(hahy - uh - lahyt )
Main Origins:
Mexico, Russia, France, Germany, Afghanistan, Australia, Italy, China, Bolivia, Austria, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Namibia, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States.

What is Hyalite?

hyalite under UV light with luminescence

Hyalite is a mineraloid variety of Opal without any defined crystal structure. It forms from the hardening of the silica gel in cracks. The mineraloid may exhibit a play of colors based on inclusions from elements like aluminum, iron, and even uranium. 

It has a milky-white appearance and is often translucent or transparent and sometimes opaque. When split, this Opal variety has conchoidal or shell-like edges. 

This Opal is known as Water Opal, Wateropal, Hyalith, and Jalite. Water Opal is called Müller’s Glass in honor of its discoverer, Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein. 

While some Hyalite varieties show green fluorescence when uranium is present, most exhibit a botryoidal or nodular appearance. 

Spiritualists say Water Opal brings joy and call it the Stone of Tranquility

Hyalite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Hyalite is usually transparent or clear, like glass or water. So, it opens the Crown and Soul Star Chakras, fostering focus, purification, and higher consciousness.

Jalite also shows hints of many more elements and a wide range of colors, balancing other chakras like the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Earth Star, Lunar Star, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway. 

These chakras are responsible for bringing clarity, happiness, health, wisdom, spirit communication, and higher powers to the stone. 

Did you know the Moon governs Hyalite Opal? It represents intuition, angelic contact, astral travel, and wisdom. This is also why Pisces is the best zodiac sign for Jalite, leading to creativity, kindness, confidence, and discipline. 

The elements of Water and Light are associated with Hyalite, regulating emotions, boosting protection, and leading to enlightenment. Keeping it in the North direction spreads vibrations of progress, intuition, and intelligence around your home. 

Water Opal resonates with the number 7, representing wisdom, self-discovery, positivity, clarity, and charisma

It’s associated with the energies of Yemaya, the Yoruba Moon Goddess; Lir, the Irish Sea God; Sedna, the Inuit Sea God; Poseidon, the Greek Sea God; Varuna, the Hindu God of the Ocean; and Njord, the Norse God of Wealth and the Sea.

Hyalite Healing Properties & Benefits

Clarity and Concentration

  • For clearing the mind and focusing on your work, consuming crystal elixir is good. Do this by indirectly infusing Hyalite variations like Fluorapatite, Scheelite, or Fluorite.
  • Create a crystal elixir by placing your mineraloid adjacent to a glass of water for a few hours during daylight hours. 

Joy and Positivity

  • Some variations of Hyalite, including Bacon and Candy, Silver, Yellow, Orange, and those with Microcline inclusions or on Matrix, can attract joy and positivity toward you.
  • Hold the stone while facing the Sun for a few minutes. Then place it close to you, such as on your work desk, shelf, or in your pocket, to foster positivity. 

Sleep Health

  • Do you suffer from insomnia or hypersomnia? Hyalite varieties, like Yellow and Botryoidal, are the best choices for you. They work by regulating the four sleep stages and improving your sleep cycle. 
  • Sit under the moonlight, holding your stone for a few minutes while visualizing your intentions. Once charged, place it under your pillow before sleep. 


  • Are you utilizing your brain to its full potential? If not, keep a charged Botryoidal, Stalagmite, Nodule, Chalcedony-included, Augite-included, or Fluorite-included on your dominant side.
  • Place your crystal next to a singing bowl and play the bowl for a few minutes before work or studies to boost your intelligence. 

Charisma and Confidence

  • Variations like Silver, Yellow, Orange, Gehlenite-included, Calcite-included, and Scheelite-included enhance your personality, improving self-esteem.
  • Place a few drops of indirect crystal elixir in your bathtub and soak in the gem bath for 5 to 10 minutes while meditating on your intention. Perform this once a week to maintain your confidence

Hyalite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

woman enjoying the nature surrounded by yellow flowers

Angelic Contact

  • If you wish to communicate with angels and guardian beings, use a variety of Hyalite, like Silver, Yellow, Brown, Hyalite Disk, Chalcedony-included, Scheelite-included, or Aragonite-included.
  • Place your crystal at the bottom of the jar and fill it with angelica, orchid, frankincense, and sandalwood. Tie a gold ribbon at the mouth of the jar while chanting OM with the name of the angel to set the spell.


  • To activate the dormant areas of your brain responsible for psychic powers, like premonitions, clairvoyance, and intuition, charge and keep a Teal, Stalagmite, Aragonite-included, Fluorite-included, or Albite-included Hyalite above your waist.
  • Stare into your mineraloid at night while taking deep inhalations and exhalations and visualizing your intentions. 

Astral Travel

  • Blue and Schorl variations of Hyalite can lead you to different worlds by connecting to etheric chakras. Charge and keep it close to you during sleep for divine travel and lucid dreaming. 
  • Set up a crystal altar by placing your crystal in the center and surrounding it with mugwort, jasmine, and silver candles in your bedroom. Light the candle and meditate for a few minutes to activate astral travel.

Higher Consciousness

  • Tapping into higher consciousness is easy with Hyalite Opal varieties, like Pink, Chalcedony, Fluorite-included, and Hyalite-included. They connect you to the universe’s heart. 
  • To activate higher consciousness, place your crystal before a lit candle for a few minutes and chant the seed mantra YAM for a few minutes. 

Purification and Protection

  • Did you know you can use Hyalite to purify negative vibrations? Clear, White, Stalagmite, Schorl-included, Calcite-included, and Matrix-included varieties of Water Opal are the best for this. 
  • Chant this affirmation while circling your mineraloid thrice over the object you want to cleanse, “I repel negativity set in my energy centers and boost my aura.”

Side Effects of Hyalite

  • Asocial Tendencies: Spending too much time with this Opal might lead you to asocial behavior and tendencies that also detach you from the current reality.
  • Restlessness: Continuous use of Hyalite Opals may cause restlessness and agitation, particularly for new users. In such a case, take a break and spend time with grounding crystals. 
  • Dependency: It’s possible to become so dependent on the energies of Hyalite that you feel it impossible to meditate or spend any private time without them

Hyalite Meaning: What Does Hyalite Symbolize?

woman meditating in nature

The meaning of Hyalite is mental clarity. 

Hyalite Opal comes from the Greek word “hialos,” meaning “glass,” due to its clear and glass-like appearance. 

When it comes to the discovery of this Opal variety, the geological community attributes it to Franz-Joseph Müller von Reichenstein, but it is to the German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner. 

Besides focus and clarity, Water Opal is also recommended for higher consciousness, psychic gifts, protection, purification, joy, health, and confidence.

Types of Hyalite Crystals

  • Bacon and Candy Hyalite Opals: One of the rare varieties of Hyalite Opal, this stone shows pinkish-brown stripes, like bacon or candy. Use it to cultivate joy, wellness, willpower, intuition, and optimism. 
  • Clear Hyalite: Most Hyalite variations are completely transparent or clear, forming this category. They are good for clarity, focus, and purification. 
  • Silver Hyalite: Exhibiting a silver sheen with high reflectivity, this type of mineraloid boosts your comprehension, charisma, joy, angelic contact, and divination abilities.
  • Yellow Hyalite: This type of Jalite shows a yellow hue that’s often translucent. It’s good for sleep health, abundance, confidence, and angelic contact. 
  • Orange Hyalite: Showing bright orange hues, this variety is also often translucent and boosts growth, transformation, charisma, and willpower. 
  • Brown Hyalite: An ideal variation of Hyalite Opal, showing dark to pale brown and beige hues, this is highly recommended for psychic protection, courage, fertility, health, and immunity. 
  • Blue Hyalite: Exhibiting various shades of blue, including teal, sky blue, and indigo hues, this type of Jalie activates higher powers, like intuition, astral travel, and reality-shifting. 
  • Green Hyalite: Forming dark green to olive-green hues, this type of Jalite has a milky or cloudy appearance and is fluorescent. Charge and keep it underneath your pillow to activate higher powers, spirit communication, and divination. 
  • Hyalite Disk: A flat, rounded variety of Hyalite in disk-like shapes, this variation activates intuition, angelic communication, and self-expression. 
  • Botryoidal Hyalite: Forming grape-like clusters, Botryoidal Jalite Opal repairs and improves your sleep health and fertility.
  • Hyalite Nodule: This type of Hyalith Opal forms nodules with a smooth and rounded surface. It’s mostly used for purification, grounding, intelligence, and positivity. 
  • Stalagmite Hyalite: Mostly seen in stalagmite formations or caves, this Opal variation is a catalyst for transformation, cleansing, destiny, and intelligence. 
  • Hyalite with Chalcedony: White Hyalith minerals often form with an opaque Chalcedony, fostering intelligence, higher consciousness, and psychic powers. 
  • Hyalite-Augite: Exhibiting unique shapes and formations, like pipes or Rugose Corals, this Water Opal naturally exists on Prismatic Augite in colorless hues. Use it for wisdom, understanding, hope, and spirit contact. 
  • Fluorapatite with Hyalite: This is a double fluorescent crystal formation in yellow, brown, gray, black, and white hues with varying transparencies. They boost your clarity, joy, psychic protection, sleep health, and immunity. 
  • Gehlenite with Hyalite: Forming iridescent sides, Hyalite naturally forms with Gehlenite in brown, yellow, gray, and black colors. Use this variation to boost your stamina, energy, confidence, and power.
  • Calcite with Hyalite: Orange and Yellow Calcite crystals form with Colorless and Gray Hyalite crystals in spoked shapes. They’re good for manifestation, purification, charisma, and focus.
  • Celestite with Hyalite: Blue Celestite typically forms with gray, green, and botryoidal variations of Hyalite in nature. They’re good for angelic contact, karmic cleansing, intuition, and universal consciousness. 
  • Hematite and Rutile with Hyalite: Hyalite crystals naturally coat Rutile and Hematite in yellow, gold, and rose-gold hues. They’re good for grounding, psychic protection, courage, and stamina. 
  • Hyalite with Scheelite: Blue Scheelite naturally forms with Green Hyalite crystals in many parts of the United States. Use them for angelic contact, dreamwork, charisma, joy, and concentration. 
  • Hyalite with Aragonite: Colorless and White Hyalite variations form on top of Brown Aragonite, promoting intuition, intelligence, and angelic contact. 
  • Hyalite with Schorl: Fluorescent Hyalite often forms with Black Tourmaline, beckoning psychic protection, purification, success, and psychic powers.
  • Hyalite with Muscovite: The pink variety of Hyalite is commonly seen with shimmering crystals of Muscovite, exhibiting gray, black, and brown hues. Use it for enlightenment and awakening.
  • Hyalite with Fluorite: Twinned and Purple Fluorite varieties naturally occur with White and Clear Hyalite variations, leading to higher consciousness, intuition, angelic communication, clarity, and intelligence. 
  • Hyalite with Microcline: Exhibiting white, orange, and brown hues, Jalite occurs with Microcline, promoting mental clarity, ancient wisdom, joy, and psychic protection. 
  • Hyalite with Clear Quartz: Hyalite also forms with Fluorite, Schorl, and Clear Quartz, exhibiting colorless, orange, indigo, green, purple, and white inclusions. It’s a powerful stone for chakra alignment, balance, and divination.
  • Hyalite with Albite: Hyalite Opal on Albite may show teal, orange, yellow, and red crystals on a white base color. Use it for wisdom, sleep health, intelligence, and joy.
  • Hyalite with Smoky Quartz: One of the Hyalite variations for clearing mind fog and distractions, this variety shows gold, silver, and white glitters with yellow, green, and black inclusions.
  • Hyalite on Matrix: Hyalite on Matrix commonly exists on Clay or Basalt, showing brown, beige, cream, and maroon hues. They tap into your inner self, awakening psychic powers, joy, purification, and health.

How to Cleanse Hyalite?

lit palo santo and candle on the background

  • Sunlight: Hold your Opal while facing the Sun to let sunlight remove the negativity absorbed by the stone. 
  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your stone close to the stone at a safe distance.
  • Palo Santo: Circle the smoke of a palo santo stick over your crystal to reset its energies. 

Questions and Answers

Is Hyalite an Opal?

Yes, Hyalite is a variety of Opal.

Does Hyalite Fluoresce?

Yes, Hyalite fluoresces in strong blue or green when uranium is present in it.

Is Hyalite Dangerous?

No, Hyalite is not dangerous and is safe to wear, as most varieties don’t contain uranium. Additionally, in varieties with uranium, it is fully contained or present in minute amounts, posing no harm to the wearer.

Can Hyalites Get Wet?

Yes, Hyalites can get wet as they are water resistant. However, it’s wise to avoid prolonged exposure, like soaking in water.

Is Hyalite Safe in the Sun?

No, Hyalite is not safe in the sun, as prolonged exposure to light and heat may lead to color fading.

How Do You Identify Hyalite?

The best way to identify Hyalite is by its high transparency. You can also do a scratch test or look for its amorphous structure. It also has a white streak.

Are Halite and Hyalite the Same Stone?

No, Halite is rock salt, and Hyalite is a variety of Opal.

How Do You Clean Hyalite Opals?

The best way to clean dust and dirt from Hyalite Opals is with a soft cloth dunked in warm water.

Is Hyalite Expensive?

No, Hyalite is not typically expensive. Prices vary based on the size, quality, and colors, with specimens available for as low as $3 and up to $2000.

Do All Hyalite Opals Glow?

No, not all Hyalite Opals glow, but many do due to the presence of uranium.

Interactions with Hyalite

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