Jelly Fire Opal

(jel-ee fai-er oh-puhl)
Main Origins:
Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Honduras, Turkey, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Australia.

What is Jelly Fire Opal?

Jelly Fire Opal x Mindat
Image Source: Mindat

Jelly Fire Opal is a type of Jelly Opal with red, orange, and yellow hues. These colors show up in different intensities to create a fire-like effect in the crystal. They can be clear and exist with other colors, like green, pink, and black. 

As Jelly Opal is called Girasol, Hyalite, or Water Opal, Jelly Fire Opal is known as Girasol, Hyalite, and Water Fire Opal. 

Girasol Fire Opals boast high clarity and a glass-like, smooth texture due to the presence of high amounts of silica. They are also highly translucent, adding to their jelly-like appearance. 

Fire Opal varieties of Hyalite crystals are naturally found in volcanic zones near lava rock formations. In terms of spirituality, this Jelly Opal variety instigates personal power, positivity, and passion. 

Jelly Fire Opal Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Jelly Fire Opal signifies divine connection, manifestation, health, acceptance, fertility, and love because it opens the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. 

It also boasts multiple colors, balancing the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. These chakras enhance your communication skills, health, psyche, and divination attributes. 

Venus and Moon govern the crystal Jelly Fire Opal, according to astrology, fostering wisdom, beauty, peace, pleasure, intuition, and karmic freedom. They are also why this crystal brings creativity, wisdom, grace, clarity, intuition, and responsibility to Pisces, Libra, Cancer, and Taurus zodiac signs.

On an elemental level, the Hyalite Fire Opal is associated with Water, Spirit, Air, Earth, and Light elements. They bring emotional balance, deep healing, enlightenment, growth, awareness, and fame when kept in the North, Center, South, or Northeast corner of your home.

Some of the Jelly Fire Opal benefits come from the Gods related to it, such as Ra, the Egyptian Sun God; Pele, the Hawaiian Fire God; Vulcan, the Roman Fire God; and Ix Chel, the Mayan Fertility and Healing Goddess.

Jelly Fire Opal and its synonyms resonate with the vibrations of the numbers 1, 7, and 11. They are why this healing crystal invites new beginnings, leadership, ambition, spirituality, truth, and awakening into your life. 

Jelly Fire Opal Healing Properties & Benefits

Health and Strength

  • Are you looking for a crystal to enhance detox and boost health? Yellow and Orange Jelly Fire Opals are all you need for beating fatigue, enhancing immunity, and staying fit. 
  • Make and consume a crystal elixir by placing your Jelly Opal variety near the glass, not directly in the water, and then enjoy it throughout the day.

Communication Skills 

  • Blue varieties of Jelly Opal are best for empowering your voice and confidence as they open the Throat Chakra as well as lower chakras due to red, orange, and yellow colors. It also teaches you how to express your thoughts freely
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your crystal near the lips for a few minutes, “I listen with an open mind, speak with honesty, and with the knowledge my voice is valuable and audible to everyone. 

Passion and Libido

  • Red, Orange, and Clear varieties of Hyalite Fire Opals are considered sex-drive boosters because they awaken your Kundalini energy center. 
  • Place your crystal near the shower to enjoy a gem bath and visualize the crystal energies awakening your sexual energy center.

Willpower and Motivation

  • Orange, Brown, and Cantera Hyalite Fire Opal are powerhouses of inspiration and personal power once you carry it on your dominant side after charging. 
  • Light a candle and hold your crystal for a few minutes near the flame to find immense willpower, decisiveness, and optimism.

Emotional Release

  • Do you want to release suppressed emotions or traumatic memories? Then give the Dark and Lab-Created Jelly Fire Opals a try because they will teach you how to let go of guilt, find forgiveness, and move on from heartbreak.
  • Light a Palo Santo stick and carefully circle the smoke over your crystal to smudge and prepare it, ensuring the area is well-ventilated. You can then use it as a worry stone to release tension whenever you feel off-kilter.

Jelly Fire Opal Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman doing meditation in an outdoor setting

Karmic Healing 

  • Do you feel karmic debts from past lives are affecting your present one? Orange, Cantera, Blue, and White Water Fire Opal varieties are known to connect you to past lives and guide you to the right penance. 
  • Charge your crystal for karmic healing by holding it for a few minutes in the setting sun and under the moonlight before placing it in your bedroom during sleep.

Psychic Powers

  • Blue and Mexican Jelly Fire Opal crystals have the unique ability to awaken latent powers in your mind and spirit. These lead to the activation of intuition, clairvision, clairvoyance, and premonitions in many people. 
  • Sit outside under a full moon and gaze into your crystal to effectively scry and activate your spiritual powers.

Awakening and Manifestation

  • If enlightenment and manifestation are your goals, White, Rainbow, and Orange Girasol Fire Opals are all you need. They broaden your mind by connecting it to out-of-body chakras. 
  • To find cosmic awareness while manifesting your dreams, create an altar with your crystal in the center. For the best results, surround it with lotus, sage, sandalwood, and patchouli. Activate the altar by lighting a candle daily around it. 

Lucid Dreaming

  • Have you ever wanted to unlock the mystic world of dreams? Then get a Clear, Blue, or White Hyalite Fire Opal and keep it under your pillow after setting your intention.
  • Get a Celestite or Selenite Wand and point it at your crystal while visualizing your intentions to set it. After charging, place it on your nightstand or underneath your pillow before sleep.

Spirit Contact

  • Have you ever wanted to talk to your guardian angels? White and Pale Green Jelly Fire Opal can help you contact them and seek advice.
  • For spirit contact, place your crystal next to a singing bowl and start playing the bowl. Make sure to meditate on your intention and stop only once you feel connected to angelic spirits.

Side Effects of Jelly Fire Opal

  • Rudeness: If you’re newly enlightened or awakening, there may be a sense of superiority in your aura that leads to arrogance or rudeness.
  • Isolation: Delving into the cosmic reality with Hyalite Fire Opal leads to detachment from reality. In such cases, use a grounding crystal, like Black Tourmaline.
  • Insomnia: Oversensitive people may feel sleepless when a charged Girasol Fire Opal is kept in the bedroom during sleep.

Jelly Fire Opal Meaning: What Does Jelly Fire Opal Symbolize?

The meaning of Jelly Fire Opal is spiritual awakening.

It’s also good for divination and psychic abilities. Hyalite Fire Opal motivates you and helps you connect with guardian angels and find spiritual awareness with great ease. It can also lead to emotional release, acceptance, health, and courage. 

The most intensely colored Jelly Fire Opal crystals awaken your life force energy center, or Kundalini. You can use it to manifest your intentions and awaken passion. 

Types of Jelly Fire Opal Crystals

  • Common Jelly Fire Opal: Most Jelly Fire Opals show a mix of red, orange, and yellow hues with varying brightness and intensities, mimicking a fiery appearance. Use such a stone for strength, passion, and optimism. 
  • Red Jelly Fire Opal: This type of Hyalite Fire Opal boosts your passion, libido, willpower, and courage by stimulating the Root and Sacral Chakras. They boast a red flash, much like a flickering flame.
  • Orange Jelly Fire Opal: Boasting a solid Pale Orange hue with yellow fire, this is a Sacral Chakra stone that awakens your Kundalini. It empowers creativity, releases hurt, manifests intentions, drives your passion, and guides you to do karmic penance. 
  • Brown Jelly Fire Opal: This type of Water Fire Opal shows a brown exterior and center with red, yellow, and orange hues. Use it to ground away tension and find endless willpower and motivation. 
  • Dark Jelly Fire Opal: Also known as Black Girasol Fire Opal due to its dark hues, this is a variety that repels negativity by creating a shield of positivity around you. It’s also great for spiritual awakening and emotional release.
  • Yellow Jelly Fire Opal: Hyalite Fire Opal with a solid or dominant yellow hue constitutes this variety. It’s the best type of Opal for enhancing health, willpower, strength, angelic contact, and immunity.
  • Bluish Jelly Fire Opal: In this type of Jelly Fire Opal, the red, orange, and yellow are surrounded by shades of blue. Such a specimen activates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, boosting your communication skills and spiritual powers. 
  • White Jelly Fire Opal: Water Fire Opal is a rare crystal that is ideal for discovering your truest self. It shows up in a cloudy white coating over red, yellow, or orange Water Opals. They are also good for awakening, manifestation, and spirit contact.
  • Green Jelly Fire Opal: When your Girasol Opal has a dark green hue surrounding yellow, orange, and red hues, this is the variety it forms. Use this type of crystal to attract prosperity, calmness, peace, and good health. 
  • Pale Green Jelly Fire Opal: This is an Olive Green Hyalite Fire Opal with whitish green or blue-green hues. They are great for pulling luck, willpower, and guardian spirits toward you. 
  • Clear Jelly Fire Opal: This variety of Jelly Fire Opal is see-through and clear with multiple colors, especially red, yellow, and orange. They are great for dreamwork, astral travel, and passion. 
  • Rainbow Fire Jelly Opal: Featuring multiple colors in similar intensities, this type of Water Fire Opal has rainbow flashes. Use it for joy, passion, and motivation.
  • Cantera Jelly Fire Opal: Another willpower booster crystal, this type of Jelly Fire Opal symbolizes perseverance, manifestation, and karmic penance. 
  • Mexican Jelly Fire Opal: This type of Girasol Fire Opal comes from Mexico and is popular for its vivid hue. It’s ideal for enhancing intelligence, auric shielding, and psychic powers. 
  • Lab-Created Jelly Fire Opal: Hyalite Fire Opal made in the labs constitute this variety and boasts unique or unnatural colors. They are also metaphysically powerful for chakra alignment, deep peace, and emotional healing. 

How to Cleanse Jelly Fire Opal?

woman doing ritual using three lighted candles placed on the floor

  • Sunlight: Hold your crystal for a few minutes under the early morning sun while visualizing the ejection of bad energies it absorbed during rituals.
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your crystal near the flame for a few minutes to cleanse it thoroughly with an all-purifying element of Fire. 
  • Clear Quartz: Circle a Clear Quartz over your crystal for the quickest way to reset its original energies.

Answers and Questions

What is Jelly Fire Opal?

Jelly Fire Opal is a type of Water Opal with fiery colors, like red, orange, and yellow. 

Is Jelly Fire Opal Safe?

Yes, Jelly Fire Opal is safe to touch with bare hands as it doesn’t contain any toxic materials. 

How is Jelly Fire Opal Formed?

Jelly Fire Opal is formed from a long process. It starts when water runs into the oil, picking up silica from sandstone. They are then deposited into crevices. When the water evaporates after some time, the silica particles crystallize into Opals. 

Can Jelly Fire Opals Get Wet?

Yes, Jelly Fire Opals can get wet for short periods.

Is Jelly Fire Opal Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Jelly Fire Opal is safe in the sun. However, avoid direct and prolonged exposure to prevent damaging the crystal. 

How Can You Tell if Jelly Fire Opal is Real?

The best way to confirm your Jelly Fire Opal is real is by looking for its play of color or tests, including its weight, density, refraction, and scratch. 

What is the Difference Between Jelly Opal and Jelly Fire Opal?

The biggest difference between Jelly and Jelly Fire Opal is that the former includes the latter. Jelly Fire Opal is a type of Jelly Opal with red, orange, and yellow hues.

How Do You Take Care of Jelly Fire Opal?

The best way to care for Jelly Fire Opal is by protecting it against direct light, heat, and collisions, as it has a low hardness. 

Is Jelly Fire Opal Expensive?

Yes, Jelly Fire Opal is an expensive variety of Opal, with high-quality specimens costing several hundred USD.

What Stones Go Well with Jelly Fire Opal?

The best stones that go with Jelly Fire Opal are Prehnite, Emerald, Pink Tourmaline, Desert Glass, Aquamarine, and Peach Moonstone.

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