What Does Angel Number 1022 Mean?

  1. Angel Number 1022 Numerology and Significance 
  2. Angel Number Meaning 1022 in Love
  3. Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Career and Academics
  4. Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Finance and Money
  5. Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Spirituality 
  6. Angel Number 1022 Meaning when Shifting Reality
  7. Welcome New Beginnings with Angel Number 1022!

Seeing the 1022 Angel Number in your life signifies fresh, positive starts. 

The meaning of Angel Number 1022 is “New Opportunities.”

Best Affirmation for Angel Number 1022: “I am filled with hope about fresh starts.”

Are you seeing 1022 everywhere? 

When Angel Number 1022 starts appearing, it signifies your guardian spirits are preparing your path for new skills and opportunities in different areas of life. You may see it on social media feeds, messages, or the clock many times in such cases.

Learn what repeatedly seeing 1022 means when associated with love, career, abundance, spirituality, and shifting reality. 

Angel Number 1022 Numerology and Significance 

Before we dive into the complex symbolisms and meanings of the 1022 Angel Number, here’s a breakdown of 1022 meanings based on numerology.

  • Angel Number 1 represents new beginnings and self-discovery.
  • Angel Number 0 means spiritual awakening.
  • Angel Number 2 means harmony, peace, and balance.
  • Angel Number 22 symbolizes divine purpose and intuition, emphasizing the number 2. 

Hence, Angel number 1022 represents new beginnings, hope, harmony, and a divine mission.

 Here are the angels associated with Angel Number 1022:

  • Angel Haniel represents regeneration and fresh starts.
  • Angel Raphael represents hope and balance.

What Planet is Associated with Angel Number 1022?

Venus is the main planet linked to 1022, symbolizing abundance, beauty, love, and wisdom.

What Color is Associated with Angel Number 1022?

Based on the metaphysical traits of 1022, the color Green is mainly linked, bringing prosperity, energy, vitality, luck, and harmony. 

What Element is Associated with Angel Number 1022?

The element linked to the 1022 Angel Number is Earth. You’ll find energy, vitality, strength, and positivity after seeing this divine sequence. 

What Chakra is Associated with Angel Number 1022?

The Heart Chakra is linked to the color green and is responsible for bringing peace, emotional stability, good fortune, compassion, and success to Angel Number 1022.

Angel Number Meaning 1022 in Love

A happy couple is strolling in a garden forest.

Do you keep noticing the number 1022 when thinking about a date, crush, or old flame? It may mean a new chapter will unfold in your love life. 

Single people may see 1022 and feel the angels are asking them to embrace new people, places, and opportunities. For committed folks, this cosmic pattern is a cue for taking your relationship to the next level. 

You should trust your heart and look forward to changes because divine energy surrounds you. 

Crystals Best for Love


  • Emerald is great for doubling the love, intimacy, and clarity in your relationship. Hold it close to your heart during important conversations and decisions with your partner. 
  • Hold the crystal at eye level while facing the morning sun and meditate on your intention for a few minutes. 


  • Bonding with Unakite helps you discover your deeper self and embrace the changes in your life as fresh starts. It will also keep you connected to nature and the cosmos. 
  • To attract luck in love, bury your stone under an inch or two of soil overnight.

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Twin Flame

Encountering the divine number 1022 when thinking or talking about your twin flame means your guardian spirits are working on your soulmate’s mission. 

You should turn to guardian angels to learn more about your relationship or potential love interest to interpret the upcoming changes.

Crystal Best for Twin Flame


  • Azurite with Malachite is a powerful crystal pairing that activates your Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras. Hence, it’s good for mediumship if you struggle to understand what 1022 means. 
  • Hold the crystal before your eyes and gaze into it for a few minutes. You can meditate or chant mantras to tap into the angelic realm. 

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Twin Flame Reunion

Most psychics and tarot readers say 1022 indicates a reunion with your twin flame. If you’re single, you’re about to meet your soulmate. 

For couples, 1022 is a message of new relationship goals or separating now and reuniting later. 

You may see it on the clock, in a message, on your Instagram or Facebook feed, etcetera more than 5 to 6 times when the reunion is imminent. 

Crystals Best for Reunion in Love 

Watermelon Tourmaline

  • If you’re confused or feeling lost about your true love, get a Watermelon Tourmaline dowsing pendulum to peek into your soul’s purpose and destiny. It results from the stone’s ability to tap into the Higher Heart Chakra.
  • Record the vibrations of your dowsing crystal pendulum, and once it’s calibrated, ask questions about twin flame reunion.

Lace Agate 

  • Most varieties of Lace Agate are good for clearing hurdles on your road to reuniting with your twin flame. 
  • You can set a crystal altar with Blue Lace or Crazy Lace Agate crystal in the center to manifest a reunion with your soulmate. Charge your altar with a sandalwood or jasmine incense stick. 

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Twin Flame Separation

Does 1022 come into your sight more than thrice while arguing, fighting, or thinking of separating from your partner, friend, or true love? The angels may message that you’re on the right path and need to continue speaking your mind. 

In this case, it’s good to zoom into your relationship dynamics. The cosmos might be orchestrating individual transformations for both you and your partner. 

Crystals for Twin Flame Separation 


  • One of the Chrysocolla’s varieties with Turquoise is ideal for breaking up harmoniously with your twin flame. It will help you see the bigger picture and missed opportunities to grow.
  • To seek divine assistance during twin flame separation, use two crystals and charge them overnight under a new moon. You can give one to your partner at your last meeting together.


  • Blue Amazonite reduces stress, overthinking, and negativity during challenging times of transition, growth, loss, and separation. 
  • Activate your stone to move on with dignity and harmony by holding it for a few minutes in front of a lit candle. Hold onto it and meditate for a few minutes daily.

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Career and Academics

worker concentrates on working

Encountering the divine vibration of 1022 in your professional life signifies potential significant changes in your workspace or academic pursuits. It might indicate promotions, new wins, great results, new projects, or a new life path. 

You might see it on the bulletin board at your office, on the computer screen, in the newsletter, in a handout, during a lecture, etcetera if this is the case. 

If the number keeps appearing, explore new opportunities, dream jobs, and projects.

Best Crystals for Career and School 

Blue-Green Apatite

  • Bicolor Apatite crystals in green, brown, and yellow can attract professional success and growth toward the user.
  • Program your crystal with the seed mantra LAM and HAM for a few minutes, and keep it on your work desk. 

Lapis Lazuli 

  • Get a Lapis Lazuli palm stone with several golden flecks, which will help you succeed academically. Healers say it’s good for getting amazing results on exams, interviews, and tests. 
  • Smudge your crystal with a sage stick and chant your affirmation after waking up. Then carry it on you. 

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Finance and Money

A stack of cards on a wallet card holder

Are you seeing 1022 no matter where you go? If you keep seeing them on invoices, credit bills, debit bills, bank balances, and bank notifications, it’s a sign something positive in wealth is coming your way. 

The number could indicate a new investment or savings opportunity. 

Prepare for the message behind Angel Number 1022 by closing your debts and looking into smart savings. You can also use crystals to speak with the angels directly about it.

Crystals for Money and Finance 


  • Pyrite crystals with green inclusions from Chlorite are powerful stones for boosting luck, willpower, and manifestation energies. This stone acts as a money magnet when charged and placed in your wallet and vaults. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and fan its smoke over your crystal every morning before getting ready for work. 

Green Aventurine

  • Did you know Green Aventurine manifests wealth? It promotes financial independence, mental clarity, decisiveness, and the manifestation of wealth.
  • Keep your crystal on top of the soil in a flowerpot overnight. Meditate with it in the morning while facing the sun.

Angel Number 1022 Meaning in Spirituality 

A silhouette of a woman meditating near the shore

Noticing 1022 in your periphery more than a few times isn’t a coincidence. But if you’re seeing it between spiritual rituals and routines, it might be a clear message of upcoming transformations and new psychic abilities.

It means the angels want you to prepare for positive changes in your spiritual destiny and embrace opportunities that lead to open-mindedness and wisdom.

Crystals for Spirituality

Sleeping Beauty Moss Agate

  • If you feel ready for a spiritual upgrade, bonding with a Sand Canyon or Sleeping Beauty Moss Agate for three months will reveal the way to go. This crystal awakens your mind from negativity and false conditionings towards self-discovery.
  • You can hold the crystal before your eyes and meditate daily without fail to tap into new spiritual heights and higher realms. You can also infuse elements of Fire, Earth, Smoke, or Light into your spiritual rituals.


  • This is a good crystal for penance if you’re ready to resolve your karmic debts. Eudialyte links you to the spirit realm and transcribes divine messages. 
  • Place your crystal next to a Tibetan singing bowl and play it with gentle tapping sounds. Chant your affirmation or the OM mantra to connect to angels. Do it after sunset and before sunrise for the best results.

Angel Number 1022 Meaning when Shifting Reality

woman praying by the beach

It’s common to come across 1022 when building a desired reality (DR), especially when losing hope. This is a message from your guardian spirits: you must have faith in them to discover the fresh start they’re building for you.

You might see this number in a self-help book, friendly newsletter, dream, or a direct message when you’re frustrated with your shifting techniques. 

Take this as a cue and heed your inner voice to manifest your DR; the angels are with you. 

Crystal for Shifting Reality


  • Did you know Charoite is a mirror of the spirit realm? Carrying it on your body for a few months opens dormant psychic abilities and releases deep phobias. 
  • Lie down on a yoga mat, keep your crystal between your eyebrows, and meditate with closed eyes for a few minutes. 

Welcome New Beginnings with Angel Number 1022!

In conclusion, sighting 1022 is a sign of positive new beginnings in your love life, career, spiritual development, financial planning, and perception of reality. 

If you keep seeing this cosmic sequence, it’s time to trust the spirits and follow their guidance to accept new people, places, and opportunities into your life. 

The heavens are urging you to stop blocking new experiences and start embracing them.

The best thing is you can tap into the energy of this divine sequence with crystals. We learned how healing stones like Emerald, Pyrite, Apatite, Unakite, Azurite, and others help to navigate the upcoming transformative situations. 

Here’s a quick look at what we learned: 

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