Main Origins:
Italy, Sweden, Norway, Madagascar, and Mexico.

What is Chiavennite?

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Chiavennite is a Beryllium Silicate Zeolite, mainly seen in aggregates of spherical, spear-shaped, or hexagonal shapes. It is typically euhedral in formation and occurs in orange, white, and colorless hues. 

This Zeolite is also known as Chiavennit, Chiavennita, and IMA1981-038.

Discovered less than half a century ago, in Chiavenne, in the Italian Rhetic Alps, it was long known around Oslo in Norway. 

This Beryllium Silicate Zeolite occurs in Alpine Pegmatite sheets of rocks called Dikes in the mafic and ultramafic areas of the Rhetic Alps. It is also seen in the Syenite Pegmatite Dikes of Oslo, Larvik, and Vevja areas of Tvedalen. 

It is usually associated with other minerals, like Pezzottaite, Analcime, Eudidymite, Aegirine, Calcite, Natrolite, Tvedalite, Granite, Sphaerobertrandite, Helvine, and even Opal. 

With a pearly or vitreous luster, Chiavennite has a monoclinic crystal system with a translucent appearance. 

Fun Fact: When rubbed against a ceramic plate, Chiavennite produces a pale ocher or white streak. 

Chiavennite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Chiavennite is seen mostly in an orange color, leading to activation of the Sacral Chakra. This makes it a good stone for Kundalini awakening, creativity, willpower, love, fertility, and transformation. 

As this Zeolite also appears in red, brown, yellow, beige, white, and colorless hues, it also opens Root, Solar Plexus, Crown, Earth Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Therefore, you can use this stone for cosmic connection, harmony, stability, protection, relationships, and psychic powers. 

According to astrology, Mars rules Chiavennite, fostering passion, energy, and decisiveness. Hence, it’s most beneficial for Aries and Scorpio signs, as the stone enhances mental, spiritual, and physical strengths, rousing inspiration and balance. 

The Fire element is related to this healing crystal, signifying purification, manifestation, fertility, growth, awakening, and personal power. Keeping this crystal in the South and Southwest areas of your home nurtures love and fame.

Chiavennite metaphysical benefits also come from its ruling deities, such as Shiva, the Hindu God of Kundalini Shakthi; Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Creativity; Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture; Janus, the Roman God of Transitions; and Persephone, the Greek Goddess of the Underworld.

According to numerology, the Chiavennit stone resonates with the vibration of the number 2, representing growth, intuition, empathy in relationships, and harmony. 

Chiavennite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • You can open dormant centers of your brain by charging and keeping an Orange, Spray, Aegirine, Pezzotaite, or Opal-included Chiavennite with you. 
  • Hold your crystal while facing the sun for a few minutes while visualizing your intention to start the day with a burst of creativity. 


  • Are you searching for crystals that can help with fertility? Try Orange, Reddish-Brown, Aegirine, Calcite, or Helvine-included Chiavennite, as they can clear reproductive blockages. 
  • Keep your crystal next to a glass of water for 2 to 4 hours to indirectly infuse the crystal energies. Afterward, consume the water and repeat the process daily for three months. 

Willpower and Decisiveness

  • Varieties like Orange-Brown, Ball-shaped, Spear-Shaped, Analcime, and Pezzotaite-included Chiavennite enhance your critical thinking skills and self-esteem to help you make decisions easily. 
  • Hold your crystal and visualize the crystal energies enlightening your mind and soul for a few minutes under the moonlight. Then carry the charged crystal on your dominant side for willpower.

 Love and Relationships

  • If you want a little push or support to do better in your love life or relationships, try keeping a charged Reddish Brown, White, Sphaerobertrandite, or Opal-included Chiavennite above your waist.
  • The best way to charge this Zeolite crystal for love and relationships is by placing it next to a healthy plant for a few hours. 

Emotional Balance and Support

  • Some varieties of Chiavennite, such as Brown, White, Ball-Shaped, Tvedalite, and Syenite, enhance your mental and emotional agility. They are also good for emotional expression. 
  • You can pour a glass of indirectly infused crystal elixir into your bathtub. Soak for 5 to 10 minutes in the gem bath while visualizing emotional intelligence and expansion once a month or when you are feeling low. 

Chiavennite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

The transformation stages of a butterfly

Spiritual Awakening

  • Did you know Chiavennite is an enlightening stone? White, Colorless, Hambergite, and Sphaerobertrandite varieties of Chiavennite can lead you toward spiritual development when charged with sound energies.
  • Chant this affirmation while holding your crystal in your dominant hand to find awakening, “I am open and receptive to the infinite wisdom the universe has in store for me.”

 Cosmic Connection and Protection

  • If you are looking for protection or universal connection, Chiavennite varieties like White, Colorless, Eudidymite, Natrolite, and Granite Chiavennite can help. 
  • The best way to empower your aura to broaden the mind and protect the spirit with this crystal is by creating a crystal altar with your crystal in the center. You can surround it with sage, myrrh, and indigo candles to manifest protection.

 Purification and Manifestation

  • For clearing negativity from chakras, space, and spirit, White, Colorless, Analcime, Natrolite, and Aegirine-included Chiavennite come in handy. They also help by manifesting desires and intentions. 
  • Light a sage smudge stick and circle it over your crystal thrice to purify or manifest intentions. 


  • Are you looking for crystals to help you with adapting to changes? Brown, Beige, Rosette, Epididymite, and Tvedalite Chiavennite varieties can help by broadening your mind and spirit. 
  • Set up a spell jar by using a mason jar filled with your crystal, basil, phoenix flower, dandelion, and a few green leaves of your choice. Activate it by tying a ribbon at the mouth of the spell jar. 


  • Some crystals connect your physical body with the etheric realm and activate dormant psychic abilities, like clairvoyance and intuition. Yellow, Colorless, and Calcite Chiavennite varieties are perfect for this. 
  • Hold your crystal in your dominant hand and gaze into it for a few minutes while meditating on your intention. Once it’s charged, place the crystal underneath your pillow.

Side Effects of Chiavennite

  • Arrogance: Using this crystal without breaks often leads to a superiority complex. If you’re feeling this, take a break for a couple of days. 
  • Overexcitement: Excessive use of Chiavennite may overstimulate or make you restless. 
  • Disturbing Dreams: Sleeping with a charged Chiavennit crystal under your pillow may cause disturbing dreams. 


Chiavennite Meaning: What Does Chiavennite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Chiavennite is transformational awakening.

It is a recently discovered stone with few associated legends, myths, or stories.. Regardless, Chiavennite is known for opening the Kundalini energy center. This is where willpower, passion, creativity, and life force energy come from.

It’s a good stone for adapting to changes, discovering more about yourself, and finding your soul mission. Psychics and seers also say it’s good for cosmic connection, protection, and spiritual awakening. 

Did you know Chiavennite was discovered in 1970 but entered the books only by the 1980s? 

It was first discovered by the Norwegian mineralogist, Reidar Åmli, in Syenite Pegmatite rocks in Tvedalen. However, the scarcity of the mineral made it impossible to study this Zeolite further. 

Interestingly, it was later discovered in Chiavenna of Lombardy in Italy, almost at the same time as another Norwegian group in 1983. As the Italian group succeeded in submitting their analysis a few days earlier, the mineral was named after the Italian commune, Chiavenna.

Types of Chiavennite Crystals

  • Orange Chiavennite: This most common type of Chiavennite is translucent and exhibits bright orange hues with a crystalline texture. Use it to open the Kundalini center for creativity, willpower, and fertility. 
  • Yellow Chiavennite: Featuring bright to pale yellow hues, this type of Zeolite enhances intelligence, intuition, and mental clarity. 
  • Brown Chiavennite: Chiavennit varieties in dark brown shades are ideal for psychic protection, transformation, and harmony. 
  • Beige Chiavennite: This type of Beryllium Silicate Zeolite has a sandy tone with yellow and brown crystals. It is good for higher consciousness, adaptability, energy, and transformation. 
  • Orange-Brown Chiavennite: Ideal for willpower, decisiveness, and grounding, this is a Bicolor Chiavennite crystal, showing bright hues of orange and brown. 
  • Reddish-Brown Chiavennite: Another Bicolor Chiavennite, this crystal shows a dark shade of red, maroon, and pale brown hues. Use it to clear reproductive blockages and improve love in relationships. 
  • White Chiavennite: A high-vibration variety of Chiavennite, this type exhibits off-white to pure white hues. It is good for purification, cosmic connection, and spiritual development. 
  • Colorless Chiavennite: A sought-after Chiavennite variety with high transparency, this usually has a glassy appearance. Use it for manifesting intentions, cosmic connection, and psychic gifts, like intuition. 
  • Chiavennite Balls: This variety includes crystal shapes in balls and spheres with either a crusty or smooth appearance. They are ideal for harmony, inner peace, and self-confidence. 
  • Spear-shaped Chiavennite: Chiavennite exhibits elongated shapes with a tapered end akin to spears in this variety. Use it for manifestation and decisiveness.
  • Chiavennite Rosettes: Rosette formations with plates of Chiavennite constitute this variety and enhance personal growth, health, love, and awakening.
  • Chiavennite Spray: Featuring spray-like, thin crystals form this variety. They are good for creativity, awakening, transformation, and fertility. 
  • Bladed Chiavennite: This type of Chiavennit crystal forms thin and elongated blades and works well on the mind, clearing confusion and boosting decision-making skills.
  • Tabular Chiavennite: A common shape of Beryllium Silicate Zeolite, these crystals form hexagonal plates. When charged, they can help you create a ring of protection and inspiration around you. 
  • Micalike Chiavennite: The thinnest mica-like plates constitute this variety. They are often clubbed together and foster adaptability, transformation, cosmic awareness, and intuition.
  • Chiavennite with Calcite: Chiavennite naturally grows with Calcite matrix or platy crystals in this variety. Use this natural crystal combination for intuition, abundance, fertility, manifestation, and creativity.
  • Chiavennite with Epididymite: In this variety, Chiavennite naturally coats white or off-white Epididymite. The combination is ideal for self-discovery, truth, intuition, and transformation. 
  • Chiavennite in Syenite: When Chiavennite crystals are embedded in Syenite, the formation exhibits orange, brown, white, yellow, and cloudy hues. Use it for grounding, emotional support, willpower, and protection.
  • Chiavennite with Pezzottaite: This variety of Chiavennite forms an orange-brown coating on soft pink Pezzottaite. It is a good crystal for mental clarity, love, and relationships. 
  • Chiavennite on Aegirine: Smooth, orange spheres of Chiavennite on green or dark Aegirine crystals constitute this variety. Use it for boosting fertility, creativity, decisiveness, and psychic protection. 
  • Chiavennite with Eudidymite: When pale yellow or beige Chiavennite forms with parallel clusters of Eudidymite, the combination is believed to awaken the spirit and psychic powers, like intuition. 
  • Chiavennite with Natrolite: Orange Chiavennite in spear shapes naturally forms with terminated needle-like crystals of Clear Natrolite in this variety. This type of crystal is good for cosmic connection, purification, and manifestation. 
  • Chiavennite with Analcime: Spherular and crusty Chiavennite in orange hues often coats White Analcime naturally in this variety. Use this natural crystal combination for clarity, decisiveness, intuition, and emotional balance.
  • Chiavennite with Hambergite: This Chiavennite variety features orange and yellow crystals on white or colorless Hambergite. It’s good for spiritual awakening and intuition.
  • Chiavennite with Tvedalite: Ideal for emotional support, transformation, and intuition, Chiavennite forms with beige or white crystals of Tvedalite naturally in this variety. 
  • Chiavennite with Sphaerobertrandite: Ball-shaped crystal aggregates of Sphaerobertrandite form naturally with orange platy crystals of Chiavennite in this variety. The natural combination is ideal for self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and relationships. 
  • Chiavennite with Granite: In this variety, dark-colored Chiavennit crystals in red and brown hues often form with Granite. They are good for grounding, strength, cosmic consciousness, and psychic powers.
  • Chiavennite with Opal: In this type, orange Chiavennite naturally forms with an Opal coating in Madagascar’s Ambatofinanrahana district. Use this crystal for spiritual awakening, creativity, willpower, and emotional expression.
  • Chiavennite with Helvine: Orange Chiavennite with blade-like structures coating pale yellow Helvine crystals constitute this variety. They are great for vitality, fertility, and soul journeys. 

How to Cleanse Chiavennite?

A lighted candle on a dark background

  • Candle: Light a candle and hold your crystal safely in front of the flame to cleanse it thoroughly. 
  • Smudging: You can light a sage or palo santo smudge stick and circle it over the crystal before and after rituals to remove the negativity absorbed by it.
  • Sunlight: Holding your crystal for a minute before the rising sun also resets the original vibrations of your crystal.

Questions and Answers

Is Chiavennite Safe?

Yes, Chiavennite is safe to use as it is not dangerous or toxic. 

Can Chiavennite Get Wet?

Yes, Chiavennite can get wet as it is insoluble in water. Moreover, it is insoluble in concentrated HCl, HNO3, and H2SO4.

Is Chiavennite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Chiavennite is safe in the sun for short periods. However, long-term and prolonged exposure to heat and light may damage its structural integrity. 

How Do You Take Care of Chiavennite?

The best way to care for Chiavennite is to handle it carefully, like a fragile item. As a low Mohs hardness crystal, it is best to keep it away from accidental collisions and falls. You can also wrap it with sufficient padding when transporting. Keep it away from harsh chemicals, heat, light, and rain.

What Stones Go Well with Chiavennite?

The best stones to combine with Chiavennite are Tiger Iron, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Aragonite, Hematite, Carnelian, Bloodstone, and Red Jasper.

Interactions with Chiavennite

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