it’s suggested to place it in the Southeast or Northeast corners of your home to draw positive luck and healing energies. It represents Earth’s stability and Water’s calmness, fostering balance and peace.

Venus and Mercury govern Oregon Jade. Venus brings love and beauty, making you feel happier and more loving. Mercury helps you think and talk better, making your mind clearer and more creative.

In different cultures, Oregon Jade has ties to various gods. Kuan-Yin, a Chinese Goddess, represents its healing abilities. Yu Di, a Chinese God, connects it to Water’s cleansing powers. In Maori tradition, it’s seen as a sacred stone. Chalchiuhtlicue, an Aztec Goddess, emphasizes its connection to nature and abundance.

Numerically, Oregon Jade resonates with the energies of 5 and 11. The number 5 means freedom and change, helping you grow. And 11 is about intuition and spiritual stuff, making you more aware and awake.

Oregon Jade Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Oregon Jade benefits include boosting your strength and health and helping you live longer.
  • For better results, leave Oregon Jade under the moonlight for a month. This boosts its energy, making it stronger and more helpful for you.


  • With Oregon Jade, your thoughts become clearer, and your understanding deepens.
  • To unlock wisdom, sit quietly with Oregon Jade and absorb its tranquil green hues.


  • Feel calm and relaxed with Oregon Jade, as worries and stress melt away.
  • Enhance its peacefulness by placing Oregon Jade in water under the sun and drinking it.


  • Oregon Jade brings a sense of steadiness and security, like standing on solid ground.
  • To reinforce stability, keep Oregon Jade on your desk while you work for focus and security.


  • Surround yourself with positive energy and safety with Oregon Jade.
  • Strengthen its protective qualities by holding Oregon Jade and imagining a green light shielding you from harm.

Oregon Jade Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Spiritual Growth

  • Oregon Jade helps you grow spiritually by making you more aware and intuitive, guiding you on your spiritual path.
  • Get more spiritual with Oregon Jade by chilling in nature with it, feeling its vibes blend with the Earth and making you feel more connected to everything around you.

Nature Connection

  • Connecting you to nature, Oregon Jade grounds you and helps you feel more in tune with the world around you.
  • For a better bond with nature through Oregon Jade, head outdoors and lay the crystal on the ground in a peaceful spot. Feel its energy blend with nature while you unwind and take in the surroundings.

Energy Amplification

  • With Oregon Jade, your energy gets a major boost, making you feel supercharged and linked to everything.
  • Boost your energy with Oregon Jade by wearing it as jewelry. Imagine its bright energy flowing through you, making you feel strong and happy.

Heart Opening

  • Opening up your heart, Oregon Jade fills you with love and kindness, making you feel closer to others and happier inside.
  • With Oregon Jade in hand, bring it close to your heart, imagining its warmth and happiness enveloping you, filling you with love and joy.

Inner Peace

  • Bringing tranquility and peace, Oregon Jade helps you unwind and feel calm, providing a sense of serenity even during challenging moments.
  • To find inner peace with Oregon Jade, keep it close and focus on its soothing energy whenever you need to unwind.

Side Effects of Oregon Jade

  • Negative Attachment: To feel better, rinse the crystal in water and think about what you want it to do for you. This helps ease overwhelming emotions.
  • Distraction: For enhanced focus, add Hematite to your meditation. It helps balance energy, making it easier to concentrate and manage distractions, like feeling scattered.
  • Discomfort: Experiencing physical unease? Use Oregon Jade less, take breaks, and ensure comfort to alleviate discomfort and ensure a more pleasant experience with it.

Oregon Jade Meaning: What Does Oregon Jade Symbolize?

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Oregon Jade symbolizes growth, renewal, and harmony.

This crystal helps keep emotions balanced, bringing peace and harmony, especially in tough times. Also known as “Pacific Jade” or “Washington Jade,” it resembles traditional Jade, also earning the name “Serpentine Jade.

Known for its lush green hue, Oregon Jade properties have been cherished for ages. It’s linked to prosperity and shielding from harm. Today, it’s treasured for healing and nature connection, offering calmness and balance.

Pair Oregon Jade with calming stones, like Rose Quartz, and grounding gems, like Hematite and Green Aventurine. Together, they deepen emotional balance and strengthen the bond between the heart and the Earth.

Long ago, Native Americans loved Oregon Jade for its healing and protective traits. People still adore its beauty and magical properties, making it popular among crystal fans everywhere.

Types of Oregon Jade

  • Oregon Sunstone: With warm golden or orange colors, people love it because it sparkles uniquely and is believed to bring good luck and energy to those who wear it.
  • Green Jasper: A dark green stone with a rough texture. People appreciate it because it helps them feel strong and stable, especially during times of change.
  • Serpentine: Green and looks like snake scales, it is valued because it can help cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. 
  • Chrysoprase: A bright green gem, like springtime, it is cherished for bringing good fortune, happiness, and hopefulness to those who possess it.
  • Green Opal: Has delicate green hues and a subtle shine, symbolizing new beginnings and emotional healing and promoting inner peace.
  • Vesuvianite: Comes in various shades of green. It aids in spiritual growth and goal achievement, helping people transform themselves. 
  • Prehnite: It is soft green with a translucent appearance. It has a calming effect, fostering inner tranquility and harmony.
  • Green Chalcedony: Has a soothing green color and a smooth texture. It nurtures emotional balance and stability, providing a sense of protection.
  • Variscite: With pale green hues and subtle patterns, it promotes compassion, forgiveness, and emotional healing. 
  • Actinolite: Ranges from light to dark green and looks like slender needles. It grounds people and shields them from negative energies. 
  • Grossular Garnet: In colors from green to yellow, it’s believed to bring wealth and abundance and make you feel more energetic and brave.
  • Epidote: Shows off different shades of green. It helps you grow as a person and brings your dreams into reality. It also gives you a boost of energy and motivation. 
  • Chlorite Quartz: Has a green color with moss-like patterns inside. It’s said to have strong healing powers and helps you feel refreshed and renewed.
  • Bloodstone: With deep green and red spots, it gives you strength and energy and makes you feel brave and safe.
  • Moss Agate: Comes in green patterns that look like moss inside. It helps keep your emotions balanced and steady and brings new growth and renewal.
  • Malachite: It is a dark green stone with dark lines. It soaks up bad energies and helps you change and grow spiritually.
  • Aventurine Quartz: This green stone has shiny bits that look like metal. It brings good luck and makes you feel more positive and abundant.
  • Amazonite: Has a blue-green color. It helps you speak up and communicate better and brings you peace and balance inside.
  • Green Tourmaline: Comes in light to dark green colors. It helps your body heal and keeps your energy balanced and strong.
  • Gaspeite: Bright green with hints of yellow. It sparks your creativity and helps you grow and succeed. 
  • Chrome Diopside: A dark green stone that shines like glass. It helps heal your emotions and makes you feel renewed. It also boosts your creativity and gives you new ideas.
  • Smithsonite: Comes in different shades of green. It helps balance your emotions and relieve stress, making you feel peaceful and calm. 
  • Uvarovite: It is a bright emerald green with a sparkling look. It brings you wealth and success and attracts good things into your life.
  • Green Anglesite: This stone is light green and looks clear. It helps you grow spiritually and trust your instincts, making you see things more clearly and deeply.

How to Cleanse Oregon Jade?

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  • Water: Rinse Oregon Jade under cool water, picturing negativity washing away, then softly pat it dry to care for its energy.
  • Smudging: Move Oregon Jade through the smoke of burning sage or palo santo to cleanse it. It makes it feel better.
  • Moonlight: Leave Oregon Jade under the moonlight all night. It helps to feel better because it absorbs the Moon’s gentle, cleansing energy.

Questions and Answers

Can Oregon Jade Get Wet?

Yes, Oregon Jade can get wet. However, it’s advisable to dry it thoroughly afterward to prevent water damage.

How Can You Tell if Oregon Jade is Raw?

Raw Oregon Jade typically exhibits a rough, unpolished surface with natural textures and irregular shapes, unlike processed or polished pieces.

Can Oregon Jade Charge in the Sun?

Yes, Oregon Jade can be charged in the sun. Yet, extended exposure to direct sunlight might lead to fading or discoloration. Hence, it’s advisable to charge it briefly or indirectly to preserve its color and quality.

Is Oregon Jade Expensive?

Oregon Jade’s price varies based on factors like quality, size, and market demand. While some pieces may be affordable, high-quality or rare varieties can fetch higher prices.

Can Oregon Jade Glow in the Dark?

No, Oregon Jade does not naturally glow in the dark. Its beauty and metaphysical properties are best appreciated in natural or artificial light.

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