Main Origins:
Australia, France, Mexico, Thailand, India, China, Iran, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

What is Gypsum?

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Crystal lovers are interested in Gypsum’s strange traits. Most of the time, it’s clear, white, silver, or brown. The crystal has a smooth feel, like satin or chalk. Flattened blades or prismatic shapes are the most recognizable shapes in Gypsum crystals. Crystal collectors like how delicate and complicated this material looks.

Calcium sulfate dihydrate is found in Gypsum. Calcium, sulfur, oxygen, and hydrogen are all in this chemical compound. The mineral is flimsy and can be easily scraped off with a fingernail because of the way it is made. Gypsum can grow and change over time because it dissolves in water.

People have used Gypsum for a very long time. In Ancient Rome, it was used for artistic plasterwork, and today, it is used for building. The adaptability of minerals has changed art, construction, and business. When you learn about its past, Gypsum is more than just a pretty crystal structure.

This crystal is very beautiful and comes in many different types. It is popular with fans because it is soft and can be carved and sculpted creatively. The crystal’s flexibility lets artists express themselves, which makes it appealing to people who like minerals.

Did you know that, in ancient folklore, Gypsum was often associated with purity and protection? Some groups thought Gypsum crystals could keep bad energy out of the house and bring peace. This story ties Gypsum to the supernatural and gives it a magical meaning. 

Gypsum Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Gypsum has many colors, each with its own life and meaning. With its cleanliness and clarity, white Gypsum stands for renewal and mental growth. The colors pink and gold are linked to the Heart Chakra and stand for love and kindness. Orange and red open up the Sacral and Root Chakras, making people passionate and creative. 

Many chakras are aligned by Gypsum. The Solar Plexus Chakra feels empowered by this gem. Love and kindness are promoted by pink and gold gypsum in the Heart Chakra. Gypsum’s spiritual energy aids the Crown Chakra, which controls awareness. It is a flexible chakra alignment gem.

Earth, Light, and Wind are all represented by Gypsum. Light stands for clarity and illumination, and Earth gives energy that helps you stay grounded. Feng Shui says Gypsum in the Northeast makes people smarter and more understanding. Southwest’s location encourages caring and working together. 

Under the Moon’s soft touch, Gypsum connects with lunar forces. The Moon gives the rock a gentle energy that can help heal your emotions. Besides the Moon, other celestial bodies add to the energy of this stone, creating a heavenly melody that strengthens its metaphysical powers.

The spiritual significance of Gypsum is enhanced by its associations with the Sky. Through lunar energies, it helps with understanding and mental balance. Because of this link, Gypsum is a powerful tool for mental and self-connection. 

It gets its spiritual strength from Gods that rule it, such as Kuan-Yin, Selene, Isis, and Athena.

Numerically, Gypsum resonates at 2. This stands for balance, unity, and working together. The numerical vibration of Gypsum helps keep relationships in balance and inner peace. 

Gypsum Healing Properties & Benefits

Strength and Health

  • One of Gypsum’s benefits is enhancing the body’s vitality by building power and improving health in general.
  • Put the crystal on a bed of Himalayan salt for 24 hours. This will make the crystal’s healing energy stronger. 

 Communication Skills

  • Clear the Throat Chakra with Gypsum to improve your ability to talk to people.
  • Hold the crystal to your throat and say affirmations with confidence. Speaking your goals out loud gives the crystal energy for communication.


  • Clearing the mind by getting rid of mental fog and making it easier to concentrate is one of Gypsum’s properties.
  • It will work if you put the crystal on a Clear Quartz piece for 24 hours. Imagine a cloud rising from your mind during meditation, leaving you with a clear and sharp mind.

 Emotional Balance 

  • When you meditate with Gypsum held on the Heart Chakra, you can help maintain emotional equilibrium.
  • Imagine a soft light around your heart that keeps your feelings in check. Put positive affirmations about your mental health into the crystal.

 Physical Healing Support

  • Working with the body’s natural circadian rhythm and helping the body heal are some of Gypsum’s healing properties.
  • Bury the crystal in soil for 24 hours to receive Earth’s grounding energy for healing. Then carry the charged Gypsum for physical health.

Gypsum Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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  • Soaking up negative energies, which helps with mental cleansing, is one of Gypsum’s metaphysical properties.
  • Soak the crystal in seawater for 24 hours to clean it. Watch as the saltwater cleans and recharges the crystal by removing any impurities.

 Akashic Records

  • Gypsum can help you get to the Akashic Records because it is linked to higher worlds.
  • Hold the crystal to your Third Eye Chakra and declare your wish to research the Akashic Records. Imagine a door opening to expose the cosmic archives of wisdom during meditation.

 Angelic Contact

  • By raising psychic vibrations, Gypsum makes it easier for angels to contact people.
  • For charging, place the crystal on a white feather during the full moon. Express thanks for heavenly instruction to attract divine support and protection.


  • This crystal keeps away bad energies and acts as a psychic shield.
  • Wrap the gem in black salt for 24 hours to make it stronger. Think of the crystal as a psychic shield that absorbs and changes negative energy.

Psychic Powers and Growth

  • To improve your spiritual growth and psychic powers, charge Gypsum with the light of a crescent moon.
  • Holding the rock to your Crown Chakra will show that you want to grow psychically. During meditation, picture the crystal helping you grow spiritually.

Side Effects of Gypsum

  • Fatigue: Gypsum’s spiritual energy can cause weariness. Hydrate and do grounding activities, like walking barefoot on the Earth to relieve this.
  • Restlessness: The powerful effect of Gypsum can make you feel restless. Focusing on your breath during awareness meditation can help you get back to a state of calm and balance.
  • Sleep Disturbances: The crystal’s vibrations may interrupt sleep. Establish a relaxing nighttime routine and keep the crystal away from the bed to reduce energetic interference.

Gypsum Meaning: What Does Gypsum Symbolize?

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Gypsum symbolizes “flexibility and adaptability.”

The main metaphysical benefit of Gypsum is that it can help people grow spiritually and improve their senses. This crystal opens a pathway for insight, helping people connect with their inner knowledge and spiritual consciousness.

It has other names, like “Selenite” and “Alabaster,” which come from the fact that it looks like milk and is connected to the Moon (the Greek Goddess Selene).

People have long respected Gypsum because it is used to carve sacred statues and other religious items. These days, people value it for its spiritual qualities and see it as a sign of cleanliness and a way to learn more about their spirituality.

Crystals like Amethyst and Clear Quartz work great with Gypsum. Clear Quartz boosts its energy, and Amethyst makes its spiritual traits stronger. Together, they make a powerful combination of energy work and meditation.

Interestingly, people in the past thought that Gypsum could protect them, so they used it to make talismans and amulets. Even now, it is seen as a sign of cleanliness, and people often use it in spiritual ceremonies to clean and clear their space.

Types of Gypsum Crystals

  • Selenite: A transparent, usually white or colorless, stone. Its link to the Goddess Selene fosters mental clarity, spiritual progress, and purification.
  • Satin Spar: It exhibits a pearly white with a fibrous structure. This crystal enhances psychic powers, promotes tranquility, and creates a quiet atmosphere for spiritual growth.
  • Rock Gypsum: This beige and gray earthy gem promotes stability and healing, creating a serene environment.
  • Ordite: Its rose-pink color is loved for its heart-opening properties. This crystal promotes love, compassion, and emotional healing, improving emotional health.
  • Alabaster: Its smooth, transparent, white, beige, or pink color symbolizes purity and spiritual awareness, clarity, and transformation.
  • Clear Gypsum: Transparent in appearance, it connects people to higher levels, making it a great crystal for spiritual clarity and discernment.
  • Gypsum Flower: It comprises a spectrum of soothing colors reminiscent of the first light of dawn, with soft shades running from clear whites to soft pinks. This crystal fosters emotional balance and mindfulness.
  • Gypsum Rose: Its soft colors, which look like rosy morning skies, are thought to help with mental healing and self-love.
  • Tabular Gypsum: It is white in color, and its flat, layered shape resembles stacked sheets, symbolizing purity and clarity.
  • Fibrous Gypsum: It has thin white threads that look like snow and make your room feel safe.
  • Gypsum with Pharmacolite: This crystal pair of pure white Gypsum and delicate green Pharmacolite produces a beautiful symphony and a calming energy that promotes balance and healing.
  • Gypsum with Churchite-(Y): A stunning combination of hues with yellow and green undertones and a crystalline texture. This combo is thought to promote wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual perception.
  • Gypsum with Brushite: This crystal combination of creamy Gypsum and Brushite’s warm, earthy tones creates a harmonious energy that promotes emotional harmony.
  • Gypsum with Thaumasite: It has a unique color combination, generally white and blue. This combo promotes clarity of intellect and intuitive insights.
  • Gypsum-Thenardite: The crystal pair’s vibrant mix of Gypsum’s pure whites and Thenardite’s soft yellows are said to purify and uplift your space’s energy.
  • Gypsum with Calcite: It symbolizes harmony and clarity with its tranquil white and translucent hues. 
  • Gypsum with Malachite: It displays a stunning mix of green tones, symbolizing rejuvenation and transformation.
  • Gypsum with Siderite: This pair of delicate whites from Gypsum and earthy browns from Siderite create a calming harmony that grounds and stabilizes your area.
  • Gypsum with Pyrite: It gives a golden glow, representing life and riches. This pair boasts confidence, ambition, and goal-setting.
  • Gypsum with Quartz: It shows purity and clarity with its crystal-clear appearance. This combo promotes mental clarity and well-being.
  • Gypsum with Copper: Its warm, reddish-brown color symbolizes strength and life. This combination promotes physical and mental healing, balance, and vigor.
  • Gypsum with Dolomite: The crystal pair’s serene blend of Gypsum’s immaculate whites and Dolomite’s delicate pinks and grays are said to bring emotional equilibrium and soothing energies into your area.
  • Gypsum with Azurite: It features a captivating blue-green palette, suggesting intuition and spiritual perception. 
  • Gypsum with Halite: It symbolizes purity and clarity with its crystalline white appearance. 
  • Gypsum with Sulphur: Its vivid yellow tones signify energy and life. It boosts vitality, emotional well-being, creativity, and an optimistic view of life.
  • Gypsum-Anhydrite: The crystal pair’s soothing mix of Gypsum’s pure whites and Anhydrite’s delicate blues and grays are said to calm and balance your space.

How to Cleanse Gypsum?

moonlight reflection on water

  • Moonlight: Put it out in the moonlight overnight to let the energy of the stars refresh and recharge the crystal, which will help with mental focus and emotional balance.
  • Candle: To revitalize the crystal’s energy and give it warmth, pass it over a moderate flame, signifying metamorphosis and rejuvenation.
  • Smudging: Wrap the crystal in sage or palo santo smoke to remove stagnant energy and create a peaceful environment for energy flow.

Questions and Answers

How is Gypsum Formed?

Mineral-rich water evaporates, leaving crystals in sedimentary places, like beaches or seabeds. This is how Gypsum is made.

What is the Crystal Form of Gypsum?

Gypsum crystallizes in a monoclinic way, usually as prismatic and tabular crystals that are clearly split.

Is Gypsum a Type of Selenite?

Yes, Selenite is a clear type of Gypsum. They are both made of calcium sulfate dihydrate and have different crystal shapes.

What Rocks is Gypsum Found in?

You can usually find Gypsum in sedimentary rocks, like shale and limestone. It forms when water evaporates in these types of rocks.

Is Gypsum Soluble in Water?

Yes, Gypsum is fairly soluble in water. This means that it can dissolve over time when exposed to water, which is one of the reasons why it forms in some geological places.

Interactions with Gypsum

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