Petrified Palm Wood

(peh-truh-fied pahm wood)
Main Origins:
Germany, Italy, Egypt, the United States, Argentina, Libya, and India.

What is Petrified Palm Wood?

petrified palm wood chunk on living room table

Petrified Palmwood is a Fossilized or Petrified Wood from ancient Palmoxylon or Palmwood via permineralization. The process takes millions of years to replace the organic material in the trees with forms of Quartz while preserving the cellular structure and details. 

Therefore, it’s also called Petrified Palmwood, Fossilized Palm Wood, Fossil Palmwood, Palmoxylon, Petrified Palm, and Fossil Trunks. 

Fossil Palmwood displays unique patterns resembling dots, vascular bundles, striations, orbs, and honeycomb patterns, unlike ring-like patterns of other Petrified Wood varieties. 

Depending on the minerals seeped into the wood during the Oligocene Epoch Era, it may show colors like red, black, yellow, blue, and green hues. 

Petrified Palmwood is the state stone of Texas and the official state fossil of Louisiana. 

Fun Fact: Did you know Native Americans used Petrified Palmwood to make sharp tools? They made projectile tools like awls and knives with Fossil Palmwood ages ago. 

Petrified Palm Wood Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Most Petrified Palmwood exhibits earthy tones like brown, yellow, black, gray, white, and orange, apart from other colors. Hence, it opens many chakras like the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Earth Star, Solar Star, and Stellar Gateway. 

As a result, bonding with Fossilized Palm Wood fosters self-confidence, calmness, health, higher powers, growth, intelligence, psychic protection, and soul mission. 

Saturn is the ruling planet of Palmwood, bringing metaphysical benefits like stability, endurance, luck, and ancestral connection. This is why Capricorn signs will find leadership, discipline, and optimism by using it.

Fossil Palm Wood taps into the powers of deities like Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom; Ceres, the Roman God of Agriculture; Geb, the Egyptian God of Earth; Pachamama, the Andean Earth Goddess; Ganesha, the Hindu God of Intelligence; and Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Afterlife

Earth and Water rule Fossilized Palm Wood, signifying growth, strength, intuition, emotional balance, creativity, and purification. Hence, keeping this Fossil Wood in the center of the house attracts harmony, wellness, peace, and adaptability. 

Petrified Palmwood relates to the number 8 in numerology, promoting abundance, success, and efficiency. 

Petrified Palm Wood Healing Properties & Benefits

 Patience and Self-Control

  • Some varieties like Dotted, Red, Pink, Seed-like, and Batiked Fossilized Palmwood calm your mind, body, and spirit. They’re good to learn self-control, discipline, and clarity. 
  • Hold your stone for a few minutes in your palms and meditate, visualizing your intention after waking up daily for a month. 

Deep Peace

  • You can wear Silicified, Green, Leaf, or Carnotite-included Petrified Palm Wood jewelry after activation to find inner healing and peace. They help by clearing blockages in your Heart and Higher Chakras. 
  • Chant this affirmation while holding the stone before your lips for a few minutes to activate your Fossil stone, “I am at peace inside out, and my mind, body, and spirit are untouched by the chaos around me.”

Immunity, Fertility, and Lifespan

  • Did you know healing crystals can make you healthier? Black, Rods, Rattan, Seeded, Pink, Flame, and Agate-included Fossil Palmwood varieties boost immunity, reproductive health, and lifespan. 
  • Create a crystal elixir by keeping your Fossil Stone next to a glass of water for 4 to 8 hours. Once ready, drink the elixir before the end of the day and repeat the process for a month. 

Adaptability and Decisiveness 

  • Do you sometimes feel stuck, rigid, or obstinate? Then charge a Dotted, Orange, Rattan, or Opalized Petrified Palm Wood on your dominant side to find flexibility, broad-mindedness, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills.
  • Charge your stone for resourcefulness, determination, and certainty by holding it in your palms while facing the sun. 

 Clarity and Creativity 

  • Sparkling, Blue, Bicolor, Opalized, and Batiked Fossil Palmwood varieties clear brain fog and boost imagination. They’re also good for intelligence and wisdom
  • Keep your Fossil Palmwood Stone in the shade for 6 to 12 hours during a moonlit night. Carry it above your waist afterward. 

Petrified Palm Wood Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Hands covering flower

Protection and Grounding

  • Some types of Fossilized Palmwood, like Black, Silicified, Rods, and Orbs varieties, build a shielding aura around you, repelling negative and evil vibrations from touching you. 
  • Make a glass of crystal elixir and pour it into your bathtub. Then soak in the gem bath for 10 to 15 minutes on moonlit nights to boost your aura. 

 Spiritual Growth and Transformation

  • Blue, Flame, Carnotite, and Opalized Fossil Woods can fill your mind with secrets of the universe and your being. Bond with it using the Fire element for destined growth and change.
  • Light a candle and hold your Fossil Stone near the flame for a few minutes (at a safe distance) while meditating on your intention. 

 Ancestral Connections 

  • Some types of Fossil Palmwood, like Black, Bicolor, Rattan, and Orb-included varieties, connect you with ancestral energies. They lead you to enlightenment and goals you should follow. 
  • Make a spell jar by placing your crystal inside it and filling it with marigold, a few drops of cedarwood oil, sage, and frankincense. 

 Higher Consciousness and Divination

  • You can charge and keep Sparkling, Blue, Carnotite, Orbs, or Batiked Fossil Palmwood varieties underneath your pillow to activate psychic gifts for divination rituals. 
  • Charge your stone with zen gardening by placing it next to a healthy plant overnight. 

 Soul Journey 

  • Do you know anything about your soul mission? It’s your life purpose, and some varieties such as Blue, Batiked, Flame, and Orb-included Fossilized Palmwood can help you en route. 
  • Set up a crystal altar with your stone in the center, surrounded by patchouli, lotus, lavender, and three purple candles. Light the candles in the morning and before bed to activate your intention. 


Side Effects of Petrified Palm Wood

  • Fatigue: If you’re new to this Fossil Wood, you may feel weary or tired quickly. It’s good to take a break in these cases. 
  • Disturbing Dreams: Sleeping with a charged Petrified Palmwood under your pillow may lead to sleep disturbances, including vivid or frightening dreams.
  • Radical Thoughts: Overusing Fossilized Palmwood without pausing leads to irrational and impractical thoughts and behavior. Hold a grounding stone like Black Tourmaline or Morganite if you feel this

Petrified Palm Wood Meaning: What Does Petrified Palm Wood Symbolize?

A successful woman under falling money

The meaning of Petrified Palm Wood is “longevity.” 

Fossilized Palmwood is a grounding stone that protects you against evil vibrations by enhancing your aura, willpower, creativity, intelligence, and psychic gifts. You can also use it to discover your spiritual destiny and soul mission. 

Many cultures associate Palmwood with the God of Earth and its powers of protection. It’s a symbol of timelessness, transformation, stability, and tranquility. 

Types of Petrified Palm Wood Crystals

  • Common Petrified Palm Wood: Petrified Palm Wood is commonly seen in yellow, brown, gray, and black colors and is ideal for grounding, balance, and longevity.
  • Black Petrified Palmwood: This is a sought-after variety of Petrified Palmwood, showing gray and black base color with contrasting patterns. It protects you, besides boosting immunity, growth, and confidence. 
  • Dotted Petrified Palm Wood: Fossilized Palmoxylon with a mottled appearance from its organic patterns comprises this variety. Use this type of Fossil Stone to make the right decisions, walk toward your soul mission, and find adaptability. 
  • Silicified Petrified Palm Wood: Petrified Palmwood, completely replaced by silica, forms this variety, exhibiting shiny and translucent looks. It’s a good stone for finding the truth, higher powers, patience, and inner peace. 
  • Blue Petrified Palm Wood: Petrified Palm Wood with pale to dark or indigo colors is rare and highly sought after by collectors. It’s recommended for psychic powers like intuition, clairvoyance, self-control, and creativity.
  • Sparkling Petrified Palmwood: Also called Gemmy Petrified Palmwood, this type of fossil shimmers in gold due to mineral impurities. Use such a stone to discover your most authentic self, destiny, higher consciousness, and soul mission. 
  • Red Petrified Palmwood: This type of Fossil Palm Wood shows maroon to red hues, sometimes with blue, orange, and white hues. Use it for clearing blockages in your lower chakras and clarifying thoughts. 
  • Yellow Petrified Palmwood: A multicolored variety of Petrified Palmwood, this healing stone may show shades of yellow in addition to gray, white, and black. They’re recommended for health, luck, joy, and growth. 
  • Pink Petrified Palmwood: Enhancing patience, fertility, love, balance, and adaptability, this type of Fossil Palm Wood shows a baby pink hue with dark-colored inclusions. It opens the Heart Chakra.
  • Green Petrified Palmwood: A pale green variety of Fossilized Palmoxylon, this healing stone promotes grounding, inner peace, ancestral connection, and confidence. 
  • Orange Petrified Palmwood: One of the Kundalini energy stones, this type of Fossil Wood leads your body, mind, and spirit to destiny, soul mission, immunity, confidence, and self-control. 
  • Flame Petrified Palmwood: Petrified Palm Wood with flame-like patterns in reddish-orange colors constitute this variety. They’re great for decisiveness, enlightenment, higher consciousness, and positivity. 
  • Bicolor Petrified Palm Wood: Petrified Palm Wood, in two colors – black and white – constitutes this variety. It’s a decision-making stone that promotes deep healing, ancestral connection, transformation, and creativity. 
  • Petrified Palmwood Trunks: A Petrified Palmwood for stability, strength, health, and grounding, this fossilized stone type shows elongated structures. It mimics the original shape of the Palmwood in light and dark colors. 
  • Petrified Palmwood Rods: Petrified Palm Wood in linear or stalactite formations, this variety shows multiple colors. It’s a psychic protection stone mostly used for immunity, clarity, and mental strength by psychics and seers.
  • Petrified Rattan Palmwood: This is a Petrified Palmwood from Wyoming. Known for its resilience with a rugged and textured look, it’s often used for endurance, ancestral assistance, and adaptability.
  • Agatized Palm Wood: In this Fossilized Palmwood variety, you’ll notice multiple colors due to the complete replacement of organic material by Agate. It’s ideal for emotional balance, clarity, lifespan, and self-control. 
  • Opalized Palm Wood: This is a Fossil Palmwood replaced totally by Opal, sometimes with iridescence and other times with multiple colors. It’s an excellent stone for creativity, higher powers, decisiveness, spiritual growth, and grounding.
  • Petrified Palmwood with Orbs: Fossilized Palm Wood for transformation, protection, harmony, soul journey, and self-discovery comprise this variety. It is distinct and easy to identify due to its orb-like patterns. 
  • Fossilized Palmwood Leaf: A type of Fossilized Palmoxylon for renewal, new beginnings, wisdom, inner peace, and adaptability, this variety shows intricate patterns, striations, and segments of the palm leaf.
  • Petrified Palm Root: This type of Fossilized Palmwood retains the intricate segments of beige and web-like shapes of petrified palm roots. It’s good for grounding, confidence, and psychic protection.
  • Petrified Palmwood Seed: A unique variety of Fossilized Palm Wood for fertility, creativity, soul journey, patience, confidence, and immunity, this stone shows radiating patterns from a point and is often embedded in the matrix. 
  • Petrified Palmwood with Carnotite: Petrified Palmwood in purple and lilac hues is a natural formation with Carnotite. It promotes enlightenment, higher powers, self-discovery, truth, and transformation.
  • Batiked Petrified Palmwood: A treated variety of Fossil Palmwood, this stone is artistically enhanced with batik patterns. It’s excellent for joy, creativity, clarity, soul journey, and self-control.

How to Cleanse Petrified Palm Wood?

A person scooping a handful of soil

  • Soil: Bury your crystal under three inches of soil for 24 to 72 hours to remove the negativity absorbed by it. 
  • Clear Quartz: Circle a Clear Quartz wand thrice over your crystal before and after rituals to cleanse it.
  • Palo Santo: Light a palo santo stick and waft the smoke over your crystal for a minute or two to reset to the original state of Fossil Wood.

Question and Answer

Is Petrified Wood Radioactive?

Yes and no; some varieties of Petrified Wood are radioactive, especially containing uranium.

How Old is Petrified Palm Wood?

The age of Petrified Palm Wood ranges between 20 and 200 million years. 

Is Petrified Palm Wood Safe?

Yes, Petrified Palm Wood is safe to touch with bare hands unless it contains radioactive materials, which is typically very low.

Can Petrified Palmwood Get Wet?

Yes, Petrified Palmwood can get wet as they have high resilience to water due to their fossilized origin. However, avoid prolonged exposure to water to prevent irreparable damages. 

Are Petrified Palm Wood Safe in the Sun?

Yes and no; Petrified Palm Wood is safe for short periods under the sun. But avoid direct and prolonged exposure to prevent cracking the Fossil Wood.

How Can You Tell if Petrified Palmwood is Real?

The best way to say if your Petrified Palmwood is real is by its density, hardness, patterns, and cold-to-touch temperature. 

What is the Use of Petrified Palm Wood?

Petrified Palm Wood makes decor items, jewelry, religious items, collectibles, and metaphysically valuable items. 

How do You Take Care of Petrified Palm Wood?

The best way to take care of Petrified Palmwood is by storing it in a cool place without much humidity and wrapping it safely while transporting it. You should also clean it once or twice a month with water and brush, followed by drying. 

Is Petrified Palmwood Valuable?

Depending on the size, shape, weight, colors, patterns, and origin of Petrified Palmwood, it can cost between $2 to $5,000. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Palm Wood?

The spiritual meaning of Palmwood is peace, including longevity, protection, and immunity. 

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