Australian Sapphire

(aw-STRAY-lee-uhn SAF-eye-er)
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What is Australian Sapphire?

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Australian Sapphire is one of the most expensive gems in the world. It has beautiful colors, from deep blues, greens, and purple. These crystals can have complex designs, such as asterisms resembling stars, color zoning, and unique growth patterns, adding to their beauty.

Corundum, which is a solid aluminum oxide, makes up most of Australian Sapphire. Trace elements like iron and titanium give rocks their brilliant colors. These things provide the crystal with its unique colors. Thus, fans and jewelry collectors like to acquire it. The hardness of 9 Mohs makes it sturdy and scratch-resistant, adding to its attractiveness.

In the late 1800s, these rare gems were found by prospectors in New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. Once, Australian Sapphires were valued for their usefulness in industry, but then their beauty rose in the gem business.

People who collect crystals love Australian Sapphire. Its varied colors and patterns make it a versatile gemstone for jewelry creation, creating distinctive designs. It is more than just beautiful; each gem tells a story about the Earth’s geological past and nature’s artistic workmanship.

Did you know that Australian Sapphire has a special connection to mythology? People previously thought that Sapphires would protect them from harm and jealousy. They were worn by royalty and ministers to show that they were pure and wise. 

Australian Sapphire Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

There are many different kinds of energy in the different colors of Australian Sapphire. Blue Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, inner peace, and spiritual knowledge. Indigo gemstone, on the other hand, makes it easier to meditate and calms the mind.

The Third Eye is the primary chakra for Australian Sapphire. This area of energy between the eyebrows involves intuition, insight, and awareness. Australian Sapphire’s strong blue and indigo tones benefit this chakra with cerebral clarity, psychic powers, and inner exploration.

This stone is linked to Water. In feng shui, the Bagua plan puts it in the Northeast and North. Water is connected with feelings, health, and intuition. It can help balance the energy, bring about mental harmony, and make life more adaptable in many ways.

The planets Venus and Jupiter rule over Australian Sapphire. Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty, makes the stone feel more peaceful on the inside. Jupiter, which is the planet of growth, makes Sapphires smarter and more wise. 

Sophia is the main god in Australian Sapphire. She is the sacred knowledge and wisdom goddess. She gives this crystal to persons seeking inner wisdom, clarity, and peace. This crystal can help you connect with Sophia, grasp life’s spiritual secrets, and gain spiritual understanding.

Australian Sapphire has a 2 vibration. This number represents balance, partnership, and dualism. This stone is a good choice for better relationships and finding balance because it encourages cooperation, harmony, and unity.

Australian Sapphire Healing Properties & Benefits

Skincare and Fertility 

  • Some of Australian Sapphire’s benefits are improved blood flow and skin health. It also helps with pregnancy by balancing hormones.
  • Hold the crystal over the area in need (for skincare) or near the reproductive organs (for fertility) and focus on improving skin health or fertility.

Intelligence and Creativity 

  • By connecting with the Third Eye Chakra, Australian Sapphire makes the mind clearer, smarter, and more creative.
  • As you meditate with the crystal, think of new ideas and creative answers. Carry it with you to keep your mind and creativity going.


  • Promoting physical and emotional strength and inner fortitude during times of adversity are Australian Sapphire’s properties.
  • Carry it as a charm to remind you of your inner power when things are hard.

Career Success 

  • Australian Sapphire helps you get ahead by making you more focused, ambitious, and professional.
  • Place the crystal on your desk or work area and think about how you want your job goals to come true.


  • Building trust by aligning with the circadian rhythm is one of Australian Sapphire’s metaphysical properties. It helps people sleep well and feel emotionally stable.
  • Put the crystal under your pillow or desk to help you trust and heal your emotions while you sleep.

Australian Sapphire Spiritual Properties & Benefits

A lit bulb on top of an open bookInfinite Wisdom

  • By aligning with the Crown Chakra, Australian Sapphire helps you connect with your inner wisdom. This lets you tap into higher awareness.
  • Focus on getting wise and clear as you meditate with the crystal. As you hold the crystal, picture a flow of divine information coming into your mind.


  • The Australian Sapphire aligns with the Root Chakra, which grounds you in wealth and gives you stability.
  • Place the crystal in your “abundance corner” (feng shui’s Southeast) or your wallet. As you hold it, imagine money benefits coming into your life.

Psychic Powers and ESP 

  • Australian Sapphire’s properties make you more spiritually aware, increasing your mental abilities and extrasensory perception.
  • Carry it while you meditate, and as you connect with its energy, picture your psychic skills opening up and your intuition strengthening.

Spirit Contact 

  • Connecting the physical and spiritual worlds and helping you interact with guides and deceased loved ones are Australian Sapphire’s healing properties.
  • During séances or other times when you want to talk to spirits, imagine a clear and safe way for them to reach you as you meditate.

Enhanced Intuition

  • This crystal helps you accept your inner guidance by balancing the Throat Chakra. This makes you more intuitive.
  • Wear the crystal as a pendant, or keep it close for meditation. As you handle the crystal, let your intuition guide you.

Side Effects of Australian Sapphire

  • Superiority: Overuse might lead to sentiments of superiority or arrogance. To avoid this, develop humility and self-awareness while grounded in gratitude.
  • Apathy: It may occur from excessive use. Balance your crystal work with grounding stones like Black Tourmaline and engage in self-care to alleviate this.
  • Horoscopic Issues: It could be weakened by long-term exposure. To stop this from happening, clean and charge your crystal and talk to a professional psychic.

Australian Sapphire Meaning: What does Australian Sapphire Symbolize?

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Australian Sapphire signifies “clarity of mind, spiritual insight, and inner wisdom.”

Its main metaphysical benefit is that it strengthens your intuition and psychic skills, clears your mind, and helps you grow spiritually.

People often just call this gem “Sapphire,” but the fact that it comes from Australia sets it apart. Depending on the color, there are different kinds, such as “Blue Sapphire,” “Indigo Sapphire,” and “Green Sapphire.”

In the past, Sapphires were thought to be signs of royalty, knowledge, and safety. In modern times, they stand for truthfulness, loyalty, and the search for the truth.

Australian Sapphire goes well with Smithsonite if you want to improve your instincts, Labradorite if you want to develop your psychic abilities, and Zircon if you’ll boost its energies.

For a long time, people have thought that Sapphires can protect against harm and envy. Ancient cultures considered them talismans of truth and purity and linked them to godly knowledge.

Types of Australian Sapphire Crystals

  • Blue Australian Sapphire: Known for its deep blue color, it is thought to improve speaking skills and help people feel calm and clear.
  • Rich Royal Blue Australian Sapphire: This deep royal blue color is linked to royalty, wisdom, and divine understanding. 
  • Dark Blue Australian Sapphire: This has a mysterious appeal, and it is thought to stimulate the Third Eye, strengthening psychic skills and improving inner sight.
  • Double Blue Australian Sapphire: Combining different shades of blue represents balance and harmony. It aligns with both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras to promote clear communication and intuitive knowledge.
  • Pharaoh’s Eye Australian Sapphire: It has an eye-shaped pattern that protects against negative energy, making it a potent talisman for spiritual seekers.
  • Parti-Blue Australian Sapphire: This variety showcases multiple colors, including blue and green. It is thought to help keep your emotions in check and help you grow as a person.
  • Purple Australian Sapphire: Its royal color stands for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, and it helps people develop their intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Red Australian Sapphire: The Root Chakra is stimulated by the fiery red color of Red Australian Sapphire, which boosts vitality, energy, and inspiration.
  • Pink Australian Sapphire: It gives off gentle, loving energy that helps people heal emotionally and accept themselves.
  • Colorless Australian Sapphire: The colorless Australian Sapphire symbolizes clear thinking and mental focus, which helps bring about what you want.
  • Green Australian Sapphire: Its green color represents growth and plenty. It works with the Heart Chakra to bring wealth and mental balance.
  • Greenish-Blue Australian Sapphire: Combines the energies of green and blue, which calms feelings and makes it easier to talk.
  • Yellow Australian Sapphire: The Solar Plexus Chakra is strengthened by its happy yellow color, which boosts self-confidence and personal power.
  • Yellow-Green Australian Sapphire: It balances the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras by bringing together the energies of yellow and green. This helps boost self-esteem and kindness.
  • Brown-Green Australian Sapphire: Its earthy tones connect it to nature and give it structure and grounding.
  • Brown-Blue Australian Sapphire: It helps heal emotions and promotes steadiness by combining the energies of Earth and Water.
  • Pink Australian Sapphire: It radiates a gentle, loving energy that helps people heal emotionally and accept themselves.
  • Orange Australian Sapphire: Its bright orange color boosts energy and creativity, which helps people face difficulties with resilience and enthusiasm.
  • Star Australian Sapphire: This unique pattern looks like a star and stands for protection, guidance, and happiness. 
  • Black Australian Sapphire: Its dark color makes it a grounding and defensive stone that blocks out negative energy and makes you feel stronger and more stable.
  • Bronze Australian Sapphire: Its rich bronze color brings out your inner strength and desire and helps you reach your goals and grow as a person.
  • Limestone Australian Sapphire: With its soothing color, it promotes mental balance, relaxation, and stress reduction.
  • Dolomite Australian Sapphire: It has a unique look and improves mental clarity and focus, which helps with attention, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • Bauxite Australian Sapphire: Its unique colors reflect perseverance and determination, helping people stay committed to their goals and deal with challenges with resilience.

How to Cleanse Australian Sapphire?

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  • Moonlight: Put the Sapphire out in the moonlight overnight during a full moon to soak up the moon’s energy to clean and recharge it.
  • Candle: Pass it briefly through the light of a white candle while thinking about how you want to clean it and then let it cool.
  • Mantras: While holding it, say the seed mantra “Aum,” which is connected to the planet Jupiter and sends out good vibrations to purify.

Questions and Answers

Can Australian Sapphire Get Wet?

Yes, Australian Sapphires are water-resistant and won’t break if they get wet.

Are Australian Sapphires Safe in the Sun?

Yes, they are safe in the sun. But some colored Sapphires may fade if they are in sunlight for a long time. It’s best to keep them out of the sun for as long as possible.

How Can You Tell if Australian Sapphire is Real?

Professional gemological testing, which looks at things like the gem’s refractive index, color, and flaws, can show if it is real. Talk to a qualified gemologist for verification.

How Do You Take Care of Australian Sapphire?

To take care of Australian Sapphires, separate them so they don’t scratch each other, clean them with a soft brush and light soap, and keep them away from harsh chemicals. Keep them in a box with a cloth lining and out of direct sunlight.

Are Australian Sapphires Rare?

Yes, Australian Sapphires are pretty rare, and some mines produce Star Sapphires and colors that can’t be found anywhere else. But they are less popular than stones that come from other places.

What Stones Go Well With Australian Sapphires?

Stones like Smithsonite, Zircon, Labradorite, and Alexandrite go well with each other. These combinations can boost the energies of jewelry and make it look better.

Interactions with Australian Sapphire

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